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Top 5 Android Phones of 2013

moto x htc one galaxy s4 nexus 5 g2

At the end of each year, it’s easy to find ourselves both looking back at all that happened over the past 12 months, trying to reflect on it, and then looking forward to what’s ahead. The “what’s ahead” is about to hit us with a right-cross in a couple of weeks when CES arrives, so I’d say that I’m still very much in the reflection stage at this point. Which brings me to this post and my thoughts on the top 5 Android phones of the year.

The year 2013 was filled with the most incredible smartphones the world has ever seen. 1080p displays became a standard (for the most part), cameras grew increasingly better, battery life is now measured in days instead of hours, customization was introduced, and prices may have started to decline across the board. Phone manufacturers also seem to have figured out winning formulas for the most part in terms of hardware, but only one still has the marketing side (or budget) on lock. All of that helped shape this list. 

And speaking of this list, it is 100% my opinion, an opinion I hope you are open to disagreeing with in the comments below. The whole point here is to spark conversation, so let’s get to it.

moto x

1.  Moto X

No surprise here, right? Even though I handed the top phone award to the Nexus 5 in our last DL Show, that was mostly just to give a different answer from the across-the-board opinion of the team, which was the Moto X. Back when this phone first launched, I penned an article stating that the Moto X would be my daily phone until the next Nexus came out, because I assumed that the next Nexus would supplant it on my desk. And you know, that actually happened. The Nexus 5 arrived and I loved it for the most part, outside of a camera that would later be fixed. But the entire time, a wandering eye always seemed to focus on the Moto X, as it looked for a way to get it back into my pocket. And then Bamboo happened and it has returned, probably for good.

The Moto X tops this list for many reasons, but there are two in particular that make it stand out to me:  choice and Active Display. With the Moto X, you have a choice in how it looks, how much storage it has, which carrier it works on, and if it’s a developer edition. You can’t say that for any other phone on the planet. The Moto X that sits on my desk today has a one-of-a-kind Bamboo back and works on Verizon because that’s the carrier I wanted it on. But I could have gone green with yellow accents, chosen T-Mobile, and unlocked the bootloader to tinkerer to my heart’s desire. No matter what, the customization of phones is a ground-breaking idea that Motorola brought to life. I just hope they have seen enough success with it to keep it going.

The other reason I can’t get enough of the Moto X is Active Display. I’ve talked about this feature a lot, but having my phone show me timely information every single time I pick-up my phone or pull it out of my pocket without having to hit a button is the single greatest software invention of the past couple of years for smartphones. I no longer have to interpret blinking LED lights or fumble over the power button thousands of times per day. Whenever I pick-up another phone to test, this is the first thing I miss.

The Moto X may not have the best display or camera, but I’m willing to deal because everything else it offers I can’t live without.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read our Moto X review.

nexus 5

2.  Nexus 5

Just because I show constant love for the Moto X doesn’t mean that the Nexus 5 is somehow a distant 2nd place. In fact, because of its display, power, and ties to Google, it is closer than you might think. Nexus phones will always rank very high in lists like this from me because they are Google’s vision of Android, they ship open (SIM unlocked and unlockable bootloader), seem to work on more wireless frequencies each year, and sell at unbelievably low prices for the hardware involved. I gave you two major reasons why the Moto X tops this chart, but for the Nexus 5 at a close 2nd, there is one:  price.

At $350 off-contract, you can have a phone that works almost everywhere (just not Verizon), matches the most powerful phones available spec-for-spec, and runs the newest version of Android before anyone else has even sniffed it. Other phones that compare to the Nexus 5 all sell through carriers at almost double that price without a contract. When the Note 3 first debuted, it was selling for $299 on-contract.

If you want another reason outside of price, I’d say that Google came oh-so-close to creating the perfect smartphone. With last year’s Nexus 4, Google gave us a poor camera, awful battery life, and no LTE. This year, they tried to step their game up in all of those areas with the Nexus 5, while producing a hardware design that feels and looks as good as anything on the market. Battery life is good enough and LTE is included on a variety of bands. The only issue I still have to do this day is the camera, even after its latest camera-fixing update. You were almost there, Google.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read our Nexus 5 review.

galaxy s4 google play edition

3.  Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition

Before the Moto X entered my life, I was using a Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 and loving every second of it. I 100% despise Samsung’s TouchWiz Android skin, but actually enjoyed the build of the Galaxy S4 when it was released with its svelte body that feels as good in hand as the Nexus 5. So with a GPE phone, there is no OEM skin, only 99.9% stock Android with regular updates. What’s then not to like?

With the Galaxy S4, Samsung packed in best-of-the-best specs, an amazing mobile camera, and probably 2013’s best smartphone display until the Note 3 came along. Couple all of that with a guarantee of updates and TouchWiz’s bloat out of the way, and you have yourselves an amazing smartphone. It really was my phone of choice from the minute it was released until Motorola handed me a white Moto X in late August. Had the Moto X not existed, it would have remained my phone until the Nexus 5 arrived.

At $649 without a contract, the phone is by no means a deal. But if the Nexus 5 and Moto X aren’t fulfilling your every need, this is a great choice.


4.  LG G2

I have got to admit that from the moment the LG G2 was announced to the minute I finished my review, I did not think this phone would make my top 5 list for 2013. I was so put off by the rear button placement and greasy backside, that even though it offered so many other positives, I just had to push it aside. And then one day I realized I needed to pick-up a phone to use on my Verizon line (Moto X was on AT&T at the time), so I grabbed the VZW LG G2 through a ridiculously timely Amazon discount (screw-up).

Once my SIM was inserted, I immediately remembered what I’d loved about the phone and quickly looked past the two negatives. If you want the ultimate performer, I’m not sure there is a speedier or more powerful phone than the LG G2. Its touch sensitivity is the best in the game, it sports a class-leading FHD LCD panel, and probably houses my favorite smartphone camera with its insanely speedy, multi-point autofocus. Sure, it has a questionable Android skin and doesn’t yet have Android 4.4, but you know what, I’d take it any day over Samsung’s TouchWiz. LG also included useful multi-tasking tools and has dropped the price regularly since launch.

The LG G2 is a great phone.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read out LG G2 review.

HTC one

5.  HTC One (Unlocked or Developer Edition)

To wrap up this short list, I’d have to go with the unlocked or developer editions of the HTC One. Not the carrier versions, I’m talking specifically about the versions sold directly through HTC’s store. These make the list because in 2013, updates rule the world. I own the unlocked HTC One, and it is already running Android 4.4 “Kit Kat.” The carrier and global models could be weeks if not months away from receiving a similar update. With no middle man, HTC has been able to update their 2013 flagship in the timeliest of manners, which Android enthusiasts like myself can appreciate.

You may remember that I also claimed this was my phone of the moment at one time, that was until the GPE Galaxy S4 came along of course. But the HTC One has a lot to offer. With its amazing sound experience (BoomSound), set of specific stand-out camera tricks (Zoes and Highlights), performance with high-end specs, and all-metal body, it set a standard for 2013 smartphones that seemed to have raised the game to a new level. You’ll still find techies to this day that will claim the One as the best available phone, even with its successor a few months away and phones like the G2 and Moto X out.

2013 may have been a terrible year for HTC, but I don’t think anyone can deny the quality of the One.

If you were looking for a full top 10, here is how mine would play out:

6.  Galaxy Note 3
8.  Galaxy S4
9.  …ummm
10.  …ummm

And now, it’s time for you to give us your top 5. Who you got?

  • jzwerlz43

    i don’t see what all the touch wiz hate is about 0_0 i have had zero lag issues with my samsung device. its true that its not the lightest oem skin but i still dont mind it, i actually like the way it looks more then LG personally and enjoy multi window and other samsung features, but to each their own though thats the beauty of android. that being said i still agree with this list!

    • crazed_z06

      Ammusing that there’s so much hate for Touchwiz and so much love for LG. The LG skin looks like a cheap knockoff of Touchwiz. Even the LG Weather/Clock Widget looks like a janky version of the Samsung Widget..

      • jzwerlz43

        i completely agree lol they look extremely similar to one another, although both of them have really improved in features throughout time. it doesnt change the fact that neither of them are the best looking skins but for the average consumer they wouldnt be able to tell the difference. Phones like the G2 and the note 3 are both fantastic phones, it really just comes down to personal choice

  • Pat Leck

    I have got to say they all do look very appealing, but are they really any good. They claim to be the best but you never know until you get the phone itself.

  • Chuck wilson

    I have to go with the Samsung Note 3. I had Moto DROID RAZR for little over 2 years. It was great phone. Biggest thing ticked me off was not even 2 weeks of having it the RAZR MAXX was out & I know there is always something newer & better just around the corner. But after doing some research I was struggling with Decisions. It was close race then I walked into my Verizon store & the Note 3 just grabbed my attention. It was like it was meant to be. The salesperson at Verizon for some reason was trying his hardest to get me to go with LG phone. Telling me what all it could do how it could be turned on by just a tap which I got a laugh because he tapped it about 8-9 times before it finally worked. Well I wasn’t impressed because that seams like but dial non stop! Believe me I don’t want anymore easily made but dials because long story short my last but dial ended my relationship because I but dialed my ex & was talking to a friend about how I couldn’t stand my girlfriends mom she was the wicked witch of the west. But not in such nice terms. Anyways I’m still learning all the nice tricks & pluses this phone has. It’s nice noting my phone won’t be dead in 8 hours or less & that’s with hardly using it. Regardless I’m super happy with the Note 3 but everyone is different with different tastes. So it may not be phone for you. But I give it to thumbs way up!!!

  • crazed_z06

    This list is a joke. Note 3 is at least in the top 3 if not #1… It has more and does more than every phone out there right now.

    • needa

      if you purchased your phone to make number one on every list you are doing it wrong. i waited and waited until the perfect phone for ‘me’ was released. that is all that matters to me.

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    More like “The Only 5 Android Phones of 2013”

    Anyway, Moto X deserves #1 for innovation and new features, but N5 kills it with value and performance. I guess it really depends on your credit line and your carrier.

    • epps720

      N5 doesn’t kill it with value. They were selling the X for the same $350 as the N5.

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        The full retail price of the Moto X is not $350. That was a limited time offer. N5 is a better value. Not looking to start an argument here, just stating the fact.

        • needa

          im not looking for an argument either. i just want to put a different likeness on the word value. sometimes value means corners are cut in many places in order to have one or two high end parts. for me… this is not real value.

          • Matthew Rosidivito

            Sometimes, but I don’t think we’re talking about either the N5 or the X in this regard.

          • needa

            i kinda am. if you look at the teardowns of nexus devices vs other phones/tablets… you can see what i am talking about. you can also dive in a bit deeper and pay attention to the mics and speakers, shielding, audio amps etc. its night and day difference. luckily… great hardware is coming in cheaper and cheaper as time goes. so its not as noticeable as it used to be.

  • Here’s my list:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    LG G2
    Google Nexus 5
    Sony Xperia Z1
    HTC One

    Usability and specs-wise, GN3 is my top choice. The LG G2 comes behind because of the unorthodox design, solid performance and specs. Nexus 5, simply the best bang-for-buck phone. Xperia Z1, the “anywhere” phone. HTC One, the “alternative premium” phone that is not Apple.

  • callumshell1

    Putting the Moto X and Nexus 5 at the top is just google dick sucking IMO. The One beats them.


    Any phone that doesn’t let me use an sd card can eat a dick.

    • yep because apps sure do like to store on an sd card…

      • crazed_z06

        Maybe not Apps, but MP3s, pictures, and all manner of other things have no issue being stored on a SDCard. Google even added SD support to Play Music so it caches and pre-loads to the SD Card now.

  • Mike Sims

    This is the ONLY site that doesn’t have the Note 3 as #1 or #2…. amazing.

  • beng8686

    1. DROID Maxx (Because of battery life, features, performance, and screen size)
    2. Moto X (Love this phone… Just love three days of battery much more.)
    3. LG-G2 (beast of a phone. Big battery. Beautiful big screen. What’s not to love?)
    4. Note 3
    5. Galaxy S4 GPE
    10. Nexus 5 (because not offering a Verizon edition is just not that cool.)

    Don’t get mad. All opinions of course.

  • alamoe

    I would call this more of the “android fanboys”list. Every other list I’ve seen has had the Note 3 either at number one or two. Most reviews I’ve seen have said LG’s skin is a copy of TouchWiz, but WORSE. And the first phone on this list that isn’t a Google backed phone is the S4……Google Play Edition? LoL Samsung hate is real.

  • superg05

    the best stock phones of 2013 is what this should be called

  • Taylor Evans

    I would have liked to get a Moto X, but due to budget issues I went with the Mini. Not gonna lie, after having a Galaxy Nexus for 2 years this thing is amazing. Looking forward to 4.4

  • Sambit Biswas

    2 LG devices in Top 5! Congrats LG!

  • David Dudovitz

    Top 5:
    1. HTC One
    2. Nexus 5
    3. Moto X
    4. HTC One GPE
    5. Droid MAXX

    P.S. I don’t like anything Samsung

  • Michael Bell

    The Note 3 beats all these phones and by a mile. The Moto X? LOL

  • feztheforeigner

    My humble list…

    1. LG G2
    2. Galaxy Note 3
    3. Nexus 5
    4. Moto X
    5. Oppo N1

  • N8shon

    My Note 3 is the clear winner for me for my personal wants and needs. I actually like Touchwiz. While I may be alone in that regard in this site’s community opinion, I have a alot of similarly bent company when the audience spectrum widens.

  • Ian Dunn

    Being an S4 owner for almost 7 months now I have a hard time seeing it as being #8 on your list. Yes it has a ton of bloatware. Disable all of the apps you don’t like. It sold like crazy because it is rock solid. I have been so impressed by the camera and the battery life and even the speed with touch wiz in the way. For the first time I haven’t wanted to root and mod my phone.

  • S.Scott Turgeon

    I think the Droid Maxx is better than the Moto X especially on Verizon with the customization not available for atleast 3 months after its initial implementation.
    I would not have bought it without customizing that was foolish!
    To me battery life is the most important thing in the Droid Maxx for me does it,it’s basically the same phone with a larger screen!

    • bobukcat

      If only they had left off those damn hardware navigation buttons I would agree with you!

  • synplex

    In my Opinion –
    1.Nexus 5
    2.LG G2
    3. GS Note3
    4. Google HTC
    5. Google S4
    6. Google Droid Maxx

    1.Qualcomm Toq
    2.Sony Smartwatch 2
    4.G-Shock bluetooth
    5. ….Galaxy Gear

  • Corey Smith

    All I want for Christmas is a Moto X Developer CDMA version…

  • flyingpuck

    Personally I think the Droid MAXX makes more sense than the Moto-x at number one, as it is virtually the same phone with a big honking battery. And at the end of the day I’m NEVER looking for a place to charge my phone as it STILL has plenty of battery life left! Also I think it is handsome enough as it is without 10,000 ways to personalize it!

    • bjssp

      This is what I’ve been wondering about Motorola phones, basically the Droid series, that can use the same features as the Moto X but aren’t engineered in the same way: is there some noticeable difference in how features like AD and TC work?

  • 2legit2quit

    The DROID MAXX is to me, number 1. The battery blows away all the phones up here. And im all about the battery life

  • 213ninja

    most people probably aren’t in a position to create a legitimate top 5 because most people [on here] only buy a few phones in a years time (and most regular people buy one every 2 years). sure there are some folks who buy all of them, but not many at all. if you don’t own a phone, how can you accurately rate it in a top 5? i mean, i guess playing with your friend’s phone or spending time with the demos can give you a feel for it, but by no means can you accurately place it into a top n list of any kind….at least not one that i care about.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Pretty typical for the stock android fanboys. I can’t help but laugh Moto X flop, Moto G more humorous nothing else needs to be said.

    • squiddy20

      Too bad the Moto G isn’t even mentioned in the article, and the fact that the Moto X sold out quite few times in the span of a few hours means it is far from a “flop”. Just another fanboy blinded by his own insecurities/wishful thoughts.

    • Diablo81588

      Go away Dick.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    the Moto X was just something new that took it to the next level. Its almost unbelievable to know the moto x uses an s4 pro. And then hand comfort was always in the picture but i never took it so seriously. We already know next years phones (chip makers) will have the always listening features, the Moto X just got a head start, and will have a reliable product with the next gen X. (taking pictures of my pocket pains me) Besides the htc one and note 3, nothing had anything new or special. The g2 was the perfect package but…idk.

  • NexusMan

    I almost have the same list as Kellen: 1. Moto X, 2. Nexus 5, 3. HTC One, 4. Galaxy S 4, 5. Galaxy Note 3…And I agree…Active Display is my SHIZNIT!

  • T B 718

    On VZW and recently broke the LCD on my S4. Used one of the $150 off promotions and bought a Moto X and have loved every second of it. Far superior to the S4 IMO.

  • WickedToby741

    Moto G should be somewhere 6-10 for price alone. And Moto should get the OEM of the year award.

  • schlanz

    Looking forward to the day people stop fapping over their Moto X and shouting from rooftops that “it’s not about the specs!”

    Get over your mediocre device already

  • mike

    Have a few hours to decide on using a promo code on a Moto X, and want to put it on Straight Talk w/ ATT. Has anyone else done this yet? If so, any clues about what I’ll need to set it up? This would be my first smart phone purchase. (2nd pick would be Nexus 5 – no surprise.) Thx in advance!

  • Ruel Smith

    1- Galaxy Note 3… 2- Galaxy S4… 3 – HTC One… 4 – Nexus 5… 5 – Moto X

  • sski66

    HTC ONE, the ONE for me.

  • jcorf

    I love my Moto X. I had thought about the Nexus 5, but I wanted to stay on Verizon.

  • F22

    SGS4 — I NEVER use manufacturer interface — I use Apex launcher, so the crappy TouchWiz interface is completely irrelevant to me. Great screen, fast, removable battery, and good value — since there are so many of these around, you can snag great deals when they are barely used — I bought a mint condition one off Craigslist for $380 when it was only 3 months old.

    • Diablo81588

      TouchWiz is not just a launcher…

  • hatboysam

    Droid Maxx is so underrated by most people. Imagine a Moto X with 2x the battery, a larger screen, wireless charging, 32GB storage, and a higher quality build. It even has Kit Kat 4.4 before almost any other phone out there! I know it’s not as sleek as the X, but as a piece of hardware it is superior and the software is 99.5% the same.

    • joejoe5709

      I could definitely agree with that. Droid Maxx>Moto X if you’re on Verizon.

    • Chris Hannan

      Not everyone wants a larger screen, and not everyone cares about wireless charging. The Moto X can also be bought with 32GB.

      I would love the MAXX for the battery alone, but I’d still probably choose the Moto X for the size and looks.

    • bprichard

      The Droid Maxx is a nice piece of hardware, but its appearance is, uh, divisive.

    • Samvelavich

      capacitive buttons dude… they’re so 2011

  • joejoe5709

    Moto X – Sorry but the specs kill it. I don’t care what you say. I guarantee you’ll be begging for a new phone within two years. Even at a low price point (which it is not) the Moto X does not have the guts to make it through my contract and I don’t have the cash for a new phone every year. The Nexus 5 is a far far better option. The only points the Moto X has over the Nexus 5 is the compact chassis, the useful software features and universal availability. I don’t think customization is a factor. That’s like saying the iPhone 5c is great because of all the colors. Who. Cares. Plus being a Nexus (which the Moto X is not) means you get a massive dev community to back you up and that’s the only reason we put up with its shortcomings versus other phones.

    Nexus 5- should have been first place. Easily. The only major detractor to the Nexus 5 is the lack of mainstream acceptance and/or the availability on all carriers. Personally the G2 kicks its butt in almost every respect, but here we’re talking out of the box and the G2 definitely needs some tweaks and know how to make it less annoying. Out of the box and pre-aftermarket, the Nexus 5 is practically unmatched. As long as you’re not on Verizon.

    Samsung S4 GPE. What?! Why was this on the list. Give me a break. You pay twice the price of the Nexus 5 for 70% of the capability. Nearly a year later the Galaxy S4 itself is still one of the better smartphones on the planet and that deserves some major kudos.

    LG G2- Now this is a phone. The buttons on the back aren’t a factor. Why? You won’t be using them. The G2 changes the way you hold and use your phone. The software is annoying, but it isn’t as terrible as Touchwiz. It isn’t laggy and once you get over it, it’s actually not half bad. This phone is the (non-phablet) specs beast of 2013 and that’s exactly what I wanted. Universal availability on all carriers. Did I mention it’s a beast? EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT THIS PHONE KICKS SOME SERIOUS BUTT. Aftermarket – this phone gets even better. Easily rooted, ROM’d, whatever you’d like. I’m on Verizon and I am not the least bit sad we didn’t get the Nexus 5. With XPosed Framework, this phone is seriously impressive and stable. Just buy it already. Though I wish it had an SD Card slot…

    The HTC One is my LEAST favorite phone of the year. Small battery, small(er) screen, giant bezels, terrible software, blah… The list goes on. Want I pretty phone with excellent build quality? Well there’s that. Want front speakers? It’s the only choice. Otherwise… skip it. Oh and once again – developer editions are a waste.

    The Note 3 should have made it to the list. The phablet is still somewhat niche, but this phone is seriously impressive. It’s got the best specs of 2013. Too bad it’s running Touchwiz. Which could be fixed aftermarket, but from what I hear the dev community is somewhat weak.

    Here’s my Top 5: Nexus 5>LG G2>Galaxy S4>Moto X>Note 3

  • Jolly Smith

    Samsung is better today
    via: codingbrains dot com

  • Russell Spaulding

    Good list but I would have the Droid Maxx as #1b since it is essentially the same phone as the Moto X but has a bigger battery, bigger screen, and wireless charging. The moto enhancements/apps along with the overall smoothness of the phone make it a clear winner.

  • SeanPlunk

    We’re spoiled. Every phone on the list is light-years ahead of what what we had access to only a couple years ago. It’s amazing how fast tech moves.

    I like large factor smartphones, so my list would be:
    1) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Developer’s Edition – Awesome screen, top notch specs, very good camera, fantastic battery life, lots of useful features/s-pen
    2) Motorola Moto X – Experience over just raw horsepower, customizable, almost stock Android with useful additions, fast updates, great form factor
    3) LG G2 – Awesome screen, future proof specs, top notch camera, incredible battery life, large screen in relatively compact chassis
    4) HTC One – Most premium Android phone ever, amazing design, awesome screen, boom sound
    5) Google Nexus 5 – Great specs, stock Android, cheap price

    That’s not even mentioning the Samsung Galaxy S IV, Droid Maxx or Sony Xperia Z1.

    2013 was an awesome year for smartphone 🙂

    • joejoe5709

      Well said. Agreed on most accounts.

  • Christopher Moore

    This is not the top-5 android phones of 2013. This is “kellex’s” top-5 android phones of 2013. No way I would put the G2 about the Note 3. Here is my ranking.

    Nexus 5 (price vs features is outstanding. If on Verizon I would have got this.)

    Note 3 (Feature packed big phone with specs to match) This is my phone.

    Samsung S4 (good all around phone)

    Moto X (customizable but should have been $350 off contract from the beginning)
    LG G2 (the verizon version has smaller hard to push buttons. The IR blaster is useless. I had this phone and returned it.)
    HTC One (the only dislike is the button layout and the fact that it came out way too late on Verizon)
    Moto G. ($180 gets you a lot)

  • skinja

    Please put the photos UNDER the title

  • imaletufinish

    I love these year-end template articles that are always just subjective opinions of one person meant to get as much reaction as possible. Instead of a “My phone is better than yours” comment, go give your family a hug on this Holiday Eve. That’s what I’m going to do. Here’s to a great tech year and to the excitement of things to come!

  • Petro Dragoumanos

    The only thing I would change on the list is I would make #5 the HTC One Google Play edition.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Good choices Sir Kel!!! My list would’ve been identical except I would’ve had the G2 ahead of the GPE S4. 😉

  • Data

    My list would be topped by the Galaxy Note 3, followed by the Moto G, Nexus 5, HTC One and Galaxy S4. I want to put the Moto X on my list but it simply not available outside the Americas…Damn!

  • phekno

    GS4 is ranked ahead of the HTC One? WTF? I’d rate the One GPE ahead of the GS4 any day. Also, why rate the GS4 GPE, and not the HTC One GPE? The HTC One GPE != HTC One “Developer or Unlocked version”

  • Nathaniel Otto

    Love the LG G2. with a case i don’t get greasy back, I also actually like the rear facing buttons though with knock on i hardly ever touch them.

    • Budman

      I want to hear from all you Moto X’ers in 6 months when your 2300 ma batteries, don’t last past 3:00 pm. And you have to add the Mophie pack, I wasn’t going to get sucked in by the Moto hype, like I did with the last flagship phone of 2 years ago DROID RAZR, only to see Motorola 6 month later installs a 3200 ma battery, and calls it the RAZR max. I went with the G2, at least it’s battery has some balls.

  • Greg Morgan

    Which is best of 2013?
    Android Fanboys: ZOMG Moto X; no ZOMG HTC One; No ZOMG Nexus 5
    Apple Fanboys: OMG which is the best phone; ZOMG iphone; No ZOMG…wait, iPhone?
    Android Wins