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Motorola Sends Out Holiday $150-off Moto X Emails, Includes Moto X Snowflake GIF

moto x snowflake

As if Motorola had not given you enough chances to buy a Moto X for $349 off-contract, they are surprising their “favorite customers” with yet another “exclusive offer” for the holidays. Arriving in inboxes today are $150-off coupon codes, similar to what we saw for Cyber Monday and through shows like the Today Show

We aren’t exactly sure how they are deciding who their “favorite customers” are, but the codes are showing up in an email that features a snowflake GIF made of Moto X phones in a variety of colors, including Bamboo. It’s actually pretty cool.

The new set of codes being emailed out today expire on 12/26 at 11:59PM.

I’m curious though, is this continued $150-off promo a sign that the Moto X sold worse than we even imagined or does Motorola love us this much?

Anyone else see this email? And by the way, if you have left-over Moto X codes that won’t get used, feel free to share them as usual.

Cheers Mike and Thomas!
  • T

    I would greatly appreciate a code that’s still valid as well. Anybody have one that they don’t plan to use?

  • zachary rivest

    Hey, all! I know this thread is a little old, but does anyone have a Dec. 26th code they are not using. I would love to pick up one of these phones?

  • Sanky

    Have one to share:

    Your special promo code is: XMASA-MAMY-2Q7T-Y4VK-ZMMN Shop fast! This offer is only valid through 11:59pm ET 12/26/13!

  • jg

    If anyone is interested in a Dev edition for $450 hit me up.

    • Jim McNally

      What color combo

      • jg

        It is the dev edition so it is black front/white back.

  • N2fw

    Anyone with available codes I would love one please tye.foreman@gmail.com

  • chris_johns

    I just wanna compliment the great community here…bunch of class acts i remember some clown trying to pawn off original codes on ebay for $50 here in the comments…when here everyone with extras are posting in comments to share with everyone…Thanks to this(and my cousins credit card) i was able to grab a custom moto x finally for $400 and couldnt be happier…i couldnt do it myself so at christmas eve i had my cousin use his card since moto’s stupid site doesnt believe me when i put in my billing address and makes me change it to somewhere different so it never worked…now i just gotta pay him back luckily my gf wanted to get me it so wont be much out my pocket…just want to commend the people here n wish everyone a happy holidays

  • Kivan Nguyen

    Could someone please email me a code that expires on the 26th or 31st. kivannguyen@gmail.com

  • Santiago

    Please, been trying to get my hands on the Moto X for a while and haven’t gotten a chance to take advantage of the promotions. Could someone send me a code to snieto2104@gmail.com. Xmas people, please!

  • Ben Myton


    Expires 12/31/13

    • Ep

      Thank you !

    • Santiago

      Awesome, thanks!!!

    • Ben Myton

      Now I’m curious which of you actually ended up using it :)

      • Ep

        Its him.What’s a pity!
        I tried it first ,but buy later!

  • KCCO

    I think Moto and Google have figured out the sweet spot for phones is that $350… Nexus, MotoX.. they sell like hotcakes at that price.. Sure hope this continues to the next wave of devices.. Loving my MotoX.. Loving staying off contract and keeping unlimited.. :)

  • Julian

    Couldn’t find a code,maybe I will get a nexus 5 instead :(

  • fvqu

    I like how it was necessary to add a video of the gif, rather than just attaching the gif itself to the post.

  • j973

    Need two codes one for myself and the wife . If anyone has any available

  • Masx

    Anyone with a spare code? Would be very greatful! Need to replace this HTC Rezound! datastructuresuck@yahoo.com

    • George264

      oh.. I had an extra I was planning on getting one to gift expired the 24th. Man, the Rezound was a pain but the screen was gorgeous, and I remembered ICS was promised 1st half of 2012 .-.. hope you get a replacement soon! (:

  • Moto4Life

    Could anyone spare a code for 12/26 or 12/31?

  • Moto X less

    can some spare a code please…..

  • Quddusi

    Need a promo code for today….

    • enjoy

      Shop fast! This offer is only valid through 11:59pm ET 12/26/13!

      • Quddusi

        expired already :(

  • Moto X less

    Need a Promo Code….

  • Pat Leck

    WOW I could have surely used that one, but I have not even upgraded my dang phone, so no that wouldn’t have worked for me.But good luck to those who did get it.

  • radioactive2008

    Hi Thanks for the earlier code. My order got cancelled due to some issues with my CC bank. Does any one have another code that expires later date so that I can replace my order?

  • Kevin

    Also looking for a promo code for today/tomorrow – kevallen83@gmail.com

  • Aaron

    does anyone have another promo code? I’m desperately trying to purchase one

  • Julian

    Anyone got a spare code?Please share,I have been wanting a MOTO X for a long time. theislandfaraway@gmail.com Thanks in advance!

  • http://twitter.com/tarund TarunD

    I hope they send this out because I would give it to my sis, who kept putting it off until last minute and missed the deal for the coupon expiring on the 24th. Kicking herself this morning. Hopefully she’ll buy hers before the expiration of Dec 26th.

  • Ep

    one code please!… Moto X ,I need you! lizh85@gmail.com

  • SuperVeloce5of5

    Does anyone has the original Snowflake GIF?
    I’d love to use it as my background.
    Thank You!

  • Rsey

    I would love a code . i’ll buy it today .
    anyone have a code . ckanchanakanok@gmail.com

    • Rsey

      i really need it .anyone give a code to me pls .

  • Jkdem85

    Anyone have a promo code

    • Jkdem85

      I gave out dozens of Samsung and aviary codes hope someone can return the favor!

  • kevin

    need one code … bday gift for my sister

  • No_Smoking

    Nice offer.. too bad its only for off contract. Would have been awesome if they would allow people to use the code and upgrade for free =P

  • david

    I would love a code. Still rocking my HTC thunderbolt…

  • adam

    I Accidentally Got Black Instead Of Woven Black….Does It Feel Good?

  • Guest


    • Javiaero

      Thank you very much :) finally got one for my fiance :) have a great christmas

  • gegedaddy

    Still looking for a valid code email me garygwhite@gmail.com

  • Thomas Ng

    Merry Christmas someone!!!!


    • Javiaero

      THANK YOU!

      • Javiaero

        noooooooooooooooo someone used it before i could :(

        • Thomas Ng

          Aw man I am sorry!!! But keep looking and good luck!

  • Dan

    Alright fine Moto I’ll buy one!!

  • John H

    Asked Motorola about this deal, their reply was that there’s no deal YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR… Frustrating. Anyone have a valid code they aren’t using?

  • Aniqes

    Does anyone have an unused code that I can still use? Thanks :-)

  • 655321

    Anyone know if this deal still excludes bamboo? Is the bamboo in the picture a sign that it now includes it? Obviously it’d cost $100 more, but that’s okay.

    • MM

      Bamboo is INCLUDED in this loyalty promo unlike the today show promotion.

      • 655321

        Dang! Then I need a code. Thanks for the heads-up. Anyone out there have a code that hasn’t expired who can post one for me? Thanks in advance!

  • Mike Dillinger

    They should just lower the cost down to that off contract for all the carriers. That would really make this phone move.

  • gegedaddy

    Looking for a code good until 12/26 , Merry Christmas

  • Gegedaddy

    Looking for a 12/26 code if anyone has one. Thanks

  • Kevdroid

    I would love a code for Christmas. Cheers to all my Android compadres!

  • butters

    Looking for a code that expires the 26 if someone can help me out.


  • Dt Bell

    Little surprised that Google hasn’t released a model of this,..yet.

  • Pavas

    I wanted Moto X for quite sometime.If some happen to have an unused code.Please mail it to me

  • Sean

    Would love to get my hands on a motorcyclex if someone has a code they could spare that expires the 26th. Thanks. Email to Seanjolley@gmail.com if you’ve got one. Thanks.

  • aBabyPenguin

    I’d love a code! I’ve been wanting a Moto X for a while but I’m a poor college student :p

  • Ep

    anyone esle have a code ? I need one. TKS.! lizh85@gmail.com

  • Michael

    Does droid-life get moto money for this?