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Motorola Sends Out Holiday $150-off Moto X Emails, Includes Moto X Snowflake GIF

As if Motorola had not given you enough chances to buy a Moto X for $349 off-contract, they are surprising their “favorite customers” with yet another “exclusive offer” for the holidays. Arriving in inboxes today are $150-off coupon codes, similar to what we saw for Cyber Monday and through shows like the Today Show.Β 

We aren’t exactly sure how they are deciding who their “favorite customers” are, but the codes are showing up in an email that features a snowflake GIF made of Moto X phones in a variety of colors, including Bamboo. It’s actually pretty cool.

The new set of codes being emailed out today expire on 12/26 at 11:59PM.

I’m curious though, is this continued $150-off promo a sign that the Moto X sold worse than we even imagined or does Motorola love us this much?

Anyone else see this email? And by the way, if you have left-over Moto X codes that won’t get used, feel free to share them as usual.

Cheers Mike and Thomas!
  • Diego

    Can someone please email me a code, my email is diego_tova@hotmail.com. THANKS!!

  • RiPPn

    Any kind soul out there have one that expires tonight that they aren’t planning on using and are willing to part with it? Would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me at juspamail@cox.net. Thanks in advance and hope everyone has a happy new year!!

  • nanugn

    Still would like a code if anyone has one they want to share. My email is nanugn@gmail.com

  • Mrhappycow

    Does anyone have any spare 12/31 promo codes left? I need to leave Apple as my new year resolution!

  • deezle121

    I’m hoping there are a few more codes out there before 12/31! Would really appreciate it if you could share one. Thanks!! dursh121@yahoo.com.

  • Jerry

    Here’s a code up for grabs!

    Valid through 11:59pm ET 12/31/13!

    • Paradisimo

      Awesome! Thanks so much man. Happy New Year!

  • Dan

    Anyone still have any unexpired coupons?

  • Chris

    I’ve never had an Android smart phone before, but my second to last phone was a Motorola RAZR. I humbly ask if anyone is willing to offer a promotional code to a student in need of a smart phone. I understand that this has spanned a few days, I would greatly appreciate the generosity! My e-mail is: Kimo292@gmail.com

  • love california

    Anyone not using their promo code and if its still valid till 12/31, please e-mail me at: lovecalifornia2@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

  • Anybody still have coupon codes?

  • Theo Sheckler

    I would love to get rid of this iPhone and finally go Android, if anyone has another code it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- veepers at guitarres.com.

  • dan

    Looking for a code if someone has an extra. meehan23@yahoo.com

  • nanugn

    I would also like a code my email is nanugn@gmail.com

  • Jim McNally

    Looking for a code please msg me. Peace and love, peace and love…

  • Matt

    I would love a code that is still good. Please someone share! My email is mattdouglaschambers@gmail.com

  • Chris Bice

    I’ve got one , good till the 31st if someone wants it

  • Troy Stout

    Anyone not using theirs that expires the 31st, would love to get one. I didn’t know about the black Friday deal and missed the Today’s show deal, would love to upgrade my wife’s iPhone 4S and convert her to Android. email code to: juspamail@cox.net Thanks in advance.

  • Ks

    Hi. Anyone have a code I can use? dasanman69@yahoo.com

  • N2fw

    still in need of a code for anyone that can spare one, tye dot foreman at gmail dot com

  • Ronald Lockwich

    Somebody can hopefully use this if you didn’t get one. I’m not going to use it.
    We’re thanking our favorite customers with this exclusive offer.

    Get a 16GB or 32GB Moto X with no contract for $150 less. Any carrier. Any color combination.

    Your special promo code is:


    Shop fast! This offer is only valid through 11:59pm ET 12/31/13!

    • Tung Tran

      I dropped my phone and cracked my screen a few days ago. This helps a lot. Thanks!

  • Ryan Easton

    I could really use a code as well for the 31st if anyone has an extra rentedlunchbox@gmail.com

  • Deren Guler

    does anyone have a code that expires 12/26 or 12/31? i really need one and missed the other opportunities! please email sendtoder@gmail.com. Happy holidays!

  • j973

    Anyone have any codes they can spare Please Thank you . email shadowmaster3000@msn.com
    Thank you anyone

  • Ronald K. Paul

    If anyone has a spare code that you don’t mind giving away would you kindly please email to – rpaul247@hotmail.com Would appreciate very much. Thanks.

  • BWise

    need a code for gift if you don’t want to use your code – bwise1234@yahoo.com
    god bless you!

  • Alli7777

    Hey if anyone still has a promo code that expires 12/26 or 12/31 and would be willing to email me, it would be so appreciated! I have been wanting a new phone for 3 years now and have been saving but this coupon would help make the price so much more doable….Afm777@gmail.com

  • Nicholas Murphy

    Also would love a code or two (gf wants one) if anyone’s feeling particularly charitable. LastShenanigan@gmail.com

  • Nancy

    Does anyone still have a code?

  • David

    If anyone still has an unused code, please email one to me at hwdlnd@gmail.com. Thanks in advance! Like many, I was unable to make a purchase via the last promos due to tech issues, limited inventory, etc.

  • Quddusi

    Generous people! please send me a code at skquddusi@yahoo.com

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I’ve purchased a few Moto phones over the years but apparently not enough to be one of their favorites…

  • 655321

    Anyone know how to get Motorola to e-mail me a code? It appears you have to get past the credit card entry page in order to put in the code and I’m too afraid a code I saw in the comments here won’t work AFTER I’ve given my credit card info. Thanks in advance.

    • disqu5td

      Click on your shopping cart and it will show you the cost summary with an “Enter promo code”. I built mine to the point of the credit card, clicked the shopping card, and have been trying the coupons. None have worked for me, so it appears I will not be buying one.

  • justin B

    Need a code so badly! missed out on last 2 promos..for the love of god just need a codddeee!!! thanks! email me if you need to πŸ˜›

  • Paradisimo

    Totally been on the fence about buying this phone but have finally decided I need to give it a shot and see what the hype is about. If anyone has a code they would be willing to share I’d greatly appreciate it. jimparadise AT gmail DOT com

  • Torvald Levoie

    I’d love a code if anyone has a spare πŸ™‚

  • Paul

    I had the today show one but missed the deadline was based on east coast time so missed my window. Would love another code if any have it. Paul.ray@outlook.com

  • Chad Frew

    Any spare codes layin around? | MatrixPlasm@hotmail.com

  • deezle121

    Are there more unused codes out there? Really hoping someone got that email and already has an X and can share their code. Would appreciate it! dursh121@yahoo.com

  • Bonzo99

    I need a code as well. I had one but was out of town and missed out. help please!

  • rrj

    I missed out as well due to work, If any kind soul has one please email to me as well: rromerojr@yahoo.com THANKS!

  • flynxer

    looking for code for my mom gift. level99@mail.ru thanks!

  • camper8080

    Also looking for a code for my fiancΓ©. If you are willing to share, please send it camper8080@gmail.com. Thx!

  • T

    I would greatly appreciate a code that’s still valid as well. Anybody have one that they don’t plan to use?

  • zachary rivest

    Hey, all! I know this thread is a little old, but does anyone have a Dec. 26th code they are not using. I would love to pick up one of these phones?

  • Sanky

    Have one to share:

    Your special promo code is: XMASA-MAMY-2Q7T-Y4VK-ZMMN Shop fast! This offer is only valid through 11:59pm ET 12/26/13!

  • jg

    If anyone is interested in a Dev edition for $450 hit me up.

    • Jim McNally

      What color combo

      • jg

        It is the dev edition so it is black front/white back.

  • N2fw

    Anyone with available codes I would love one please tye.foreman@gmail.com

  • chris_johns

    I just wanna compliment the great community here…bunch of class acts i remember some clown trying to pawn off original codes on ebay for $50 here in the comments…when here everyone with extras are posting in comments to share with everyone…Thanks to this(and my cousins credit card) i was able to grab a custom moto x finally for $400 and couldnt be happier…i couldnt do it myself so at christmas eve i had my cousin use his card since moto’s stupid site doesnt believe me when i put in my billing address and makes me change it to somewhere different so it never worked…now i just gotta pay him back luckily my gf wanted to get me it so wont be much out my pocket…just want to commend the people here n wish everyone a happy holidays

  • Kivan Nguyen

    Could someone please email me a code that expires on the 26th or 31st. kivannguyen@gmail.com

  • Santiago

    Please, been trying to get my hands on the Moto X for a while and haven’t gotten a chance to take advantage of the promotions. Could someone send me a code to snieto2104@gmail.com. Xmas people, please!

  • Ben Myton


    Expires 12/31/13

    • Ep

      Thank you !

    • Santiago

      Awesome, thanks!!!

    • Ben Myton

      Now I’m curious which of you actually ended up using it πŸ™‚

      • Ep

        Its him.What’s a pity!
        I tried it first ,but buy later!

  • KCCO

    I think Moto and Google have figured out the sweet spot for phones is that $350… Nexus, MotoX.. they sell like hotcakes at that price.. Sure hope this continues to the next wave of devices.. Loving my MotoX.. Loving staying off contract and keeping unlimited.. πŸ™‚

  • Julian

    Couldn’t find a code,maybe I will get a nexus 5 instead πŸ™

  • fvqu

    I like how it was necessary to add a video of the gif, rather than just attaching the gif itself to the post.

  • j973

    Need two codes one for myself and the wife . If anyone has any available

  • Masx

    Anyone with a spare code? Would be very greatful! Need to replace this HTC Rezound! datastructuresuck@yahoo.com

    • George264

      oh.. I had an extra I was planning on getting one to gift expired the 24th. Man, the Rezound was a pain but the screen was gorgeous, and I remembered ICS was promised 1st half of 2012 .-.. hope you get a replacement soon! (:

  • Moto4Life

    Could anyone spare a code for 12/26 or 12/31?

  • Moto X less

    can some spare a code please…..

  • Quddusi

    Need a promo code for today….

    • enjoy

      Shop fast! This offer is only valid through 11:59pm ET 12/26/13!

      • Quddusi

        expired already πŸ™

  • Moto X less

    Need a Promo Code….

  • Pat Leck

    WOW I could have surely used that one, but I have not even upgraded my dang phone, so no that wouldn’t have worked for me.But good luck to those who did get it.

  • radioactive2008

    Hi Thanks for the earlier code. My order got cancelled due to some issues with my CC bank. Does any one have another code that expires later date so that I can replace my order?

  • Kevin

    Also looking for a promo code for today/tomorrow – kevallen83@gmail.com

  • Aaron

    does anyone have another promo code? I’m desperately trying to purchase one

  • Julian

    Anyone got a spare code?Please share,I have been wanting a MOTO X for a long time. theislandfaraway@gmail.com Thanks in advance!

  • I hope they send this out because I would give it to my sis, who kept putting it off until last minute and missed the deal for the coupon expiring on the 24th. Kicking herself this morning. Hopefully she’ll buy hers before the expiration of Dec 26th.

  • Ep

    one code please!… Moto X ,I need you! lizh85@gmail.com

  • SuperVeloce5of5

    Does anyone has the original Snowflake GIF?
    I’d love to use it as my background.
    Thank You!

  • Rsey

    I would love a code . i’ll buy it today .
    anyone have a code . ckanchanakanok@gmail.com

    • Rsey

      i really need it .anyone give a code to me pls .

  • Jkdem85

    Anyone have a promo code

    • Jkdem85

      I gave out dozens of Samsung and aviary codes hope someone can return the favor!

  • kevin

    need one code … bday gift for my sister

  • No_Smoking

    Nice offer.. too bad its only for off contract. Would have been awesome if they would allow people to use the code and upgrade for free =P

  • david

    I would love a code. Still rocking my HTC thunderbolt…

  • adam

    I Accidentally Got Black Instead Of Woven Black….Does It Feel Good?

  • Guest


    • Javiaero

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚ finally got one for my fiance πŸ™‚ have a great christmas

  • gegedaddy

    Still looking for a valid code email me garygwhite@gmail.com

  • Thomas Ng

    Merry Christmas someone!!!!


    • Javiaero

      THANK YOU!

      • Javiaero

        noooooooooooooooo someone used it before i could πŸ™

        • Thomas Ng

          Aw man I am sorry!!! But keep looking and good luck!

  • Dan

    Alright fine Moto I’ll buy one!!

  • John H

    Asked Motorola about this deal, their reply was that there’s no deal YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR… Frustrating. Anyone have a valid code they aren’t using?

  • Aniqes

    Does anyone have an unused code that I can still use? Thanks πŸ™‚

  • 655321

    Anyone know if this deal still excludes bamboo? Is the bamboo in the picture a sign that it now includes it? Obviously it’d cost $100 more, but that’s okay.

    • MM

      Bamboo is INCLUDED in this loyalty promo unlike the today show promotion.

      • 655321

        Dang! Then I need a code. Thanks for the heads-up. Anyone out there have a code that hasn’t expired who can post one for me? Thanks in advance!

  • Mike Dillinger

    They should just lower the cost down to that off contract for all the carriers. That would really make this phone move.

  • gegedaddy

    Looking for a code good until 12/26 , Merry Christmas

  • Gegedaddy

    Looking for a 12/26 code if anyone has one. Thanks

  • Kevdroid

    I would love a code for Christmas. Cheers to all my Android compadres!

  • butters

    Looking for a code that expires the 26 if someone can help me out.


  • Dt Bell

    Little surprised that Google hasn’t released a model of this,..yet.

  • Pavas

    I wanted Moto X for quite sometime.If some happen to have an unused code.Please mail it to me

  • Sean

    Would love to get my hands on a motorcyclex if someone has a code they could spare that expires the 26th. Thanks. Email to Seanjolley@gmail.com if you’ve got one. Thanks.

  • aBabyPenguin

    I’d love a code! I’ve been wanting a Moto X for a while but I’m a poor college student :p

  • Ep

    anyone esle have a code ? I need one. TKS.! lizh85@gmail.com

  • Michael

    Does droid-life get moto money for this?

  • Jason Pettis

    Promo code: TODAY-NSNS-GL2S-ASZ2-WNYD

    Hope its not too late for someone to use it!!

  • radioactive2008

    Any one have a code for me?

  • Jaime

    Merry Christmas!
    Promo Code: TODAY-M6XH-VGTT-BK34-LGXR
    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    • radioactive2008

      Thank you.

      • radioactive2008

        Hi Do you have a new code, MY order was canceled by my credit card bank and now I have to place it again.

  • me

    wups forgot about this but expires tonight.


  • zzz222

    Already have a Moto X but still got the email. Feel free to get this. Please reply after use so that others don’t waste time. Merry Christmas!
    Promo Code: FOGS-2FDZ-72TN-FB6L

    • When does this one expire? (26th or 31st)

      • Ep

        already used….

  • StankyChikin

    Hrmm I posted one earlier that expired on the 31st but it disappeared lol

    Hopefully someone was able to use it.

  • R

    very cool to see others posting promo codes to one another. I love the droid community. Merry Christmas to all of you.

  • Eric

    Promo Code: TODAY-DZYY-3BBG-DOX5-Y4HD

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

  • gamaliel hood

    Here my code.

    Promo Code: GN9U-4DUL-6ZTL-2KWT

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

  • Bionichomer

    Happy holidays everyone. Five happy Moto X customers in my family!

    Here’s my unused code that expires 12/31/2013.
    Promo Code: XMASB-L6OY-46ZD-6GOM-FKKE

  • ŚwiΔ™ty

    No Γ«l. Yes X

    Promo Code: TODAY-IWMB-TUUD-B2P9-4FIF

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

  • Osandy

    Promo Code: TODAY-AETH-A5ZP-ON75-G3WK

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

  • PSA: There are two types of codes going out to valued customers. One for valued customers, one for uber-valued customers.

    It seems the codes starting with XMASA expire on the 26th, while the codes starting with XMASB expire on the 31st.

  • droidrazredge

    My girlfriend’s Verizon account got messed up and we were unable to purchase her phone through the Motorola’s site and had to do it at the Verizon Corporate Store. :(((((((( We were unable to use the code as a result of having to order it through the store.

    Here’s the code for someone to use: TODAY-KZ3A-3HKI-HO62-RRLP
    Expires 11:59 EST 12/24/2013
    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!

  • Jake

    Here’s a code for someone: XMASA-BI5V-YYVP-YPEO-MRX3
    Expires 11:59PM ET 12/26/2013.
    Merry Christmas everyone!

    • I hope no one used this. I’m sending this to my sister…

  • 5 inch iphone 6 in may rumors. Panic time in android land.

    • Ryan Sossong

      U apple fan boys are always about the next iPhone so go pound salt

      • I’m a droid maxx owner. maybe you didn’t read qualcomm’s comments last week. Apple is spanking Android.

        • Nexus5Forum.com

          Android has 81.3% market share worldwide compared to Apple’s 12.9% according to the last IDC report. Who’s spanking who?

          • Irrelevant

          • Philip J. Fry

            Relevant.. Android #winning. Go troll somewhere else.

        • Droid 1967

          Its nice to see new comedians arise but man you need better material

    • NexusMan

      NOTHING about Apple sends Android into a panic…especially Apple playing a very late catchup as usual….I’m sure there will also be iPhone 9 rumors in 3 years about an iPhone made of Bamboo…and we still won’t be in a panic.

      • Catchup? Talk to Qualcomm about playing catchup.

        Trust me all manufacturers are shaking in their boots over this rumor.

        • Nexus5Forum.com

          You realize Android has 81% market share worldwide. I really don’t think Android has anything to worry about.

          • Irrelevant. They most certainly do. Give me the sales numbers on Verizon, AT&T, etc.

        • I would sincerely advise against trolling. Especially about iPhones, considering you’re on an Android site. Many of your points are invalid, but let’s not go into that.

        • UniBroW

          listen, most of the people that I know that have iphones either don’t care what phone they have (want what’s perceived to be hip) or want to switch the Android but end up getting another iPhone, for whatever reason, despite them being “just happy enough” with it. Very few, that I know, are what I would consider to be tech literate. I’m continually amazed at how doing the most mundane things on iOS is downright painful.

          “Can I show this message, from linkedin, to someone in an email?”

          “yeah, you should be able to copy and paste it”
          “how do you do that?”
          *shows person how*
          “oh, that pasted some other text that we didn’t just copy…weird…guess you can’t copy/paste between apps?”

          “oh, got an idea…take a screenshot and then send it via email”
          “uh…that doesn’t work either…”
          figures out airdrop (whatever it’s called) after about 5 mins from another iphone user.

          So, the solution, just to recap, was to take a screenshot and use a 3rd app, air drop, to send the screenshot to the email client instead of what would take literally 5 seconds to accomplish on an Android device because on ANDROID IT JUST FREAKING WORKS AND ISN’T A GOD DAMNED CHILDS TOY.


          • I’m with you. i prefer android. I use it every day.

            But our little personal anecdotes don’t translate to everyone else. I just met someone who had the opposite experience at a wordpress meetup this week.

    • Trevor

      I’ll bite if it’s running Android. iOS? Vomit.

      • Agreed, Not an ios fan but their hardware is top notch.

        • NexusMan

          So top notch they had to give out free bumpers so their antenna would work. And also, so top notch, if you accidentally dropped it, the front AND BACK shattered to pieces. And so top notch it’s now “unapologetically plastic.” Please. Go post your misguided Apple propaganda on an APPLE site and leave us be.

          • There’s a reason why two companies copied apple’s fingerprint reader already.

            And check out the new patents Apple was awarded today. Realize that you’re in denial, buddy.

          • Droid 1967

            Moto had a fingerprint reader long before apple ever put one out and they are still worthless. Apple can payent troll all they want google and samsung can buy their way right past apples payed for patents. Apple is a dollar short and a day late all they have done with past 2 os is copy android and not as well. I would forget having a cell phone before id pay for the crap apple puts out. Now take your trolling and eat it. Why do people stand in line for apple and not android…because apple finally puts out something that people have known about for 2 years. Android phone makers put out stuff with bleeding edge specs people arent even aware of what it is yet. Im betting next ios will have hands free talking and it will be the next great apple innovation. Enjoy your iphone and i promise it wont be me tsking that last intentionally under produced crap from your hands.

          • Yikes. I’m a Droid Maxx user but more than half of ALL phones sold on Verizon are iPhones, for example. Same for the other US providers. I don’t know why this particular fact upsets you so much.

          • Droid 1967

            I see the problem here you are only looking at the USA. I had same problem with Cyanogen I thought that’s just stupid they cant make it I forgot about overseas and as it turns out the USA is a small player when it comes to smart phones. And i hope apple keeps it up with their patents cause at some point a judge is gonna get tired of it and toss them all. whats their new patent a device that uses a battery to power it?

          • NexusMan

            No one here cares about Apple propaganda. But since you love this site so much, here’s something for you to read: http://www.droid-life.com/2013/06/10/that-moment-when-ios7-became-android/

    • evltwn

      You’ve been reading too much BGR. Those guys are idiots.

      • I have NO idea what BGR is but we’re commenting a thread of a phone that is being sold at blowout pricing just a few months after release because it can’t compete with Apple even though this very site gave it android phone of the year.

        If you don’t think android manufacturers are sh&tting themselves, then you obviously don’t see a comment section full of discount codes. scroll up.

        • NexusMan

          From Apple’s site: “iPhone 5c. Comes wrapped in their favorite color. From $99” Now, THAT is blowout pricing. $350 during specific Holiday sale periods is not.

          • While I agree the dude is trolling about the iPhone thing, $99 is not blowout at all for the 5c. You’re talking $99 on-contract vs. $350 off-contract ($350 being considered blowout).

          • Nathan

            Yeah… No. That’s not unlocked.

        • NexusMan

          Apple would need a significant market share to cause anyone to sh## their pants.

        • NexusMan

          iPhones are FREE on contract, and their “colorful” one is $99. LOL. Apple doesn’t need discount codes because they are already so cheap. Referencing discount codes for a Holiday sale, as if that has a negative connotation, while boasting about a product that sells for $99. Wow. Now, THAT is rich! LOL.

          • I’m sorry..what? People were lining up to get any deal on Apple products on black friday. Moto can’t get anyone to use these codes (see comment section).

            You aren’t dealing with reality here.

        • hockeytownmatt

          It’s more like it can’t compete with Samsung android or the like. Android “competing” with apple is gone. Its the number 1 selling mobile OS in the world.

        • evltwn

          FYI I contributed my code own code. Scroll up.
          If you read tech sites, I’m sure you know what/who BGR is. The fact that you capitalized NO leads me to further believe this. They throw out rumors like this all the time. IPhone 5S is selling well, no reason to think they’d put out a new phone that early. The next iPhone may have a 5in screen. Good for them. Doesn’t mean Android manufacturers are panicking.

  • Rick.M650

    I have a code I’m not using since I got 1 thru this site last week….

    Promo Code: DV3T-MVIE-7R22-PR7B

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • o0HERO0o


  • I’ve got an extra one my sister didn’t use from the Today Show. must be used tonight by midnight.


  • MrOrange645

    Its Moto Xmas!

    • Jeff Martinez


  • MrOrange645

    Promo Code: TODAY-G6PU-GRKI-MF5N-2WD5

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    Merry CHRISTmas!

    • chris_johns

      My man pots n pans! Thanks lol in order

    • Adam Marr

      Happy Saturnalia!

  • webmatt01

    If anyone has the one that expires on 12/31..i’d love it.. I have one that expires today, but won’t be buying the phone until i get my Christmas $$ tomorrow. Dont have the money for it tonight! My gmail is the same as my user name. Thanks!!

    • Exacr same situation here. I don’t understand why they didn’t have these expire on Christmas Day so everyone could go blow their Christmas money on it.

  • Trevor

    Merry Christmas Droid-Life crew and readers!!

  • Stephan Miljkovic


    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    Promo Code: TODAY-ORVU-56LA-D5ZP-BGKQ

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

  • Don


    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    • tuname1t

      Thanks mate! Wife will be stoked since her gs4 just bit the dust (dropped on concrete with a ballistic case) on Sunday! Merry Xmas

  • Michael Quinlan

    In so glad Motorola started this series of promotions. Without it I would not know the greatness that is Moto X. But this seemingly endless series also has me worried that they’re not satisfied with sales to date and may question the viability of a successor. It would really suck if there were no successor with Active Display, Touchless Controls and contextual awareness (enabling Moto Assist).

    • King Lo

      Relax, Moto is just taking the google strategy of getting it out there then worrying about cost later. I think it’s less about bad sales and more about getting product into the wild.

  • evltwn

    Promo Code: TODAY-QWPX-Z5C6-PWBN-2YS5

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  • dennis laska

    Here you go

    Promo Code: TODAY-LBED-5CAG-D6FL-MQ3W

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

  • jeremiah_weeds

    here’s my code, can’t drop the money right now. Merry xmas.

    • adam

      thank you, sir!

  • Matt Devo


    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

  • smartypants

    Here’s my code if someone would like to use it:

    Expiration: December 24, 2013 11:59 PM EST

    • Noel Nguyen

      Thanks! I just used this to buy my brother his first Android phone. Cheers!

      • evltwn

        Welcome to the revolution.

        • Noel Nguyen

          Oh I’ve been on the Android train for a while. Just got my Nexus 5. He’s coming from an iPhone 4, so I figure the Moto X would be good for him.

  • lackGX

    need code?? here are some


  • Rishi

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  • Omar Amer

    Maybe moto might drop the phone to $349 off contract permanently? Surprise CES announcement(not that I expect them to even attend)?

  • hyperbeatser

    I already bought 2 during the cyber monday, er week sale, I should be a favorite customer…

    • Michael Quinlan

      Their favorite customers pay full retail.

      • DJ SPY

        The I should get two emails.

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    • StankyChikin

      Can I report this as a bug? lol

  • adam

    where do you enter it? after you give them your credit card info? if anyone has a spare, please post!

  • Princesation

    I’d love a code if anyone can spare it. Thanks in advance. My gmail is just my username

    • droidrazredge

      did you get a code you could use yet ? I have one that I was unable to use because of a previous discount on accessories. It’s 50% off of the on contract price.

      • DJ SPY

        Buy the phone when another email address. That’s how I did it with the two Moto X I bought.

      • Princesation

        I didn’t but I also have to get one off contract cause I have unlimited. Thanks anyway!

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    Won’t be using it like I thought. Enjoy

    • j6nguyen

      Used. Thanks!

  • Such

    Does this apply to the wood back as well?

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    Believe this should still be good, but expires today at 11:59pm (like the others below).


  • Llama_Nuts

    Doesn’t work for developer edition? Damn.

    • Michael Quinlan

      This is disappointing. I’m glad I was persistent on Cyber Monday and got my Developer Edition in the midst of the fiasco.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Love the Moto X. Best Android phone to date that doesn’t have a nexus tag attached to it.

  • Favorite customers = Kellen

    Four Moto Xs purchased and counting πŸ˜›

    • I got 4 friends converted to buy a Moto X. 2 of them were going to buy a Note 3, 1 was using a feature phone, another one’s contract wasn’t eligible for upgrade until 1/9 (he spent almost 3 hours to get Verizon to do an early upgrade for him.) On top of that, I bought my 2 sons a Moto X each. Including myself, my circle has 7 Moto X!

      • lackGX

        u r a moto X guru

    • King Lo

      Here you go. I got one from DL earlier in the month no reason not to pay it forward. Merry Christmas!


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