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Motorola Sends Out Holiday $150-off Moto X Emails, Includes Moto X Snowflake GIF

moto x snowflake

As if Motorola had not given you enough chances to buy a Moto X for $349 off-contract, they are surprising their “favorite customers” with yet another “exclusive offer” for the holidays. Arriving in inboxes today are $150-off coupon codes, similar to what we saw for Cyber Monday and through shows like the Today Show

We aren’t exactly sure how they are deciding who their “favorite customers” are, but the codes are showing up in an email that features a snowflake GIF made of Moto X phones in a variety of colors, including Bamboo. It’s actually pretty cool.

The new set of codes being emailed out today expire on 12/26 at 11:59PM.

I’m curious though, is this continued $150-off promo a sign that the Moto X sold worse than we even imagined or does Motorola love us this much?

Anyone else see this email? And by the way, if you have left-over Moto X codes that won’t get used, feel free to share them as usual.

Cheers Mike and Thomas!
  • Diego

    Can someone please email me a code, my email is diego_tova@hotmail.com. THANKS!!

  • RiPPn

    Any kind soul out there have one that expires tonight that they aren’t planning on using and are willing to part with it? Would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind emailing it to me at juspamail@cox.net. Thanks in advance and hope everyone has a happy new year!!

  • nanugn

    Still would like a code if anyone has one they want to share. My email is nanugn@gmail.com

  • Mrhappycow

    Does anyone have any spare 12/31 promo codes left? I need to leave Apple as my new year resolution!

  • deezle121

    I’m hoping there are a few more codes out there before 12/31! Would really appreciate it if you could share one. Thanks!! dursh121@yahoo.com.

  • Jerry

    Here’s a code up for grabs!

    Valid through 11:59pm ET 12/31/13!

    • Paradisimo

      Awesome! Thanks so much man. Happy New Year!

  • Dan

    Anyone still have any unexpired coupons?

  • Chris

    I’ve never had an Android smart phone before, but my second to last phone was a Motorola RAZR. I humbly ask if anyone is willing to offer a promotional code to a student in need of a smart phone. I understand that this has spanned a few days, I would greatly appreciate the generosity! My e-mail is: Kimo292@gmail.com

  • love california

    Anyone not using their promo code and if its still valid till 12/31, please e-mail me at: lovecalifornia2@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

  • http://techsym.com/ cubanresourceful

    Anybody still have coupon codes?

  • Theo Sheckler

    I would love to get rid of this iPhone and finally go Android, if anyone has another code it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- veepers at guitarres.com.

  • dan

    Looking for a code if someone has an extra. meehan23@yahoo.com

  • nanugn

    I would also like a code my email is nanugn@gmail.com

  • Jim McNally

    Looking for a code please msg me. Peace and love, peace and love…

  • Matt

    I would love a code that is still good. Please someone share! My email is mattdouglaschambers@gmail.com

  • Chris Bice

    I’ve got one , good till the 31st if someone wants it

  • Troy Stout

    Anyone not using theirs that expires the 31st, would love to get one. I didn’t know about the black Friday deal and missed the Today’s show deal, would love to upgrade my wife’s iPhone 4S and convert her to Android. email code to: juspamail@cox.net Thanks in advance.

  • Ks

    Hi. Anyone have a code I can use? dasanman69@yahoo.com

  • N2fw

    still in need of a code for anyone that can spare one, tye dot foreman at gmail dot com

  • Ronald Lockwich

    Somebody can hopefully use this if you didn’t get one. I’m not going to use it.
    We’re thanking our favorite customers with this exclusive offer.

    Get a 16GB or 32GB Moto X with no contract for $150 less. Any carrier. Any color combination.

    Your special promo code is:


    Shop fast! This offer is only valid through 11:59pm ET 12/31/13!

    • Tung Tran

      I dropped my phone and cracked my screen a few days ago. This helps a lot. Thanks!

  • Ryan Easton

    I could really use a code as well for the 31st if anyone has an extra rentedlunchbox@gmail.com

  • Deren Guler

    does anyone have a code that expires 12/26 or 12/31? i really need one and missed the other opportunities! please email sendtoder@gmail.com. Happy holidays!

  • j973

    Anyone have any codes they can spare Please Thank you . email shadowmaster3000@msn.com
    Thank you anyone

  • Ronald K. Paul

    If anyone has a spare code that you don’t mind giving away would you kindly please email to – rpaul247@hotmail.com Would appreciate very much. Thanks.

  • BWise

    need a code for gift if you don’t want to use your code – bwise1234@yahoo.com
    god bless you!

  • Alli7777

    Hey if anyone still has a promo code that expires 12/26 or 12/31 and would be willing to email me, it would be so appreciated! I have been wanting a new phone for 3 years now and have been saving but this coupon would help make the price so much more doable….Afm777@gmail.com

  • Nicholas Murphy

    Also would love a code or two (gf wants one) if anyone’s feeling particularly charitable. LastShenanigan@gmail.com

  • Nancy

    Does anyone still have a code?

  • David

    If anyone still has an unused code, please email one to me at hwdlnd@gmail.com. Thanks in advance! Like many, I was unable to make a purchase via the last promos due to tech issues, limited inventory, etc.

  • Quddusi

    Generous people! please send me a code at skquddusi@yahoo.com

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    I’ve purchased a few Moto phones over the years but apparently not enough to be one of their favorites…

  • 655321

    Anyone know how to get Motorola to e-mail me a code? It appears you have to get past the credit card entry page in order to put in the code and I’m too afraid a code I saw in the comments here won’t work AFTER I’ve given my credit card info. Thanks in advance.

    • disqu5td

      Click on your shopping cart and it will show you the cost summary with an “Enter promo code”. I built mine to the point of the credit card, clicked the shopping card, and have been trying the coupons. None have worked for me, so it appears I will not be buying one.

  • justin B

    Need a code so badly! missed out on last 2 promos..for the love of god just need a codddeee!!! thanks! email me if you need to :P

  • Paradisimo

    Totally been on the fence about buying this phone but have finally decided I need to give it a shot and see what the hype is about. If anyone has a code they would be willing to share I’d greatly appreciate it. jimparadise AT gmail DOT com

  • Torvald Levoie

    I’d love a code if anyone has a spare :)

  • Paul

    I had the today show one but missed the deadline was based on east coast time so missed my window. Would love another code if any have it. Paul.ray@outlook.com

  • Chad Frew

    Any spare codes layin around? | MatrixPlasm@hotmail.com

  • deezle121

    Are there more unused codes out there? Really hoping someone got that email and already has an X and can share their code. Would appreciate it! dursh121@yahoo.com

  • Bonzo99

    I need a code as well. I had one but was out of town and missed out. help please!

  • rrj

    I missed out as well due to work, If any kind soul has one please email to me as well: rromerojr@yahoo.com THANKS!

  • flynxer

    looking for code for my mom gift. level99@mail.ru thanks!

  • camper8080

    Also looking for a code for my fiancé. If you are willing to share, please send it camper8080@gmail.com. Thx!