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Amazon Details Holiday Appstore Sale, Hands Out $5 Credit Simply for Downloading Any App

Not to be outdone by Google Play’s deep discounts, Amazon has announced their holiday sales for their own Appstore application, an alternate source for application purchases on Android known for its “free app of the day” sales. The deals include some premium paid apps such as Where’s My Perry? and Angry Birds Star Wars II for no cash on your end. Also, all users who download any app (appears to include downloads of free apps too) using the newest version of the Amazon Appstore on Android between the dates of December 24th and 28th will receive a $5 credit to use at any time on other applications and in-app purchases on the store.  

Beyond the $5 promo, Amazon is also hosting all sorts of app bundles and deals from specific developers over the next few days. Companies like EA, Sega, and Gameloft are all featured with many titles at up to 65% off.

Here is the full list of deals from Amazon:

  • Up to 65% off apps and games from top game developers including Electronic Arts, Sega of America and Gameloft on titles such as Bejeweled 2Sonic and Sega All-Stars RacingGangstar Vegas, and many others
  • One-day only sale on Office Suite Pro 7 – only $0.99 (originally $14.99) on December 26th
  •  Free App of the Day bundles (savings of over $50):
    •  December 25  Free App of the Day Welcome Pack, which includes; My Alarm Clock, Handrite Notes Notepad Pro, Stellarium Mobile Sky Map, Relax Melodies Premium: A White Noise Ambience For Sleep, Meditation & Yoga, SPC Music Sketchpad 2, PrinterShare Mobile Print, Moon Phase Pro
    • December 26 – Free App of the Day Favorites, which includes; Daily Ab Workout, The Lost City, Voxel Invaders, Chimpact, Osmos HD, Fraction Calculator Plus, Ultimate Hangman HD, From Cheese and Business Calendar
  • Free App of the Day deals:
    • December 23 – Draw a Stickman: EPIC
    • December 24 – Piano Master Christmas Special
    • December 25 – Angry Birds Star Wars II
    • December 26 – Where’s my Perry?
    •  December 27 – Quell Memento
    • December 28 – Doodle Farm

Go grab those sweet Christmas deals!

Note:  $5 promotional credit expires on March 31, 2014.

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Via: Amazon Media Room
  • Winston Smith

    It’s a scam. I installed the amazon App Store and downloaded two free Android apps. Then it tried to charge my credit card for the 99 cents app I tried to install. The amazon “customer service” staff acted like he had no clue about the promotion, even when I gave him the full link to the amazon.com page explaining it.

    If you want to take your chances, and try to get the $5, go ahead, but if you don’t want a hassle, just stick with Google Play.

  • FC

    “Please note that purchases from a Kindle Fire do not qualify.”

  • Ej McCarty

    So we have a 12 year old Indian writer now. Sweet. It would be awesome to just have Kellen, Tim, and Eric writing

  • NexusMan

    Interesting…I also got a random email from Amazon last week, giving me a promo code for a $5 credit that expired at 11:59pm on 12/23. I used it last night to get Plex & Angry Birds Star Wars II. (Too bad I went over $1 & change, so I ended up really paying for Angry Birds, especially since it’s going to be free tomorrow), but at least, with this new offer I get another $5 credit. So not a bad deal at all.

  • fauxshizzl

    Where do you find this $5 credit? I updated to the newest market and downloaded an app. I see nothing.

    • Agunimon

      You should get an email giving all the details about the credit.

      • fauxshizzl

        That was what I assumed too. I got nothing.

        • huskerhog

          I got an e-mail indicating that the credit would be used for future app purchases. It will not show up in my regular Amazon account credit.

    • Michael Larsen

      I have gotten nothing either just an email for a $1 credit towards an MP3

  • huskerhog

    So it sounds like I cannot use the $5 credit towards anything other than apps. Not something like a Nexus 7.

    • Didn’t know you could buy a Nexus 7 on the Amazon app store…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Free credits! Score! Thanks for the tip!

    • Eric R.

      The catch is you have to have a credit card on your amazon account

      • EvanTheGamer

        Ahh, damn catches. But luckily I already have one on my account.

      • shooter50

        thats a catch?

        • Eric R.

          Well they can “accidentally” charge you for apps or IAP

          • shooter50

            Wow, paranoid much?

          • Eric R.

            Thats not being paranoid, money is money

          • Winston Smith

            It ain’t an “accident.” See my post, above. Thankfully, I have a credit card I can turn off as my 1-Click card.

  • Brandon

    Pretty cool deal. Sure, apps take a little longer to update than from Play but this will be nice for apps I’m not really sure I want to buy because I don’t use them much, but I want to give the money to the developer.

  • Ben Murphy

    Is the $5 transferrable to Google Play?

    • No, it is solely for the Amazon Appstore

    • Winston Smith

      Many of the apps that amazon is charging for are FREE on Google Play.

  • FragDroid

    First Kyle and now Rithvik. When are we going to get some intro’s?

    • Kyle was introduced in the DL Show. I started yesterday, but maybe I’ll get introduced after CES cause there isn’t another DL show for a while. 🙂

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        I think he was mentioned; an intro would be nice.

        • He was mentioned at the beginning.

          If you really want an intro you’re going to have to go bother Kellen ([email protected]) 😛

    • Cael

      Where’s a girl?

      • Mo

        They don’t surf the internet.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Dreams crushed 🙁

    • bitpimpin

      This is getting exciting… I wonder who’s next? Lol

  • ssjnimma

    And just to note, the promotional $5 must be used by the end of March… and they also send you another email for a $1 credit towards an mp3 song or album!

  • Travis

    Can we get a $5 credit every day of this promotion, or just one time?

    • It’s just one time