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CyanogenMod Reaches 10 Million Devices, Oppo N1 CM Edition Gets a Promo Video

Despite Google’s best efforts, some smartphone and tablet manufacturers are perfectly content to allow their devices to languish, never to receive the latest version of Android through any sort of official channel. That’s where Cyanogen, Inc. comes in: the newly incorporated company promises customized versions of Android that, in addition to providing the latest AOSP has to offer, are much more feature-rich than OEM firmware. Installation of CyanogenMod software requires a compatible device and foreknowledge of certain dev tools, of course, but it remains the most consumer-friendly third-party ROM available.

Apparently, the promise of Android updates is attractive to a vast number of smartphone and tablet users: more than 10 million devices are running the ROM. That’s according to a Google+ post by Steve Kondik, CTO of CyanogenMod. 

To clarify, 10 million is an estimate; only users who voluntarily report activity via CMStats, a built-in analytic service, are counted. Still, the number is impressive, and certainly an indication that the desire for aftermarket Android solutions is growing.

Perhaps in celebration of the milestone (and the additional $23 million in funding they just took in), Cyanogen took to YouTube to promote the Oppo N1, the first-ever CyanogenMod-certified smartphone. Launching December 24, it’s the fledgling company’s first attempt to translate its software success to the hardware business. As you can imagine, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on this first phone attempt, as well as any others that come through this ROM-turned-corporate entity.

 Via:  +Steve Kondik
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  • Jeremy Martin

    I have always wondered how they get their stats…10 million devices yet I do not run into anyone who is using CM other than myself. I wonder how they register 10 million activation’s and know its new devices being activated one time and not the same devices being activated several times (not meaning 10 million of the same few device are being activated all the time). Remember this is CM and those who use it like to tinker…activating would happen all the time on the same device. I know I have re-activated at least 20 times alone on my Razr HD from all the different ROM’s I have tried and went back to CM…or wiped and started over due to a major change in a nightly.

    • JSo

      Not only that, but I wonder if they count all the custom ROMs based off of CM. Or if they only count the stats taken from their official releases. There are a lot of custom ROMs based on CM that have the CM sign in stuff too.

      • Adrynalyne

        Also makes you wonder if they are counting by install, instead of tying it to each device which, even if used for years, should only count as one user/install. Stats like these are usually skewed.

  • Lora Empson

    Cyanogenmod is making money day and night …

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    • michael arazan

      If Google removes Android from open source in 2015 what happens to Cyanogen then?

      • mikey2015

        I’d guess they continue by forking off of the last Android version, and the 2 OSes would grow more distant. Think of XBMC -> Plex, or Mozilla -> Firefox. Eventually, it becomes it’s own thing.

      • Adrynalyne

        CM becomes so dated that despite its improvements, it dies because it cannot keep up.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          This, and I am sure Google would not be to keep on giving CM access to the Play Store and their APIs. So out goes app support and API support. Pretty much the death of CM if that happens.

  • ingmarmxy321

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  • Milind Shah

    Does droid-life have an email address?

    • You can use the “Tip Us” link at the top of the page or find individual writers’ email addresses in the About page.

  • Tim242

    I cannot use CM on a Samsung phone. They do not include the display setting to set saturation level. Interesting though, CM based ROM’s like AOKP include the setting

    • JSo

      This isn’t a Samsung phone.

      • Tim242

        The article talks about total CM users, not just the on one the Oppo.

    • Flyinion

      AOKP hasn’t been CM based for a long time. They switched to using AOSP as their base a long time ago.

      • Tim242

        Ahhh, didn’t know that. I haven’t used it in a while. I’ve been using Jelly Beans ROM, by Beanstown on my last 3 phones (the past year) haha

  • villian1998

    So…… who’s the asian chick?

    • sk3litor

      Ha ha ha you know we’re all thinking it

      • villian1998

        Shotgun Anus!

  • Dave

    I heard their one click root and ROM install was pulled from the market due to violations, etc., is there still a way it can be done off market? I’m not that great at all the steps involves and killed my DroidX. 4.3 sucks on my GN2, I’d rather have 4.1.2 back, but I think I’d lose SPen functionality with a ROM, right?

    • Tim242

      If you use a TW based ROM, you do not lose SPen. On non TW based ROM’s, the SPen would still function as a regular stylus.

    • sk3litor

      Jelly beans my friend. Look of asop customization of custom roms and all the s pen bad assery. Don’t lose hope. You tube is how I learned to rom my phones and haven’t ruined one yet. Check out ” galaxynote2rootcom” Korean fellow named max.

      • Dave

        Thanks. My GN2 is gonna need it unless 4.4 comes soon and fixes issues, but I’m not holding my breath for that long. I never ever had an issue with 4.1.2. 2 day battery life with around 6-8 hours screen time depending on what I did.

      • Dave

        I found GalaxyNote2Root and Beans ROM, a little different, is that the one? Looks super responsive and slick from the video.

        • sk3litor

          I think so. I have a note 3 now so I don’t really remember but that one and Jedi X rom were nice. Check out xda and rootz wiki for the whole rundown.

    • JD_26

      I used the one clisk install and hard bricked my galaxy s2
      sucks !!!

  • slow shutter mode…?

  • Rodeojones000

    Not CyanogenMod related, but I’ve got an unused $150 off Moto X code. Planned on buying a new phone for my mom but turns out she took care of things on her own. It expires at 11:59pm EST tomorrow. Merry Christmas!


    • Tim242

      Which phone did she choose on her own?

      • Rodeojones000

        She went with a Moto X, but got it on contract. She hates it, though, because it’s different than her last phone.

        • Tim242

          Well, hopefully she gets used to it. I’m thinking about getting one for my mom. She is still stuck on an HTC Rezound : /

    • jerry13

      I would like to take you up on that offer but i can’t find a way to actually buy the damn phone on motomaker. I designed the phone, emailed it to myself, clicked on finish and buy button in email and all it does is take back to motomaker to pick the back color again. What the hell am i doing wrong?

  • Jeremy Gross

    so big

  • JSo

    They aren’t using Focal for their default camera? If that’s Focal, I have just not seen it for a while and they have made changes. I never liked it. But I would have thought they would have used it for their default camera app.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Oh….I see they’re going for the Ballmer’s Peak approach with their coding, Shiner Bach wouldn’t be my first choice of beer though…