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Asus Teases Dual-booting Something or Other for CES

With CES around the corner, expect to see a tease or two per week from companies looking to steal some of the spotlight from competitors or at least make us pay attention for a minute. Asus is one of the first up with this new clip that dropped over the weekend. It features the Statue of Liberty throwing up deuces to tell us that it has a product that can do two things. The product appears to be a tablet of some sort, or convertible laptop-to-tablet dealio, which also flashes green and blue as a potential sign that we’re looking at Windows and Android. 

We have seen a couple of dual-booting Android-Windows combo devices over the years, none of which seem to have really caught on. But Asus certainly seems to be into this dual-everything idea. They already have an all-in-one PCs that boots both Android and Windows, plus we’re all very familiar with their Padfone concept of having one device to power both a phone and tablet. Maybe whatever they have in store for CES will finally be the ticket.

Dual-booting devices, are you interested

Via:  Engadget
  • Patrick Ohara

    you can do the same thing with “Bluestacks.” I have it,and i get Android on my laptop(running Windows 8!)So i have windows apps,and android apps.You can also install it on a Mac!

  • ingmarmxy321

    my Aunty
    Victoria got a nearly new cream Saab 9-3 Convertible from only workin on a pc.
    read the article B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Omar Amer

    dual boot windows 8.1 and android tablet that converts to laptop is very believable. not sure the necessities of such a thing, but I see it being possible.

    • michael arazan

      Already possible in the Trio windows laptop with android tablet, and you can plug in the bottom keyboard with windows into a monitor as well. Problem is that it’s a $1600 device. I’m guessing this new one will be cheaper.

  • Morlok8k

    If i could replace windows with Ubuntu or other Linux variant, I’d be all over this… for the right price that is.

  • timbo

    anyone else think it looks like a battery indicator draining and filling and then draining again?

    • Guest

      Drains during night, and filled during sunlight clips, solar capabilities?

  • mustbepbs

    When Microsoft actually gets their act together with their Windows Store, these dual booting devices will be a waste between Android and Windows 8.1. The only thing holding MS back at this point at becoming a real contender is their store. The Windows tabs are so nice and run super smooth and fast.

    • DoctorJB

      My only complaints with my windows tab is the lack of touchscreen gestures in desktop mode. There’s no excuse for not having a “scroll wheel” gesture in desktop mode. It would also be awesome to have a gesture to reveal overlay buttons so that you could play desktop games without a keyboard.

  • Lucky Armpit

    Maybe I’m just thick…. maybe I didn’t pay attention… but that clip told me absolutely nothing.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Yeah i was like dafuq I just watch