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Moto X With Bamboo: Unboxing and Hands-on

moto x bamboo

The Moto X with Bamboo. There she is in all her glory. Our unit arrived especially early, at least earlier than we had expected after Motorola’s announcement this week. All I can say after five minutes with the phone is that it certainly is beautifully made. We’re talking about a phone that features a real wood back here (“grass” for the technical folk). With wood or “natural” backs, no two phones should ever be alike. How often can you say that with a consumer electronic? 

Outside of the wood “natural” back, nothing is different here from the Moto X we have featured a dozen or so times on the site. So no, there won’t be a “natural” back review or anything along those lines. If you want to read a Moto X review, feel free to dive into the review we published months ago. What we will do is give this some time in pocket, on our desks, and throughout our every day lives to see how it holds up and then report back if anything stands out. Will the softness of the “natural” back expose itself to easy damage or will it weather nicely over time? We’re hoping the latter, but we should know before long.

For now, we’re going to enjoy the idea (and look) of a phone made with a natural material. Below, we have a quick unboxing and gallery for you to peruse.



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Edit:  Fixed post to say “grass” and “natural” in many places, since the grass pundits have clarified that bamboo is not wood. Clearly, this is why I barely passed my botany lab during my undergraduate. It looks like wood, people.

  • John Garlits

    I’d like to see pics of the ebony version.

  • tbtregenza

    So what’s with the dark edge/smudge on the outside perimeter of the bamboo? I just returned my Bamboo Moto X because it had it (like in 4th, 5th, and 6th pic of gallery). It makes the phone look dirty. I also had bulges along the outside bezel, which made it look cheap as soon as they are noticed (they are admittedly difficult to notice). Not entirely impressed – will see what replacement looks like.

    • JM

      I just got my phone and am experiencing the same problem. It’s darkly smudged around the edges and on the back in a weird geometric pattern. It almost looks like some kind of adhesive or coating was applied where glue/paint (Verizon logo) was applied. Hate it – looks dirty and gross, and I’m very disappointed given how long I waited and how much I paid for an off-contract phone…

      • tbtregenza

        If it’s not too much trouble I’d ask if you wouldn’t mind going to the thread I started an Android Central and post pics or at least share your experience. There have to be more of us out there that are disappointed with the shoddy QC on this phone. http://bit.ly/1iztZJZ

  • Eric Mykleby

    So apparently the account my phone is on is a business account which means I can’t order from the motomaker site at all. Does anyone know a way to get this bamboo phone in this situation? I really can’t believe I just won’t be able to get this phone because of my stupid account.

    • SoCalPaul

      I fought with this for over a month and finally figured out how to get the Bamboo Back (or any of the wood backs) with a corporate or business account. You go to your Verizon Store (may work with other carriers) and purchase a redemption code for the phone without the wood back. When you get the code don’t follow the link that says “Design Yours” that comes in the email. You go directly to MotoMaker.com and build the phone you want and make sure to add a set of headphones or earbuds to the order (you will cancel them before purchasing but you must add them to the order or it won’t work). When you get to the screen where it asks what carrier you are with (don’t click a carrier) go to the bottom of page on right side and enter your redemption code. Enter your credit card info and at the last step it will review your order and at that screen you can cancel your headphones and you will just pay the $25.00 for the wood back + any taxes. It worked for me. I actually bought a phone almost a month ago and didn’t like the color but I kept being told you couldn’t buy the wood back phone with a redemption code so I finally decided to exchange the phone I got with a color I would rather have (I originally ordered Cherry Red and it looks like dark pink). During the return process they gave me a new redemption code and I kept playing with the system until I was able to figure out a way to get the Bamboo back phone. If you bought another color call Motorola and tell them you want to exchange it for another color and follow the directions above as it worked for me…

  • TC

    I think it’s gorgeous. I’m wishing I could trade mine in for the bamboo version. Great writing, videos, and pics.

  • chris_johns

    if anyone has an extra coupon please email me it…since i was never able to order bc it wouldnt take my address my girl finally said she would order it for me…but of course she wont deposit her check till tom and codes are already done…my luck so if anyone got any extras let me know id appreciate it

  • Dusty

    Not going to be using my code.


    expires 12/24 11:59EST


  • GreenMeansGo

    Oww! I just got a splinter. From my PHONE!!

  • Kris Cortez

    I’d get it. Let’s face it, plastic just makes your phone feel cheap.

  • Lars

    Looks tacky. Pass.

  • Cody Revels

    I get the whole uniqueness factor but I just dont think this is a big deal. Lol.
    Sure its different and each phone is unique but I just don’t really care about that.

  • DanSan

    not gonna use my code..

    TODAY-GVDW-GVUM-CON2-VM73 expires 12/24 here ya go friends

    • cyclonejason93

      Thanks. Using it now.

      • DanSan

        enjoy. its for the phone discount

  • Ian Smith

    the lighting in those pics is atrocious…

  • delrayser

    What’s the finish like on the bamboo? Is it slick, like a finished hardwood floor? One of the things I really love about the regular back is how it’s slightly rubberized, it doesn’t feel like there’s a chance it would ever slip out of my hand. I’m not sure how they’d duplicate that with bamboo.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    I miss the slab… where’s the slab?

  • markus

    Unboxing movies are cool, and this phone is great, but please, for goodness sake, please clip your fingernails – it kills the video and it’s gross

  • Adam Truelove

    The Verizon logo really makes it nice.

  • Jeff C

    Kellen…I realize it was a Saturday article…but you gotta get some shots of that thing in better (outdoor?) lighting.

  • Mike Hilal

    Id rather have them up the specs and the battery size than soft “wood” back.

    • Jeff C

      Have you ever used a Moto X? This thing flat out flies no matter what I throw at it…and I consistently get 16+ hours of battery life.

      • 640k

        Your post should have been up-voted more. “Spec junkies” need to learn a lesson here.

  • Deiter

    I can see people getting this and then putting some cheap case on it so the back won’t get messed up, haha. Or worse, they’ll put an expensive case on it.