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Contest: Win a Nexus 5 32GB in White or Black From DL! (Update: Winner Picked)

Nexus 5

We saw such a positive reaction to yesterday’s giveaway for the Nexus 7 that we are back yet again, but this time with a Nexus 5! If you win the device, you can tell us if you want it in either Black or White, and we’ll hook you up with a 32GB model. Pretty sweet, right? We thought so.

As always, we are making it super easy to enter. Just follow the rules on the Rafflecopter below (post a comment and like us on your favorite social networking site), and that’s it.

Let’s do this. 

Update: We have our winner. Congrats to Christian G. You have been emailed. A big thank you to all of you that entered!


Prizes:  1 (one) Nexus 5 32GB in White or Black.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winners tomorrow morning (12/20) at 10AM Pacific..

  • siddude11

    Don’t you worry guys one of you will win this. I always enter in these giveaways and never had a chance but i get really happy when they chose anyone randomly. Hehe Good luck to all. 🙂

  • ngryBarry

    White, please)

  • JoeDirt2217

    Just because….

  • Chase Foster

    Could use the upgrade from my iphone 3GS

  • Jinav Satra

    Nexus 5 is a dream phone! I really want it for development. Thank You Droid Life for the amazing phone!

  • Ray Kay

    because i want a new phone!

  • tileeater

    So I can leave iPhone and have all the more reason to read this blog

  • Christopher Mason

    Because my old phone got stolen, and I want to try a Nexus.

  • FelisLachesis

    I wanna N5 and tell VZW where they can find my money.

  • Juan Losada

    I want a panda one

  • Nicholas Lin

    Why do I need a reason to want a Nexus 5? It’s awesome. Why wouldn’t I want it? 😛

  • Fedor Martsenyuk

    Merry Christmas to Me!

  • Andy Blystone

    trying to survive battery life with the gnex…

  • B_Bers

    All these people with Verizon devices… This is a nexus!

  • Joe I

    Yes please!!!

  • Daniel Tifft

    To leave Verizon! And I really like the phone.

  • Ryan Hume

    Merry christmas to me

  • sophocles


  • Ryan Hume

    Merry Christams to me

  • Sumish

    I want it..
    Great phone N5…

  • Dedren

    Trying to get this last iPhone user to convert to the Green side!

  • Natan Goferman

    Wanna win

  • Ashish Jain

    I just lost my motorola defy. I desperately need a new phone. What’s better than Nexus 5!

  • rg

    Leaving unlimited Verizon data to get a Nexus 5!

  • UNCNYY04

    So I can leave my droid x on Verizon and never look back.

  • Jesse Little

    Not even runining an android phone. I have an old pos iphone 4 that barely works half the time

  • Cesar Morales

    I need stock yo

  • Leland

    I want to leave Verizon!!

  • Jason Peters

    Mom’s phone is looking a bit beat up.

  • Stefany B. R.

    I need a new phone because mine freaking fell on the sidewalk is just broken paper weight. -_-

  • Carlos Guevara

    I need a new phone because I still have my HTC g1 and feel bad when I take it out in public .

  • Zachary Gabet

    Giveaways on DL are the bomb diggity 🙂

  • marcos moran

    I have an Iphone 5s

  • ohiojerz

    GNex runs like it is stuck in mud.

  • dro

    so i can enjoy the full android stock!!

  • Admir Sulejmanovic

    Come on I am ready!!! Give it to meeeeeeeee!!! ☺My old phone is just too old now and it is dying :-/. This would be a perfect gift for me.

  • cole train

    I don’t need a phone my mom does because I took her upgrade(unknowingly) to get my droid maxx

  • Jeff C

    cuz i never win 🙁

  • tcs.computergeek

    Because my GNex is outdated.

  • astr0ng


  • Misha Bear Lipkin

    I am in need of a new phone because I need help since I have moved out on my own for the first time. I have basically had to give up so many comforts you have with parents. I had to sell games, accessories, gadgets, and Fancy cell phone because I didn’t realize that moving out had such HUGE startup costs. Anyone else reading this, I recommend you save up at least 4k before you move out. So i’m just using my handy dandy flip phone for now. I need a smartphone because as a IT technician it helps very much in most day-to-day procedures. I miss my Android.

  • Baibhav Bhattarai

    never used an android device before! 🙁

  • Baibhav Bhattarai

    i have never used android devices before

  • Josh Eck

    Because I have a disease. I have to have the latest and greatest phone whenever it comes out. I can’t be stopped. I won’t be stopped.

  • p4

    So I stop being strangled by big red

  • Kris

    I’m still using a Droid 4…

  • Cary Zuber

    Very few people really “need” a new phone, but I sure want one.

  • Marshall P.

    Because i’m still rocking out with a Gnex. Yup… 🙁

  • Lucas Hibbard

    Because having the latest and greatest is sort of my game.

  • Brandon Crowell

    Rocking the Motorola Droid. Thing is over three years old.