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Contest: Win a Nexus 5 32GB in White or Black From DL! (Update: Winner Picked)

Nexus 5

We saw such a positive reaction to yesterday’s giveaway for the Nexus 7 that we are back yet again, but this time with a Nexus 5! If you win the device, you can tell us if you want it in either Black or White, and we’ll hook you up with a 32GB model. Pretty sweet, right? We thought so.

As always, we are making it super easy to enter. Just follow the rules on the Rafflecopter below (post a comment and like us on your favorite social networking site), and that’s it.

Let’s do this. 

Update: We have our winner. Congrats to Christian G. You have been emailed. A big thank you to all of you that entered!


Prizes:  1 (one) Nexus 5 32GB in White or Black.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winners tomorrow morning (12/20) at 10AM Pacific..

  • Abrar Khalandar

    actually am late in here so..sorry….. 🙁 may i enter you’re class room of gifts.?

  • Kaushal Sharma

    I own a nexus 4 it is still in competition with other latest phones
    But I want something that is unrivaled and that is nexus 5

  • Naresh Malik

    I hv lost my phone. so till date i have nothing. so i need this.

  • Naresh Malik

    Give this nexus 5 to me. In return i’ll give u blessings.

  • Seth Duffy

    Please let me have this beautiful phone!

  • Jeohhgjkh

    Contest is over. Why dont you list that in the title? Google is still trawling this.

  • ShadowDragon

    This is where I would put my phone…..

    If I had one….

  • Chris Hammer

    I would love to ditch my Note II for something shiny and new!

  • John

    At least it wasn’t Daniel R again.

  • Grayson Carr


  • Ronald Bernard


  • Ronald Bernard


    • Axed Salmon

      No, I did!

  • Masta Marc

    who won?

  • 2andFro

    ME, please

  • Amar

    I could use a phone to replace my old ATRIX..

  • ayub mohd

    because i need one

  • Bakercj

    want one!

  • Ian B

    I need a new phone because my old one succccks!

  • Sameer Mishra

    I need a new phone because I want it.

  • M3D1T8R

    Because I want to try the Nexus 5 with prepaid in my area to see how non Verizon service is coming along.

  • devoncatt

    Nice for Christmas

  • Omari Spencer

    I need a new phone because I’m only working with my 5th generation iPod touch right now, and I want to go Nexus!

  • Teksu

    My wife needs a new Phone, would give it to her to replace her Samsung Fascinate (gs2) [would take her line to t-mo or something] and keep my droid maxx for me 🙂

  • zurginator

    Because I can’t afford it.

  • Alex

    Cause free stuff is awesome.

  • RonD

    I’m in, hope to win.

  • C

    Perfect Christmas present for Timmy! 🙂

  • Brent Shipley

    I could really go for a “Vanilla” Android phone. No bloat, no skin, no problem.

  • elubis

    Because my dear old Galaxy Nexus is old and cracked.

  • Kevin

    Looking to switch from Sprint to either AT&T or T-Mobile next month and planned to get a Nexus 5. This would make it all even easier!

  • Jack Ross

    I Need a new phone because I just need it. I am on Verizon with a Samsung droid charge, a not so good phone.I want to try off contract. So can you please spare a brother a dime.

  • PoNeH

    Please please please!

  • Rob G

    Because I’m still using the Thunderbolt! Thanks!

  • Jake Wheeler

    Want one so badly…. ugh never win these yet.. plus my gs3 is broken so..