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Contest: Another Chance to Win One of Three $25 Google Play Gift Cards From DL

google play gift card

We have another round of $25 Google Play gift cards to give away, so let’s keep the holiday spirit alive. We saw how excited folks were for the Nexus 7 giveaway yesterday, so be on the lookout for another special treat later today. Wink wink. 

The contest is as simple as ever, with us only asking that you follow the Rafflecopter widget rules (leave a comment and then think about following us on your favorite social networks).



Prizes:  3 (three) $25 Google Play gift cards.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winners this afternoon at 4PM Pacific.

  • Jordan Oliver

    So, I wonder how many different e-mails daniel r. actually entered with to win two out of three prizes.

  • David Foggia

    Wooooo I won!! But how do I get the code??

  • Noeltorious

    Ugh missed this. I hate working nights

  • Joey Sandoval

    Two Daniel r people. Coincidence I think not

  • Nayners

    Three D’s!? Conspiracy. AND, Half Life 3 confirmed!

  • hodgewdm

    Which David

  • David Rodriguez

    I take it that David isn’t me. Oh well, that whole Daniel R. business is kinda wild though.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Was 3709 a David McDonnell? I swear when I entered earlier that number came up but on my work computer it had me logged in as someone else. Was really weird but the number really rung a bell…not saying I should be a winner….wait that is exactly what I am saying. I plan on winning the Nexus 5 anyhow. Everything I said is true though. Maybe it was the NSA spying on me. Lol

  • Daniel R twice?!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Exactly. I think that guy cheated, or a mix up. But if it’s the former, I say pick two new random winners.

      • BigTimmay

        If he was smart he would’ve used two different emails at least

    • Jorian Wulf

      Dis dat bul shi.

  • alexander hamilton

    Booo I say fix daniel r won twice

  • EvanTheGamer

    Daniel R. and daniel r…hmm…sounds fishy.

  • Jaxon Wright

    Daniel R. and daniel r.? come on

  • Josh Sleeper

    Get-together with old college buddies for a night of drinking and Halo 3!

  • Bryan Schaefer

    just hanging with some friends

  • MJ

    No, not really…

  • Jordan Dewey

    Relax before getting back to the grind. Thats special.

  • Nymul Bunleang

    Shut up and give me money.

  • Adam Elghor