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Contest: Another Chance to Win One of Three $25 Google Play Gift Cards From DL

We have another round of $25 Google Play gift cards to give away, so let’s keep the holiday spirit alive. We saw how excited folks were for the Nexus 7 giveaway yesterday, so be on the lookout for another special treat later today. Wink wink. 

The contest is as simple as ever, with us only asking that you follow the Rafflecopter widget rules (leave a comment and then think about following us on your favorite social networks).



Prizes:  3 (three) $25 Google Play gift cards.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winners this afternoon at 4PM Pacific.

  • Jordan Oliver

    So, I wonder how many different e-mails daniel r. actually entered with to win two out of three prizes.

  • David Foggia

    Wooooo I won!! But how do I get the code??

  • Noeltorious

    Ugh missed this. I hate working nights

  • Joey Sandoval

    Two Daniel r people. Coincidence I think not

  • Nayners

    Three D’s!? Conspiracy. AND, Half Life 3 confirmed!

  • hodgewdm

    Which David

  • David Rodriguez

    I take it that David isn’t me. Oh well, that whole Daniel R. business is kinda wild though.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Was 3709 a David McDonnell? I swear when I entered earlier that number came up but on my work computer it had me logged in as someone else. Was really weird but the number really rung a bell…not saying I should be a winner….wait that is exactly what I am saying. I plan on winning the Nexus 5 anyhow. Everything I said is true though. Maybe it was the NSA spying on me. Lol

  • Daniel R twice?!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Exactly. I think that guy cheated, or a mix up. But if it’s the former, I say pick two new random winners.

      • BigTimmay

        If he was smart he would’ve used two different emails at least

    • Jorian Wulf

      Dis dat bul shi.

  • alexander hamilton

    Booo I say fix daniel r won twice

  • EvanTheGamer

    Daniel R. and daniel r…hmm…sounds fishy.

  • Jaxon Wright

    Daniel R. and daniel r.? come on

  • Josh Sleeper

    Get-together with old college buddies for a night of drinking and Halo 3!

  • Bryan Schaefer

    just hanging with some friends

  • MJ

    No, not really…

  • Jordan Dewey

    Relax before getting back to the grind. Thats special.

  • Nymul Bunleang

    Shut up and give me money.

  • Adam Elghor


  • Radgatt

    I plan on going out with my friends, possibly to a club and bring in the new year with a bunch of alcohol in my system and a lot of girls around me. #Can’tWait


  • Benjy Bell

    Shooting Fireworks with my family are always my plans!!

  • Eat like there’s no tomorrow and take a long nap.

  • Zangetsu

    enter into a useless contest

  • MichaelWiebe

    Flying home from Christmas.

  • Samuel Victor

    get drunk and pass out

  • topherct

    Not yet

  • Timothy McGovern

    I eat tadpoles

  • Alex Im

    We eat this soup with rice cakes and dumplings every new years. It’s delicious.

  • kevin o

    nice gift!
    always something to buy.

  • Lucas Johnson

    Work and sleep and delicious hamburgers

  • Victor Epée

    Win a prize from DL

  • Josh

    Spending it with the family.

  • Jaxon Wright

    Party it up

  • Nova586

    Painting the kitchen in the new year

  • #Hatch_Tag

    Hot tub and Champagne!

  • jrbmed08

    No plans for me, just happy to be off work.

  • Jordan Jax


  • cmorty72

    Getting together with a long lost love (been 26 yrs), and “ringing-in” the New Year.

  • Daktaklakpak

    Looks like I’ll be working when the ball drops.

  • Adamania

    I work and am on call for just in case. Nothing too exciting.

  • Adorkabledee

    Spend quality time with the family

  • afazel

    No special plans for new years. Those go away when you have 5 kids. Maybe in another 18 years…

  • Gunnar Jones

    I’m going to bring in the new year with a special woman.

  • MiXoLoGiSt

    Out for a good time with friends.

  • Duckie1217

    Not really.. Something will surely happen.

  • moelsen8


  • 66pens


  • mrjeff_714

    Nope. Just spending time with the family 🙂

  • Mike Cantalupo

    NHL Winter Classic!

  • weston

    Snuggled up with my family

  • Kellin Brown

    Have sometime off finally!!! 1000 hours of overtime in 2013!

  • Federico Simionato

    Yeah, winning something

  • Mitch Sears

    Scavenger hunt in LA!

  • Jorge Szabo


  • Zach Davis

    You should hold another giveaway, but with blackjack and hookers

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    Ho ho ho

  • Mike Cook

    Hook me up! please…..

  • Kevin

    Staying safe.

  • Rob Powell


  • tdpietrini

    House party

  • Tyrian

    same thing everyone else is doing

  • Kory Knopp

    Hanging out with friends.

  • Shantel

    Not sure what I’m doing yet!

  • Shut up Donny


  • JNex

    Christmas apps!

  • jafunk

    having small kids means sitting at home for new years as no one wants to watch them for my wife and i to do anything

  • markswoods

    Getting together with neighbors.

  • Cothek

    This time?

  • xuggs

    Spending it with my wife at home.

  • nevermindhoser

    I’ll probably fall asleep before the ball drops.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I plan on going to Memphis to visit my family and friends. getting hammered of course.

  • Justin Quang

    Maybe go snowboarding.

  • skylog

    get hammered and buy ridiculous apps with my google play gift card?

  • Norsedakotan

    Same as every year… nothing…

  • Mike Vaughn

    Spending time with the kids.

  • Trevor

    No plans yet. Definitely will be wearing pants.

  • TomStieger


  • TheDrizzle


  • Nick


  • Trevor Clement

    I work from 6pm to 2am on New Years Eve. FML

  • jofficus44

    an early dinner, since we have twin babies, and trying my hardest to stay up …

  • Patrick Dias

    Would be a nice Christmas gift for my sons

  • Relentlesspace

    Getting drunj

  • Kal5el

    Not yet…

  • Charles Hanscom

    Save my money. This holiday season cleaned me out.

  • Orion Pax

    No special plans just me and the fam


  • Chuck Freyer

    i like turtles

  • abhele


  • sakebomber77

    no special plans just with family and friends!!!

  • Kevin Shen

    No plans as of yet 😛

  • Brian Getchel

    Christmas with the in-laws

  • Stephen Fronda

    that’d be nifty… Elephant Gift exchange

  • luisrb7

    partying with friends and family

  • Alexander Ruiz

    I’m just chillin’ on New Year.

  • Rechie

    Celebrate with family!

  • john

    probably just some beers!

  • Billy Yancey

    No special plans. Gonna spend it with my wife and kids. New Years has never been a big deal to me.

  • JeffColorado

    yes pls

  • John May

    Take more pictures of my daughter.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Rocking a vest, going to an open bar with friends and getting inebriated.

  • Craig


  • JaxDreamWeaver

    Should be asleep by 9:30, 10:00 at the latest. Isn’t that what everyone else does?

  • Scott Hill

    Sleeping, one year old ensures that I get sleep.

  • James Bauernfeind

    Sitting with family watching the ball drop

  • James Elliott

    This is so awesome!

  • Joey Wollenburg

    Play cards and have a few drinks with close friends and family

  • Manthas

    I think the plans for New Years includes playing video games until my eyeballs fall out, then putting them back in and playing some more games.

  • Silver Veloz

    After Christmas (hosting the family), I will work a day and a half, then head to Palm Springs til Saturday. Then Sunday, I head to New Orleans for New Years (Thanks to my friend, Christopher, for letting us stay at his place there). So excited – I hope I budgeted enough for expenses. Thanks Droid Life – Merry Christmas.

  • Levi Martinez

    Sending off New Year’s resolution Chinese lanterns!

  • alan dubois

    No plans, probably watching movies with the kiddos

  • Matthew Gimbl


  • mattcrecelius

    I’ll be working……..boooo

  • Hector

    To play video games and work :0

  • Eddie J Camacho

    Spend it with my new nephew and my growing familia

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Playing with my new MOTO X “Slime Edition”…spearmint back…

  • Christopher Gilliam


  • Mark Schiller

    Nope, just me and the cats.

  • gp126904

    Partying hard!

  • chowhoundb


  • Kevin Fite

    not yet.

  • HuskerDad3

    Just hanging out with my wife and kids. I could use the gift card to rend a movie from the play store. 😉

  • Ryan

    Nice quiet new years at home

  • Piotr

    Work and save for a new car, I think about Golf IV 😉

  • Ashish Raj

    Yes.. spending some quality time during New year watching/listening to my newborn’s smile & coo’s… 😉

  • Jason Bittner


  • Patrick Sullivan

    I could use this

  • LordZYRK

    I will probably be getting horribly drunk with good friends. Fire is almost assured, and snow is a possibility. I’ll be needing a good mapping app to eventually get us out of the woods we’ll end up wandering into. Remember, kids, don’t be me.

  • Howard Marlow

    yes please

  • Ed

    Fall asleep before the ball drops

  • Work. :-/

  • Skrewee Lewee

    I work in a restaurant and have kids, so I take Christmas Eve off and volunteer to close on NYE so the party animals I work with can get crazy, so I will celebrate with my boss?! WTF is wrong with me?

  • daveelm

    Don’t get as drunk and remember it.

  • kuuunaal

    College apps that I haven’t started

  • James P


  • Austin

    Just watch football

  • tishabarr


  • David Manzi

    I could reallllly use this! Especially since its near Xmas!

  • gtdtm

    Visiting family.

  • Deeco

    Get more Sleep.

  • Alex Instefjord

    forget 2013

  • Ben

    i wanan win

  • Jeff

    Nothing laminated yet.

  • thesuperconductor

    I have to work NYE…

  • Jason Ski

    Hanging out with Middlehead..

  • Michael

    Hopefully with a pretty lady.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Become a dad.

  • Chastin Mason

    For new years, ill be enjoying the day off with my dog

  • traumadog

    Hmm… because Christmas?

  • sure why not

  • CmRam

    Jersey Shore

  • Howard Simmons Jr.

    Hope to go to a great party

  • Will Wells

    Yes please.

  • Scott Smith


  • Timothy K.

    youth group partial lock-in! gonna be awesome!

  • Kevin Bonaventura

    Hanging out with the family

  • Joseph Gonzales

    What determines the picked winners, Sexy comment or at random?

  • Neil Anderson

    Trying to stay up to actually see the apple drop in times square. That’s all. Lame.

  • Jimeong Lee

    Switch carriers. Maybe.

  • Grizzy


  • Bram Jacobs

    Not really, just getting wasted 😛

  • Richard Abramas

    Just hanging out with friends

  • Michael veli

    spending time with family

  • Bradley Ruiz

    just hang with the family

  • erikiksaz

    Just hanging out with friends

  • Explosives

  • mjroberts22

    I will probably spend it with my family.

  • Shane Passmore

    Hoping to get some books via the Play Store via DL 😉

  • j0nfer

    LED OMFG in San Diego ^_^

  • 2crazey

    Great for stocking stuffers

  • Jeremy


  • Mui


  • muscal

    Planing on not spending it with my family but with my gf’s family. First time ever. Kinda big deal.

  • Pieper

    Nope. Just want a card.

  • Dustin Kear

    Let’s do this!

  • Allyn Woghin

    I think it’s time for me to win.

  • Cherese Sealy

    Go out with friends and family

  • bibbyboi

    Coaching basketball. lol.

  • Justin Abe


  • roz

    having some friends over, nothing crazy

  • grumpyfuzz


  • Matt Sasges

    Spending time with family

  • adrianc14

    Staying home haha

  • Roger Freese

    We’re throwing a party at our house. Whoop whoop!

  • Col_Angus

    Watching the Winter Classic

  • GoBlue


  • Derick Sheehan

    no current plans

  • Chris Doerman

    Chillin at home with the children. Thug life, baby.

  • Brandon Shaw

    Putting kids to bed and a sleepover with friends!

  • Alexander H

    “dick clark’s Ryan seacrest rockin eve

  • Matthew

    Going to dinner with friends and than coming home to spend time with my new puppy

  • slvrbullet

    Smoke my last cigarettes by midnite…..

  • KojiroAK

    The same as I do every year, try to get the world domination.

  • Miguel

    Going to the desert to commune with nature.

  • portrub

    nothing special planned


    Spending it with the family, of course!

  • Jon McWilliams


  • The_Omnix

    Just a fun, family and friends get together filled with lots of crazy games!

  • Tyler James Edward Hills


  • Bill

    Work unfortunately

  • epps720

    Now that I have a 2 yr old and a newborn there’s no more exciting nights for me. I’ll see if I can make it to midnight then pass out.

  • Mitch Ware

    spending time with friends and family

  • Adam Smith

    *download free games.

  • Nelly547

    Hanging out at home with a new born and 3 year old. Doesn’t get much better than that

  • Jon

    Nope, no plans.

  • J A Smith


  • Adam Smith

    Free game.

  • Jorian Wulf

    Nope. Not at all.
    Celebrate with family.

  • Nope! 😛

  • Ryan Gullett

    Hope to be kissing a girl at midnight

  • ssjnimma

    Celebrating my Sons Bday!

  • Kristen M

    Watching all the New Year’s Eve specials on TV with some sparkling cider.

  • Theo S.

    I hope I win

  • jra716

    Maybe go downtown (SF) and look for an adventure

  • Jaggari

    Atleast today, my luck

  • ProfessAndObey

    We’re gonna have some friends over then head downtown.

  • Ma Tzi Quan

    Probably breathing.

  • Guest

    Me, with my odd choice of adjectives. You, with your muscular teeth and clockwise vagina.
    -Bo Burnham.

  • Boss As Hell

    I have nothing going on.

  • Nayners

    Drink beer, be merry.

  • Colin Gray

    Nothing Planned.

  • Ty

    Headed to a nacho new years party!

  • Nick Moss

    No plans yet

  • Teksu

    Break me off a peice of that….

  • michael hill

    25 dollars would be a nice gift

  • Drew

    A bottle of Patron.

  • Scott Baugh

    Just the standard boozing it up with friends.

  • kolson76

    I’ll be in FL for New Years

  • Josh Imig

    no plans

  • Chris Welnetz

    Champagne yo

  • Tyler

    I plan to hang out with my friends and have some fun.

  • Matt K


  • Phillipe Viana

    Does staying laid in bed count?

  • Executor

    I’m going to buy some worms and plastic minnows in the Florida Everglades.

  • Writing Thank Yous to Droid Life?!?!

  • zach wheeler

    eat a live sheep

  • Wye

    Christmas time!

  • Todd Stewart

    Spend time with family.

  • Bob G

    GTA Online with buddies, as we escape from our families.

  • Tristan Cook

    going to a party!

  • Levi Ferch

    Yay! free apps

  • Gimme

  • dylan84

    Mat Zo for NYE in Charlotte

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    Playing games and lots of beer with the family.

  • Timmy Liu

    Gonna spend the night with my old friends!

  • Killua Zoldyck


  • Andrew

    Spend it with friends and my wife, as newlyweds!

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    Gonna see the crystal method!

  • I have no new years plans

  • Kevin Mark Goodwin

    Working in the E.D!

  • Ryan

    I’m having my back operated on, so I will be laying around the house for 2 weeks during Christmas and New Years.

  • cole

    I’m like moosh, never win but gotta keep trying

  • Byron Brekenfeld

    Play money!

  • Ken Hayes

    Visit with friends

  • Trevor Murray

    need stocking stuffer!

  • SubMatrix

    seeing friends and family

  • Gerry Keysor

    Ringing in the New Year with my beautiful girlfriend and our wonderful children!

  • Mark Bailey

    I’ll be working and then going home to spend time with my family before sleeping.
    same as a normal day except fireworks will probably wake my baby up!

  • jgfan1972

    Doing the usual games and beers!

  • billy

    2 chicks at the same time, man.

  • gpaine

    Kiss my fiance.

  • Jason

    Woot! Woot!

  • beyerku

    I’ll be buying stuff on Google Play with this giftcard!

  • Larry Franks

    GTA SA is out, I’ll be playing that!

  • rggarrison

    For New Years Eve, I’m gonna get drunk and PARTY!!

  • Gerald Raines

    I am going to be with my fiancé for new years haven’t seen her in 4months

  • engwalker

    Hanging out with out of town family.

  • Alex

    Yeah, I’m working, pouring beers and making drinks for thirsty New Year’s revelers.

  • Raven

    Flying to Texas (from ND) to visit my wife’s family. Will probably drink some beer and shoot some fireworks off as that is allowed there.

  • Parkin

    Spend time with my family.

  • Kyle S.

    New Years at the Needle!

  • Travis Young

    To quit smoking.

  • topherrjames

    Plans? Hah! Who knows what I’ll do.

  • John Collard

    Playing games with friends…

  • nickjk

    Gonna curl up with my new Google gift card and buy all those apps I am too cheap to buy.

  • Mike Head

    Merry Christmas

  • iceburgh

    Video Games with my love and relaxing!

  • Mike

    That hard eggnog isn’t going to finish itself!

  • Corey Loughrey

    Pink Floyd light show in Austin TX.

  • Travis Vesely


  • argeebee99


  • Getting my life back on track.

  • RaptorOO7

    GTA, with a gift card it can all be yours.

  • Nothing special for New Year’s Eve. Just family gatherings.

  • Matthew Herring

    Free Money!!

  • bouchigo

    Here we go again! Let’s see if I can get one this time.

  • kerrigjl

    beach in florida

  • Charlie

    We are going to try and pull off a LOTR Extended edition marathon party!!

  • TJWaterskier

    Alcohol 🙂 .. then work in the morning… 🙁

  • Birtzer

    Happy Holidays!

  • bigdav1178

    Special plans – I’m married with small children, if I stay awake until the ball drops, it’ll be a miracle. Speaking of small children, a $25 gift card would definitely help keep them distracted for a bit.

  • jrop

    Day off.

  • Bill

    Spend time with family!

  • Kevin

    It’s not right on new year’s but I’m getting Lasik surgery!

  • ok4me2xlr8

    Grandmas for breakfast!


    Probably just hang out with my friends.

  • Jeff


  • Ken


  • Co1e

    just in time for san andreas

  • Esteban


  • kevincburns2

    Asleep by 10pm to ring in 2014 with a good night’s sleep

  • Booyah


  • Big_EZ

    Same as always, going to the in-laws house for dinner.

  • Tac

    Just peace and relaxation

  • LiviuH


  • Fabyloso

    Have my pregnant wife drive my drunk butt home.

  • Rich Jones

    Was saying what you are doing for New Years a requirement? Okay then…sleeping.

  • Hunter Knepshield

    Might be throwing a party on 12/31.

  • humidity

    Gettin’ drizunk!

  • Landon


  • Brian Talbott

    I’ll be spending new years eve with my friends and family art my church!

  • Taylor Gregory

    If I can get a gig for a New Years party, I’ll be DJing, otherwise, I got nothing. Looking at cat pictures on the internet maybe?


    I need these!

  • Brian Talbott

    Thank you for hosting the contest

  • Mojor Izin

    Have any special plans for New Years? Yes

  • pklissas

    Would be nice to get a $25 gift card from Santa DL

  • menchie

    Just living life…

  • disigny

    Keeping warm

  • ASV505

    I can buy so many fun apps!

  • Shane Thomas

    Eat, Drink and be surrounded by Family and Friends.

  • carl

    Nothing. Just wanted to spend my new year’s eve with my family.

  • Philip Pongvarin

    spend time with family and friends then out drinking lol

  • LuckyHermit

    I plan on kissing my wife!

  • Joe Mihalich

    No plans, spending it home with the family

  • Maybe head to Gatlinburg, TN to watch the fireworks.

  • Mr ilheis

    Come on Baby!

  • Jaime Kerr

    Illegal fireworks FTW!

  • Wilsonian

    Nothing out of the ordinary, spending time with the Mrs., and the two mini-mes.

  • Chris Juneau

    to get drunk

  • djab

    Nothing spectacular.

  • NolBi-Wan


  • Lexus Larry

    Dinner out with the family…our own traditional spot, etc.

  • My plans involve friends family alcohol and regret

  • PurNrG

    No plans at all for New Years – Merry Christmas Droid Life!

  • Bradon Says

    crashing fancy party at a steak house 😛

  • Seth Arrazola

    New Years? I’m 24 with no social life. I need this Google play card

  • Andrew

    Christmas Gifts!

  • Ryan Aman


  • giovanny

    Just party wit family and friends

  • Tazmez

    No real New Years plans, will probably barely stay up.

  • JoeTi

    2 parties, one will be tame, but the other will be redonk. Cab home.

  • dazz1996

    I hope I win so I can get GTA San Andreas

  • Daddo0711


  • Ryan V

    Frantically try to find last minute plans, go to sleep in defeat

  • Phil

    Just spend it with my family and have cake and wine! lol and hopefully be playing with my new Nexus 5!

  • Tazmez

    Really hope I win!

  • Shirtless_Peja

    Eyes wide shut type party

  • Keith

    Just watching the time pass by.

  • Armus

    I need this to feed my CoC addiction

  • redstormpopcorn

    Sleep early, get new tires. yaaaaaaaaaaaay~

  • Nathan Borup

    Just chillin with my wife for new years! 🙂

  • Luis


  • Seun A.

    Hanging out with family members! Ya!!

  • gmplr831

    Would like to go to a party of some sort, if I had any friends 🙁

  • rslh

    DL is my Secret Santa!

  • Daniel Gulyas

    Alcohol possibly. Family definitely.

  • bonanzalarry

    quiet evening in with the the wife…. but since I don’t have one going out and getting hammered

  • Mattecko17

    Hanging out with my girl!

  • Brian Caputo

    Having old friends from my HS days over with tons of food and beer.

  • Droid_Junky

    Plans are to go to my Grandma’s house and shoot some fireworks. She doesn’t like to go out so we go to her.

  • Hellothere2

    Heading over to my mom’s.

  • kevin_gee

    Start a new year having fun

  • redfoxdude

    Going to be playing with fireworks kids at an orphanage in India!

  • happyadam

    Sit at home

  • Justin

    Go out (party) with friends and hopefully make it until the break of dawn. I’ve always wanted to hang in until the sun came up to say I did it but never have in the past….hopefully this year will be the year I make it 🙂 Last year I ended up falling asleep at Perkins waiting for a cab haha

  • antwonw

    Sadly, nothing special planned, yet.

  • Mark King

    No plans whatsoever

  • Karen Blair

    small party with friends 😉

  • droidrazredge

    I am going to surprise my gifriend by flying down to see her and her family, possibly proposing to her too, during New Years Eve and also giving her the x-mas presents I bought for her, which are the32 GB Moto X Motomaker with accessories for the phone, and Star Wars related memorabilia since she’s a big Star Wars fan. She’s going to be so surprised and exited.

  • Ryan


  • Mark Schleupner

    Doctor Who Marathon

  • Nephlite

    Free money.. why not 🙂

  • Shockey62

    Hanging out with friends and family.

  • asten77

    Can always pick up great stuff from google!

  • ScubaMntMonkey

    Hang out at a house party with friends..

  • paulmike3

    Spending it with family!

  • vonny571

    Not yet, but I’m sure I will.

  • Lance Cokel

    I have to work. So nothing big.

  • stooley

    No Plans

  • engemasa

    Finally spending it with my wife. I’ve been volunteering at the youth lock-in the last 2 New Years and I love the thought that I’m going to be able to kiss my wife at midnight!

  • acejavelin

    Special plans??? Does working count? 🙂

  • Stephen Riss

    hang with the wife and friends.

  • Emmanuel Penunuri

    Thank you DroidLife! Im in!

  • Disqus_n00b

    no special plans!

  • Mezocy101

    Working…. Lameness 🙁

  • D3lusionz

    I will spend my Christmas getting chocolate wasted..

  • Scott Hardy

    Hang out with my family!

  • athensjohn

    watching fireworks and snuggling

  • EddieMAC

    Come on Baby! Daddy Needs a new Pair of shoes!!!

  • Shaun

    Hanging out with my friends at their house.

  • Colin


  • Scottyb112

    Going out and getting drunk hopefully!

  • nwd1911

    I’ll likely be staying at home with the wife and kids, watching some movies and falling asleep before midnight.

  • gchahinian

    New years will consist of moving into my new place, and hopefully renting 4 movies on google play courtesy of DL 😀

  • jbreezy

    P90X… AGAIN!!!

  • ken147

    Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

  • Danny

    Going to burn stuff

  • rwvoss

    Seems like my two year old dictates what I get to do for new years any more…

  • androidaw

    Staying home spending time with family.

  • bytor7

    Me please

  • Grayson Carr

    Taking the wife to Lake Tahoe for our 1 year anniversary!

  • Russell Saisho

    I hope so, but unlikely. Probably will be asleep before 10.

  • EMcTx

    I haven’t made any plans yet.

  • Jonathan Vanasco

    Plans for the new year, watching my daughter grow faster then I can imagine, and work hard to pay off our debt from adoption

  • azholio

    I’m driving with my brother from Maine to Deadwood SD and having New Years there!

  • chris lee

    hangout with friends

  • Matthew Finco

    Just in time for x-mas.

  • wolfedude88

    Just to have a safe flight and find out the sex of our baby.

  • I’ve been near Seattle for 2 years now but this is going to be the first time when I’ll go to the space needle with my friends to watch the fireworks.

  • Arham Jamal

    Gonna spend it with my girl.

  • pattersonme


  • John Burke

    Being with my family for the first time in 2yrs

  • dree

    weeeeeee! Good luck.

  • Dana Pagliarulo

    Invest more into the Android ecosystem.

  • Shane

    Las Vegas baby!

  • Allen George


  • Timothy Owings

    No plans!

  • Steve Thurner

    Use my gift card

  • LiAmber Nichole

    Stay in, watch movies enjoy a day off of work:)

  • Ray Warner

    Party with friends

  • John Christensen

    I plan to go up to the cabin.

  • Davros

    Staying home with the kids

  • michael bourgoin

    lame party im being forced into

  • Chris-BoT

    Zero plans.

  • Joey Costa

    The plan is to pawn off the kids one some unsuspecting family member and have some adult time with my wife.

  • Tyler Spurgeon

    Plans, no.

  • Kirk Mosquera

    Hanging out with my family and friends

  • Patrick Maher

    Watching the fireworks.

  • Teng Taing

    getting fkced up

  • Michael Germany

    If by special you mean work, then yeah it’s special alright.

  • Brett

    To make it to 2014

  • nforkner

    I am the party

  • Terry Crews

    I am getting white boy wasted!

  • Daniel Richardson

    I just want to win something….

  • Jared Bird

    Playing with my phone.

  • George Colyer

    Haven’t really thought about New Year’s yet. I know I’ll be busy right before and after though. Maybe it will be good to just have a quiet day and chill.

  • Steven Letourneau

    Beer and football

  • tiptoptommy

    Send it to me!!!

  • Steven Elliott

    This year, I will be enjoying my New Year with my girlfriend and the choir she sings with in Barcelona, Spain.

  • roswellraygun

    Hopefully I will spend New Years spending this gift card. If not then I’ll still have football.

  • Drake

    Oh just some family stuff.

  • Kavin

    Enjoying playing dead trigger 2 on my nexus 7 🙂

  • Kevin

    I got to make it to new years 1st, then I’ll know what I’m gonna do.

  • D Smith

    Travel to Brazil

  • Jimmer


  • Austin

    Plan to go skiing with my family and friends

  • Jaime Griffin


  • Rob G

    Wine tasting in Napa, CA

  • rtandy

    traveling all around the world

  • bkosh84

    Changing my brakes on my Mini Cooper for one.. Probably going to Downtown Cleveland to enjoy the New Years Eve festivities they have going on.. Drew Carey is the “Honorary Host” and they are having Fireworks at Midnight!

  • GadGet Techie Freak.

    Woow… Pouring Deals of Give away.. I Luv It..!!

  • Alberto Martinez


  • Shane Withers


  • Cris Gizzi

    I don’t have any particularly special plans for New Year’s this year…just spend the night quietly relaxing at home.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Hanging with friends…keeping it low key cause we all got kids.

  • @bleakneonblack

    Stayin’ in. Never was a big fan of New Years.

  • Eric Soriano

    Who needs the Mega Millions Lotto, better chance winning with Droid-Life!

  • RoboRobP

    Doing what ever my girlfriend says I’m doing.

  • Justin


  • Deba

    I plan on enjoying my break from school

  • Horea Heghes

    Party at friends

  • Patrick Kahoun


  • muffnman

    [s]WOO! DRINKING! NEW YEARS PARTY![/s] Hanging at home with the family and being a responsible adult.

  • Scott Mighells

    I’d really love to win this!

  • chucklehead322

    Unfortunately for me, New Year’s will be spent working so no plans but hopefully doing as little as possible.

  • cbeng

    Party like it’s 1999 BC

  • Blue Sun

    Ringing in the New Year on the East Coast for the first time. Should be fun.

  • chucklehead322

    Who wouldn’t want a Christmas present from Droid-Life??

  • ForrestTracey

    Finally for once, I don’t have to work!! Still no plans yet lol…!

  • hedsick


  • Have any special plans for New Years? It’s my birthday too! gonna party like its 1999, again!

  • ih8legal

    I want to graduate and start the learning process of app development.

  • Ben

    Sledding in the mountains!

  • Tim Swann

    this hot chick I have a thing for invited me to MD for new years…cha ching!

  • 994196003

    go party!

  • Josh P.


  • Aaron Birnbaum

    Not yet!

  • NexusPhan

    Must buy GTA San Andres.

  • ramifications

    Meeting up with friends and family to reflect on the year! Thanks DL!

  • Da Billis

    Man, middlehead beat me to it. Crazy obscene breakfast.

  • Andrew Anderson

    Programming more. And other stuff like that.

  • joshuauy


  • Mike Thompson

    Spending my $25 Google Play gift card is the only thing I have planned for New Years!

  • Bryan Saroza

    praying in the new year

  • evltwn

    Kissing on some babes

  • Jonathan Berry

    Nothing in particular.

  • Carlos Rodríguez

    No, sleep 14 hours a day xD

  • skylordusa1

    Lots of drinking and hanging with the friends.

  • Steve Ciszewski


  • Fadil Karim

    continue to be healthy and grow as a person!

  • Yes, yes my precious! We eats and drinks and sleeps! Yes we will!

  • kashtrey

    Rooftop party

  • ezbbycame2play


  • Specter597

    Lame? I’m going to bed early.

  • Andrew Baylor

    My typical new years eve…small get together with friends

  • ineedthatpurse

    love me some Droid Life!

  • Bobby N

    Stay up till midnight of course

  • Patrick O’Donnell

    Would love to get one of these.

  • R Weaver

    Every year we host a black tie new years event. This year it is going to be a masquerade.

  • Shahadot Ali

    Nope. Just revision.

  • jdomann

    Get ready for work the next day ~_~

  • iamevie

    Gonna cuddle up on the couch & watch a movie.

  • Stephen Huffman


  • Haugrud

    tons of drinks and family fun

  • Lewis Erbe

    Spending time with my family, watching football, and relaxing.

  • ParrishRSellers

    Drinks and Party!

  • roosterk506

    there’s some apps ive had my eye own and this sure would help my decision to buy them!

  • Trevon

    Droid life, you are super awesome for all these contests!

  • Jim Foskett

    No plans for New Years as of yet, but there’s still time.

  • Gary Reynolds

    I’m on a boat!

  • Jeromeh


  • jsngrvn

    Drink then pretend I have plans to get healthy…

  • landon

    Sleep like a rational person :/

  • Rafter

    Not really, just spending it with fam

  • peter ahn

    get blitzed

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    I actually have a small gathering at a friends house this year. YAY!

  • Christopher Talavera

    Spending time with my family. $25 Google Play card FTW!

  • StargateNH

    Standing plays every year at friends place.

  • Oliver Chen

    another one~

  • JMac726


  • Humberto Hernandez

    Drinking and going to the beach B-)

  • Jerry M.

    Drink Tequila Shots

  • MatthewDiluzio

    Going to Las Vegas!

  • johnastew

    Going to the lake!

  • Stev J

    I’m going to watch the new Hunger Games Movie. Haven’t had the time yet with two kids.

  • cloverz7

    Avett Brothers playing live in Charlotte!

  • AeySimp

    Just living the dream

  • get my drink on!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Maybe hanging out with friends and maybe drinking. Still up in the air right now.

  • ninjawarren

    I’m going to the annual party at my friend’s house! It good to everyone each year.

  • Jpm7714

    heading to my girlfriends house to watch the ball drop

  • michael

    Movies for Xmas!

  • Tony

    My new years plans are to spend this gift card.

  • Shaun

    Xmas, baby!

  • Tyler Lamb

    Going up to visit the family in Minnesota…lots…of….snow

  • manuel15


  • Sky

    Stay home and maybe listen to some music,or a movie from google play on my chromecast 🙂

  • Jeff Juett

    Staying up late, playing games I bought with a $25 Play Store card I won from DL.

  • Sleeeeeeep

  • coolsilver

    Sit around wishing I was drunk.

  • Fresh2infinity

    Drinking Moet..that’s my plan

  • sleep sleep and sleep!

  • coh303

    I’m gonna buy the latest Nickleback album if I win!! 😀

  • David

    Just spending money on the play store 🙂

  • Edwin


  • Dan


  • sukhyung

    unfortunately i have to work =[

  • Ben Jacobs

    easy peasy

  • Bob Evans

    Need some stuff on the Play Store please.

  • kash521


  • Dusty

    just spending time with the family!

  • Josh Clarence

    Eating chili

  • Rohan Shankar


  • jefftphillips

    Just have to work

  • YinzerRob

    relax, relax, relax!

  • Keep my neighbors up all night with the sound of my subwoofer

  • Airen Blakovich

    Honestly? I never do anything for New Years. I’ll probably watch a movie and go to sleep around 11pm. I know it isn’t a cool answer, but it is a true one.

  • pharmdy

    Hopefully planning on spending $25 at the google play store!

  • Chris Hogan

    Getting Weird

  • hawkxcore

    Keep the kids up to midnight and watch the trainwreck that follows.

  • Little G

    Designated driver

  • Rommel Marquez


  • JoshuaNewsome

    Visiting family out of state

  • Jaime Andres Salame Borja

    Hope i can one one of this today…. you guys rule!!


    nope! forever alone!

  • ian


  • Justin Fosco

    staying home…

  • Jorge Jaramillo

    Oh yeah!!

  • Zach

    No plans as of yet.

  • Seth Merritt


  • Bryan Wickert

    duck dynasty themed party

  • Chris Bailey

    staying at my own home w/ family for the first time – always used to travel back home for the holidays

  • just chilling in with family.

  • adamT

    I’ll stay in and avoid the drunk drivers

  • Mike

    Watching Sherlock

  • Losdiabolico


  • Kenneth Akiki

    I enjoy free apps and such.

  • Kay Jay

    spend time with friends and family

  • slider112


  • trampacek

    nothing special

  • pizzaparties

    Going to a bar and having a good time with friends!

  • Jamal Martells

    no plans at all lol

  • Mike

    xbox marathon

  • Albert

    I plan on getting drunk, or working, or both on new years.

  • Abhi-nay

    Good luck to all.

  • Matt

    Hang out with friends.

  • John McG


  • Tom Kiley

    Live music in Richmond, VA.

  • Dave

    Downloading apps all night with my free gift card.

  • Halim

    Finally get some sleep 🙂

  • Graham Oxborrow

    Enjoy life before I go back to work for the next couple of months

  • Johnny

    popping bottles!

  • Brian Ruden

    yes please

  • David Belyea

    Would pair great with that Nexus 5 in white, nudge, nudge, wink wink

  • Chuck Sampson


  • BrandonWhite116

    programming on google glass

  • lilseal18

    Gift Cards FTW!

  • Gerardo Zamora

    Not yet

  • Tommy Thompson

    Will probably end up too drunk to remember so..

  • Pedro Alvizu

    i’m gonna spend new year’s eve at the beach! YEAH BABY!.. shorts and sandals all the way.

  • Jay MacLean

    No plans for new years!

  • Mukul Modi

    Party it up!

  • tims

    Out on the town with Wife and friends.

  • Tyler A.

    Stay up late!

  • Jordan

    Eat lots of food!

  • Chris Wright

    I’ve got to be at work at 5am on New Years Day, but hopefully just bring in the New Year with my girlfriend and our friends in a way that won’t make me regret it in the morning!

  • garrett

    Party party

  • Dan

    Happy Holidays!!!

  • Rocco

    Other than staying up late and sleeping in, nope,

  • James Serao

    bringing in the new year with great family and friends!

  • Oleksandr Nazarov

    When is that?

  • stridakira

    Stay at home and try a new beer

  • jmu33

    get drunk!!!!

  • Ed Krasnodemski

    Stay home and relax

  • kentrburton

    party at the catholic church

  • mArt Mooney

    Sorry but I don’t have any special plans for this year either! 🙂

  • Scott Friedemann

    More presents from DL

  • Timothy Kennedy

    twilight zone marathon

  • DF


  • Zack W

    Get REAL drunk

  • kenjh2


  • Brian Rosman

    Hang out with some old friends (they’re old)

  • Chris Stoffel

    Just hanging with the family.

  • Rich Howe

    Stay home and celebrate with the family

  • cweb69

    Beer, bands, and bingo!

  • gonecks1

    Sleeping. Gotta be at work at 0630

  • No plans yet, but I just moved to Charlotte, so hopefully there will be something fun going on

  • Jim Whitney

    My turn.

  • glee24

    Family and friends coming over for drinks and some good food.

  • cns2007

    Time with my wife and kids is always special.

  • Kirk Haggard

    consume plenty of ethanol

  • Ryan Weller

    Hanging out, playing Nintendo.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Spending it in St. Louis with the inlaws. Which is actually a good thing.

  • havok0283

    To far away to be making plans just yet!

  • just hanging out playing nintendo

  • villian1998

    Avoiding the cops

  • Dustin

    Turning tricks

  • sciroccohsd

    Relaxing with my family.

  • Alexandru Socol

    No, not really…

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Drinking and gettin some booty.

  • Chewey246

    Enjoying our new baby for the New Year and excited for the tax deduction 🙂

  • Brandon

    Watching football and hanging out with my family.

  • Trevor M.

    Friends from far away, coming to our house to party!

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Hopefully we will have our friends and their families over for the annual handmade pasta making party!

  • delrayser

    a comment

  • marka_450

    With family and friends. Happy Holidays! Droid-Life

  • TechTinker11

    Try to ignore all the fireworks, probably. Lol.

    How do we know if we win?

  • ChuckDz3

    Spending time with my family 🙂

  • jake

    Enjoy time with family!

  • Dustin Combs

    Yes please!

  • Prime7

    Not yet, but I’m going to have a drink no matter where I am.

  • Michael1234

    Winning prizes from DL!

  • Kree Terry

    Just a small get together with family and friends, eating dinner BBQ and hamburgers. Actually really looking forward to it.

  • Brady

    Yay Play!!!

  • Chuck Churches

    Not yet

  • Jwrivera

    Hi-jinks and shenanigans

  • selvin sosa

    I win?

  • Shifty

    NYE will be spent with close friends, and New Years Day will be spent watching my Spartans compete in the grand-daddy of all bowl games.

  • @CaliforniaJag

    Literally zero plans. My wife works.

  • miharkula

    No plans yet for new years.

  • oscar

    i like play credit

  • corgimas

    fly a kite the next morning…

  • Jeff Stump

    Eat, Drink, get home safe!

  • jimt

    Thank you for picking me.

  • GARY

    maybe i’ll buy some help on candy crush….

  • Ismael Camarena

    i want google play mo
    ney so i can buy all the GTA games!!! please!!

  • Behi

    I’m in

  • MasterEthan

    Spend time with my family and extended family.

  • working on NYE… blah, but this card would make my time go by fast after i buy some apps with it!

  • Marv


  • David Goller

    Just the usual watching TV and drinking bubbly.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Sweet. Good luck everyone. Hope I win though.

  • pdpkong

    I never win these things!

  • JoshGroff

    Playing Betrayal at House on the Hill if my friends and I can get ahold of it by then. If not, just hanging out and playing CoD/LoL.

  • jacob lewis


  • Josh Hudson


  • droidify

    I don’t know how to follow instructions.

  • Kevin Liebler

    Probably just spending New Year’s with friends and family at home.

  • Droidjava

    Finishing second BS, then start graduate program, change career

  • ahhh yes

    yes im ready

  • Matthew Divack


  • Mr E

    staying at home watching movies!

  • funnyfarm299

    Family time

  • David P

    No specific plans just yet…

  • stush0104

    I plan to get some sleep this New Years. Hopefully the new baby has the same plans.

  • Vikinglifeguard

    To drink?

  • JimBurke57

    Spending it with my wife and kids. Nothing too crazy.

  • joracar

    Plenty of drinking.

  • Robert H

    Going snowmobiling to bring in the newyear

  • JasonWhite

    Party. Or stay in. Don’t matter. As long as my girl is with me. #boom

  • mark

    generic message

  • JDLaT211

    TV Shows!

  • Connie Caballero

    Running a 5K and kicking this sucky 2013 to the curb. Ready for 2014!!

  • Chris M

    Stream some movies on Chromecast. Need those cards!

  • SchwannyT

    Buy all the games I can on with $25!

  • Kevin Rankin

    Glamis sand dunes

  • Vantucky

    New Years eve is our anniversary, so we will do dinner and then probably a movie.

  • Stephen De La Rosa

    none whatsoever

  • david

    Hanging out with my family!

  • SplashMTN

    Getting drunk with friends.

  • chnsawalex


  • feztheforeigner

    To sleep.

  • Tom Yarrish


  • Matt Owens

    Weekend in the mountains!

  • Antoine M.


  • Albert Portillo Jr

    Absolutely nothing!

  • Rones88


  • T_Dizzle

    My wife’s family always has a great theme party.


    “I’m gonna get drunk as f*ck and eat chicken fingers. The good ones”

  • Matt

    no special plans for new years.

  • Gregg Nichols

    Quiet reflection… and flashing my new N5

  • ferrari187


  • Brandon Kesler

    Any new years plans? I live on a dry campus with all my friends so…abolutely!

  • geedee82

    Seventies themed costume party at VA Beach!

  • Kyle Null

    no plans

  • Ted Rea Jr.

    Hanging out with the family 🙂

  • dantespeak

    Rest, much needed rest.

  • litobirdy

    Neice bday

  • iScream4

    I’m having my own NYE with Blackjack and hookers.

  • Ben Klene

    A day off work for recovery!

  • Gary Hamrick

    Planning on taking my wife out and ringing it in at a concert.

  • DeAnna Sowder

    Babysitting my baby cousin. Yeah, you’re all jealous

  • thomson

    Plans are to just hangout with family.

  • bd1212

    Snowboarding during the day then drinking at night. Should be fun!

  • Brian Walker

    I’ll probably be working. If not, get drunk with my wife while the kids sleep.

  • Ben Grooms

    New years? Make lots of noise at midnight of course!

  • Tbone1151

    Workin’ all damn day!

  • kaydense


  • Pete Kiczula

    Just a fancy meal with my Mrs. and some drinks.

  • JeffPodwats

    cabin on a lake in northern minnesota. should be warm!

  • Ben Johnson

    New Years Eve party in my town has a free concert that usually has some pretty big name acts. Planning to attend that!

  • Andrew Keller

    I want to go to there.

  • Zach B.

    Just hang out with my wife

  • Michael Ouellette

    Hanging out with friends

  • btolley13

    jimmy does it

  • Craig Brandvold

    Hopefully in bed before midnight – I’m too old to stay up all night anymore

  • elyssa doom

    no plans

  • cjohn4043


  • soccerburn55


  • AnthonyMoya

    New years plans are to sleep.

  • Ashley Colip

    Spend time with my beautiful boyfriend!

  • Tony Cooper

    weather = raw_input(“What’s the weather forecast for New Year’s? “)
    activity = “”
    if weather == “snow”:
    activity = “skiing”
    elif (weather != “snow”):
    activity = “drinking”
    print str(activity)

  • Jim Houpt

    Work =[

  • Mike

    None at all

  • Brett Seybert

    Hopefully staying home and spending my Google Play gift card on a movie or two.

  • bydavidrosen


  • JoeN

    Nah, NYE to me is amateur night 😉 I’ll do something low-key with friends

  • Jon Adams

    Running the bar I work at

  • Hubert Song

    Another one? I’m in ^ ^

  • Mark


  • ctrlV

    Nope! Just relax, eat and play smash bros with siblings!

  • Daniel Tisdale

    Just started a new job. As low man on the totem pole I’ll probably end up working on New Years, just like Christmas and Christmas Eve.

  • Ian


  • Patrick Chapman

    Work, then hopefully enjoying some awesome fireworks!!!

  • Adam

    Study for the CPA =(

  • Jam Master Jim

    me me

  • Henry Conant

    Third times a charm and papa needs some new Google Play Movies!

  • Nathan Gentry

    Family time. Merry Christmas and 73s

  • Conner

    I’m going to work. Yay.

  • Scott Thompson

    No plans at all – where’s the DL party? 🙂

  • Bret Smith

    For new years I will be spending time with my family.

  • Joe Shultz

    Party like it’s 2014!

  • John H.

    No special plans

  • big007hed

    Old people style I am going to a friends house for a dinner party, food and drinks!

  • Evan Knofsky


  • Chris

    I don’t recognize the Julian calendar.

  • ChrisAwad88

    Atlantic City FTW!!!

  • FelisLachesis

    My girlfriend and her kids are visiting their family out of town. So my New Years is probably going to be driving home from work.

  • PhilD41

    Yea, I can post again!! Anyone know why DL has loaded a static comment section for the past two weeks? Even tried clearing my cache and cookies. Glad it is back regardless!!

  • Jon Brashear

    Dad is coming in town with his family.

  • Spending my new $25 gift card 😉

  • kiyana

    nope, just going to boring & sleep in

  • Michael Persico

    Nothing Planned

  • Curtis Black


  • AMPthe13th

    Does sparkling grape juice count as special?

  • MichaelFranz

    New year…$125 5 course 5-star meal with 1 1/12 hour cocktail hour and 5 hour reception….and open bar top shelf plus DJ. Get a table of 10-12 friends and its a blast. then afterwards the bar next door is open til whenever

  • serotheo

    My girlfriend is visiting from NorCal 🙂

  • Jared Kennington

    Work on my new years resolutions, that will probably only last a week.

  • Martin

    Sleep through it.

  • Jeremy Gilliam

    Just wondering why most of the winners are in the 3000-4000 range? Seems odd don’t you think? Rafflecopter must be randomly picking the middle of the crowd.

  • OriginalMP3

    Nothing special, maybe go out to a local bar with the girlfriend if she doesn’t have to work

  • Mark2134


  • Les Fowler

    I hope I win this one. I keep trying darnit. Lol

  • Dan DeMagistris

    Spending it with the kids.

  • ten2o3

    Big money, no whammies

  • ThaEdge

    Work work work!

  • Mathew Colburn

    I will sit at my house and drink and be merry.

  • bnm27


  • NGagen


  • Konstantinos Bampatsikos

    family stuff and then party till the sun comes out 😛

  • Harold Goldner

    Looking forward to Licorice, Marshmallow & Nougat…..(are we starting a rumor?)

  • Julio

    Champagne at night, mimosas in the morning.

  • martyhalpern

    New Years Eve — nothing fancy, just a nice dinner with the wife.

  • Shelby

    Champagne and more champagne

  • crussell

    Drinking some shine and watching the ball drop through my eye lids.

  • dhuff44

    Staying home with the kids

  • GuidZilla

    Not much this year, just family time.

  • Jeremy

    Hanging out with my son and wife on New Years!

  • Prox

    comment comment

  • Nick Saulino

    Gonna watch the ball drop!

  • narffran

    Always got to try for one 🙂

  • HomeFryMojo

    my special New Years plans are to party like it’s 1999.

  • Michael Forte

    Probably just going out with some friends.

  • metric_chicken

    Having a giant Nerf war with my two daughters!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Faustino

    Staying home. *Maybe* watching the ball drop on TV

  • redbar0n11

    Get schwasted! I kid, of course. I have an infant…

  • Poppin bottles!

  • sonofskywalker3

    No plans. I had kids instead.

  • NP


  • Ben Murphy

    Decadence here in Denver… Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Tiesto, Above & Beyond…need I say more =)

  • William Peterson

    New years is my son’s Birthday so yup! Planning on a kid sleepover that will consist of 5 Freshmen playing games all night.

  • Mike Sember

    Sitting at home waiting for my pager (yes our company still uses them) to go off. A sys admin’s job is never done.

  • Consequence

    Probably watching Ghostbusters 2.

  • John Sweat

    Love a giveaway!!! Thanks DL!!

  • Ben Dyer

    No special plans other than spending the night with my family in the new home we will have hopefully moved into by then.

  • Erfan Nazari

    buy a moto X

  • John Nagy


  • xtrandrix

    winner winner chicken dinner

  • SayHeyJayHey


  • Sebastian Atwater

    Just dinner and a movie.

  • Cesar Aranguri

    partying. help me party with google apps =D

  • Marc Romero

    Just the usual, go to bed early…

  • TedPhillips


  • Deborah G.

    Celebrating with family

  • Charlie

    Skiing Purgatory!!!

  • RhinoShock

    Probably just hang out with my fiancee and drink to the new year!

  • Chase

    Chillin with the homies

  • Demolition505

    I shall sleep, and it will be glorious!

  • Faruq Pradhan

    Back at home with the family

  • J. Wolf

    Nice dinner with my wife and chill by the fire!

  • Mike Kask

    doing a child friendly ball dropping at 7PM, while showing them the youtube video of last years times square ball dropping. One of these days, they will figure it out.

  • shazam81

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Josh Oberg

    Get chocolate wasted

  • Justin

    Annual family SNOW TRIP!

  • David

    ny eve in times sq

  • RGiskard

    Nope, just a chill New Year’s…

  • KCCO

    Since my bday is new years eve.. thats my plans.. 🙂

  • Cathy Fleming

    Poppin bottles.

  • MSlab

    For the first time I can recall I do not have plans.

  • Chris Hilbert

    What every mid 30 something parent does. Drink booze at home while the kids sleep.

  • Mike Fromson

    Partying in a cabin in Big Bear, CA

  • Jimmy

    (Hopefully) Playing with KitKat on my Droid Maxx

  • Chris Roberts

    Don’t get arrested.

  • Flyinion

    Possibly an off-road trip with some Jeep buddies.

  • JP

    Throw my iphone over a bridge once I win this contest.

  • Christopher Quan

    relaxing with the family

  • Curtis

    Go to sleep before 12 o’ clock!

  • Corey Foltman

    Sleep maybe?

  • g_what

    Be with my fiance (engaged two weeks ago, and we met on new years 6 years ago).

  • middlehead

    Hookers and blow.

    • Andrew L

      In the morning to you too, hello gitmo nation!

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    I have plans to drink with my family and have fun on new years

  • Mike C.

    Sorry, no special plans for new years.

  • elemeno


  • Jeremy Gilliam

    My plans include working a lot, vacationing, and just enjoying life more!

    • Justin

      Your plasma has a lot going for it

      • Jeremy Gilliam

        Thanks and updated! 🙂

  • Mohammad Almutairi

    Yes please!

  • Ben Fisher

    spending time with the family at home

  • duurf

    Running a 4 mile race at midnight new years day!

  • Chris

    Making a bunch of resolutions I will not keep while enjoying $25 on Google Play?

  • ckruppy

    No plans, got to go to France on the 1st for work.

  • cgalyon

    Hanging out with friends and family as usual 🙂

  • lanesc1979


  • TimXer

    Google play!

  • Shawn


  • Jeremy Wood

    Celebrating my birthday!

  • SHMeyer

    A night of drinks and Cards Against Humanity with some friends.

  • JetsFan316

    hang out with the old lady ala jackson teller.

  • Play on my computer…NYE is overrated

  • MasonMathews

    Me want Play credit!

  • Clift

    I have small kids. I’ll be lucky to be awake at midnight. Then I get to pay the price the next morning

    • Justin


  • Matt

    I would, I think, like to win. Probably.

  • B J Books

    Nope. Quiet night at home with the kiddos.

  • Zzz0mbie

    Work.. Lame!

  • baron

    My plans are to enjoy with the family

  • will


  • subiedude85

    The Mrs and I are heading to Nashville

  • Frank Urbanski

    Going to Philly with the wife for a reunion with people we met on our honeymoon.

  • roguereversal

    grand theft auto with these cards

  • lss

    Take time off from work.

  • iamwac

    Hang out with friends and not watch the ball drop!

  • DanThompson87

    I am going to New York City for the first time to celebrate be years in Times Square!!

  • Matt Lang

    Just hanging out with some friends and family, nothing big

  • David Rodriguez

    Nothing planned except usual family time.

  • artsr2002

    Hanging out with friends.

  • Mike Toczek

    No plans other than staying home and welcoming the new year with my wife and son.

  • Hockeypuck55

    Leave work early and stay out of trouble.

  • Damien

    winning this would be much better than earning $0.25 per google reward survey!

  • Collin Galloway

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • James Chester Anders

    Drinking… much drinking.

  • buckeyefan

    None what so ever

  • Kieron Quinn

    Watch fireworks, sleep

  • Nick Knudstrup

    drinking and trying to stay up until midnight

  • tu3218

    Just plan to have fun with my family and friends. Nothing particular.

  • Eric Wilborn


  • Grant Manion

    Winning would be nice.

  • Timothy Mclaughlin

    Just relax with the family

  • Kyle Luis

    Going to visit friends and party all night.

  • ready

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    Spending time with friends for New Years.

  • Mike Kilar

    May head down to the Vegas strip for awhile.

  • Vincent H

    Potluck with good friends.

  • chris

    spending it with the love of my life

  • A long coastal drive with a special person!

  • Joey Sandoval

    Monopoly til the bell drops

  • Timothy Robinson

    A nice dinner out with friends and the fiance.

  • kismet769

    Eventually I’ll win something!

  • Edward

    No, not really … Just hanging out with family and friends…….. Plus spending the Google credit on Games!

  • Corey Hine

    Heading downtown for dinner and drinks!

  • Abdoulah Soulami

    Maybe this time

  • andrew torres

    spending time with family

  • Since I’ve got a 12-hour day starting at 5am on New Year’s Eve I’m just hoping to stay awake…

  • Lorenzo Rey Camejo

    For meeee

  • Atenedoro Gonzalez

    Spending NY’s at home with the family. I think. Or going to Times Square.

  • aholland1

    Hopefully something low key at our place with friends involving booze and fun times. My wife and I just bought our first home so probably nothing too extravagant this year!

  • scott

    dinner with my beautiful wife and then many drinks and dancing

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Nothing too special. Probably working.

  • Nathan Bunn

    Plans will be the same as always. With the family.

  • stockandroidguy

    NEW YEARS PLAN – Party!!!!!

  • Ethan G

    Showing my daughter the fireworks

  • Zack Walker

    Going to an all-night wedding. Should be interesting/dangerous…

  • MKader17


  • BillJude56

    Going out to dinner, then getting off the road by 8 p.m.

  • Hector E. Gaxiola

    I work New Years.. 🙁

  • Jay

    Hanging out with the family!

  • Brian Sprague

    No idea what i will be doing.

  • Doug Plowden

    Hang with friends! Party! WOOT!

  • Jigsaw hc

    Plan to sleep in,

  • Diego Diaz

    Keeping on drinking

  • Michael Chediak

    Hanging with my wife and kids

  • Andrew

    No, I have no special plans for New Years.

  • HR

    ComicRack won’t buy itself.

  • Goin to Xfinity Live in Philadelphia with my fiancée!

  • zarxic

    Sleeping In…

  • Jared

    Sleep and relax for New Years. It’ll be a nice break from grad school.

  • Murph

    getting a vasectomy on New Year’s Eve before my insurance changes…yeahh, that is happening. Is there anyone more deserving? 🙂

  • Blank slate

    no clue

  • triumphtriple

    Goin up north! Woop!

  • Dann Goff

    I haven’t decided what I’m going to do for New Years. But one thing I do know is that it will be awesome!! …always is.

  • Kevin Gallagher

    Gotta love contests.

  • Michael D’Angelo

    staying home with the family!

  • miri

    Causing myself harm by means of snowboard.

  • Melissa

    Hanging at home with friends and family.

  • Carlos Gustavo Piva

    No, just spend it with my family this year


    Party on main street


    Hopefully I can make it to my girlfriend’s house in one piece this year. I drove into a pretty ridiculous snow storm last New Year’s Eve and because I drive a truck, it didn’t end so great.

  • NeilOMalley

    Only plans are to Party Hard!

  • Chris Hannan


  • Taylor Abrahamson


  • Ben Rollier

    Staying in with the wife

  • mtaylor924

    Hosting a party!

  • Richard Colon

    I need to win so I can buy all the hipster filters in VSCO app

  • tbaybe

    i need to win google $$$$$$ !!!!

  • Adam Estorga

    Thinking about getting the Moto X

  • Gage

    I need some paid apps please

  • Rorix

    Get wasted pretty much, year tradition.

  • Frank Drewniak

    No plans at all.

  • coggy9

    I have no plans. Just like every other year.

  • dawn m. armfield

    Heading to MN to hang out with friends.

  • Eli Shirk

    Always say yes to giveaways

  • Reginald Jefferson

    I’m gonna be prepping my liver for post championship celebrations for the 6th.

  • Justin Costa

    Drinking, laughing, partying, repeat.

  • Ryan N

    Intoxication, visiting with friends, and prepping for the year in Droid 2014…

  • Mike

    Date night with wife.

  • Chris Clark

    Nope….probably making sure my work has no problems 😀

  • Hesedguy

    None whatsoever.

  • freddywaswrong

    moto money!

  • boehmer365247

    Not yet. Probably snowboard while everyone else is hungover.

  • Mwoozie

    Ball till I fall

  • Matthew Majeika

    Celebrate my brother’s birthday!

  • turdbogls

    Just food, Drinks, and a nice Fire in the back yard with Friends. one of the Joys of living in Florida…New years eve is usually only about 50 degrees

  • cashclay

    I’m working a double. Reeeeeaaaalll special. LOL.

  • CW

    Drinking with friends

  • Dave Whyte

    Plan on going out and drinking so much they o forget this entire year!

  • Jeff Kinslow

    In it to win it!!

  • HashTagHell

    No major plans for New Years. I’ll be broke and trying to recover from Christmas.

  • davehuze

    Since my daughter was born we have been staying home but I am look forward to cracking open the Delirium Noel I have chilling.

  • mangoman1523

    Working on New Years

  • Brad

    nothing special planned

  • SeanODriscoll

    Pray that the kids sleep through the night…

  • Sammy Lo

    Just chillin’ and hanging out

  • Zanzaras

    New Year’s Plans? Lounging around and visiting family.

  • Saul Chavez-Hernandez

    so good

  • Derick

    Hopefully they’re so good I don’t remember them on January 1st.

  • danix180


  • Jarrod Webber

    Going to be around the house, doing nothing.

  • Ivan92116

    Going to NY.

  • Jason Brown

    heading to vegas for new years

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Stay home with the kids.

  • Robert Kuhlman

    Hang out with friends, watch the ball drop, and make sure there is plenty of food and games to entertain.

  • T.C.

    All I want for Christmas is to win a freaking contest…..just once….one time….for the love of everything holy….just this one time.

  • csawyer8069

    No special plans for new years

  • john owens


  • mike angst

    hanging with friends.

  • zpartal

    Read Android news.

  • jd623

    My new year’s plan is to learn how to root after 4 years of stock android! xD

  • Joshu

    None whatsoever! That’s the way I like it.

  • WAldenIV

    I always watch a matinee with my wife.

  • Gabriel Hart

    Working. Pretty special, huh?

  • Matthew Glen Evans

    I might go to Cedar Rapids with a friend of mine to hang out with some people he knows. Not sure yet.

  • Jpx

    White elephant again!

  • EdsonDJ

    No plans at the moment.

  • Jared Reed

    Family time

  • Bill Greene

    Sitting by the fire.

  • Jdies

    Drink lots of liquid

  • MrToTo83

    I’m going to sleep on new years. Having 9 month old twin girls you need sleep anytime you can get it

  • gnote2 user

    No plans other than getting through it sober… we’ll see how that goes though.

  • Ryan Dombroski

    Spending Time With The Family

  • skillz360

    +1 for DL giving for the holidays

  • br_hermon

    I’ll actually be going to see my family for several days 🙂

  • snobrdr2324

    Just came back to Android and this would be great to fill the gap between my ios purchases.

  • Tim Hobbs


  • itsdmise

    In the past I’ve gone to Liberty University to hear awesome music and messages for three days and hearing the best bands on the night of December 31st, but lately I’ve been doing nothing. I’ll find something to do!

  • Nope, no plans. Just staying home and replay Last of Us.

  • Josh


  • M.J.

    I plan on sleeping if my kids will allow it.

  • housry23

    I’m too old for special New Years Eve plans!

  • Lambo_21

    Nope… no NYE plans

  • spudskier

    Ditching the kids and going to see some family freinds!

  • T S

    renting a movie and getting white girl wasted

  • James Nichols

    more holiday contests! ! !

  • bigknowz

    Cmon random number generator, I wants me some FKU!

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Just spending time with the kids. That’s all I need.

  • Josh Whitaker

    Hmmm…. Maybe get some new games or a movie with the gift card and relax?

  • danl

    On NYE I plan on partying till the wee hours…with my Android phone :).

  • Jayayess1190


  • Brian Nichols


  • JSGoodBoy

    It’s my first New Years on the west coast! I have no idea what i’m doing yet, but it’ll be different from last year.

  • Jamie Miller

    Can I please win this time?

  • Detonation

    All you can eat and drink at a German Beer Hall!

  • Voyageur

    Spending it with family.

  • Keyan X

    New Years I plan to be with the half of my family that I haven’t seen in a year

  • hochoch

    playing dominoes and getting drunk

  • Aayush Ambawat

    night out with college friends

  • Renjamin

    Flying out to SoCal to spend some quality time with my lady.

  • I am on call for work so I will be sitting at home watching movies praying that I don’t get any calls!

  • Arnol Lopez

    Downtown Disney!

  • jbegs

    Staying home with the wife and two young kids.

  • Santi

    Going to hold my breath under water in a pool for the count down.

  • Andrew Maner

    I could use a gift card for a few mag subscriptions. 🙂

  • f0r71fy

    Yeah, getting drizunk

  • Ben Modica

    Probably falling asleep at 9pm.

  • Jason S

    Merry Christmas!

  • David Weber

    No plans.

  • Jerry

    Everyone I know seems to wait for the last minute with plans so we’ll see come the 31st.

  • Thanai

    Plan to watch the clock tick

  • New Years is my sisters birthday!

  • Alex Coldstone Simon


  • Nicholas

    I wanna winnnnnn

  • Manny Wilson

    <—Old. I'll be asleep.

  • Robert Macri

    Droid Life 4 Life!

  • Omar Ghazi

    Would absolutely love a Google Play Gift Card!

  • TheKaz1969

    First night is great for those of us with young kids. that’s where we will be!

  • John E. Jablonski

    Nothing major. Just hanging out with family.

  • hfoster52

    Going to a wedding in Iowa. Yup I will be freezing my …. off.

  • Rocky Calabrese

    Sweet! Another movie rental for my girlfriend and I.

  • jjjmmmhhh


  • Metal_Link

    I plan on partying partying yeah!

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Try my best to get good grades this coming semester.

  • T4rd

    Hopefully partying with some friends if we can find a sitter for the kids!

  • Andrew

    Going on vacation!

  • Kukreja

    I could sure use a $25 Google Play card for the holidays!

  • amanda stengel

    I’d love to win one

  • Curtis


  • jasonlee1

    Best friends party

  • Lou.Zirko

    MegaPennies FTW!

  • DS

    Staying up with my newborn

  • Alec Boyle

    Imma drink, then imma drink.

  • wade_county

    getting hammered

  • Justin Enz

    Hopefully spending the night with friends watching foreign sci-fi movies

  • Matt Ellefson

    Not really just hanging out

  • George

    NYC for New Years eve!

  • chung2509

    open bar!

  • tek1231

    I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday because it IS my birthday! =)

  • muddy46

    Staying in and ringing in the new year watching The honeymooners marathon,

  • Celsius

    My plan is alcohol…and lots of it 🙂

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Watching the Crimson Tide destroy Oklahoma.

  • Eric J. Peterson


  • KRS_Won

    I’m going to take it easy as I can relaxing on a lake in SoCar shooting off fireworks, and seeing what auto-awesome does to the pics.

  • Ambugger

    I’m going to a rave!

  • hmz04

    I am in.

  • meijin3

    Just staying with family this New Years!

  • Kevin Hannigan

    My brothers and I always play Mario Party

  • Futbolrunner

    Going for a night around DC bars boozin it up on the Boomerang bus

  • Kyle

    spend new year’s with my girl, gets rowdy all night long

  • Neil Ostrander

    Google play rocks!

  • Jared Shorter

    Plan on getting Rowdy! Maybe do some gator wrestling.

  • Steve A. Reno

    I’m working.

  • daniel375


  • Ted


  • Marty

    New Years Plans .. hope to stay awake past midnight .. maybe a Google Play card will buy me some games to keep me awake long enough to toast in the New Year with some whiskey!

  • Phssthpok

    Well I didn’t win the Megamillions…

  • Tyler Martin

    Hanging out with friends and family!

  • Nick

    Same thing I do every night Pinky, try to take over THE WORLD!!! (Narf)

  • trixnkix637

    I’m going to drink some cider and watch the countdown from NYC

  • mar_ar

    im working on new years, i should get extra entries.

  • Gumballhead1775


  • d503


  • Eric Matthew Woodrum

    No special plans for this year; just spending the night with the family–the best plans of all!

  • Trying to have a quiet new years as my 2 year old has her first dentist appointment on New Years Eve… lol

  • Matthew Durst


  • Ken VanPelt

    No special plans. Just relaxing

  • MomaDave

    Staying MELLOW!

  • Dennis Payne

    No plans

  • I have plans with someone special, but we’ll see if they pan out!

  • Fingers crossed !

  • No special plans, I would like to upgrade my phone…. Good luck to everyone 🙂

    • didn’t read T&C, I’m dropped from the contest 🙂

  • Alex

    friends and family!

  • Ryan Powell

    Spend time with the family

  • unashamedgeek

    Have to give it another chance.

  • Andrew Briare

    Hanging out with family this year

  • yochanan

    I thought the New Year was when things were new like in Spring, not the dead of Winter. Darn Gregorians.

  • boardindude

    Nothing to crazy, just hanging out with friends and having a good time!

  • Amar Shergill

    More hopeful today!

  • David Triscari

    Not a big new years person…..Maybe just some cards against humanity with some friends

  • Ruben

    I plan to forget everything that happens on Dec. 31st.

  • Jeff718

    I don’t have any special plans for New Year’s Eve. Just sitting on the couch with my wife while my kids sleep.

  • Mavericksfolife

    I plan on staying in and playing the Wii U with my niece.

  • Anthony DeFrancesco

    My plans for new years are to sleep, its hard to want to stay up late with a 3 month old baby who wakes up for food every few hours

  • Lucas

    Just to travel more!
    Wish me luck!

  • Sean Stone

    Flying back from the east coast on New Years Eve

  • bweiand

    No special plans. Watch the new Year roll in on the TV with family.

  • Will Brown

    Walking on water.

  • ynksbsbll2

    Being forever alone…

  • Carl

    Drinking booze and being happy I don’t have to work on the 1st.

  • matt

    To become a father!

  • Ross Hooper

    Having a nice dinner!

  • Chris Hansen

    I will be working 12 hours, until the stroke of midnight. All overtime though!

  • Joshua Waymire

    Spending Time with friends from grad school.

  • SkullOne

    No special plans this year. 2 year old and pregnant wife have nixed any special plans.

  • Ayyy

    Going skiing for the first time!

  • yodatom10


  • toddersv

    going to the movies

  • BeerguyOE

    Gift card would nice to have!

  • Sitting at home, drinking 🙂

  • Mike B

    No plans

  • Chris

    Unfortunately, nothing particular yet.

  • Jason Peters

    I’m working New Years. So no, nothing special.

  • Eric G Canoy

    not yet, most likely heading to SF

  • Bill Slowey

    Staying home with my wife and 3 kids.

  • charesa39

    Getting chocolate wasted

  • Kevin Kinney

    reading droid-life.com.

  • Aaron

    Dinner then home

  • BPStroh

    Partying with my wife and friends!

  • No plans at the moment.

  • AJH

    Going to celebrate in Boston this New Years! Would love some new apps!

  • Al Briggs

    Making some cookies and cuddling with the doggies.

  • Tony Byatt

    Chillin with some family and friends…

  • slole1

    champagne, crab, and butt play

  • S.

    We’ll be out traveling.

  • Molly Housel

    Straight chillaxing

  • Sam

    Not blacking out before midnight.

  • Eric

    Just hanging out with my GF and my dogs 😀

  • Brendon Maldonado

    Hangout with friends

  • faganm24

    Not really, just hanging out with the wife and baby!

  • Shane Howell

    Drinking with friends!

  • raene


  • CrewF24

    House party with all our friends with kids… times change

  • Dc

    New Years will consist of good friends, good food, good drinks, and knowing that 2014 will be the year I marry my best friend!

  • Stephan Miljkovic

    Shots, shots, shots!

  • Aaron Swan

    Catching up on sleep!

  • RedXander

    I’m going to be the DD for a lot of friends and family coming in. We plan on not sleeping until 6 am and then having breakfast at noon.

  • Pop bottle with my friend

  • ScottyByrd

    I plan to spend New Year’s with my wife while we wait and hope for a better year 🙂

  • kevintufts

    Stayin’ in.

  • Christopher

    Our standing New Year’s plans fell through, so we’re evaluating options at the moment!

  • Mayoo

    I do have special plans.

  • Michael C.

    No special plans

  • MikeD675

    At home with family for New Years eve.

  • muddy46

    staying in and watching the honeymooners marathon

  • James Briano

    This is mine! I’ll be sleeping soundly on NYE!