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Contest: Win a Nexus 7 32GB (2013) in Either White or Black From DL

Just as we hinted in our Google Play gift card post (which is still open for entries), we have a few surprises for folks looking to score a sweet early Christmas present. We are giving away a Nexus 7 32GB (2013) tablet, in your color choice of either White or Black. The Nexus 7 is one of our favorite Android tablets, and we are pretty sure it needs no introduction.

The contest is as simple as ever, with us only asking that you follow the Rafflecopter widget rules (leave a comment and then think about following us on your favorite social networks).

Let’s do it. 


Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 32GB (2013) tablet in your choice of color – White or Black.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winner tomorrow morning (12/19) at 10AM Pacific.

  • NigelTark

    How are you notified if you won????

    • ynksbsbll2

      You receive an email from the DL staff.

  • Leo Marvin

    Why chris? This sucks. I need this so bad. 🙁

  • NigelTark

    So, how do we know if we won. Do you send an email? My name is Chris

    • ynksbsbll2

      They send you an email. I was lucky enough to be the Chris that won it this time.

  • C C

    Chris?? can you be more specific?

    • ynksbsbll2


  • Silver Veloz

    Congratulations Chris – Entry #3923. Merry Christmas

    • truth seeker

      How do you know if you won. I think I won but I’m not sure lol. I’m Chris

    • csawyer8069

      How do you notify the winner? My name is Chris but I don’t know what entry number I was

      • Silver Veloz

        I think Droid Life will e-mail you with the e-mail address you added to your entry.

    • Celsius

      I would say the same thing they said..because my name is Chris….I guess we will find out if I get an email or not lol

  • Silver Veloz

    Good Luck everyone.

  • pam

    It will be this one if I win 🙂

  • Steve

    Trying to get in at the last minute. Best present was my BMX when I was 11.

  • loka

    nexus 7 for me

  • Ben Rice

    This would be amazing to go to college with and also go good with my Moto X

  • Brandon Crowell

    Snowboard. Without a doubt my snowboard.

  • Rick McConville

    My not yet then wife sneaked into my apartment and setup Christmas decorations for me. It was a hard year the year before and I wasn’ t in the spirit and she knew it. I guess the best present, and it keeps on giving, is the love of my wife.

  • jaxxmjd

    I love getting gift cards. Please let me pick my own gifts for the love of God.

  • debig36

    I’m a huge green bay packer fan. I was given 1 share of their stock for Xmas. I framed it & hung it on my wall. It’s one of the first things I see upon waking! Go Pack Go!

  • John W

    All I want for Christmas is a Nexus 7

  • Watdaf

    Pick me

  • Pedro Rainerdo Tejeda

    The best present i ever got was a thermopen.

  • Michael Adkins

    I received one of the old tablet PCs back when they were running XP Tablet edition, it was probably my best gift

  • jonathon johnston

    Money!! I can buy exactly what I want.

  • Dharma5

    Merry Christmas!

  • Steve Pilcher

    My big brother gave me a Bowie knife kit that was pure awesomeness when I was about 14!

  • Mark

    Trip to my motherland from my parents. Going to see my darling!

  • leffer

    would loooove this

  • Kyle Mathis

    Nexus! Is there any other

  • Robert

    my first car 🙂 even though it was a clunker

  • Debbie G.

    Best gift was my daughter and husband!

  • xyconfigurations

    Nintendo 64!!

  • Worin

    Best gift ever? Sleep!

  • George

    a great Christmas gift is going to be that Dead Zebra Android ornament I order. I hope it comes before christmas!!

  • Randall

    The best I have ever received was my guitar!

  • ChadillacW

    When I was a kid, I was told that all the presents had been opened but it was bath time. When I got to the bathroom there was a new bicycle for me hidden behind the shower curtain; it was the best present and surprise ever. Turns out my parents just didn’t want to wrap a bike 🙂

  • heatheroxborrow

    I received a crystal from my great-grandmother’s chandelier, I hang it on my Christmas tree.

  • hilliuse

    Probably my laptop

  • Northshore

    probably a bb gun, yes, a bb gun it was

  • Jason Saw

    My dad saying ‘good job son’ for the first time when i won a championship in basketball

  • Daniel Tisdale

    My favorite gift was probably my roller blades as a kid. I rode them everywhere for years and years after.

  • SGLP

    Best gift was probably the PS3 Motorstorm Bundle I got some years back. Came as a complete surprise.

  • Mike

    I got a Nexus 5 for my birthday!

  • Nick D

    A Kindle Paperwhite. Not the fanciest item I’ve ever gotten, but I’d really been wanting it and it was completely unexpected.

  • Neil Anderson

    Best present was a beautiful secretary antique desk.

  • David Harlow

    An acoustic guitar when I was 13. I bawled like a baby because I had wanted one for a long time but couldn’t afford it, no job, no expendable income etc.

  • Kutter Ross

    My first smartphone which was a Droid Incredible!

  • Sporttster

    Seeing the look on my mom’s face when I bought her her dream gift of a piano for Christmas years ago.

  • plopptart

    hopefully this nexus 7

  • skimiks11

    best present? Super NES of course

  • Joshua P.

    This would make my christmas.

  • DeLeonR


  • Simon Kenin

    good whiskey

  • thesuperconductor

    My first computer with an athlon thunderbird 1ghz processor and 512 megs of ram.

  • N7, the perfect xmas present.

  • Chief

    I really need to replace my OG Kindle Fire!

  • Alex C.

    My Galaxy Nexus

  • Alberto

    Best present I ever got would be a Nexus 7 (32GB), hint, hint, hint!!!

  • jlsushman


  • JLong

    Best present was KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

  • GuidZilla

    Construx when i was a kid. Loved those things.

  • Kree Terry

    My 15in retina macbook pro. I love that thing, my wife would argue i love it a little too much 🙂

  • W1LD 5TYL3

    The year I got the original PlayStation! #goodtimes

  • Adam Collins

    Best present I ever received was a laptop computer upon graduating high school to be used in college, wish I had known a tablet would be just as useful!

  • Zak Meyer

    I love the new nexus 7

  • lilseal18

    Just as my original Nexus 7 is starting to feel awfully laggy….

  • Kirk Haggard

    My 1st PC – custom built by my tech-savvy brother-in-law. It was where my IT career all started!

  • MomaDave

    Cheers. Pick me. Happy Holidays and Baba booey to y’all!

  • danix180


  • Lucas Hibbard

    I’d have to say when I got a new TV and PlayStation…. original. I was all for the rest of the year after that one.

  • Justin

    Record player

  • Mike Wallace

    I would shoot my eye out with this, but I’ll take one anyway.

  • HighBar

    Yes Please

  • speed4evr

    This would go great with my Nexuis 5

  • Jason D Nickolay

    My Lab/Retriever Lucy

  • kevinh52

    Tablet.. would be awesome in any Color…
    It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White….Awesome Song Micheal Jackson….

  • redoct42

    Best gift was a dart board.

  • Jonathan


  • bryan a

    The best present I received is love letter

  • I had to cheat and compare what others said because i could not pick one but… an atari 5200 when i was a kid… then it broke and i got a 2600, that is still alive.

    • PS. i woke up one day last month and went to use my 2012 32 gig nexus 7 and it wouldnt respond to my touches. I angled the screen and could then see the crack right down the middle. Now i have to use my computer for everything again, i was just using it to code but now everything.

  • Primetime

    Nexus 4 16gig

  • Freddy Morales


  • bitpimpin

    My OG droid… It started the craze 😉

  • Kendall Cunningham

    I think the best gift I’ve gotten is a signed guitar by one of my favorite bands, Palisades

  • Brandon Bryson

    Only an hour left to go!

  • Adam Intinarelli

    Best present I’ve ever received would be my first car, a 2000 silver Ford Mustang

  • Olivia De Hamilton

    I think the best gift i have ever recieved would have to be….. my digital camera. I use it all of the time snapping pictures of the kids.

  • R S

    When we were first dating my husband knew I had never flown before but wanted to, so he bought me round trip plane tickets. We spent a day flying, doing some sightseeing, and then flying back. It is still my favorite trip we have ever taken because of the thought he put into it.

  • Daniel

    You guys rock! Thanks for the contest, would love to try out ART 😉

  • sil199

    An F on my exam

  • Uday Kiran

    Balck or White?

  • Ian

    Pick Me

  • obidos

    My best gift was a telescope.

  • daveloft

    This would make a great companion to my Nexus 5.

  • jsngrvn

    My kids…

  • HuskerDad3

    Anything made for me by my kids.

  • Rusty

    A leg lamp that I put proudly on display in my front window

  • Steve S

    A Super Nintendo back in the day. My mom told me, “We went to Toys ‘R Us, and there weren’t any left,” and I felt so deflated. And then she brought me into another room where my dad was playing Super Mario on a SNES and she said, “Because we bought the last one!” Awesome gift for a kid! Why, I don’t think I saw the sun ever again.

  • Robert Cummings

    Best gift – my Atari 2600

  • Matthew Glen Evans

    It’s one of either two things. When I was thirteen or fourteen, my parents got me a cheap pool table. I had the whole basement to myself as a teenager, so I’d always have friends over and play a ton of pool. Two years later, I got a mini-fridge. I put this in the basement, and got a pizza oven that I kept on top of it. That meant I could have friends over, play pool, eat tons of pizza and pizza rolls and have cold pop and whatever else, all without ever going to the kitchen. Thinking back, I may have been a little spoiled.

  • R0d3ricK

    my daughter… the best gift ever!

  • Cole

    Can’t wait to open that box

  • Kithanas

    The best present I received as a kid was when I was given a kitten.

  • david mastros

    The best present didn’t come on Christmas but in October the birth of my first child.

  • Ryan Hume

    Bacon Scope

  • Rik Nary

    Sonicare toothbrush. Makes life easy.

  • Vernon

    N64… GOAT gaming console

  • Ryan Hume

    Its the Bumpesses dogs!!! Damn you Bumpasses!!!!

  • jafunk

    my dad making it home early from a business trip when i was 10 years old. he was supposed to be out of town during the holidays.

  • active_eng24

    Happy Holidays Droid Life and may the odds forever be in my favor..

  • Michael Mizell

    The Michelangelo Ninja Turtle

  • AC

    Best present: official James Bond briefcase with pistol and accessories.

  • makivelli

    Best present ever received was a Super Nintendo with extra controller and Street Fighter II.

  • Brian Tehan


  • SayHeyJayHey

    Hanuukahmas presents pleas

  • Joshua Milburn

    A stuffed animal I recieved made from my late fathers favorite sweater.

  • steven

    Video games!!

  • Dan

    GI Joe action figure

  • Guest

    Batcave, circa 1995.

  • Guest

    When I was younger, my dad would always have to work at his awful Verizon (then Bell Atlantic) job on Christmas day. Then one year, he managed to stay home and spend that Christmas with the family and I. That was easily the best gift.

  • Mike Powell

    I’m gonna have to go with the OG NES for Christmas. My parents pulled a fast one because it wasn’t under the tree – my reaction from what I’m told is on par with the N64 kid…

  • eilegz

    hopefully this one its mine

  • Tim Faustini

    I really liked my gamecube. But it’s really hard to pick a favorite.

  • Josh Hudson

    Jerome Iginla #12 Calgary Flames Jersey with tickets to game!

  • xuantruyen

    A kiss from my wife 😀

  • Kelly

    Damn I need this !

  • eli

    favorite pair of work boots………I don’t get a lot of gifts…………

  • Matthew Cobb

    my droid og that my wife got me, still have that thing rom’d up being used as a tv remote.

  • Dan Park

    i really can’t think of one…how sad

  • Nish Junankar


  • NYCHitman1

    I would love a panda 32GB Flo to go with my panda 32GB Hammerhead

  • RoboCop

    My bday is on Christmas and most people forget about it…Droid Life may let me open an awesome birthday gift this year!

  • Eric Lohrentz

    Best gift I ever received was the Hallmark Star Trek Next Generation Enterprise D ornament in 1993. Started me on my quest to collect the rest of the ornaments, and I have succeeded, now owning over 40 Star Trek ornaments (and counting). So I guess that could also count as the worst gift as well. 😉

  • bluegreen

    A telescope. It was when we still had a space program…and space shuttles. I still have aspirations of making it to space.

  • rotard777

    white FTW!

  • DF

    Best present? The Nexus 7 you are about to give me!

  • zerzhul

    Best present ever? Schwinn mountain bike when I was 13.

  • Shaun

    Best present would have to be the Nexus 7 I’m about to win!

  • Omar Amer

    this wouldnt be a bad xmas gift.

  • fiendishfork

    Nintendo 64 when I was a kid, definitely best gift

  • Greg

    Hopefully my new Nexus 7 32GB!

  • jjl207

    I love my Note 3, but a Nexus 7 would be even better for a Netflix binge.

  • Rey

    This will be my best present so please don’t disappoint! 😉

  • Tim

    Best present ever received eh?… Truth be told it was finding out I have a half brother born on my birthday 13 years ago Oct. 10th. Not Christmas but still awesome none the less.

  • Anna McCullough

    Just got an Android phone (first smartphone ever) – this would be a perfect companion to it!

  • Scott Friedemann

    Best tablet out there

  • Michael Ouellette

    A car

  • Frank Claycomb

    Probably a pinball machine. Just got it recently. Good stuff.

  • Bert Larson

    Atari 2600!!

  • TimTheK

    The best present…..hmmm. I would have to say that relatively speaking, it was this matchbox car garage I got when I was about 10. It was the most awesome present…and “Santa” had it all assembled and waiting for me in my room on Christmas morning when I woke up and opened my eyes. That was awesome.

    Sure, in life I have gotten better presents, but relative to how I valued that toy at that age, it wins. Its like adjusting for inflation.

  • Anna McCullough

    Actually, it would be this one if I win :)…. I’m starting to really want one of these tablets!

  • Brooks Barnes

    Best gift for me..salvation

  • Brian Sprague

    Micro Machines aircraft carrier!

  • Mike

    what a merry christmas it is.

  • jpxa

    Only thing I’ve ever won was a taco from taco bell. So it wins by default.

  • Josh

    Best gift ever?? Atari 2600 when I was wee lad!

  • Rob G

    The original NES!!!

  • Nintendo guy

    Nintendo 64

  • Quentin

    Xbox 360 a couple years back. Totally unexpected!

  • Joe

    I like turtles

  • ManBearPig618

    Gameboy Color.

  • Doug Scudder

    A swift kick in the rear.

  • Clay Cauley

    Gotta be my Keurig — Used it every day since I’ve gotten it.

  • Akash

    my best gift I have received is my five months old tablet

  • Derek Peldo

    Can’t seem to find my original post… posting again: I got a 65 VW bug for a present once. Pretty awesome!

  • Executor

    A Super Nintendo bundle that included the system, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario All-Stars, Yoshi’s Island, and an extra controller that was made of clear plastic and had turbo switches for all the buttons.

  • JT

    N64 back in the day!

  • Spencer Nish

    A black Nexus 7.

  • Rocco

    My NES. That was a game changer right there

  • Good health. Despite of my age, I believe I am as healthy as 10 years younger of my age. 🙂

  • Paul Tippin

    Peace and Quiet

  • buckeyefan

    I bought a motorcycle once for myself. Thats probably the best present I’ve had.

  • Beau Dailey

    Mathews Heli m bow. or maybe my Alvarez Acoustic guitar..

  • Joshua Pape

    My cat shadow was my best gift ever.

  • ptlgator

    Nintendo 64 for sure

  • Devin

    The best gift I ever received was a computer.

  • Andrew Goetz

    Deffinetly a stolen street sign

  • RS23

    sweet!! Thank you!

  • TankRizzo

    Star wars AT-AT toy. Thing was awesome.

  • Matthew Pfeil

    My wife and I were given a week long honeymoon as a wedding present.

  • Luiz Mattos

    An awesome new gaming pc.

  • Hawk888

    I want!!!

  • Don Rogers

    Commodore 64

  • Disqus_n00b

    nintendo 64!

  • penguinking85

    An SLR Camera

  • SonicPhoenix

    Digital SLR camera. Christmas was 4 months before my son was born and we got some wonderful pictures of him in his first year.

  • Rex Mclemore

    The super nintendo back in the day!

  • pklissas

    Would be a nice Christmas prezzie!

  • Keith Kaplan

    The best present I’ve received is probably my first computer set up. A desktop, monitor, printer, and surround sound.

  • henceforthninja

    The OG Motorola Droid. My first smartphone. =)

  • Noah Smith

    Xbox 360. Best wife ever!

  • rehughe

    My Ghostbuster Proton Pack and Trap…back in the late 80’s/early 90’s

  • Simion Bean

    Perfect Christmas present!

  • Jivester

    Hell yeah Droid Life! Booya!

  • mikek66

    Best present I ever received was a red pedal fire truck when I was about four or five. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I went into the living room and saw the flashing red lights!

  • Darren Gilbreath

    My greatest gift ever was a beautiful wife, 3 healthy children and droid Life!!!!!!!

  • bhayes444

    A pair of some nice slippers to keep my feetsies warm from my parents. Totally unexpected, which is something hard to come by when getting me gifts nowadays!

  • greatteacherjosh

    Got hired for my dream job the day before my birthday.
    Technically not a present, but still made it one of the best birthday’s ever.

  • Shawn Carter

    Probably my PS2. That thing was a powerhouse.

  • Ryan Warren

    My Daughters

  • KMS_Alex

    A radio controlled plane for my 10th birthday.

  • MeIsMyName

    Sadly the things I want are usually outside of my friends and family’s gift range, so I usually ask for newegg gift certificates. Works great, and lets me buy whatever new shiny toys I want.

  • Neal

    The birth of my daughter….one week later, but still.

  • Nick

    Best present I ever received was my Nintendo Entertainment System back when they originally came out. It started my love of video games.

  • Craig


  • mikesuds

    SOCKS! As a child I’d never have thought… but as an adult… I love getting socks.

  • Andrew Neuman

    My commodore 64!

  • gonecks1

    An autographed Emmitt Smith football. Seeing how my Xoom died yesterday, would love to win

  • Stacey Simmons

    Hopefully, it will be a 32GB Nexus 7 (2013)…fingers crossed!

  • daniel375

    love me some Nexus!

  • Aleksey

    yooooo iwin?

  • Chazzhd3rd

    Gimme Now

  • Zak

    My best present…would be my Galaxy S4 to myself this summer!

  • sanchpa

    Millennium falcon

  • Steven Hall

    NHL Winter Classic Tickets, Flyers Vs. Bruins. Met alumni from both teams and wore a Stanley Cup ring.

  • iou


  • BlackTaxi2d

    a model car when i turned 16. not cool mom

  • Yiow Ae Ree

    I want this!

  • Masta Marc

    I got a Go-Kart

  • luka

    too hard to choose, but back in the day it probably was a super Nintendo.

  • Darnell

    A gameboy color. Awesome Memories.

  • Jon Drain

    The best present I received is going to be a Nexus 7 32GB (2013) tablet, in my color choice of either White or Black.

  • Nicole Acuna

    I have to say the best gift i ever received was my Samsung Galaxy S3 from my brother, it really surprised me and turned me from an Apple addict into an Android addict lol

  • Sean O’Rourke

    Best Present I’ve received was a glass Teddy bear jar filled with straws that were folded into stars.

  • Nadora

    It will be this Nexus 7 🙂

  • Chester

    Shirt from the girlfriend

  • Nick

    Gimme dat tabby bro

  • Mike

    A white Nexus 7!

  • ankit199

    SNES is the best present that I have gotten yet

  • G3ntl3man

    Would be awesome to have one. Thanks DL for the opportunity!

  • ndzyuba

    University tuition paid for one semester by my employer. It started off as an interest-free loan but after graduation they decided I didn’t have to pay it back!

  • erikbirk

    PS2 with GTA: Vice City. It was great.

  • Josh Wenthold

    a PS3

  • amaudys Aquino

    a bible..

  • Andy


  • Jim

    A Pool table

  • Keg Man

    Entry to contest

  • Stephen Hicks

    The best gift I ever received was Earthbound for the SNES back when it first came out. Still love that game. Second best gift would be this tablet (if you pick me) that I would integrate into my classroom at school for my students.

  • GT500_Grad

    My grandfather being there for the holidays, after we had a big scare that he might not make it.

  • icantremember

    Lego Star Destroyer

  • tepifan

    I could totally become a professional painter if I win this…

  • Complete and happy family.. 🙂

  • Al Wood

    Bring it!

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    A box of personalized pencils.

  • Lisa Wesp

    Man i would love to win free nexus 7 2013…go with my 4 year olds Nexus 10 and my 1 year olds Nexus 7 2012…Happy holidays

  • Thomas O’Brien

    Definitely Original Xbox

  • Adam Smith


  • Debra Torpy

    Family and Friends!!! Happy Holidays DL!!

  • danlicata

    probably won’t win but at least i tried.

  • soulglo

    Sooooooo lemme get that nexus?

  • Quentin J.

    my NES

  • Phil Caine

    RC Car when I was 7 and Nintendo Entertainment System

  • soothsayer

    gimme gimme gimme i need some… thing.

  • clcutts

    Best gift ever? A replacement for my iPad.

  • Joe Cross

    The best gift I’ve ever received is probably my ASUS G75VW….

  • Jkl40

    The best gift I´ve ever recived would be this tablet.

  • Josh Fozzard

    A CD ROM drive for my computer when I was a kid

  • Pam Oakea

    Best gift ever!

  • strikeir13
  • Weber

    Ou Ouuuuuuuuuuu! gimme!

  • luckyaussiebob

    This would go great with my Chromecast!!

  • oscar

    i like nexus

  • Alan Robinson

    A Kenwood chef food processor! Amazing!

  • mattcrecelius

    My homebrewing equipment for beer

  • portrub


  • AlexB22

    Framed laser cut of the Foxhound logo.

  • A blowjob 🙂

  • shehippie

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!! =)

  • A huge box of Legos.

  • when i was a kid my dad got me a dog. he’s been my sidekick for 10 years. definitely the best gift ive ever gotten.

  • nicobaguio

    A Playstation 2. That was awesome.

  • Lewis Erbe

    My 4 month old daughter

  • Mike

    Best gift? The day I woke up and a new bike was waiting for me and one for each of my sisters

  • sciroccohsd

    A pillow. It seems trivial, but it was a thoughtful gift from the heart.

  • kash521

    My parents bought me a new Infiniti G35 Coupe for my 18th birthday. Absolutely my favorite present by far!

  • Omer Ben Shushan

    my girlfrend bought me a Nespresso coffee machine for my birthday 🙂

  • MTB G

    Yes please! With whiskey and honey on top!

  • MooseCat


  • Bob Evans

    One year, I had a GI Joe Christmas. I got action figures, vehicles, even a train set. That was probably my favorite Christmas. Now I just enjoy watching my children’s faces when they come downstairs to see what Santa brought them.

  • Robert H

    the best gift ever received is my daughter , then winning the tablet

  • Lee

    Best present was probably my bass amp and head combo.

  • TrueGentleman

    Best present I ever received was an N64 in the year 2011

  • Trina

    A new “used” car. Giant red bow and all!

  • JoeDirt2217

    My Takamine acoustic guitar!

  • Ronald Bernard

    My pump action Red Rider bb gun..lol

  • o2psd4me

    Best gift ever was my Two kids right before Christmas… 🙂

  • Jamie Strickland

    The best present I’ve ever received is a truck my dad gave to me when I turned 16. Unfortunately, on my birthday, might I add, I totaled it during bad ice.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    Tyco Typhoon Hovercraft when I was a kid was the best present ever! Too bad I lost it on a river! A week after getting it! Ugh

  • David Bilbao

    Best present I have ever received was a Nokia N900. Hoping the return of some decent physical keyboards alternatives.

  • ken147

    Me me!!!

  • Trina


  • John

    new car when i was young!

  • kathydunaway

    The best gift that I ever received is my awesome family.

  • Ricardo Latham

    I do not like sharing the same nexus 7.


    a worthy tablet for sure with amazing hardware spesc…!!!

  • big007hed

    Best present I ever received was was my wife saying yes to marry me. Probably not her best present but it worked out well for me haha

  • Greg

    SNES with Super Mario World and Mario Allstars!!!!

  • Jeremy Gilliam

    Thanks Droid Life! Such a great giveaway! Best gift ever,.. A puppy! So cute and cuddly.

  • Jason Chittenden

    The Nexus I got a few years back surprised the hell out of me

  • dirtytofu

    Super Nintendo!

  • Josh Parish

    I got the 2012 Nexus 7 for Christmas last year. This would be a great present to replace it.

  • Frank Spalt III

    This will be an awesome gift!

  • Haskell Gray

    The best present ever received? Why it is a Black Nexus 7 32Gb (2013) from Droid Life!

  • roz

    Best present(s)…my ps3 and 46″ tv

  • Eric Jensen

    An wonderful Christmas present for someone in my family!

  • undercoverduck

    My guitar hurray

  • mtwotheatt

    The original NES

  • Pam Scott

    Best present ever received for Christmas would have to be my diamond stud earrings.

  • Darius Burgess

    The best present I ever received would be my ps3 for sure.

  • chris gsell

    The best present I ever received would be this Nexus 7. Second best – Animal, from the Muppets. That stuffed guy rocked!

  • Pam Scott

    This would be an awesome Christmas gift.

  • Mike Treubig

    Obligatory comment goes here.

  • spudskier

    My two daughters!

  • cheezer88

    this will be the only thing that i get for Christmas.

  • Jenfox

    Super Marconi

    • Jenfox

      Super Mario


    Best ever, my kids coming to the hospital and spending time with me on Christmas day.

  • ncsurob

    Count me in

  • Balaaje Vs


  • Busko


  • artsr2002

    Nexus 7 FTW!! Nice.

  • Ricky Villatorr

    When i was 7 my parents got me a power wheels jeep. It was the sh*t

  • Stephen Kempouski

    Got robbed at knifepoint in Greece and was lucky enough to be taken in by locals until I could replace my passports. Open kindness and generosity is the best kind of Christmas gift.

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    The best give I received was seeing my family after almost a year without them!

  • djab

    The Original Gameboy

  • FRGuzman

    This is right now the only tablet I would buy. But if you gift it to me that’s a lot better!

  • KalEl

    A red rider bb gun.

  • rich

    Best present ever has to be the Nintendo 64 me and my bro were ubber excited. Also the go kart that almost killed me was a good one to. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • My 1st cellphone the Motorola Communicator – Good Luck to all!

  • Donkey Kong Country? I played the hell out of that.

  • Joshua Rossi

    Santa bring me a nexus

  • Daniel

    PS1 😀

  • Jaime Morris

    The best present I ever received for Christmas actually came 2 days after Christmas with the birth of my fifth child and second son.

  • A. Norman

    Yet another awesome giveaway!

  • Armorthane

    Ipad 2 is on its last leg. This would be perfect.

  • Adam Boner

    In need of a tablet, perfect timing.

  • Kwasi Owusu

    My first ever mobile phone which was the beloved Nokia 3310. Loved that phone!

  • Ole Torres

    A 9mm Glock17

  • jason blomgren

    Awesome contest as always!

  • Trevor Clement

    A car when I turned 16. The coolest present by far because of how it instantly changed my life.

  • Frank Urbanski

    When I was a kid I got a huge box full of Power Ranger toys.

  • Anthony K

    My quadrocopter!

  • XboxOne

    Gameboy Advance. I was very happy when I saw it and still have it to this day.

  • Cindy Lou

    The best thing about Christmas for me is watching the magic it works on the kiddos:)

  • Ademir Džuzdanović

    A shiny new laptop, I just love it!

  • Hector

    The best gift was and still is the gift of family for me. I love how every year I am grateful to be united once again with the ones I love! 😀

  • Akzident

    Give me this

  • Steven Cornea

    I got a N64 with WWF Raw, amazing

  • Marcus

    A BMX Mongoos racing bike. Lightest bike I’ve every owned until someone stole it in front of Fedco which is now like Target back in the days. Hooo…Huuummm

  • kalloud

    The best present is that nexus 7!
    I mean, the best present I have ever recieved is… I don’t know, it’s too difficult!

  • mruno

    I did’nt win the lotto, so can I can this?

  • ricardo

    a classic guitar, i guess (am i double posting? can’t find my previous post…)

  • Jbbe

    My TV.. Now I could also see what I was playing on my playstation1

  • M3D1T8R

    My first bicycle. Got to choose between a smaller little kids bike with training wheels or a “big kids” one with 20″ wheels, no training. Even at barely age five I knew to future proof, went for the big one. Spent hours teaching myself to get on and start pedaling down the hill without falling off first, still remember the incredible feeling when I finally did it the first time, rode straight into the barn, but boy was I happy.

    Original NES (Nintendo) a couple years later is a very close second.

  • Joey Wollenburg

    Hope to win. Mine was my god daughter last year.

  • Niklas Ritzenhoff

    Probably my firts phone 🙂

  • ricardo

    a classic guitar, i guess

  • Sanath

    Nexus 7 😛

  • mk5fast

    My first bike

  • flip

    Receiving The Nexus7 from Droid Life! 🙂

  • Mark Nemeth

    Thanks DL! Good luck everyone :]
    The best present I’ve ever received is the Note 10.1 last year.

  • Jim Houpt

    A trip to London.

  • Jason Brown

    a nexus 7 32gb 2013 edition! =D

  • joseph gonzales

    Sure would be nice to win. Belated self birthday/Christmas present.

  • Shawn Stover

    A bicycle

  • traymona

    My first bicycle

  • Marcheeelo

    Nintendo 64!! best gift

  • The best thing? Probably my guitar.

  • RiotPenguin

    Zelda Nintendo GameCube bundle. Best gift ever!

  • Nick Gonzalez

    The best present I ever received was the original NES with the Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt combo game.

  • wade_county

    Super Mario Bros 3

  • Paul

    My parents gave me a watch I’ve always wanted. I know I know….who uses watches anymore. But I love it.

  • Arkadiy

    We definitely need some big androids to make revolution here in Ukraine! 🙂

  • Steve

    Great blog.

  • dazz1996

    pick me please

  • Romius T.

    I’d love the upgrade!

  • Ty Collum

    Best present ever… my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Frank Te

    N64 – good times

  • Matthew Linke

    What’s the best present you have ever received?

    The gift of love from my family as I grew up.

  • Darlene Fox

    my car

  • docnok

    I couldn’t care less if it’s black or white….

  • Justin Abe

    My Dino Riders Brontosaurus. I wanted one really really bad. I was little and I knew it was expensive. My parents still bought it for me.

  • Zorque

    When I was 10 my parents gave me a badass CD changer and a ton of cool albums, I’d never really listened to much music before that.

  • Leo

    A puppy

  • MrBlonde04

    Would love one as an early Christmas Present!

  • João Oliveira

    Count me in.

  • CLARA C.

    Best present i’ve ever received was my Super Nintendo!!!

  • John Molina

    DKC for the SNES. It’s the only present I remember being so stoked about as a kid.

  • Snyder Kimberly

    a puppy,

  • Jonathan Gates

    Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet.

  • FC

    I’ll take a white one.

  • JaseYANG


  • anderoid

    home for the holidays!

  • John

    My nexus 4!

  • I could use more gadgets this Christmas! 🙂

  • It will be my first child, expected end of April 2014!!!!

  • wilflare

    SEGA Megadrive when I was still in grade school. I still remember staring at that box that my Dad hid at the top of the fridge… lol

  • jthai


  • Tarun Verma

    Best present? My phone.

  • Abdullah AL-Rawahi

    Hope to win

  • Antonio Forte

    The Nexus 7 tablet I am about to win;

  • Abdullah Zulkernine

    just bring it on…

  • Timothy McGovern


  • oliman37

    My baby boy 🙂

  • Chaynes

    If I win this contest this would be the best present I would have ever received.

  • Jaciel

    The best present I ever got would have to be my baby……my Nikon D5200! I love that thing 🙂

  • Kieran Murphy

    The best present I ever got was a Mr Frosty slushee maker 🙂

  • Daniel Courington


  • Atlas13

    Definitely my new TV…its sexy

  • gennarog

    The best Christmas gift I ever received was an xbox 360 with Madden 12 and Call of duty – I had an Awesome girlfriend at the time.

  • Jimmy

    Love it 🙂

  • Sciaid

    My future wife

  • Vishal Khedkar

    Nothing…. 🙁 yet… :/

  • Derek

    It’s hard to say, gotta be between the Moto X and the PS4

  • Travis P

    A snes, first console, only console I didn’t have to buy myself.

  • Michael Rivera

    The greatest best present I have ever received was the gift of giving to my family, I spent over $5,000 in credit card debt and still are paying that debt off to this very date, but I received the greatest gift of all, to actually give my family what they desired the most & to enjoy the sight of seeing the smiles on their faces

  • monk

    Crossfire… when i was five

  • JamesBennett360

    Best gift I ever received was a kindle from my grand father

  • ReginaldJay

    Have to say my vizio TV!

  • DWhitty321

    Def would like to have this

  • Danny

    My family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas much 🙁 But my brother did get a PS2 when it first came out for Christmas.

  • Dylan Petruska

    My best preset I ever received was being able to see my 6 year old cousin Brooklyn from Florida!

  • petamengu

    Peace on earth

  • Majd

    he best gift I ever received was my Nexus 7.

  • Angelo Capozi

    Bronco’s chef hat!

  • mercado79


  • Oliver Chen

    nice…want it so much

  • tkdang

    surprise birthday party overseas

  • Dan Port


  • Wolfknght

    The best present I ever received was a shelf stereo from my dad.

  • ki10

    My dog when I was a little kid.

  • Chris


  • Arthur Dent


  • Nick

    whoa that’s awesome

  • Imran

    My family is the best gift that I have received from almighty.

  • Neil Roder


  • Akshay Sharma

    Galaxy Nexus! lol

  • Cody Griffith


  • Brian W. Naus

    You guys do the best co test and yes I’ll admit to just leaving this comment to enter

  • BoomSauce99

    Must win

  • An autographed CD 😀

  • sharkey dozier

    castle greyskull

  • Matthew M

    Xbox 360. The gift that keeps on giving

  • Damian Kim


  • Jacob McDaniel

    Hmmm…For my birthday I recieved a complete system vintage record player along with all my favorite albums

  • chapterfour08

    My TV!!

  • Aayush Ambawat

    ipod classic from my dad 😉 almost 6 years old but good as new

  • ewilliams1009

    waffle breakfast in bed

  • T.K.

    I believe it was a videogame console.

  • Chris Hannan

    Come on!

    Probably my iPod Classic 7 years ago.

  • Pavel

    Xperia SP. Love it.

  • Yash Patel

    The best gift I received was a Sony PSP

  • Joyce K

    My best present is MY FAMILY. I am truly blessed. Thanks for running this
    giveaway. 🙂

  • jra716

    Super Nintendo

  • braddd

    Please hook me up

  • Alexandru Socol

    My nephew born in that that day two years ago :X

  • raoul duke

    brand new chefs knife a few years ago. still use that knife every day

  • davidpoketrainer

    I honestly can’t say.

  • Ryan Quevauvilliers

    definitely a new computer for my birthday it changed my life <3

  • Sean Q.

    Merry Christmas DL

  • chjapa

    Apple 2c computer when I was a kid. When Apple was great, and the 2c was cooler than cool. Must have been 2.5 weeks pay for my father. Great gift!

  • bwb2185

    Would be the best Xmas present EVER!!! if I win..Oh & I’d take the white N7

  • scubabumster

    my first watch

  • Richard

    Best present = my first pet, a golden retriever

  • Colin Maher

    93 honda CR 125 dirt bike when i was 15

  • wendnrein

    An Australian saddle for my mare.

  • Justin Quang

    As far back as I can recall, I don’t think I’ve ever received anything that excited me.
    But if I have to pick, I’ll say a flashlight. Yep, that kind of flashlight.

  • Elizabeth T

    My dog 🙂

  • Caitlynn Dabney

    My laptop!

  • Leo Marvin

    NES. Nintendo had been out for a year. I was like 10. It was so amazeballs times infinitely plus another infinity! I squealed like a pig and proceded to spend many of fort night sneaking out of bed to play snake, rattle & roll, etc. My love for video games and tech is built on the precious memories of those dark quiet sneaky nights.

    • Leo Marvin

      Im getting placed into a month long chronic pain program for rheumatoid arthritis at the Cleveland clinic in January and desperately could use this for hours in the hospital. Get a ps3 controller and play snake rattle n roll on an emulator! Please please!

  • roy69

    Don’t really recall any to consider the best but I’m sure if I win this would be the BEST!

  • Zero


  • Walker Citterman

    Super Nintendo!

  • Pro Pp’s

    my best present for xmas is the Bike i ever wanted ..

  • Dan Du

    55 inch LED TV

  • Nick

    Best gift was Super Nintendo

  • Carol Moore

    The best present I ever received was a fur coat.

  • Flame Blade

    Best Christmas present was my purple Nintendo GameCube.

  • kazulk

    me plz?

  • coybot

    Best present ever received? A costume Freddie Krueger glove my dad found at a resale shop… It wasn’t so much the glove, as it was the feeling that my dad actually gets me.

  • kubuli00

    Not receiving any crApple products.

  • MizterJroc

    Money to pay for my student loans.

  • Matthew Legleiter

    Best gift I ever received was my current xbox 360. A nexus 7 would surely top that!

  • nabooska

    The front of my pants just got so tight

  • My best present was a brand new video game console when it first came out when I was a kid

  • Hannu Korhonen


  • Kevin

    My son last year.

  • Anirudha Mondal

    my mom & dad gave a Gold Ring on my birthday that was the best one 🙂

  • michael carrion

    The best gift i ever received was my beautiful daughter emalee. She was born Dec 23 2005. We brought her home Christmas day

  • David Hayden

    Tickets to see Roger Waters on his latest tour.

  • Zachary Gabet

    As Wesley Snipes once said (when he was still paying his taxes): always bet on black!

  • Frank Ruiz

    best present was this watch i got from a real good friend i once had. It wasn’t so much the watch but the sentimental value… I really miss that friend.

  • MasterEthan

    Hard to say. Nintendo 64 was pretty epic back in the day.

  • Matt L

    Nintendo 64 when I was younger. I played Star Fox for hours

  • randpost

    Note 3

  • BayRyder


  • aaron

    First digital SLR from my then girlfriend (current wife).

  • Christopher Pace

    A day of peace and quiet.

  • pearschris

    I thought the Rockies were rockier than this.

  • Ahmed Buchery

    Nexus 7 32GB black

  • Brian_2112

    The best present I ever got…wasn’t a Christmas present, but was still a generous gift. At a Rush concert, Chicago, August 27, 2010 (“The Rain Date” as it was called): it was a makeup show for one that was postponed from July. The band, as a gesture, had special one-of-a-kind hats created and given to every fan who was there that night. Sure, it was a gift that everyone else there ended up getting, but as a Rush fan, it was simply the best gift I ever got. No disrespect to my family, who have always been generous with their gift-giving…but this was from Rush. :p

  • xuggs

    Adidas sports bag full of Adidas goodies.. bbal, shoes, tshirts, sweatbands, keychains etc.

  • John Evacristo

    Best Present so far was my Galaxy Nexus 🙂 But its sad that its not getting android 4.4 Kit Kat … Hoping to get Nexus 7 😛

  • Jonathan Aguilar

    My car!

  • Kavya

    I received a my first android phone htc desire best gift ever 😀

  • roberthenderson

    Another great contest and at a great time. Thanks much

  • Marc

    The best present I ever received was the TMNT Technodrome when I was a kid. It was amazing!

  • aelzeftawi

    Waiting for my next surprise!

  • Jo Po

    The best present i ever recieved was from my grandfather…after all the rest of the family left Christmas night they called me back up pretending that they saw something out on the porch( hinting at it being santa) I somewhat nervously walked out open the door and there was a wrapped gift I didnt even touch it i was so excited I ran back inside and was shouting…eventually my grandfather picked it up and said it had my name on it…I opened the gift and inside was a Power Rangers Megazord (I was obsessed with the Power Rangers at the time) that was nearly 20 years ago and I will never forget it!

  • Tucker Nebel

    I want the whiteeee.

  • Sean

    My stuffed samba when I was probably 6

  • Matt

    Best gift: autographed Dan Marino mini helmet. Never saw it coming.

  • Isaiah Schloneger

    I want the white one!

  • chad devoley

    probably ocarina of time best surprise ever my dad said he couldn’t find it anywhere. also maybe a nexus 7 😉

  • Matt

    This would go perfectly with my new Nexus 5!

  • jisaac16

    Let me win one time!! Its not even for me, I would give it to my wife!!

  • Michael Veringo

    The best present I’ve ever received is the love of my family. That’s all that matters.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    A Movado watch

  • Max Ervin

    Would make a good Christmas present for my folks!

  • Matthew Conwell

    The black one please.

  • SCF

    Sega Genesis!

  • Dustin

    the original nintendo

  • grayghost7

    My N.E.S. of course

  • daveelm

    Best gift is probably N64 back in the day. That thing was awesome. GE007 rocked.

  • Matt Laze

    Sorry to bring the mood down but that question made me think of this. The best gift I ever got was saying bye to my Granddad before he passed away. It felt like he knew it would be last the time he was going to say bye to me.

  • prankish

    I can has?

  • mikeym0p

    Give me this, and help me save hundreds on school and development books 🙂 You know you want to.

  • Adri

    Mercy from Jesus Christ

  • jfortner

    A Nexus 7 in white or black

  • Travis Young

    My best gifts were my 2 daughters. One which came the day after Christmas. Corny and sappy I know but its the truth. 🙂

  • Matt S

    The best present I have ever received (and am still receiving) is my college education 🙂

  • gsteele023

    A trip to NY to watch UK play in MSG

  • zilcher


  • Trasina M

    The best was a Kindle Fire HD because I wanted one sooo bad!

  • triciaco

    my kids

  • Cyclone_Cy


  • James Barker

    Hand made stuff from my kids…

  • fbarousse

    My first laptop: A black and white 80 by 25 characters, all text , no graphics notepad laptop computer back in 1990.

  • Dom Alegria

    Xbox 360

  • The best gift I ever received was my life.

  • Ryan Monaghan

    Give it to me

  • Kris

    GBA SP. I bought it with my birthday money.

  • Tien Pham

    Best present? a pair of jordans. lol

  • Tellas Woods

    Hard to say… But I’m loving my Droid Maxx! I’m a phone junkie!

  • Scott Thomas

    Vodka. I work retail, and the holidays require alcohol.

  • John Rowe

    Great Xmas present 🙂

  • Rohan Shankar

    A 2 day trip to Singapore

  • Daniel Jenkins

    I so badly want one of these… and I know I won’t be getting one for christmas.. 🙁

  • Moses

    Thanks for the sweet white Nexus 7

  • Icehunter

    A free college education from my mom.

  • Tony Kuligowski

    My Sega Genesis back in the day by far

  • gizzorkle

    the best present I have EVER received was my brother introducing me to Droid-Life!!! xD

  • cfreyer

    Suddenly I need this phone. 🙂

  • Hall

    A hand-drawn thank you card from one of the kid from the summer camp I was helping in. So heart warming :’)

  • LewisSD

    Stoked when I got a GameBoy and pokemon yellow version

  • Vagabnd

    Best Christmas present? My oldest child

  • luis

    Best Christmas present this year is my Moto X.

  • James Chester Anders

    PS3 from my wife! 🙂

  • imjasonc

    a BB gun when I was 10.

  • Shockey62

    Playstation 2. Such good memories

  • Jonathan Berry

    The Lego monorail set I got when I was younger was pretty memorable.

  • Haroon Dar

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate or for those who don’t celebrate like me happy holidays!

  • S.A.I

    ipad air

  • jbreakfield

    A trip to Costa Rica for my birthday

  • Kelvin Camilo

    best present. game boy pocket

  • Corey Smith

    My first computer. Got me to where I’m at in my job and proved a high school teacher wrong when he said I’d never amount to anything in computers.

  • N1c3G4i

    My N64!

  • SlipperieSlope

    Best present I ever got was leaving my home town for good and living on my own.

  • geeTOTHEpee

    The best gift I ever received for Christmas was my honda civic si. Vrooooooooom

  • Myles Harold

    Best gift I got when I was 11 or 12 my parents went store to store getting all orinal 150 pokemon cards

  • James Nichols

    Amazing. You guys always are making my day with your contest.

  • Sonic_44

    I would LOVE a white Nexus 7 to match my white Nexus 5! Pretty please!?!?

  • emoney

    best gift was the original gameboy, never had my own video game system until I got the big brick. It was glorious

  • Nathan N Michelle Mikoski

    Bringing my future wife home for Christmas and realizing she should be my wife.

  • Roga

    My Game Boy Color with Pokemon Blue.

  • Jay Proffe

    Original NES…still remember opening it up and playing it that night in awe.

  • ThomasMoneyhon


  • Rita Corey

    My darling daughter

  • Ron_Swanson

    A hamburger shaped like Lil Sebastian

  • watchthesky

    My iPad a few years ago, though I’d love to win an android tablet and be able to regift it to my nephew.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    best present i ever got was a PS one when they first came out

  • ajm531

    german shepard puppie!

  • Brian S.

    tablets are cool!

  • Dion Holmes


  • Shams Alkari

    Definitely the gift of working at the apple store, and seeing the look on my coworkers faces when I pull out my Nexus 5.. yea, I’m pretty sure thats it.

  • e4tmyl33t

    A t-shirt that just says ‘meh.’ It’s simple, but it’s my outlook on most things.

  • Meaghan

    first computer..

  • Annette

    In 4th grade I got a small Suzuki motorcycle,

  • Koma

    the first xbox system

  • SirLandry

    My Batman BMX Bike with training wheels!

  • ZT

    I search for a deal on this tablet everyday!

  • 994196003

    A NES

  • cocchino

    a pair of ice skates

  • Jeff White

    my wife

  • Ben

    a new car 🙂

  • Kirk Mosquera

    the best gift i have ever received is a red life size power ranger as a kid haha

  • Chris

    Actually, it was a Super Nintendo haha

  • Mike

    The Jurassic Park compound with the break off pieces and real lights and sounds!

  • Justin Enz

    probably my first video game system when I was a kid, the Colecovision

  • Jason Deck

    Santa, I can Haz Tablet?

  • bucwylde23

    probably the Nintendo 64…

  • justgilb

    Spending time with family is the best gift.

  • spangler

    NEC Turbo Duo. Or getting engaged. It’s a toss up

  • rogue05

    If i win this, i will finally be able to join the masses as a tablet owner.

  • Andy Blystone

    Asus TF201… if only i hadn’t used it to challenge newton’s most famous theories on my driveway(by accident of course…)

  • ejtsang

    The gift of life! Thanks mom and dad! lol

  • Marshad Abdulla

    Give me the Nexus 7 this time 🙂

  • Hugo Arias


  • Liz A

    a laptop

  • TheMadGasser

    The news my grandma was cancer free

  • tcoffin88

    Would love to win this bad boy!

  • Brian Bower

    a car

  • David

    Well, I did not win the Megamillions so I could settle for a Nexus.

  • mu5a5hi

    The best present I ever received was a Bandai Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie For Christmas in either 1984 or 85. Still have that on my shelf. And a Skull tattoo to go with it

    • spangler

      I still have at least half of mine hiding in a box at my mom’s house somewhere.

  • androidaw

    The original NES.

  • mistergrub

    My little cousin give me his first sculpture he built in middle school.

  • JoeN

    It”d be my girl, uh ya know 🙂

  • Edwin Tablada

    Sega Genesis

  • HieuDo

    New skiis

  • Dayveetoe

    A belt the week after my old one ripped.

  • Dillon Hughes

    The best present I ever received was probably my car in high school 😛

  • gomorrah

    This Nexus 7…

  • Jason

    Red Rider bb gun

  • Trinidru



    Xbox One was a surprise gift

  • Nexus 7 White is beauty with power.

  • Walker Citterman

    Woohoo nexus

  • Larry Franks

    Castle Grayskull!

  • droyd4life

    Guitar hero, way back when I was in middle school

  • Joseph

    I would really love to upgrade my Nexus 7 2012 to this 🙂

  • cole train

    My SUV even though it was gas guzzler. A mercury mountaineer

  • slkie

    The best present i ever received is a galaxy note 2….for this year’s valentine!!!!

  • Chris Lai

    Super Giraffe as my gift :3

  • Gary Hamrick

    Time with my Dad before he passed.

  • Carmichael Sherman

    Omg. The best gift I received was a playstation 2, old school but I loved it, what got me into gaming and electronics. Hope I win.

  • muddy46

    Hopefully this Nexus 7 in black. 😀

  • John Om

    probably the ps4 i got myself for my birthday

  • ddoyle98321

    My two front teeth.

  • Floski

    Those zoids from the 90’s! You build em and they moved! I got the huge brachiosaurus.

  • DavidB

    White FTW!

  • Kevd

    Another generous contest. You guys rock!

  • RM

    I’ll take a black Nexus 7

  • Matthew Fura

    It’s a toss up. Either the night my bro and I waited for my Dad to come home with NBA Jam for my Genesis, or, when I was much younger, getting The Adventures of Bayou Billy for my NES. I was up at 5AM playing that game. Probobly my best Christmas memory.

  • Byron Galvez

    The original NES Xmas 1986!!!!

  • RoboRobP

    best present is my 50inch plasma tv

  • marechal

    NINTENDO 64!!!!!

  • Kurt Landis

    Best Present Ever is when I got….. 🙂

  • ryan savini

    2 years ago my older sister gave me a simple christmas ornament. it was a stocking that said “Worlds Best Uncle”….. thats how she told me that she was going to have 2 beautiful girls and they’re both my God Daughters! it was the most amazing gift i have ever received.

  • Jihoon K

    A new car

  • Rob

    Would love to win this. I’d give it as a gift.

  • Anthony

    a bike

  • brad6570

    This is awesome!

  • Javier Martinez

    The best gift I ever received was being able to come home from my deployment to Afganisthan. I’m hoping this year I can come home again and bring back this Nexus 7 with me to watch movies with!

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    2012 Nexus 7 before the screen broke. a new Nexus 7 would be awesome.

  • naycire

    Best gift is being able to spend Christmas with loved ones.

  • Elizabeth Koger

    The best gift I ever got was my wonderful daughter!!!!

  • Megan Watson

    The year my husband totally surprised me with a TiVo. It had just come out .

  • Rhett Bass

    Still haven’t broken down and bought a tablet yet. A free one would be one of the better deals I’ve seen…

  • Ernie Manning

    My best christmas present was my first JVC video camera as a kid

  • KT

    I got my nexus 5 as my birthday present!

  • GadGet Techie Freak.

    The best gift i ever received ,my first chrisma present Sheaffer Pen.

  • bdbd

    Need a nexus 7

  • John

    I want that nexus, as my 1st gen ipad is tired. Help me out. I will be your buddy, I may even tuck you in at night.

  • Zachary Stauffer

    A nice Android watch from my sister

  • BikerBob1789

    first set of legos

  • Ken Hayes

    Air plane tickets for vacation!

  • Jonik Cannon

    my first mt bike(space) with the glow in the dark tires and handle bars

  • snoopykul

    my wife

  • Best present I’ve ever received would probably be the Xbox One I got this year.

  • Kkalian311

    Soccer scarves

  • Rodeojones000

    Best present: Original NES I got when I was 12. My brother and I probably didn’t sleep for a week because all we did was play video games.

  • Joe Landry

    My new laptop, which I got for Christmas/Birthday/Graduation. I love it!


    I’m selling a PS4. Sticking to my PS3 instead.

  • DalekG


  • Michael Forte

    N64 and Starfox for Christmas.

  • Damian

    A plane ticket to Vegas!

  • Tyler

    I like free toys =)

  • brandito

    Money is always the best gift

  • Matt Sasges

    I’d have to say a car on my 16th birthday…oh so many years ago lol

  • David Rodriguez

    My best present ever was my laptop years ago.

  • Peter Huynh Dien

    I remember getting the original Fat PSP. Gift from my oldest brother to his 2 younger brothers.

  • ST

    Black one please! Thanks!

  • Francis Scardino

    Omegasupreme. Way back in the day. Full setup. It was the present that ruled them all.

  • Sterling

    It looks awesome

  • Ethan

    Sega Genesis.

  • Andrew Chiu

    I got a neon batman signal light.

  • Eric Geders

    ‘Homeworld’ for the PC.

  • Scott H

    My original Transformer is getting tired – would be a lovely Christmas present!

  • gwestbrook7

    I want this so bad…c’mon Santa I’ve been good!

  • Mike Oliveira

    The Best present I ever got was from my wife last year on Father’s Day. My wife gave me a tf300 tablet, I was such a nice gesture and I had wanted a tablet for ever. Fast Forward about 2 months. I had just gotten it rooted and rommed… and sure enough. My daughter knocks it off the table and splat, its dead. Been wanting a new tablet ever since. I just keep entering these contests, in hopes of some luck.! Thanks Droid-Life for the chance to win.

  • sam_evans7

    A car as a teenager. Even though it was a clunker…

  • Great gift I received was a hat to the college I wanted to attend. My parents bought the hat and gave it to me for Christmas as their way of telling me I was going to go to college, where I wanted to go.

  • Brian Caputo

    Best present i ever received was two tickets to the 2012 NHL Winter Classic

  • Elementality


  • Donald Sweeper

    I want the white one!

    • Donald Sweeper

      Soudwave transformer

  • jo_stv

    Cash! really Cold and hard! 😀

  • david05cm

    Awesome gift, just in time for the holidays!

  • chachie

    santa gave me a flesh light and it was incredilbe

  • Ben Dyer

    A XBox with kinect from my mother in law

  • Desolater

    I want to win ! Thanks DL

  • merccoupe

    Replace my iPad,please!

  • CheeseMcGee

    This Nexus 7 is my best gift ever!

  • vvtim


  • antwonw

    At the time, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • BG

    Yarai mixing glass!

  • Jem

    Definitely when I was a kid my original Xbox. I played that thing forever.

  • Rich Eakin

    The best present I’ve ever gotten was the love of my kids

  • blockhead___

    Probably a night time helicopter ride over LA.

  • Craig P

    I’d gladly take the upgrade from my ’12 n7. Best gift: XBox!

  • martyhalpern

    Best present ever? I met my wife at a Christmas party given by one of the employees where we both worked at the time; I moved in with her a few days later.

  • Milind Shah

    My electric guitar! :’)

  • uncle baldie66

    A turntable, from my wife, so I can enjoy my vinyl collections again.

  • aberose

    Ask and you shall receive

  • Malik

    A Gamecube with 4 controller and probably 6 games. Pops put it all in a large box and told me and my brother it was a printer for my mom

  • Daniel H. Kim

    Mach 5 plastic model

  • silverWRX03

    Love it.

  • Richard Shane Cannon


  • Christian Farr

    rc cars as a kid man those were my favorite

  • iamwac

    the original gameboy way back when.. loved that thing

  • Robert

    A large cheese pizza covered in bacon….serious! lol

  • John Raynor

    Droid life rocks! Best present ever, red Ryder bb gun.

  • Miguel

    GI Joe with the kung fun grip.

  • The best present I’ve ever received would have to be my first phone, a Motorola Razor lol. I’ve never been so excited just for my first phone.

  • Scotty

    Many thanks for the contest. Happy holidays!

  • Lawrence Garcia

    Mine were getting a Sega Game Gear and Nintendo Gameboy Advance

  • Javier Reyes

    Probably when i recieve a NES a long time ago, when i was 8 yars old.

  • Danny Damore

    Puhleeeeze hook me up!

  • cptsashimi

    Probably my Atari 2600 back in the day. Happy day.

  • Jamie Lopez

    The best present I received was a transformer when I was a kid!

  • WBSkeet

    Would like to add this to the family line-up.

  • Leonard Wong

    Schooling. Nothing beats that!!

  • B C

    galaxy tab 10.1 google edition

  • Cory Mucino

    Best present I’ve gotten so far is probably my awesome family! They’re a gift i receive daily!!!

  • sean.yesmunt

    Will go great with my G2 running CM 11!

  • John E. Jablonski

    My “troublemaker” Jayne Cobb t-shirt. 🙂

  • Johannes

    Sleep phones

  • Raffi Arabian

    All I want for Xmas is a Nexus 7… please!

  • dat first og nes

  • Black please and thank you!

  • dguy25

    A whole gaming PC

  • metric_chicken

    The best present I have ever received was an erector set

  • Ben McCracken

    Perhaps it’s not really a present per-se, but I think my CR-48 is my favorite. It arrived in December, that counts right?

  • Chris K

    best friend returning early from deployment

  • matt

    nexus 7

  • nind

    first watch lol


    Tmnt car that shot pizzas as weapons!

  • mike


  • Edward Crosby

    This would be a great gift for my parents

  • Dave S.

    This is a comment!

  • Geran Smith


  • AdamSchuster

    Pick me!

  • kmanns

    Best gift? My friends and family.

  • corey lefebvre

    My best Christmas present ever was an mp3 player my wife sent me when I was in Iraq. She preloaded all of our favorite songs on it. I listened to it everyday while we were in blackout through Christmas that year.

  • rlorenz

    Back in the day, I got a Sega Dreamcast. That thing was sweet for the time. Good memories…

  • Happybains

    Being blessed and good health 🙂

  • HankN03

    The 60″ TV I gave myself this year. 🙂

  • Mahmoud El-Shafey

    Emmm, I guess it was a box signed by DL with this Nexus 7 inside 😀

  • MR

    Three obscure volumes about WW2.

  • tritongreek

    Awesome would be a cool gift for the Kids.

  • cb

    Agreed with prior, N64!

  • Gunnar Jones

    The best present ever was my wallet that my son have me. It’s been 4 years and the thing is still here. Albeit, in less than perfect condition.

  • MrOrange645

    Optimus Prime. Nuf said

  • corey lefebvre

    Woohoo…DL is rockin it this year!

  • Greg Robinson

    My son.

  • Louis Parrilla

    this would be great for me.

  • Owewil3225

    ps1 was the best gift ever!

  • Mistah Mark

    This life to serve others.

  • Z


  • david

    The best present I ever got was a bmx bike when I was 15

  • Jason Maze

    Stereo when I was 12

  • Sam Monty

    Got a PS3 from my brother.

  • Brian Stewart

    Definitely cash I received one year for Christmas.

  • Dustin Newkirk

    Probably my special edition gameboy advanced sp

  • CasperTFG

    Atari 2600


    Best present I have ever received? My Nexus 7!

  • BufordT79


  • Ed Marston

    Nexus 7? Count me in on this drawing.

  • Daniel McClure

    Best Present: Last minute plane tickets to see my parents for xmas after not seeing them for 5 years. Amazing gift!

  • Kaustubh Ghanekar

    This will be the best one if I will receive it…. otherwise a leather phone case I received last time.

  • James Jacobs

    Would love to update my nexus 7 (2012) to a 2013 model!

  • Dedrick

    Nexus 7 (2013) is better than an Ipad (any version)

  • gamafree

    The best present I ever received is a trip to the West Indies.

  • Mike Keefner

    I think i woupd have to go with my awesome puppy that i got for christmas last year

  • Noeltorious


  • Justin W

    Probably the OG Droid 🙂

  • Billyt

    My two front teeth!

  • Patrick

    A trip to Florida

  • Michael

    Super Nintendo!

  • szook36

    Probably my nexus 5!! Early Christmas gift!!

  • subraya Assoldekar

    The best present I’ve ever received is a Laptop!

  • carlos

    Please lord let it be me

  • JonathonFlores

    I want one

  • hubbabuhloo

    amazon kindle was is and forever will be one of my favs

  • mike dunham


  • I haven’t receive any gift as good as this one.

  • alexus

    me me pick me))

  • zaraki921

    The Sword of Omens from Thundercats! the 80’s were glorious

  • Brian

    An Ipod 5th gen video

  • A gift card is one of the best presents, that I have ever received.

  • Jimmie T

    Best present ever was the G1, changed my outlook on electronics!

  • Shifty

    I got an aquarium when I was about 12. It was 10 gallons of awesome.

  • yummy

    Gallon of maple syrup

  • Dave Blachowicz

    Best gift, my first new bike.

  • Aaron

    when i think of white devices i think dirty… or the potential to show dirt. Black for me.

  • Mrjharrod

    Super Nintendo!

  • tbonez

    neentendo siextee foooooour!!!!!

  • rwvoss

    my best gift might have been my original Nintendo way back when….


    I have not received it yet, and that would be the Nexus 7 Black.

  • Daisy BB gun

  • Terrance Hughes

    Dukes Of Hazard race car track!

  • Mantis99

    A mini N10

  • BeHereNow8484

    My wife needs this 🙂

  • Ricardo Alegria

    This would be my first tablet ever.

  • Tom Dyer

    The best present I ever received was an 80 Trans am when I was 17.

  • Mike McDaniel


  • ego

    My dog, Hershey!!!

  • Jawboe

    The best gift was a motorcycle

  • André Berry

    My Kimber Eclipse Custom II

  • Blue Champion bicycle when I was about 10, road that thing into the ground.

  • Jerry Goodridge

    Wife got me a Fender Stratocaster two years ago.

  • Brian Miller

    Best gift ever as a kid, was an 8 foot oval slot car track

  • TheDevil

    An Intellivision system.

  • Kenny Tse

    a newborn baby!

  • Brent Newcomb

    The best gift I have ever received was new wife..I am getting married on Jan 8. I would love to give this tablet to my new wife.. Love you guys @t Droid Life

  • David M. Garcia

    I wanna win soooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jaime Kerr

    I gave myself the perfect gift in the form of a divorce!

  • qbix

    The day I got my NES changed my life. I’ve been gaming ever since.

  • Edinson Esp

    Nexus 4

  • bartclantrash

    The best gift I got was when my Dad came home from the war right before Christmas! Best. Gift. Ever.

  • Dusty Koger

    The best gift I’ve ever gotten is my first smartphone. The OG Moto Droid. Then I found Droid-Life and my world was complete.

  • Franz

    This would be nice!

  • Matthew Muysson

    It was definitely that handheld fishing game that looked like the stub or a rod and reel back when I was 11….good memories….

  • KRS_Won

    The original Nintendo!

  • Nick Johnson

    PlayStation 3

  • sukhyung

    dreamcast for me too

  • Jim Wosz

    My children

  • Shyam Assoldekar

    The Best Present I’ve ever received is a Smartphone!!!

  • j boner

    nintendo 64 hands down

  • Wolfgang71

    I would love this thing!

  • Jacob

    best present, hmmm…got to be one i received 4 days early; my son!

  • Justin

    The best present I had ever received was the Nintendo 64 the year it came out, what made it awesome was my Dad hid it from me and my brothers and we were so bummed because I thought we didn’t get anything until my Dad called home and said “well there was a problem…” I had my head hanging low and asked “Why? What happened?”… thinking my Dad was going to tell me “it is too expensive right now son.” because I grew up poor I was pretty bummed, until my Dad said ” the problem actually is I hid it in the house and I have no idea where I put it……..(as he chuckles)…sooooo I think maybe you better start looking around the house and see if maybe you can find it ” to my excitement I screamed “DAD HID IT!!!!! IT”S IN THE HOUSE SOMEWHERE!!!” and I thanked my Dad with my voice filled with enjoyment and said good bye and ended up finding my Nintendo 64 in my closet. That memory will stay with me forever. 🙂

  • Jason Low

    Galaxy Nexus!

  • Paul

    A one year subscription to the jelly of the month club.

  • jared durrant

    My gs4

  • NPR_aficionado

    Best gift I ever received was the gift of Fatherhood, I love my two little ones!

  • muscal

    Best present would have to be Dreamcast. I was so jealous my cousin got one 4 months before i did but it made me appreciate it that much more. It truly was a system ahead of it’s time. In fact, i want to go pull it out of the box and fire it up now. Thanks for the contest DL!

  • Shssael Perez

    Bicycle at age 7. Best gift ever!

  • MrDude

    As I get older, I tend to appreciate when I get underwear and socks

  • Darrell W. Crethers

    I need this!!!

  • Tony

    Best present ever received would be this because I’m from the FUTURE!

  • Stephen Curley

    Best present ever? Atari 2600!

  • Michael Harman

    My red swingline stapler

  • Mike Dillinger

    HE-MAN’s Castle Greyskull

  • Chris

    This would be a first for me. Never owned a tablet.

  • Adrian G.

    I’d have to say my first 3D game console, the Nintendo 64… Nothing before or since had been so exciting to receive, and I don’t think I’ve come close to the amount of play time I logged on it as a kid even with the plethora of consoles out now!

  • davehuze

    I could use some Nexus goodness!

  • FelisLachesis

    I don’t even remember. Cash?

  • Timothy

    Probably my guitar.

  • Team7

    I can use a new Nexus 7!

  • Michael Thomas Maliszewski Jr.

    My nexus 10 would have to be the best present ever!

  • Trevor Vass

    A sandwich

  • Luis Castillo

    Dame mi Nexus 7…Please

  • Jason Stuhmer

    My most memorable present was probably my original NES back in 1985. Holy crap! I can’t believe it’s been that long.

  • Even_Steven805


  • David Rhiley


  • mreams13

    A trip to PR.

  • Ratamacue2


  • Corey Hedberg

    Definitely my Nexus 7 v1.0 on Christmas last year. Let’s make it 2 for 2, DL.

  • Gordy Acosta

    My first car.

  • Jim

    Best present was being able to spend one last Xmas with my Dad before he passed away

  • Adam Kaczmarek

    Awesome Christmas gift!

  • Ester

    Best present ever received was an xbox 360 To myself.

  • epps720

    It used to be a huge Vultron when I was a kid. Now it’s my daughter that was just born

  • 2_4_16_256

    Keys to my 94 Camaro z28

  • Nick

    Best gift was last year – a waffle iron – cause dude whats better than some tasty waffles

  • Anthony

    This nexus

  • David

    Best gift ever – salvation. Sorry to get so deep on you, but I gotta keep it real.

  • Jeff Stump

    Peace on earth….

  • Jeff

    Thanks again

  • Tommy M

    Sweet that wild make a good gift for some one. It could also make a good gift for me…

  • Darshan Shah

    pick me pick me pick me

  • tfrankson

    Hope I get picked

  • KenBarnum

    A spatula

  • Clift

    Actually can’t remember

  • Mark Bailey

    The motherboard for my first computer build!

  • dannyWHITE

    It will be the Nexus 7 from Droid Life!!! 😉

  • Treknologist

    Best gift has to be my parents paying for my professional education. Hard to beat as a gift that I will always be thankful for.

  • Brandon Yip

    dis is soh great

  • Ian Goh

    Cash. A whole 10 dollars.

  • Victor Epée

    A book

  • MarC

    Would <3 to have 1!! 🙂

  • Eyal Shalev

    Paintings of Doctor Who, from my girlfriend.

  • James Serao

    Best present I ever received was last year when my wife told me that she was pregnant with my son!

  • Nonso Anyanti

    nexus 7 has one of the best displays on a tablets its size

  • Abrahan Reyes

    Best companion for my Nexus 5!!

  • Jason Carlisle

    A new clutch for my car. Without it…I’d be without transportation. :-

  • willjah

    Our first personal computer an IBM Aptiva (Pentium 1 133 Mhz) Descent, the neverhood, pitfall, sim tower. Those were the days.

  • des

    A “Miracle Baby” doll …until my brother ripped its rubber skin off and exposed the robotics o.O

  • Red


  • jack

    love this site and all the awesome stuff they give out

  • OriginalMP3

    My dog Ted

  • jdroid

    White white white no black. Nexus 7 2012 is still a great tablet with Android 4.3. Of course the upgraded screen on the Nexus 7 2013 is better. Great give away, whoever wins will enjoy.

  • Clift

    The 2012 model was pretty good…. 2013 even better

  • DC_Guy

    Pick me please. I’ll take a black one.

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Best present I ever received was when I was younger and the Nintendo 64 came out. I was beyond excited to plug in the system and start playing StarFox 64. Hands down the best Christmas present ever.

  • slow88lx

    Gimme gimme gimme.

  • Sajin Kasali

    HTC One S.

  • Chris Ashley

    Would love a new nexus 7

  • Ben Murphy

    Probably my best present was the Kindle Fire…I know, I know…but it was my first tablet and I just remember how excited I was opening the box. Of course it’s long gone by now (and so is my ex who got it for me)..but man the feeling has been unmatched.

  • Darthjr

    The best present I got was the lifesize Vultron remote control robot when I was real young.

  • Miguel Casis

    Merry Christmas!

  • PR

    Espresso machine

  • knoxweather

    I would love one!

  • #Hatch_Tag

    K-nex Roller Coaster

  • dmchase87

    A trip to London, Paris, and Rome!

  • Lyndon

    interesting stuff

  • Thomas Su

    A hand knit scarf.

  • T.C.

    All the years, all the contests, all I want for Christmas is to finally be able to tell my ma’ that I’m a winner.

  • James Hill

    My Children.

  • Daniel M.

    I want one!

  • Nate Loos

    Yes please <3

  • Augustin

    $500 cash. Can’t go wrong with hard currency.

  • Jonathan Figueroa

    A small wooden rocking horse.

  • Khaf

    Time to complete my Nexus connection.

  • Steve Ciszewski

    Awesome, good luck everyone

  • Axed Salmon

    I’m gonna have to go with N64 as well

  • Li lei

    Best present was a xbox 360 last year.

  • Shawn Tillman

    The best present I received was the OG Nintendo back in the day!!!

  • John Diggs

    Probably the original NES I got when I was little.

  • Mark Schacter

    My best present is a toss up: Super City, Zeroid Action Set and this Nexus 7 (in white)

  • Benjamin Pollard

    The best present I ever received was a nexus 7 from Droid Life!

  • grayson360

    My father gave me the opportunity of college. Nothing will ever be better.

  • Kris Frausto

    Not trying to be /that/ guy, but it really was a Nintendo 64.

  • Dan Lopez

    Well winning this would be sweet.

  • Ed Chen

    Original xbox.

  • Parkin

    Totally Awesome

  • I love DL

  • JZ

    Hmm, probably my first laptop!

  • Christopher Armendariz

    Being with my family celebrating my birthday on Christmas eve! ..and a PS3 a couple years ago 😉

  • Kevin

    Thanks for all these gift opportunities!

  • Shuang L De Jesus

    When ever i think about cool christmas gifts i’ve gotten i always think back to 1st grade when i got all 4 Ninja Turtles GIANT action figures… they were like 2 feet tall them things. I always regret not keeping them somehow. I dont remember what happened to them.

  • geekbabe

    probably the purpla fake fur bathrobe my kids got me years ago, I was 8 months pregnant and looked like Barney the dinosaur wearing it 🙂

  • Yuvs

    Two boxes of Maltesers and A Grumpy Book by Grumpy Cat =)

  • Tiago Gageiro

    I guess it was my Mega Drive!

  • ostensibly


  • Scott Jordan

    New N7. Who wouldn’t want one

  • wakefinance


  • Tomek Ptak

    A Sony mini disc player and thanks to it I can’t go anywhere now without listening to some music.

  • Billy Sweeney

    An Asus Transformer TF300 for Christmas last year.

  • Dreadscar

    much win! such happy!

  • Dharm Patel

    i would love to finally own a nexus device

  • My Name Is Fred

    Tattoo from my girlfriend!

  • mrjayviper

    hi 🙂

  • Jake

    iPhone 4s

  • Justin Bontrager

    Sega Genesis.

  • 66pens


  • DonS

    Best present? My daughter and soon to be born son.

  • roswellraygun

    My best present was my first mp3 player in 2000

  • jeesung

    Commodore 64

  • Matthew Cheung

    The best gift I’ve ever received was an iPad.

  • Brian Wingert

    Having a family is the best gift I could ever ask for.

  • Kevin

    My first car!

  • djupgrayedd

    The best present I have ever received would be the Nexus 7 that I’m about to win.

  • Chad

    My B-day is on X-mas eve and what a gift it would be.

  • Abhi-nay

    Is this an international giveaway?

  • jamdev12

    The best present was coming back home alive from Iraq after OIF3.

  • jaylanPHNX

    Love it. I know i won’t be getting one for Christmas.

  • Dan

    DroidLife has the best giveaways by far!

  • Finire

    Such a lovely little toy

  • Bennie

    The original Nintendo (and yes, it still works, playing Super Tecmo Bowl as I type). I would love a Nexus 7, color doesn’t matter.

  • cheesse

    Apple IIe

  • Brian


  • Aaron Sassoon

    You guys are awesome, best present was my first slr camera

  • MI95SHO

    Getting the small block to my sandrail project. Finally able to make some progress.

  • BlynkOfAnEye

    my last snowboard 🙂

  • Mike Lamb

    best present was original Nintendo with duck hunt

  • Eamonn Locke

    Toss up between PS1 with FFVII or talkboy from Home Alone.

  • spaine_81

    Two college friends paid for a semester of school so I could graduate.

  • wxruss8

    I’d love to win one of these for my Dad

  • Martin

    Atari 2600

  • Anthony Zulueta

    my first car…

  • Christopher Talavera

    Didn’t hit the lotto so maybe I can win a Nexus lol

  • Godzilla

    I never win anything

  • Shawn Spring

    Let’s get that white joint here yeah.

  • jthompson0019

    Pick me!

  • Kenoflo

    Best present: my N10 last year… which has since been usurped by my children. This year… N7. Which I will promptly be hiding from them.

  • Severo Rivera

    Best gift I have ever gotten this year is my Nexus 5 🙂

  • alershka

    I got all the parts (cpu, motherboard, etc) to build a new PC. Was a great gift

  • Jose Luis Nava

    I want it. I just lost mine last night!

  • antinorm

    That one time I got a was the greatest Christmas ever.

  • HonKudasai

    It’d be a nice upgrade to my 2012 Nexus 7. It’s really gotten slow…

  • LinuxKnight

    My OG NES with Super Mario, and Knight Rider… best Christmas as a kid 😉

  • Brian Turner

    Han Solo figure with Carbonite stand. Then my sister lost it. 🙁

  • slvrbullet

    Would love to win anything at this point….

  • Heriberto Padilla

    Best present I’ve received was the original GameBoy back in the early nineties!

  • Levi Heintzelman

    Nintendo 64!

  • kenneth hargrow ii

    The best gift I ever got was a Sega Genesis with Mortal Kombat 1 and the guide book that let me unlock the blood code.

  • Dennis Moore

    the original nes

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Definitely my playstation 2… ahhh memories!

  • Eric Wilborn

    I married my wife on 12/5… it was a 20-day-early Christmas present.

  • Alex Boro

    My custom PC probably.

  • Major517

    I would love to get my hands on a new Nexus 7. My kids have taken over my other tablet.

  • Jeremy

    Ready to hopefully have a tablet!

  • josh_yth

    Good luck everyone!

  • Jai

    Please Let me win! 🙂

  • Kevin Kranzky

    A dog.

  • tu3218

    Xbox 360 in 2005. Found out my dad had spent the night out in front of a Best Buy, in the rain to get me one since they were impossible to find. I was the happiest guy on Christmas! Such a great surprise. 8 years later it’d be nice to surprise him with a Nexus 7!

  • Danny R

    Best Present I have ever was my legos, although Evil when stepped on, they always made me happy no matter what. Endless possibilities.

  • Brian Murphy

    The best present I ever recieved was the year my parents got me an ATV!

  • Yuri Rimonto

    Hello guys! Good luck!

  • TC Infantino

    A new laptop.

  • David Lopez

    man I always got random stuff. nothing I ever really wanted… sad face

  • JamisonFrady

    A car

  • Troy Fillerup

    Looks like a good Christmas present

  • SteveG12543

    My PS3!

  • Youngfella

    My sister surviving 9/11 in one of the buildings that was hit.

  • WhiteKnightM

    Best present ever? Gotta be the new car I got last year!

  • creator78

    Nexus 7 32 GB (2013) tablet in white or black is the best present I will ever receive

  • JaM

    Anything my kids make or have my wife buy for me

  • Nexus 4 was my Christmas present last year, and it was a great little phone.

  • Pat B

    Beer brewing kit!

  • Rico San

    Best gift? The downpayment on my 2009 Toyota RAV4.

  • Mike Ranucci

    Probably the gameboy color when it was a hot item.

  • Brandon K

    I need this badly!

  • Joshua Loggins


  • Anthony Watts

    Best present ever? My Takamine G241.

  • Vlad Bramonth

    Best present I’ve received is a trip to Mexico.

  • attarmarwane

    A IBANEZ guitar

  • f0r71fy

    I gotta have one of these!

  • attarmarwane

    Good luck everyone!

  • Adam

    My wife signed me up for a sausage-making class. Awesomeness.

  • DennisHeffernan

    Best present I ever received…probably my Galaxy Note II.

  • Patrick Hulton

    The figure 8 electric race car track I got when I was about 7 or 8.

  • Julio Hijar

    Black one if possible ! Would like to surprise the future in-laws and see if I can bring them over to the droid side

  • Fernando Gomez-Baquero

    Merry Xmas to me.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    I think the best gift I ever received was a GameBoy in black. One of the old bricks back when they were the bee’s knees in 1995.

  • Tom Erlandsen

    Please DL, a Nexus 7 under my tree would certainly make this Christmas a good’un for me 😀

  • Dave Harrison

    Black please. I don’t like white.

  • Owen Howe


  • Fawad Tahiri

    My HTC One my first real smart phone.

  • Frank


    Would love this tablet

  • Alex Calvillo

    Would make an awesome gift

  • elDuendeVerde

    SNES. Christmas 1992. Best present ever.

    • Reginald Jefferson

      You too eh?

  • Mark Kisiel

    New socks and underwear!

  • Adam Buchwitz

    Remote control car!

  • Patrick Sterenchuk

    There have been many. A 2 1/2 week trip, to Rome and London, when I was seventeen, from a wealthy great aunt and uncle. Pretty eye opening and life changing.

  • Leo Sanchez

    I miss circuit city

  • David Dudovitz

    Nexus 7!

  • ultraviolence

    Would really mean a lot.

  • sophocles

    a Nexus 7 2013 from DL

  • Dabestfooever


  • Ryan Verley

    The hidden compartment box given to me by my best friend for my birthday, still one of the most useful things I own.

  • Eric

    My Camaro!

  • James

    Sorry we’re LOUD
    -12th Man

    credit: Homer’s Apparel

    • james

      oops…follow the rules…

      my psvita…

  • Psyko

    Both of my Droids!

  • James

    Cooooooomon down!!!!

  • Christian Velardo

    The best present I’ve ever received was “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” when it came out!

  • crystal s

    An NES when they first came out!

  • Jon X.

    A nice family vacation.

  • Jhan-Michael Lyons

    would be this one if i got it 🙂

  • Dustin

    OOoooo, what a nice Christmas present…..would be nice to have one! 😉

  • Mark Thibault

    Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time – gold cartridge, strategy guide, and replica ocarina flute with sheet music.

  • eessel

    I vanna vin!

  • Joaquín Tuduri

    Rockband Drums for the Wii.

  • jamie57

    Probably my keurig machine because that seems to be the gift I have gotten the most use out of.

  • Benjamin Choi

    just saw someone else with the same post but…. nintendo 64.

  • Jorge Gonzalez

    An Xbox 360 Elite the week it was released.

  • Jeff

    Probably some socks and underwear.

  • Mark Fung

    best present I got was a galaxy nexus back in the day….

  • Selina Ramirez

    The original Nintendo with the Power Pad!!!

  • D Myers

    What is the best gift I ever got for Christmas… hrm.. going to say negative pregnacy test from my girlfriend at the time…

  • Kevin Ahoy

    Colecovision Pac Man when I was nine

  • CKJ

    Nexus Please!

  • Neal Wettstein

    Hopefully a Google Nexus 7 from Droid-Life!

  • Kevin Ahoy

    Love to win a black one.

  • jbrew78

    NBA Jams on Sega Genesis. Best game ever.

  • joshuauy


  • Bruce Wayne

    Best gift I ever received was anal sex on Christmas morning from my wife…

  • Smashcat

    Gooby pls. I want to show off dat white to my friends!

  • Jack Weekes


  • Samuel Ames

    PS2 @ 13!

  • David Phelps

    An acoustic/electric ukelele

  • Eddie J Camacho

    Being an inner city kid back in the 90s I had 1 best gift and that was a Gameboy color with multiple games especially Pokemon loved destroying my friends Pokemon while being linked through wires

  • Scott

    Trip to Florida

  • Chris G

    Tickets to the knicks game….yes pretty sad

  • JustinRhode

    The best present i have ever received i got twice. My two little girls.

  • D Smith


  • Nathan Hargrave

    My first car

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    Best present? Probably the LG Decoy way back when. Don’t laugh.

  • Jon

    My best Christmas present ever was my second guitar. A hot rod red Fender Fat Stratocaster with a nice hardshell case. It’s what pushed me to keep playing music!

  • Pratik

    well this time it should be me!!!

  • jaredgreenwald

    Would love to replace my older 2012 N7 tablet that has a broken screen and is only half usable.

  • Michael Ramirez

    I had my daughter on Christmas day. The best present EVER!

  • Brian T

    my first flashlight, brought me into the world of consumer electronics

  • Yash Khandelwal

    My nexus 5

  • Will Nuzum

    My camera. Digital slr

  • avataranjie

    My friends.

  • robertlwalters


  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    PS4 my early gift, lovin it

  • Damon C. Walden

    Best presents have always come from my wife, she knows me all too well lol

  • Phill_S

    Amiga 500, those were the days.

  • ok4me2xlr8

    A ps2 when I was younger!

  • Dan Stuhlsatz

    i would love to get this for my wife. thanks guys

  • Stephen Box

    I would love to win this to give to my wife who’s Xoom just died

  • Sparktweek

    The best present I’ve ever received/given was getting engaged to my wife, 16 years ago.

  • hamiltonsfan


  • Stevie V

    SuperNES was my favorite Christmas gift as a child.

  • TheDrizzle

    A toy Godzilla!

  • Conor Most

    I really want the white one to match my white Nexus 5.

  • Rechie

    Wasn’t just for me but back then in the Philippines me and my brothers received a Super Famicom from our parents for Christmas. Those were the days. We played it non-stop.

  • hmz04

    I’ll take it.

  • David


  • Joe

    Probably a personal coffee pour over mug I received this year. LOVE it

  • smisa27

    The best present I’ve ever received is probably a pillow my girlfriend made me. She made a black pillow with a male and female Android for Valentine’s.

  • Zakath DeCarvalho

    My first car 1970vw type 3 lots of good times.

  • Andreas Hennig

    That Nexus would be a great Christmas gift!!!

  • jared_howard

    Have to say original Game Boy when it first came out

  • sga204


  • Torigen

    My first car!

  • Michael

    Original NES.

  • I want the white N7 bit I just know I’d probably get it filthy within a week. Black is probably the safer way to go. ;P

  • ToddM18

    Star Wars Rogue Squadron for the Nintendo 64. Played the hell out of that thing.

  • Mogimaster

    Best present ever would have been my Super Nintendo when I was younger. I loved that thing.

  • tuname1t

    first surfboard

  • Jerry

    A PS3.

  • Teresa Wagoner

    Best present I ever received was my ereader.

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    N64 – because I’m a 90’s kid

  • mrjeff_714

    Seeing my nephew for the first time 🙂

  • ninjawarren

    Best present would be the watch my wife gave me last year; it’s great for interviews.

  • troepke

    a weekend away with my bride.

  • bryan coogler

    Power ranger gloves that went “hiiiiiiiyaa” when you did a karate chop.

  • Travis Noiles

    2014 Can Am Renegade 800r

  • Megatron

    A glock 19 and a pack of underware.

  • raynaran


  • Eduardo Bertin

    Black or white???? who cares, just let me win 😉

  • abhele

    wanna win!

  • cipsaz

    I am in.

  • bnm27

    getting to go home

  • Richard Ritter

    Based on the sheer time spent playing it, I would have to say my OG NES from Santa.

  • TheKaz1969

    probably a playstation back in the day

  • CarRamRod79

    Droid-Life you guys rock!

  • Jimmy Baez

    The best present I’ve received was probably my (now destroyed) Nexus 7 2012.

  • Ryan

    Roku box was a pretty nifty gift

  • Ryan Peters

    Xbox 360!

  • Mark

    Pick me!!

  • David

    Want one

  • InfrnalSky

    Since I won’t be getting anything for Christmas, I could really use this.

  • Irfan Kurniawan

    my life

  • CmRam


  • Charlie

    It WAS a Harvard Extension School T-shirt, I’m thinking the DL T I ordered last week is going to be even better! 🙂

  • Frothy

    Love the nexus 7. Best on the market. IPad whaaaaa?

  • ckdk44

    Need the beast mode Nexus!!!! still stuck on moto Xoom…..sigh help me out DL.

  • Samuel Victor

    the talkboy

  • A new Nexus 7?

  • Jeffrey Laird

    Gi joe with the kung fu gripe lol

  • cptngoju

    The Original NES

  • Joshua Johnson

    Hmmm….. Maybe when I got a computer?

  • pizzamanzain

    The Best present i have ever gotten is my little sister!

  • sch911


  • Stephen

    Best Present I ever got…The huffy bicycle when I was around 9 or 10.

  • mrhac

    The best present was the year the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon came out. I went into the store and bought it for myself. It was a few days before Christmas and I had the most fun ever that Christmas with it.

  • David H.

    do want

  • Matt Bard

    I’m hoping a Nexus 7 from Droid Life!

  • Russell Saisho

    The original Playstation!

  • Joseph Pojunis

    The OG Droid. I can’t even imagine how much different of a person I’d be if I never got it.

  • benjamin Kilar

    One Christmas I was able to use a satellite phone to call my family while being deployed in Iraq.

  • Trevon

    One word. Please

  • Jason Bittner

    the g/f just got me an acer w510 …. best present this year at least

  • Fox9751363

    Best present I’ve ever received is gotta be hands down My Nintendo 64.

  • Paul Christopher

    It would have to be my first paintball gun. Got me into the sport and got me to where I am today.

  • scruffykid

    Nintendo 64!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously, that was an awesome xmas

  • Mitch Joa

    i like nexii!

  • Marat Goferman

    Want to win!

  • Matt

    I got a Xoom a couple of years ago. Still using it now, but it is getting old.

  • Best present I’ve ever received is… My family and having a place to stay. I don’t know, I can’t think of anything materialistic.

  • Jason

    Mr. Bento = home cooked goodness for lunch!

  • Adam Elghor

    My first Android phone the DROID eris

  • droid209

    this would be it

  • dncVarga

    The NES

  • imnotmikal

    My Nexus 7 2012 has been acting up lately, so this would be a great replacement!

  • Matt Tabor

    This would make a nice upgrade to my noname 7″ tablet…

  • Fox Bailey

    What up g!

  • Shane Thomas

    Count me in, alas, I never win. LOL.

  • nvitone23

    Nexus 5!!!

  • Tyler Rynberg

    A drum set and drum lessons…thank you family for your unending patience.

  • Matthew Torino


  • Chris Doerman

    My wife bought me a dobro about 10 years ago. Awesome guitar…

  • Matthew Angell


  • Brittany N

    I’ve been wanting a nexus 7 since last year

  • jasonlee1

    Best present was SNES

  • Nathan Moore

    The best present I’ve ever received was my dog Isabelle who passed away a few years ago. She was my best friend.
    I hope I win!

  • jasonlee1

    Don’t delay, please pick Jay!

  • cptmcnair

    Pick me

  • Manny Wilson

    Zaxxon for my Atari 2600 that I snuck out of the box and played until 2am the night before. I still acted surprised.

  • Jeremiah Taylor

    The best present I ever received was my beautiful lil boy

  • tracer70

    A Gorf arcade when I was 13.

  • Ben Smith


  • Marikel

    The best present I’ve ever received would have to be my 2008 Nissan Altima (got it from my parents for my 16th birthday). It’s royal blue, which is my favorite color in the world.

  • VBM

    The best present I received at Christmas was, like another commenter, a Super Nintendo that was “From: Santa.”

    However, a white Nexus 7 would be an awesome Christmas gift! And if my gets me a Nexus 5… :’)

  • HT

    My NES!

  • Adrien Hawthorne

    The best Christmas present I ever got was an N64 with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And OOT was the rare gold cartridge.

  • chris125

    A yellow lab puppy under the tree. Has been with me ever since.

  • Adam Staggenborg


  • narlin

    I’ve been playing with one of these recently and really want to have one of my own!

  • Rick

    My new Nexus 7 from DroidLife 😉

  • Best present I ever received was a video game console (cartridge ones) my dad had gifted me when I was in 6th grade.
    Hmmff. it’s been long. Maybe this nexus 7 can top that. Here’s looking at you DL. 🙂

  • Benjy Bell

    Set of Taylor made golf clubs

  • Tom Marshall

    Acoustic guitar when I was 6 or 7

  • vonny571

    Glock 22 from grandpa’s collection the Christmas before he died.

  • Walter Partlo

    Cash money.

  • Alessandro Sartori

    Ps1 <3

  • David Manzi

    My old Nexus 7 ( 2012) could use an upgrade =)

  • SecurityNick

    I’d love to try a 7″ tablet. I bought my mom one last year, never thought I’d want one, but kind of dug it when I set it up for her.

  • krt2005

    Deck the halls with droid life. This blog is full of life! Love this site!

  • Gpg AZ

    Hot Wheels race track set!!!

  • Ryan Gullett

    My last laptop was the best Christmas present

  • Jamen Tyler Lang

    This Nexus 7!

  • Mike S

    Since we (or should I say my wife) are getting couches this year…….hopefully a nexus 7 would magically appear under the tree

  • Denvertoad

    Best present… my two front teeth

  • Johnny

    A new tablet would be awesome!

  • Eric

    The Nexus 7 that I am about to win! 😛

  • epidemik

    woo woo

  • schlanz

    Best gift ever was a super nintendo. I think I was 8 years old.

    I’m not even sure there’s a close second, but a new N7 definitely could be!

    • VBM

      Same here man, I was about 8 or 9 and not expecting Super Mario World & Allstars to dominate my life!

  • BrionBrown

    A 67 camaro for graduation

  • atcjeff

    Please Santa?! I’ve been sorta good, kind of. I would love a new white nexus!

  • topherct

    Custom designed Oakley goggles

  • Trevor

    I think the best present (at least most memorable) that I’ve ever gotten was the Nintendo 64 the Christmas after it was released. I think I was in middle school then. Either that or one of those bigass castle-themed Legos from probably about the same time-frame, if not a little earlier. Thanks for the contest DL Crew!

  • Fonz Salinas

    My daughter who’s in Grade 1 , and I’m proud to say she’s technologically inclined ( Btw, tech genes didn’t come from her mom). She asked Santa in a letter she wrote, for a tablet.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    My first flat screen – a 40 incher – from my father-in-law.

  • Matt

    Nexus 7 FTW!

  • Uriah Williams

    I’d love this tablet.

  • Shawn Matello

    Best present is this year’s present I haven’t gotten yet but will get Moto x done customized on motomaker

  • Ice_cold

    Best gift I received Would be the nexus 7 2112

  • mjlindamood

    I’m going to have to say my daughter. nothing will ever compare.

  • Keith G

    Tie between Nikon D90 for my 40th birthday and G.I.Joe with kung-fu grip when I was about 6. Or maybe Atari 800 computer when I was 10. Tough to decide.

  • Joe Furniss

    Do we get that android figure also.

  • blacklobo78

    My first daughter, has got to be the best. She was born a couple days before Christmas.

  • Ted Rea Jr.

    My Ruger LC9 that is small enough to use as my CCW 😀

  • ojtwelve12 .

    Best gift was my Galaxy note2. Love this phone

  • fyrhtu

    OOh; Need!

  • punkrockpaul

    A firefly Jayne hat handmade

  • Tavist78

    Atari 6400 which replaced pong

  • Jim

    Would love another one of these!

  • 4n1m4L

    1000 in 1 electronic project lab from radio shack.

  • NorCalDroid

    Galaxy Nexus was best gift ever for me.

  • jdomann


  • Mr_Pinkey

    The Tiger Talkback from Home Alone 2!

  • TokenSSDD

    My wife got me tickets to a Falcons game last year. That’s probably tied with the original Bandai MMPR Megazord that my dad got on a trip to Thailand a year before it released here. I still have it to this day, Japanese box and everything. Those are at the top of the list.

  • Evan Knofsky

    Dat Panda tab

  • derek blaney

    Sega Genesis

  • Jon Flikkema

    Yup yup.

  • devoncatt

    My Nexus 5

  • David N

    Sexy screen on that tablet!

  • Andy Marnach


  • George

    Probably my Charizard tattoo! 😀

  • Ebenezer Scrooge

    Bah! Humbug! Droid-life and all your giveaways.

  • Eker


  • Quyen Dang


  • Jon S

    My family

  • Kevin Faaborg

    Best present was getting plane tickets for me and my partner to see my family a couple years ago since I had not seen them in awhile.

  • dixonij

    My very own copy of the same cookbook my mom has with all our family recipes handwritten in the margins in front and back covers.

  • Scott Loiselle

    Best present I ever received was my Nexus 7 (2012).

  • Blasmonk

    My first “real” RC car.

  • Erika

    I haven’t received anything great in years but in high school I got this really cool embroidered dress coat. Fancy!

  • Agustin Ponce

    I might not have won the mega million last night, but my odds to win this look incredibly better! I want me some Nexus 7!

  • Trenton Wilson

    Hoping for a early Xmas present 🙂

  • rsavaiano

    Want to replace my old Nexus 7. Crossing my fingers on this.

  • Ron

    Best present was a lump of coal.

  • Jdies

    Nes… Mario /duckhunt will never be topped.

  • Will Ski

    I’be been dying to get a tablet sometime. Would be awesome to win one!

  • mikewilson1021

    The best present I ever received was when I was 7 and my parents told us we were going to Disneyland. That is also one of the best childhood memories I have as well!

  • Liz Harrison

    my ps4!

  • AMGala

    The best gift I have received is a college education paid by my parents!

  • Mr_Bucket

    Nintendo 64, definitely.

  • MJ

    A naked hot woman in a Xmas bow. Oh, wait… That never happened.

  • Kevin Mark Goodwin

    “A Christmas Story” Leg lamp!

  • rsavaiano

    Need a replacement for my older Nexus 7. Hoping I win this.

  • Scott

    Optimus Prime

  • steven sullivan

    A bicycle I got when I was 9.

  • Wesley Cazales

    Play dough. Those were the days

  • luisrb7

    my OG Droid was a gift!!!! obviously best one ever as it introduced me to wonderful Android OS

  • ThePanduuh

    My PS2. I still play it occasionally.

  • Ashton

    My playstation 3.

  • Jerry Alton

    Best Present i recieved was my Nexus 5 from my wife after my Nexus 4 went splat.

  • Landon Landsiedel

    Playstation 3.

  • jake

    Straight cash homie

  • Scott Baugh

    all the PC components through the years.

  • My first mobile phone!

  • Josh Sleeper

    Probably my N64 back in the day.
    Not sure if I’ve ever been that excited since. XD

  • maynardtwinn

    I still remember getting my N64 it was epic!

  • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

    Seeing my girlfriend cry..that was great.

  • James

    a set of golf clubs

  • LM

    Being able to be home with family for the first time in over 10 years.

  • Chip

    I want the white one so badly.

  • Alex Im

    Some people are lucky… and then there’s me. And then there are unlucky people, so I guess I got that going for me

  • Randy

    Too many choices to pick the best!

  • W. Clark

    Not being aborted and then being adopted by the best family anyone could ask for!

  • Brian

    Dat Nexus 7 tho ! :p

  • Aaron

    New Snowboard.

  • RAC

    ps3 probably

  • Billabongif

    My nexus 5!

  • Jordan Lee

    ar parrot

  • Eric Palmero

    Best Gift: Being called Christmas day by my manager to let me know I was being promoted. 🙂

  • David Belyea

    Could really use a new one to complement my N5 as Asus is being difficult with getting mine fixed, even though it’s faulty.

  • Dan

    Happly Holiday everyone!!

  • Jason Sipes

    My ThunderCats lair wayyyyy back in the ’80’s

  • wcjeep

    Merry Christmas

  • dgab

    Need a newer tablet from my Acer A500.

  • Timmy Ho

    Original NES

  • Sean

    My dad given a clean bill of health!

  • Ayyy

    a humongous blue bear that was like 6 feet tall and i was only 4~ foot tall =D

  • corymj

    a very personal gift with lots of small toys and a children’s book—it meant a lot more than any top dollar item could.

  • Bald_Sasquach

    A time machine!

  • FusionSaint

    Please oh please oh please oh please!

  • pharmdy

    This nexus 7 will be the best present ever!

  • Bryan Wickert

    My kids

  • Brian Nichols

    I want to win this!!!!!

  • NBM

    A white N7 to match my N5!

  • Michael Germany

    Probably my Playstation several years ago. This would definitely be an added bonus for a guy stuck with a Droid Incredible 2 and no tablet.

  • Özgür Celebi

    more nexus is allways better

  • jswoger

    My grandmother’s lighter. Still in my coat everyday.

  • n8

    Love Nexus!

  • Best present was probably my drumset when i was a kid. 🙂

  • FknTwizted

    White!!! I love my brother’s N7 this would be beast if i won cause i just sold my xoom!

  • @1MPitts

    Super Nintendo

  • Brad Allred

    My daughter being born just before Christmas. Best present ever☺

  • Shawn Colborn

    Check this out! It would make a great Christmas gift.

  • NeilGeorge


  • David

    First Nexus Ever!!! Nexus 4!

  • Faiz Azmi

    Will Receive LG G Pad 8.3 for present from my GF.

  • Iyvin Benjamin

    I want the white one

  • imbakhle

    Best present? N64 and Super Mario 64. I could not have possibly been happier on Christmas morning!

  • John Davids

    Would love this to drive my Parrot AR Drone 2.0 😀

  • Bobby A

    a ping pong table

  • Vince Jorvina

    I want this. Can I have this? 😀

  • Tie between my first car my parents gave me, a 94 Acura Integra LS, or my 21st birthday present to myself, a Beretta 96FS Inox .40 caliber!

  • Halim

    A lenovo laptop 😀

  • Brad Allred

    Best tablet out there in my opinion

  • valkyrie743

    best present was my father coming home from iraq for my birthday and christmas last year

  • John Julian

    My first car!

  • The Unwired Medic

    Family on Christmas Day. Nothing beats it.

  • JohnLClark

    My telescope when I was 10.

  • BK

    probably my soundbar

  • Chris Ta

    I want a WHITE Nexus Christmas!!!!

  • Daniel Northrup

    The best present I’ve ever received? The opportunity to win a Nexus 7 from DL!

  • DJ

    Hopefully a nexus 7

  • Scott Breitbach


  • Taylor Gregory

    My favorite gift ever is the knitted cupcake my girlfriend gave me on our first date, however, favorite Christmas gift would be my laptop.

  • nslogan

    hope i win 😀

  • Kenneth Gardner

    I want a nexus 7 so bad! How nice it would be to not have to buy it 😀

  • Mitch Ware

    a new phone!

  • Anant Shinde


  • tim


  • JeffPodwats

    My wife’s hand in marriage

  • MrMorty


  • Craig Rhudy

    Best present ever is my HDTV I got a few years back

  • Mike McGuire

    Perfect timing.

  • TandCplus1

    My Niece she was born on Christmas day

  • Chris Mullins

    Best present I’ve ever gotten has been my Nexus 7 (2012). It gets carried in my pocket every day!

  • Bobby Osborne

    my son!

  • Ezio 007 Shepard

    My remote controlled Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino!

  • gameworm

    I don’t have a tablet, yet.

  • Pdiddy187

    Socks and underwear.

  • Jim Whitney

    Best Christmas present…My kids.

  • Juan

    that nexus 7

  • Jimmy M

    Fingers crossed that I can win this tablet in white!! I was in the running a while back for a Nexus 7 when Fleksy ran a speed contest that involved using their keyboard to beat the current text speed record. Unfortunately I got passed up by some speedy competitors. Droid life is awesome and I love that they do an excellent job of keeping me up to date with the most current android related news. Go DL! 🙂

  • David Bradley

    Best present I have ever received was my GameBoy Color. That was back when my parents insisted they would never buy me a video game console. Ever. And then lo and behold, one Christmas morning… I went nuts.

  • Jordan Dewey

    The best gift I ever received has to be my Jeep…that I bought myself, but still the best gift.

  • Ashley Horne

    That thang got a HEMI?

  • Bill

    Nexus 7 for sure!

  • ThatHelpfulGuy

    Yeah buddy!

  • Neville Hayfield

    My 2 boy’s

  • antny

    Tickets to travel around southeast asia

  • Bill

    Best gift 4 Christmas : )

  • slyder0244

    super nintendo

  • Alex

    My car, audi a4

  • Chris Rio

    The feeling of a good poop.

  • C C

    nerf football when i was 8

  • Little G

    Seahawks tickets

  • Randall Ito

    Super NES. It was a gift to my sister and I from our parents when we were younger.

  • My G1 Grimlock. Loved that thing when I was little!

  • willie

    ar 308 🙂

  • trixnkix637

    The best present I’ve ever received was my son born 12/22/10.

  • Tyrian

    super nintendo

  • Jarom Bradshaw

    When my parents bought me my Nexus 4, I couldn’t believe it.

  • Steve Wilson

    I need to own more than a crippled HP touchpad.

  • carluverdrm2004

    The best gift I have ever received is the forgiveness and mercy of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! (Corny, I know. Ask me about it sometime!)

    • JamesBennett360

      I’ll second that!

      • Noah

        That’s the best gift one can receive!

  • Timmy Liu

    The best present I ever received is a smartphone!

  • Bought myself a new car a few years ago for xmas

  • Steve

    Best present was new TV

  • Use that rafflecopter to drop the Nexus off at my doorstep, thanks.

  • Graham Wilson

    New beats headphones

  • jofficus44

    Would have to be the original gameboy when I was 10 – I was still playing at breakfast the next morning (although I told my dad I had gotten up early to play so I wouldn’t be in trouble)

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    My nephew was born December 23rd and named after me (long story). That was a special Christmas 🙂

  • AranelAlasse

    Best present ever received: Jesus. 🙂

  • Radgatt

    The best thing I’ve received for Christmas was a new pair of boxers that had $20 inside. #GoodTimes


  • Mike Vaughn

    I would have to say a NES.

  • Ulysses Aguilar

    The best present I have ever gotten would have to be when I got an xbox 360 the year they came out.

  • Jason

    Go kart in 6th grade.

  • SoCalPaul

    When I was 6 I got a 4ft long firetruck, I still remember the feeling when I saw it coming into the living room…

  • Paul Giguere

    Best present ever: Sega Genesis Streets of Rage 2 edition. Epic.

  • Sapko82

    sega genesis

  • Andrew Conklin

    Best present I ever received is my first car on my 16th birthday!

  • tim

    My Samsung tab 2 10.1

  • Cage

    My first “feature” phone was a gift I was pretty excited about. I think it was just called the V

  • NickMotoX

    I <3 the Nexus 7 would look awesome with my Moto x

  • Jeff Badger

    a car

  • Rohan Lal

    My first Android phone: Galaxy Nexus 🙂

  • mike angst

    first smartphone galaxy nexus!

  • Will S

    Undivided attention from a great friend

  • Alix8821

    This will MAKE Christmas for my nephew.

  • Errol Torrecampo

    A Galaxy Note 3.

  • TowelieMeBanana

    Sega Dreamcast baby

  • David Correia

    Under Roos

  • Nick V

    Until you become a parent, there is no other answer than a child.

  • DroidDave

    My first car.

  • Michael1234

    nexus 7 32Gb!

  • My family helping with college costs!

  • Anthony DeFrancesco

    My favorite gift was probably the Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog

  • xgshortbus25

    Wow that would be great! Black to match my phone!

  • KRDM

    GI Joe Aircraft Carrier. Took forever to put the thing together, but so well worth it.

  • Jesse Pendleton

    Nintendo 64 with Zelda Ocarina of Time!

  • Duncan Manning

    Won a 2012 Nexus 7 last year from Uber-Gizmodo.

  • Kevin Fite

    My N5, got my present early this year.

  • Boss As Hell

    A pearl white DS my wife bought me when we were dating about 8 years ago or for the sappy, my daughter saying “dada” for the first time Christmas evening.

  • Bird’s-eye maple natural stained drumset

  • JeffSmeff

    Miley Cyrus tickets haha jk.
    But. Seriously.

  • movemint


  • McZook

    Battling Tops! yes, I am ancient, yet still a child.

  • Amy Ault Sackett

    A piece of property from my parents 🙂

  • Justin Hartrich


  • Yarsh

    My Girlfriend (now my wife) saying yes.

  • YEMan0443

    Kyle just informed me my Verizon S3 is updated to 4.3!

  • Chris Burner

    Pick me!

  • Paul Pottle

    I am going to have to go with my 2012 MacBook Pro – The wife decided she really loved me last year. Let the hate for using Apple products commence.

  • Henchman808

    GI Joe Hovercraft in 3rd grade.

  • d503

    I got a Marantz receiver several years ago. No gift has beaten it in usefulness since.

  • George

    Best gift I got was my phone! The G2!

  • freddywaswrong

    moto money!

  • Steven A.

    This will be the best present I’ve ever received! This will go straight to my grandparents so that we can keep in close contact! 😀

  • David Carmine

    nook tablet

  • Stephen Morrow

    A 4 burner stainless steel BBQ. Im still cooking on it 10 years later. Most used present ever.

  • Djacks

    I’m torn between either this or coal for Christmas

  • Mikinho

    Original NES or N64. Not sure which I got more usage out of.

  • A one-of-a-kind glass skull my friend made for me.

  • Jonathan Williams

    1988 Ford Bronco II

  • phanman

    PS4 This year for my bday.

  • Dave Sacco

    Too many to choose from. Best was probably cash!

  • Jared Tinari

    my first ipod, which was the very first iPod shuffle. I thought I was the man walking around with a specific selection of songs to fill the 120 song space haha!

  • erikd887

    Best present I ever received was a brand new plasma TV

  • James_Kernicky


  • maccham

    greatest gift ever was….root and unlocked bootloader for RAZR M

  • Kimcheequeen

    Omega juicer!

  • Jerry M.

    Best present for me is my Lil girl. She was born on 25th of December at 12:05 am

  • gamaliel hood

    It was a Sega master system 🙂

  • Jared Tau

    Best gift was a samsung gx tv I got when I was younger. It had doors that covered the screen and when you opened them they were the speakers. Oh man it was awesome!!!

  • Chris Murillo

    Mario party 7 !!!

  • jothen2002

    When I was 6 we got an Atari ………… Pac Man and Donkey Kong allllll day long 🙂

  • Bill

    A Honda Civic.

  • Guest

    i won one bit.ly/Nexus–7, yayyyyyy!

  • King175

    Probably Tickets to go see a Gaga concert.

  • Joel Myaer

    Once more into the breach…

  • Ed Krasnodemski

    Optimus Prime back on the 80s. No question.

  • JL2499

    My wife! Got engaged on Christmas!

  • Pieter-Jan Voskamp

    The best present I ever received was a visit from my girlfriend back when we still lived apart in different countries!

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Playstation 2 back in 2002. I was 9 and it was the first console I ever had.

  • Valdir Gomes

    Dear Santa Claus. I was a really good boy this year…

  • LarryL

    my GNex

  • kamkid279

    To live in Hawaii

  • designdolphin

    LEGO Coast Guard Station – started my lifelong love of LEGO and design.

  • Havoktek

    NEXUS FTW! on XMAS Baby!

  • Sal Piña

    Motorola Droid A855, that was the best gift ever. That phone is the reason I only buy Android and check out droid-life.com daily. I know it doesn’t compare to my Note 3 now, but I’ll always have a soft spot for my OG Droid, that phone rocks 🙂

  • Derek Peldo

    A Car!

  • Jigsaw hc

    New TV

  • Mike Baustian

    My poor first gen nexus7 is literally falling apart…needs to be replaced or just put out of its misery

  • Steven02

    Do want

  • Jim Morris

    My Super NES in 1993.

  • Oliboli

    Family friend helped me go to college. 🙂

  • Jayshree Sharma


  • mar_ar

    i celebrate hannuka, can i still get hooked up?

  • Justin Callahan

    A new PC!

  • jscofi

    I got a nexus 5 for Hanukkah! I wish I had a nexus 7 to go with it!

  • Rock_Kickass

    Hands down best present was my huffie BMX bike when I was 13.

  • ProfessAndObey

    I received an og Xbox when I was very vocal about wanting a GameCube. I’m glad parents sometimes do what’s best for their kids instead of doing what they want.

  • Chris Stoffel

    The best present I ever received was an Apple II+ from my parents. They didn’t have the money for it, but they scraped it together somehow. Best parents ever.

  • LordZYRK

    I don’t think I’ve gotten nearly as much use out of any present as my Game Boy Advance when I was a kid.

  • Nelson Apistia

    YES PLEASE! Want this! Thanks DL

  • Nintendo 64!

  • Mike Hall

    Castle Grayskull

  • Scott Manders

    A 55 inch Panasonic TV… possibly the best without being corny about other things.

  • Mykich

    A free Nexus 7 is high on the list.

  • NolBi-Wan

    Happy Holidays!

  • javikid

    Dear Santa i want a Nexus 7 thank you

  • Totiny

    The best present was probably my Gaming Headphone 🙂

  • Guest

    Want to leave my 2012 nexus 7 at home as a remote for chromecast. Would love a new tablet to carry around at work.

  • Guest

    i received my gift this morning, 😛 this is like bit.ly/Unbelieveable

  • webmatt01

    Honestly – a KEURIG!!

  • xbjackel

    cobra blackbird

  • Behi

    I’m in

  • Michael veli

    ps3 🙂

  • Justin Munson

    I want it

  • Jabrilli

    the best present i ever received was when i was little and they used to make certain transformers that were bigger than today’s models and i was a Unicron and a few minicons. i was so into transformers (and still are) that i will accept any transformers figuring to this day and be a little kid again 😀

  • Tranquilbeast

    there’s 30 pages of rhymes in this [email protected]##@!^r

  • Jacob Bailey

    Many years of cash gifts. Took me a while, but I finally got enough to build my first computer.

  • bd1212

    Best present is something that I am fortunate enough to see every year: family. 🙂

    Nothing would be the same without them, they’re what makes this such a fun and special time of year.

  • Kilgore Trout

    An Armadillo.

  • Joshua Mays

    The best present I ever received…..hmmm…..probably my first camera!!

  • Mike Hilal

    A thermapen meat thermometer with a backlit display. Because cooking in the dark is fun.

  • Kiril Vatev

    Oh man, best present? I have no idea. I got all the parts for a ridiculously expensive computer a while back, so that was pretty nice… also, some assembly required.

  • Rafter

    Lots of Lego sets when I was younger

  • My AT&T Galaxy Note 3 🙂

  • Aaron

    this nexus 7

  • David M Gordon

    Let me win this so I swap this out for my 2012 version!!

  • roddog16

    A pair of Bugle Boy sweat pants when I was 9!

  • Brandon Jiang


  • Nicholas Smith

    Make my Christmas, give me this tablet O_O

  • pezjono

    A new burner for homebrewing (beer).

  • Dan Lowery

    My best gift was our first PC

  • Todd

    The death star playset when I was like 9 years old. Awesome Christmas morning.

  • Ambugger

    My Galaxy Nexus from Verizon!

  • Alexander Amato

    A massive Lego set as a child.

  • jakymiwm

    Last year my wife setup a cruise to the British Isles.

  • Robert Cox

    Love your content, and have been a reader for a while, heres to a new white nexus 7!

  • MrCrusha

    GT Mach One bicycle when I was young… remember it like it was yesterday!

  • Michael Bordelon

    Moon shoes!

  • Kevin Wong

    amazing device. packs a whole lot of features for such a small device.

  • Ken

    My precious!

  • Conrex

    A pair of socks.

  • Sean McQueen

    Love it! U guys rock. I received a car!

  • Jill

    My purple banana seat bike

  • John Collard

    I really need this device… It’s either this or buy one for my daughter this weekend. Her existing one, my notionInk Adam, just doesn’t cut it using jellybean.

  • Pomacat

    Nice to have this

  • tehshift

    A hug from my long lost brother

  • michaeluchikado

    Easiest Christmas present ever!

  • duke69111

    The best present was an og Nintendo I got when I was a kid.

  • dantespeak

    SNES with Super Mario World!!!

  • Emmanuel Fajardo

    Best gift ever was a pool table

  • Chris Sawyer

    Taylor 614ce acoustic electric. Lusted after that thing for ten years.

  • Jeff


  • Da Billis

    First hand held electronic game…it was called Merlin. A big, chunky, red hunk of plastic that played like 9 games. THE best.

  • Wil_Dimartz

    The best present i`ve ever received was a watch from my mother, whom gave it to me as birthday gift. 5 years ago and still running… The sony p1i that came with this watch dissapear long time ago.

  • Mike

    Soccer scarf from the UK.

  • OBK1352

    nexus 5, but no verizon, so iit went away.

  • Chris

    Thanks for letting me win!

    • Chris

      Also, a Discman

  • The fact that I’ve never gotten anything that I consider the best means either my gifts have sucked for 33 years or they were all awesome. I lean towards the latter. However, my Smurf Drumset was pretty awesome when I was 5.

  • rootusr

    I think it was my Galaxy Nexus, never looked to no nexus devices since then

  • Juan Martinez

    a nexus 7 tomorrow at 10 am

  • napes22

    Super Nintendo.

  • Tony Culliton

    I’d love to win one of these !!! Merry Christmas!

  • SherwynCox

    PlayStation 4 and Xbox one

  • JeffColorado

    Me want

  • mh0520

    Gibson SG

  • Laurent Morel

    Thanks for this giveaway

  • Jason


  • Jake Martini

    Old school NES.

  • Mark Hermann

    My Galaxy Nexus

  • Johnny Moralez

    The best present I ever received was the Sega Channel. It was sooooo amazing.

  • Billy Yancey

    The best present I have ever received was my codmw3 Xbox from my wife

  • chris

    My son was born on Christmas eve… yeah that’s a pretty good gift i think

  • overclock

    A new DSLR I bought for myself last Christmas. Shhhh! Don’t tell the wife!

  • libis54

    Best gift I ever received was a weighted-key keyboard. Now I can play piano in my apartment!

  • Mina Beshara

    The best gift I’ve ever received was my girlfriend of several years. She said yes on Christmas eve.

  • Admir Sulejmanovic

    I want it!!!!!!!!

  • droid1234

    Thank you for the giveaway

  • Danny Vegueria

    Best present I ever received was a surprise visit from my then girlfriend (current wife), who lived in Indiana when i lived in Florida.

  • Roy Harrigan

    Another day, another contest.

  • Michael Quinlan

    The best Christmas present I ever got was Commodore 64 – my doorway into the tech world! Yeah, I’m THAT old.

  • Aaron Osborne

    Here’s my entry to win. Been following you guys for years now. Fingers crossed and adamantly hoping for great news!

  • Andrew


  • chu

    Green hoody sweatshirt, first gift from my, now, wife.

  • mazeeka

    I haven’t received the best gift yet…but a nexus 7 would definitely do the trick

  • nahive

    nexus 5!

  • adilsonf89


  • DoctorJB

    Best present? My Nexus 7 2012!

  • John

    Got the wifi Nexus 7 last Christmas, would LOVE to get the new one this Christmas. Come on DL!

  • Bird Man


  • Jess Gibson

    My first camera.

  • Keri0527

    Finding information about my mother and her family who I had no contact with since 3 years old.

  • jstahr

    Best Christmas present I have ever received… Probably be my 70″ LED TV!!

  • themattbradley1

    Pick me 🙂

  • Bob Raichle

    Lincoln logs and an Army tank so I could build stuff up and then smash it down.

  • Caleb Boerner

    A set of 4 35×12.5 Toyo MTs

  • Danny Vegueria

    I want the nexus 7!!!!!!!!! So sick of my wife’s iPad.

  • Phillip

    I enjoy each and every gift! And would love to add a Nexus 7 to the list!

  • Matt K

    This one!

  • Geoffrey Smeltzer

    I would love to have a nexus tablet to go with my new moto x.

  • Kevin Liebler

    No joke – my favorite Christmas gift was a new desktop computer WITH INTERNET (for the first time) in 2000.

  • ricardo batres

    I needs a black one

  • ZeeX1

    Rayban sunglasses, not for the gift itself but the memory of the person who gave it to me

  • Scott in MA

    My best present, unless I win this one, was a used 1968 Volkswagon Beatle I got from my parents to get me back to college after Christmas break when my 1966 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser died getting me home from Fall semester 1975.

  • Juan

    An NES I was totally shocked when I opened it up and forgot all about the other gifts haha

  • MrToTo83

    Also best present atari! Miss that thing

  • Jeff Miller

    Oh!!! Me want a white Christmas, I mean Nexus!!!

  • Emiliano Gomez

    Its 4 me :*

  • Pratyush Singh

    The best gift I ever received was my watch, proud of it.

  • Jparent317

    Best present a vacation to the Caribbean

  • Manny

    Gives it to me. Why? Because I wants it precious!

  • Bassenza

    This would be a great chirstmas present!

  • MrToTo83

    Love you guys! Always great news and great prizes

  • tomera


  • visuaLize

    My Note 3!

  • JL2075

    I’ll take a white one.

  • Mark Menning

    omg omg omg

  • Jackie Chen

    The best present is…. I don’t remember.

  • Jim Foskett

    Tickets to the Indy 500.

  • Roger Spitler

    Best Christmas present I ever got was tickets to a Bulls game! My then gf (now wife) bought them and didn’t know what seats they were- literally the last row of the very upper deck but it was an awesome game!

  • Tim


  • awmattson

    3DO even though I didn’t know what it was at first haha

  • peter thant

    that’ll be a nexus tablet!
    Peter Thant

  • Justin Costa

    Sega Genesis!!

  • Christmas is week away, I need this to give to my wife. Either that or start looking for new place to live…

  • Chris Fitzgerald

    1989 Japanese Fender Strat

  • realfoxm

    Best present I ever received was a Nintendo64.

  • Max_Freedom

    The best present I have received was my NES.

  • Jaime Andres Salame Borja

    This is the most awesome prize ever… i want it in white. Thanks!

  • misterhijinx


  • Andrew Dreissig

    Custom made tshirt from wifey

  • Sony Discman. You couldnt tell me anything when i was jamming out with it and my CDs

  • Jim Bissette

    In for a chance to win

  • huskerhog

    Was going to buy with a bunch of Google Play cards I received for my BD. But noooooooooo, it don’t work that way. Doh!

  • dillon bond

    Best present I have ever received was the red power ranger!!! Never been able to exceed that excitement for a gift

  • Aaron Esham

    My 2 kids.

  • Andres V.

    Best present I’ve ever received was a walkman.

  • Ubi2447

    Does anyone have to ask? Legos on Christmas was the best!

  • kevin

    My first CD player way back in 1988

  • Damien Luna

    The best present I ever received for christmas would have to be hopefully this nexus 7.

  • Josh Mueller


  • Specter597

    Nintendo Wii from the wife.

  • RadioGuy

    If I win this Nexus 7, it will take the cake.

  • Jose Palafox

    1987 El Camino!

  • Martin Pelant

    This is THE winning comment

  • rslh

    8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and a Nexus 7.

  • jhjr24

    I would have to say the PS4 that is waiting for me under my Christmas Tree.

  • ThaEdge

    Definitely a NES when I was little.

  • jdrewakl

    Autographed helmet

  • JJ69Chev

    Looking forward to winning

  • Mike Sember

    Got to be a half day track experience at VIR driving an Ariel Atom

  • Jared A. Fulgham

    I got this really cool Lego set that was a submarine that looked like a shark!

  • Adam White

    My Nexus 7 2012 model

  • Jason Downs

    My xbox360… still limping along

  • Darin Bargholz


  • jhonatan sosa

    the present i remember most is my a tool box with a set of 150 pc tool set when i had just graduated from Wyotech

  • HashTagHell

    Best present I received was my first dirt bike when I was 15. Couldn’t really ride it in the state I was living in at the time, but I loved it.

  • Lionel

    The best present I ever received was this Nexus 7 in White!!!

  • Tristan Cook

    Best present was my two new kittens!

  • Trevor M.

    Best gift? Cotton candy machine.

  • EdsonDJ

    My girlfriend got me a laptop two Christmases ago.

  • eduardo martínez

    The gift of life….. Lol

  • Alex Mosqueda

    probably has to be my game boy color that thing was awesome

  • Brian Talbott

    Best gift ever… hmmmm…. probably a new (to me) car when I was 17!

  • Ed

    Best present I ever received was a Nintendo NES for Christmas. I think I was 10 years old and remember playing a lot of Punch Out with my uncle.

  • Kahsay Cooley

    This chromebook i just opened early

  • Ron Lamb

    GI Joe Apollo 1 space capsule.

  • Frank Chiang

    This would be a excellent present to myself.

  • Joseph A. Yager

    Original NES bundled with the Power Pad.

  • tckober

    spending time with family 🙂

  • diversion

    My OG Droid back in Christmas ’09…..Or a talking Terminator 2 action figure when I was 10.

  • Kevin Bonaventura

    Sega Genesis

  • Ed

    Best present ever was the original playstation

  • David Shon

    An SAT study book…

  • JoshGroff

    The best present I’ve ever received would have to be my PSX, I got crash bandicoot and spyro with it. Pretty much made my entire childhood.

  • wampum

    8 12inch subwoofer back in 89 or 90

  • Alejandro Fernandez

    Need something to get online with when wife steals the laptop!

  • BuckNut23

    Definitely my education. So thankful for my parents paying for it

  • skylordusa1

    Best present I every received was a Samsung 42″ LCD a few years ago. Waiting for the next best present hahahahah.

  • Rob Shad

    I want the white nexus 7.

  • Abaddon

    Citizen Watch

  • Lawrence Milford

    Apple IIc!

  • giovanny

    Best present was the ps2!

  • Mike Lazaga

    I really need a new one

  • William Flato

    My Moto X!

  • marka_450

    Meccano set when I was 6

  • eddieg28sp

    Best Present I Ever Received was a chance to Win a Nexus 7. I didn’t win the Mega Millions so I could Really Use this 🙂

  • Mario Galarza

    I want it : )

  • pgreen1986

    I lost my mind when i got an N64 and Goldeneye for Christmas

  • SaganMalluma

    White for me please!

  • Nick

    Nintendo 64

  • j6nguyen

    My Moto X.

  • engwalker

    Original Game Boy

  • Manthas

    Hmmm, that’s a hard one; I’d probably go with my Zelda DS Lite – still have that thing, because it’s awesome. 🙂

  • Dave Rong


  • Eric J.

    The best present I got was the GBA remake of A Link to the Past

  • Kenny Larson

    This would be a nice upgrade.

  • sundroid

    a super-8 camera.

  • Cris Gizzi

    The best present I ever received was a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stuffed animal when I was young. It was my favorite for quite a number of years and is the only thing that really stuck out in my mind.

  • Olegs Marhelis

    Love it!

  • iceburgh

    Most likely the Empire Strikes Back At-At I got when I was a kid! Fun times!

  • Menger40

    I got a sweet red huffy when I was a kid and remember being pumped outta my skull.

  • BlaikW

    Would be a great Xmas gift after I screwed mine up!

  • Courtney Harris

    I really need this in my life….

  • movalpolos

    my puppy and kitty 🙂

  • Eric

    Matel Shogun Warrior Great Mazinga

  • cns2007

    Flat screen from my wife.

  • PJ

    best gift ever would be probably my xbox.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Would make my holiday! Best present ever…the Nativity Set that was in my Grammy’s house for years.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Best present I’ve received will be the Nexus 7 2013 when I win!

  • Edward Manson

    My custom PC

  • orrehho

    1 year study abroad trip to Korea.

  • Rorix

    i’d say life but it the cakes my girlfriend make are a little above that 🙂

  • Andrew Herman

    My baby boy…followed by my original Nintendo…haha!

  • Richard Hyde

    the mega lego castle that took me like a week to put together!!! loved that

  • Droidzilla

    Best ever: when my son was born last December. Cheesy, I know; but I don’t care.

  • elpeterson76

    Best present ever was my BlendTec Blender. Love that thing!

  • The Future

    Legos were my best gift ever, but this would be right up there…

  • Chris

    Time with family and friends. Cliche but true.

  • Gary Reynolds

    Now you’re squawking!

  • Stephen

    The best present I received was my first car!

  • Jefferson Binford

    An Atari 2600.

  • Ryan Brantley

    Total surprise when my parents got me a PS2 but had convinced me they couldn’t at the time due to the shortage.

  • Vince

    Receiving my first ps2 must have been the best gift ever…

  • Nex

    Anything DL gives me

  • David Wanless

    a batmobile

  • Christopher

    Best present was probably a snowblower. No joke. People thought I wouldn’t be excited. I live in Ohio. Of course I was excited.

  • gchahinian

    Wow a white N7 would be the perfect housewarming gift from my favorite Android blog for sure…. ::hint hint::

  • Jacob Ignagni

    When I was in second grade, I got Pokemon Crystal for Christmas. My grandma bought it for me, and to this day I am still confused as to how she knew I would want it. I still have it. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Vince

    Would love to put this in my car as a mount….

  • Mas21

    My rollerblades when I was younger. Most of my spare time was spent in them with my friends.

  • Phil

    Oh I hope I win! I need the new Nexus 7 (:

  • Brian Walz

    Do want

  • Dustin Gerlach

    A pack of Pokemon cards!!

  • Andrew Briare

    I know it’s old, but the Nintendo 64. That’s the most excited I ever was for Christmas.

  • Guille

    Sega genesis with sonic

  • Droon

    The best present I ever received was a coconut.

  • Dale


  • I have been blessed with great children and a wonderful wife.

  • TalonDesigns

    Best present I ever received? Well, honestly – I think this year worked out to be one of the best (monetarilly). It’s a huge tossup between the DeWalt Table saw and the LEGO 1962 VW Camper Bus. 🙂

  • Saul Chavez-Hernandez


  • tek1231

    The best present (tangible) I have ever received is my Burton snowboard!

  • Airplane leadership 🙂

  • Larry

    S.O. bought me a pair of headphones. She heard me talking about how I needed a pair and secretly went and got them as a bday present weeks later. Took me completely by surprise!

  • Luke Shipstad

    Rent….or buying myself a tablet….I would like both please 😀

  • TimXer

    Came this close to jumping on that Office Depot deal….

  • Evan

    Nintendo with track and field and duck hunt

  • Zach Davis

    Probably my SNES, was my first console that was only mine, and didn’t have to share

  • kevintufts

    Sega Genesis

  • Ray Gray

    Christmas booty

  • Jan

    Game Boy at the age of nine

  • Ruben

    My Xbox 360. Loved that thing.

  • Soji Ojugbele

    Recently lost my tablet on a plane and I’m super upset abut it. Here’s hoping I win from DL.
    Oh and my bday is the 30th…just saying.

  • interpol818

    Yuup. Keep on trucking

  • Grayson Carr

    Best present I ever received was probably my first Android phone, an HTC Aria. This was back in July 2010. -Grayson

  • Jason Geiger

    Best present was probably my first high end bmx bike when I was around 10.

  • cylence

    A book. Not just any book, but one that meant something to me.

  • hamza8117

    Pick me.

  • Jan-Erik

    Lego R2D2

  • bruce strom

    Yes please 🙂

  • bitbank

    Would love to get the new model. My 4 kids are always waiting to use the 1 2012 model we own.

  • Matt Hodson

    Paint ball session with my siblings. It was nice to have an experience present and not just a gift. Meant a whole lot more to all of us.

  • Armand de Guzman

    vanilla SFII back when i was in 2nd grade. back before all the hype started. ugh, does that make me a hipster?

  • derrickmcc

    Atari 5200

  • Natesh

    i hope i win!

  • Lexus Larry

    Best gift? Fathers Day – framed photo of my kids as younguns

  • HollywoodWebber

    Ill take either. Im not picky.

  • erikiksaz

    My laptop, the surface pro 2.

  • erica

    Hmm, best present: Ski trip when I was 16.

  • glampunk

    Probably my first stereo.

  • Eric J. Peterson

    Atari 2600

  • Chris Barker

    Sega Master System with Alex Kidd in Miracle World.

  • kervation

    The Golden Retriever my parents suprised me with on Christmas when I was 8 years old.
    A friend for life.

  • Jim Snedden

    if i win the white N7 it will be the best christmas gift i ever got.

  • Adrian Sciutto

    Playstation 2. We had all 3 weeks of winter break to play it…and we never put it down

  • Andrew Anderson

    Christmas is early at Droid Life!

  • Matthew Galea

    Oh how nice would it be to be picked to receive a new Nexus 7…let me count the ways…..

  • Mike Fromson

    Super Nintendo bundled with Donkey Kong Country

  • weston

    A loan from my in-laws was forgiven. Best gift ever

  • cmorty72

    My flight back home from Afghanistan in 2005.

  • Corey Trotter

    I can’t wait to finally win something.

  • Raymond Dionne

    My first cd player

  • Matthew Morgan

    My first ever atv when i was a kid…

  • alex

    A giant green duck I got last year was pretty cool

  • Derick Sheehan

    Sega Genesis game system

  • Lester Washington

    Would love to win this.

  • Consequence

    A really nice sweater.

  • charesa39

    Sega Genesis with Mortal Kombat. A-B-A-C-A-B-B!!!!!

  • lukyanchykov

    A red remote-control sports car when I was 5!

  • luis yunda

    Best Christmas present I received was a puzzle that was a picture of my family(aunts and cousins) at Disney World when I was 14.

  • WCM3

    the original nintendo.

  • bassmaster118

    I would love a nexus 7 (I still don’t own any tablet) 🙁

  • Nate M

    in for the win

  • senorhugsalot

    My Playstation 3 from a few years back

  • sralj

    My nexus 5

  • NGagen

    My most memorable Christmas present was my Nintendo GameCube, it was delivered unexpectedly a few days before the release date.

  • Matt Markofski

    N64 when I was a kid…..gotta love Star Fox.

  • pdpkong

    Need Christmas Gift!

  • Harold Goldner

    If I mate this with the Nexus 7 FHD I already have will I get a Nexus 5?

  • Kay Jay


  • Anthony Brucculeri


  • IAmRyC

    The original NE was the best present