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HTC One Android 4.3 Update for Verizon Now Rolling Out

Yesterday, we posted up that Verizon approved an update to Android 4.3 for the HTC One, and this morning, it appears that folks are receiving it. Besides updating the device to Android 4.3, the changelog states that there are a few bug fixes thrown in, plus Verizon added in a few bloatware apps. Users can now also add their own music to Video Highlights in the Gallery, so that’s good. 

The update is listed at 469MB in size.

Go grab that update, Big Red One owners!

One Update

Cheers everyone that sent this in!
  • BigLizard

    Wife’s phone updated. It took two tries. It downloaded but didn’t install. I restarted the phone and it immediately decided to install 4.3. I was kind of baffled as to why Sense wasn’t updated. Oh well. Her phone seems to run a lot better than when it was on 4.2. Battery life is better. She doesn’t use the bloat so she could care less. She’s just happy the phone works with no hiccups.

  • Daniel Klein

    Can I change it from deleting my data after 10 failed attempts for ny password.

  • Brian

    I downloaded the update, but i’m not sure if it installed. Checking firmware, it still says 4.2.2. Any ideas?

  • Chris Hughes

    Can anyone confirm if this breaks rumrunner/s-off?

  • bitpimpin

    Great. Now update the G2 please.

  • Mgdking

    Since I have installed this update I can no longer access the storage on my one via usb to pc? Before the update I would just plug the usb in and windows would ask if I wanted to open this mass storage device and I would just click yes and then I was in. Now there is nothing. I tried explorer but cant gain access that way either. Is there something I need to install or change in the phones settings now? Also what the hell is MTP mode?

    • Bonedatt

      I may be wrong but I’m guessing your “developer option” may have been disabled after the update. Go into “settings” then scroll down to “about”, click on that, look for “software information” and click on that. Click on “more” then click SEVEN times on “build number”. This should re-enable this option.

  • BOB Dudek

    Downloaded the waste of bandwidth at noon.

    Like getting a kiss from your sister..

    .. painfully A non event.!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Meanwhile I’m running KitKat on all of my devices. I wish manufacturer skins would go away.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Me too. I’m running CM11 and it’s great. I was skittish of rooting my One, but after I didn’t I haven’t looked back. Maybe I’ll run a ROM with this update. Thanks Devs!

      • Chris Hughes

        Did you find a stable ROM to run? I could never find one that didn’t have some major issue…This was a month or so ago but all seemed to have something “Everything works…except 4G data”

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Im using the one from xda, and so far I havent had an issue with it. I did use a kitkat preview from another dev and that one kept freezing my phone; but CM11 has been great on the nightly releases

    • Mohamed Fadel

      does it support emojis?

  • Aardvark99

    I still have the purple-tint camera issue in low-light. I get tiger-strips of purple – it didn’t always do this, it started before a week or so ago. Again, no better in this update – thinking about a return.

    • Bonedatt

      Unfortunately, the purple tint is a hardware issue. Don’t believe anyone who states that the 4.3 update fixed theirs. I twitted about this and htc asked that I call their customer care. Customer care admitted that it is a hardware issue and stated that they were currently offering repairs for it. I’ve sent mine in. I should get it back in two weeks.

  • steve30x

    I heard when this phone came out initially the audio speakers where incredibly loud and then 4.2 fixed it to where it wasn’t so loud.. I never had that version since Verizon already had it preloaded with 4.2.. I wonder if this will bring it back to it being nice and loud to really show off the sound. 🙂 downloading right now.

    • Russell Guy

      Seems quieter to me

  • RBI411

    It automatically downloaded onto my device but I didn’t install it. Anybody know if it kills rumrunner? Is there a way to delete the downloaded file so it doesn’t install unless I want it to?

    • DERP

      Yeah I’m worried about it fixing S-off from Rumrunner and if I can keep root with Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper.

    • Guest

      this happened to me too. did you ever figure out the issue?

      • RBI411

        Still haven’t gotten a good answer on it.

  • emoney

    just finished downloading, can’t notice much different besides the added bloat. It looks like you can now differentiate how loud you want the ringtone and notficiation sounds. other than that… seems a little faster?

    • Aardvark99

      Thanks for this tip! I hated the single volume for both.

      • emoney

        found another thing, if you charge your phone with it off it shows a percentage and a battery filling up.

        • Mohamed Fadel

          does it support emojis?

  • hihi

    Downloading as I type this.

  • JZ

    I wish they would an official 4.3 for the Galaxy Nexus. I’m running a Kit Kat ROM on mine, but ever since 4.3 I’ve had major issues with MMS, and I’d love for an update to fix it.

  • jrmonro

    Downloaded the update but it never installed… Whats going on??

    • richkoos

      Same thing happened to me, I keep clicking check new software but nothing comes up now.

      • Gdc

        Plug your device in. Won’t install if battery is low.

        • Brian

          can anyone confirm that this worked?

          • Dan

            Plugging it in did NOT work for me.

          • Brian

            it worked after it charged to 90% for me

  • richkoos

    I mean at least Verizon got the “announce and push” update thing good. It took forever for my N7 to get 4.4 but once Verizon approved this update, the next day I was able to pull it down, today.

  • dshizzel

    Bringing it down, now — it’s not 4.4.2, but what the hell, eh?

  • steven decker

    when does the update for galaxy note 2 go out?

    • jbegs

      Out on AT&T now. Verizon…next year! smh

    • hfoster52

      Token wheres my VZ Note 2 4.3 update comment.