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Google and HP Issue Recall for Chromebook 11 Chargers

Over a month ago, Google reportedly halted sales of the HP Chromebook 11 due to a faulty charger that was overheating and damaging units. The chargers are now officially being recalled by Google, and are quite adamant that owners should stop using the recalled chargers immediately. 

Google sent out the follow message to those who purchased the Chromebook before December 1, as after that date, units were being shipped with updated chargers that didn’t overheat.

With guidance and approval from the CPSC and other regulatory agencies, Google and HP are recalling the original charger for the HP Chromebook 11. Please stop using the recalled charger.

If you purchased an HP Chromebook 11 before December 1, 2013, please provide your information in this form, and we’ll mail you a free replacement charger. You will also receive a prepaid shipping package to return the original charger so that we can dispose of it properly.

To send your charger back in for a new one that won’t destroy your laptop, follow the via link down below.

Via: Google
Cheers Matt and Robert!
  • Festoon666

    Costco has the Chromebook 14, 32GB SD, 4 G RAM for $379. Still a great deal for the extra SSD and more RAM. It’s only in white though.

  • hockeytownmatt

    We actually are on our third chrome book 11. I finally realized the common denominator was my wife running it dead. After relaying this to a chrome ninja, they told me to plug it in to a computer USB port and then hard reboot (power and refresh). Once I did this and then went back to the stock 3.0amp charger, it came back to life! Apparently the ac USB chargers need to read a charge on the device for it to actually charge. In other words I think the charger was fine for us, but google kept saying it fried because of the charger.

  • TopXKiller

    Maybe this bad press will make them offer a discount 🙂

  • Blue Sun

    I put my request for a replacement charger earlier this morning. I’m hoping they ship soon. I’d love to have a wall charger for my holiday travels.

    • Blue Sun

      Just got the confirmation that the new charger has shipped.

  • Omar Amer

    curious. that date would mean the problem was fixed recently but we werent made aware til a couple weeks later?

    • trixnkix637

      Business 101.. Never admit to a problem without having a solution to fix it.

    • needa

      this hit the web a month ago. its linked above.

  • Alyssa Ghubril

    Any idea when they’ll start selling the HP11’s again?

    • This. It looked like a great Chromebook

      • LionStone

        Was just gonna buy one… probably still will.

        • Colin Huber

          After patiently waiting for this to come back, I went ahead and ordered the new Acer touchscreen version yesterday. Hopefully it’s a good alternative.

          • Blue Sun

            I would be curious to hear how video playback performs on the Acer model. The HP 11 has been very weak to say the least on You Tube Chromecasting. Web browsing has been stellar on the HP 11.

          • S2556

            I heard that it is much better on the acer c720 with the 4gb RAM option. I have been searching for it but it’s been sold out everywhere I have looked. I heard similar reports on the c720 2GB Ram options

          • Blue Sun

            I just read a C720 review on another site. Comments were filled with similar frustration over not being able to find the device. Only one poster was able to find one.

          • JBartcaps

            1080p was flawless for me on the HP 14

          • S2556

            Did you get 2 or 4GB RAM?

          • Cowboydroid

            From the reviews, the Acer model is a better buy, albeit with a slightly less quality screen. The Acer is faster and has better battery life. Not sure about the screen on the touch version, though.

      • Cowboydroid

        Would be way better with the Haswell processor.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      They probably wont. Best guess, they update it with Haswell. The chip they used was slow.

      The chromebooks i sell the most are Chromebook 14 and Acer C720


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