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Dead Trigger 2 Gets Major “Slay” Bells Update, Nearly Doubles In-game Content

Zombie slayers, listen up! A new update is available through Google Play for Dead Trigger 2; the update we have all been waiting for. Finally, Madfinger Games opened up the Chinese environments and claim there is now almost double the content as there previously was, so it appears Christmas has come early for us. 

Players can now choose from up to 30 different weapons and use them on over 150 gameplays. And while I will be the first to say that the game sometimes gets a bit repetitive, the opening of the new environment should certainly change that. In addition, the developers added in a few different melee weapons, including the Big Hammer, Brain Mill, Machete, and Butterfly Swords. They claim it makes for a truly unique gaming experience, so we’re excited to try it out.

Madfinger also teases that they have a few Christmas presents inside for players who update, so definitely go grab the newest version.

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The Big Update of Dead Trigger 2 Released on App Store and Google Play

Just in time for the Christmas Holidays, MADFINGER Games has released The Big Update for Dead Trigger 2 on App Store and Google Play. Two months after its initial release, the first person zombie shooter has gained more than 10M downloads. This special Christmas update brings with it many changes, new additions and anxiously awaited gadgets. MADFINGER Games has also released an update for the original Dead Trigger, the first title from its first person zombie series, which now features support for new devices.

December 17th, 2013 – Brno, Czech Republic – Dead Trigger 2 is constantly getting bigger and bigger. The update that has been released today on App Store and Google Play, has almost doubled game content. The fight for survival continues in the beautiful Chinese environment, where a new single player story and warfare missions await survivors.

Now players are able to travel across 3 regions across different parts of the Earth, explore 15 various environments, grab their favorite from one of 30 kinds of weapons and enjoy the action in more than 150 gameplays.

In connection with the Christmas holidays, MADFINGER Games have prepared some cool limited-time Christmas presents for Dead Trigger 2 players that will be available during Christmas time.

There are still rewards for player participation in global missions. In addition, the current update brings with it a system of achievements and challenges. Players will be rewarded with gold – the exclusive in-game currencyThis includes full support of Achievements in Game Center on iOS and Play Games on Google Play.

The Christmas update also makes available some truly non-conventional melee weapons such as the Big Hammer, Brain Mill, Machete or special Butterfly Swords that provide a completely different gaming experience and make the game much more enjoyable.

  • Matt Isaacs

    N5 with a Moga pro makes this one of my favorite go to games. Haven’t had time to check out the update, but looks good already. p.s. I have yet to buy an iap and still have a blast on this game

  • Bruce-1980

    Update makes purchasing & upgrading weapons / equipment extortionately expensive! Unless you’re willing to spend weeks earning enough money for a weapon upgrade you’ll have to cross the developers palm with silver… real “In-App Purchase” silver that is!

    • jewtime420

      Look closer… Mission rewards, cash pickups and bonuses have gone up significantly. They have also implemented a whole new achievement based reward system that rewards gold, no money or tapjoy offer hell.

      • Chris Newman

        yes and you can exchange the gold for cash. Also you use the gold to trade for double money bonuses for either an hour or 24 hours which means you can earn even more money. I think this update is amazing, although i still can not access china as of yet even though all of Africa is completed. Does anyone know what is happening there?

  • Lawrence_Hart

    Once I figured out I had to have an internet connection to play the game I uninstalled so fast it made a zombie’s head spin.

    • joejoe5709

      Why? It uses almost no data when you’re not on Wifi and it saves your game progress seamlessly. I love it.

      • Lawrence_Hart

        It makes hard to play when you are on a 7 hour flight.

        • joejoe5709

          Well OK other than that or driving outside of coverage, it’s still an awesome feature.

          • Lawrence_Hart

            The first dead trigger had online backups and sync between devices. You did have to touch like three buttons but that’s not a big deal. You could also play without a data connection. It’s a much better implementation.

          • CommonSense

            Out of all the time you play Dead Trigger 2, is “being on a flight” really that much? And out of all the bigger reasons, why would MFG care if you can’t play in a mere 7 hours?
            It doesn’t take much Cellular data up, but if you can’t afford Cellular data, then you should understand that this is a hack-prevention so MFG can make profit.

    • HarvesterX

      Because the game has a ranking system and IAPs and they need to verify that the copy of the apk that you are using has the same signature so say, I couldn’t decompile the apk, edit the smali code and chest my way to the top of the ranks.

      The connection is open once at startup and then closed, as keeping a connection open is horrible programming. There are algorithms for sending data through mobile devices and may include sensing information in batcheshere and there.

      The game will also most likely open a connection at random to reverify the validity of your game copy.

      And finally a connection is made to update stats if playing multiplayer campaign and if you make IAPs, but those aren’t the reasons the connection is needed. It’s an unfortunate evil and we will see more of this on multiplayer games.