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AT&T and UK Carrier EE Sign 4G LTE Roaming Deal for Visitors

AT&T has been making a lot of moves lately, signing contracts with International carriers to help benefit customers who are traveling abroad. It was first announced in early December that AT&T customers traveling to Canada would be able to connect to 4G LTE networks through Rogers, and now a new deal has been struck with EE over in the U.K. for anyone who plans to visit England. Usually, when people travel abroad, we get kicked down to 3G and HSPA+ networks, so 4G LTE roaming is a major step in the right direction for people who rely on fast data speeds on their mobile devices. 

The deal is detailed as going both ways, which is a nice change – EE customers traveling to the U.S. will be able to take advantage of this great country’s LTE network as well, starting in the next half of 2014. But unlike the Canadian deal with Rogers, AT&T has yet to list prices of this LTE roaming feature. As reference, the deal with Rogers was pretty pricey, as it would cost you $30/mo for 120MB, $60/mo for 300MB, and $120/mo for 800MB.

EE announced that more deals such as this one are on the way in the first half of 2014, so all of you world travelers should be on the lookout.

Via: EE
  • Alessio D’Addario

    The Three network offers 25GB of data to those travelling to the United States and another 10 countries. They’ve just launched 4G in the cities in the UK (as the rollout is being controlled by Ofcom) but it’s by far the best deal for data, especially since you get 2 terabytes of data when you’re in the UK.

  • billy

    Would this work with an AT&T MVNO (like AIO or Straight Talk), or do you need to be an OG AT&T subscriber?

  • clobberedchina

    Dobby is a free elf. I haven’t had AT&T since I had the old iPhone 3GS. Things have changed a lot in my neck of the woods since then. We have 4G/LTE now. The new Moto X is showing full bars. GoPhone is saving me $30 a month. Thank you Droid Life, thank you commenting community.

  • Intellectua1

    Glad I left Verizon and went to At&t after Verizon failed to get the Galaxy Note 1 now my switch is really paying off..

  • MK17

    Does anyone know the best way to handle calling the US while in Mexico. I will be travelling for business and would like to set up my unlocked phone so that either I can call my wife or she can call me. I know we can do Google Hangouts but I wanted something a little more instant if needed. I’m on prepaid currently.

  • Come on Verizon! 🙁

    Even AT&T has them way beat on the roaming front, it seems.