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Sprint’s LTE Rollout Continues, 70 New Markets Brings Total Coverage to 300 Across the Country

Most readers here might be spoiled by Verizon’s quick and decisive LTE rollout over the past few years, but all carriers have not gotten to that level quite yet. Sprint had a late start in implementing LTE to their nationwide network, but today they have announced 70 new LTE markets going live around the country. That brings their total number to 300 markets covered.

The list of new cities is a long one, but is headlined by big name places like Green Bay, Wisconsin, St. Louis, Missouri and Orlando, Florida. Adding new markets to the fold looks good on paper, but Sprint is also upgrading existing markets with what they call “Sprint Spark.” Sprint describes this new investment as “a network capability that uses three spectrum frequencies to deliver peak 4G LTE wireless data speeds of 50-60Mbps.” When the move towards full HD Voice coverage comes along, this will also help stability and quality of those calls as well.

Sprint is certainly putting in time and effort to their network. Are they worthy of looking at if you are thinking of switching?

Via: Sprint
  • ekb55

    I have to admit that Sprint has been doing a great job in updating their network in the Baltimore, Annapolis, Eastern Shore of Maryland area. Not only are LTE sites being added but they are definately doing 3G upgrades. My 3g speeds are now around 1 to to 2 mps and my LTE is as high as 28 mps. Again, I have to admit, they are making good progress in these area and I am sure the thousands of people in the Baltimore Washington area thank Sprint also!

  • RRockstar

    Sprint is launching markets that have less than 70% of towers upgraded and less than 50% with LTE. In San Diego the coverage is very spotty.

  • Autumn Raine

    Still not in Milwaukee WI, #fail

  • besweeet

    Here’s the same list, but compared to T-Mobile: http://pastebin.com/ckxCTLN9

  • aznmode1

    They’re supposed to have LTE in San Francisco and San Jose by summer this year but still no announcement. Left them 2 years ago for Tmobile after 9 years and I couldn’t be happier as I get LTE everywhere I go now with tmobile. My gf just left them 2 weeks ago for verizon. Sprint really screwed up going with Wimax and now playing catch up.

    • anehlo

      Sprint LTE is (and has been) live in San Francisco! 1.34 mbps! Live it up! My wife’s 3G on T-Mobile is like 5 times faster than Sprint’s LTE. What a joke.

      • SprintSUX

        WOW. 1.34 that is awesome. Here in Portland, Oregon we’re blazing with .39mbps. How can they do this and get away with it. They should be sued!!!!

        • anehlo

          I just moved to T-Mobile from Sprint yesterday and it’s like night and day. It’s amazing how useful a phone is when it can get signal. I get LTE almost everywhere and it’s always AT LEAST 10 mbps. I can actually stream music.

          Sometimes I think that Sprint customers don’t know how bad they actually have it on Sprint. They put up with the bad service thinking that that’s how things are in general. There are other options out there that are worth looking into. You might be glad you did.

  • Blue Sun

    As Nancy Reagan put it “Just Say No” to CDMA.

  • alzeis

    I have said this in the past and Ill say it again. I love Sprint and have 0 issues with the service. I don’t even live in a huge market. I live in Hanover Pa a small town outside of York Pa and Harrisburg PA . We have had 4g here for quite sometime and they are always upgrading the towers.

    • nevermindhoser

      I live in Carlisle, pa and sprint isn’t terrible now but stilla little behind att and Verizon

  • KChristainsen

    Sprint in my area is just fine, North Of Boston. So i’ll take their cheap prices anyday

    • Tim242

      Family plans are more expensive on Sprint

  • Shane Redman

    Does sprint put a 4G logo over all of their phones too?

    • Danny

      No, most of their new phones have nothing on it actually. Maybe except the company logo that made the phone like LG or Samsung.

  • htowngtr

    If they can score T-Mo that would make things interesting.

    • besweeet

      No it wouldn’t. Us happy folks on T-Mobile want nothing to do with Sprint.

  • Still busted, have official released LTE in Nashville and I NEVER connect to it. And when I do its ALWAYS slower than my 3G
    LTE = 0.2-1.2 3G = 1.2-2.6

  • yankeesusa

    A little too late. I already chose tmobile and took 2 lines over to them. I would have chosen verizon but I would have to take a 2nd job to afford it not to mention their lte speeds here in my area never go over 10mbps anymore.

  • robert reeves

    Live in Atlanta, been to Chicago and LA in the past week and a half and there so called LTE/4G was non existent. So soon as I got of the plane yesterday I went straight to T-Mobile and switched and now I’m getting 20-30+ download speeds not .5 or nothing at all…#Fail

    • Yeah Sprint’s LTE network is slower than their 3G network around here. Some upgrade.

  • mikesuds

    I continue to fail to see why in the hell this is what an article looks like on this site when opening the article on a 24 inch widescreen monitor.

    • TJWaterskier

      When blocks of text are too wide they are difficult to read. It’s why most books have portrait pages and not landscape pages.

      • JoshGroff

        That sounds logical, I’ve always wondered why news sites don’t take advantage of the full width of the screen.

      • mikesuds

        Edited and reposted since it was caught in the “awaiting moderation” comments due to my foul language (I would assume). Better protect people from the “S” word on the internet.

        I understand that, and that makes sense as far as the width of an article goes. What I am confused about here, and hate with a passion, is that I have this massive, beautiful screen, and when I click on an article, all I see is a gigantic picture of a dumb screenshot that could only vaguely be implied to reference the following article. Why so dang big? Does every single article have to be accompanied by a massive picture above the text? If the article is about a new phone or something, then sure, I get that. This article is about an expanding LTE market. Is it necessary to have a huge picture of a tiny 4G icon??? This layout is crappy.

        • JoshGroff

          I don’t pay attention to the pictures anyway, I just scroll past them into the article so it doesn’t bother me, but I see what you mean. Although, it also lines up perfectly with the text, so the OCD part of me kind of likes it. >.>

          • Exactly.

            Would you prefer a tiny picture centered? (ugly)

            No picture? (ugly and lacking class)

            Give stuff that actually helps rather than just whining if you feel so strongly

          • mikesuds

            What? Why would a smaller picture be required to be centered? You make no sense. Go look at Android Police and get an idea of a solid layout with pictures in the header of the articles that actually looks good. Left aligned photo with the article title right next to it. Perfect.

            Besides that, you didn’t address any of the questions I asked. Do you find it necessary in an article about LTE expansion to include a massive picture of a tiny LTE icon? What does that bring to the article that the title doesn’t already???

    • F Young

      Mikesuds, at least you can see half the image. On my 24 inch monitor, all I see is about one-tenth of the image, even though my Chrome is set at 90% normal size. I agree that Droid Life’s layout is pretty bad on PC monitors. They waste an awful amount of screen space.

      (to see my screenshot, delete the space after ht in the following URL)
      ht tp://bit.ly/1eiRzcV

      • mikesuds

        Yeah, I just really can’t believe that any logic is being used when it comes to this layout. It is absolutely stupid. It’s no better on Mobile browers, at least for me, where there are 4-6 ads interspersed between the article’s paragraphs and it still retains the garbage picture and buttons at the top taking up the entire screen forcing you to scroll constantly. The pop over ad is a brilliant touch as well.

        • Tim242

          Totally agree.

  • Timothy Robinson

    This is why I just left Sprint. Embarrassing that Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands can get 4G upgrades before cities like Rochester NY.

    • Maximus

      You understand that they have to get permits to do this work, right? Think places in NY might have companies waiting in line for permits? I do….

      • Timothy Robinson

        Although I more than understand how permit congestion and other “red tape” issues may cause delays in upgrades, I still find it unacceptable. if you’re trying to pin all of their upgrade problems on bureaucratic back logs then I think you are being more than generous to Sprint.

        Thus why I took my money elsewhere. I’ve been loyal to Sprint for many years, but their voice and data coverage seem to actually get worse in my area in the last year or so. I’ve spent far to many hours with their customer service reps to feel sorry for or makes excuses their faulty network and their slow 4G roll out.

  • meetloaf13

    So yeah, 4G has been popping up here in my small town. I was busting download speeds of .5 MB/s YES!

    • Dean

      I tried them for about a year and a half before paying the penalty to get out of my contract. My typical speed was about 56k!!! It was an absolute joke. Unlimited data is useless when nothing works.

      • meetloaf13

        Yeah, I’m trying to get out of mine as well. Problem is my MIL bought a “stupid” phone, so I won’t get near enough $$ selling that to cover the ETF.

  • Phrosty12

    What about those of us who are already in one of Sprint’s LTE markets? When will WE be getting 4G?

    • yankeesusa

      ditto. Same thing happened to me. I am supposedly in an lte city but I rarely get 4g and when I do it never goes above 8 unless i’m in a certain area. Oh well. I still have my sprint account with 4 other lines and my current 2 lines are on tmobile so if somehow sprint gets everything together maybe I’ll bring my lines.

    • iNfAMOUS70702

      My city doesn’t officially have sprint LTE but somehow I’m always connected to 4G

  • steve0617

    Amazing. Still no 4G coverage (WiMax can’t count anymore) in ALL of the Denver area, including our ‘Tech Center’ in Greenwood Village.

    • Metal_Link

      Colorado Springs here, but it’s already too late; I’ve switched to T-Mobile with my Nexus 5.

    • ohpaulmichael

      Ill add that the 3G coverage is worse than most carrier’s 2g speeds. the most common thing I see on my phone is a spining pinwheel. music streaming, videos, app updates all need to wait for wi-fi

  • TJWaterskier

    I read this as “brings total coverage to 300 PEOPLE across country”

    • JoshGroff

      I bet those 300 people are super excited!

      • Naw, their phones will be entirely unusable until they get into one of them Spark zones. And then they’ll be rockin’ 0.01 down, 0.02 up

        • michael arazan

          Not to mention people with slightly older phones from earlier this year even, don’t even have lte antennas in their phones and will have to upgrade their phones at their own cost without any trade in values or exchange programs. My friend is on sprint and told me he got an lte phone but it was before sprint had lte here back in may. In st. louis sprint is No. 2 in coverage without drop offs in MO, ATT is th worse having the swiss cheese effect in very populated areas and on highways. And you can keep a signal even if you leave the highways unlike T-mo.

    • CHRIS42060

      It actually looks like they are finally hitting some of the bigger cities. I am curious how they will work that into their apparent LTE rollout model of covering the most cities but using the least amount of bandwidth possible. I am assuming this means the LTE speeds will be even slower (I general got about 5 mbps where I live before switching to AT&T)

  • Roberto Taylor

    Their network will ALWAYS be a joke.

    • JoshGroff

      *Insert witty joke about pins dropping, silence, and Sprint’s network.*

    • yankeesusa

      I can see why you would say that. With the buyout from the japanese company I see sprint being relevant in 1 to 2 years. Too bad I need a good company NOW not in the future.

      • tyguy829

        kind of ironic since they call themselves “the now network”

  • Cynthetic

    put the whole list in the post

    • J. Gilbertson

      Can’t click on the source link at the bottom of the article?

      • Cynthetic


  • ezbbycame2play

    Cool, they finally got to San Diego. Going to have to test my friends speeds.