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Netflix Update v3.1.0 on Android Adds Profile Support

Historically, Netflix hasn’t had the most egalitarian attitude toward Android. An application wasn’t made available or Android devices until 2011, months after the iOS release, and for years had a user interface that bore the notorious unresponsiveness of an HTML wrapper. Of late, though, things have been improving: the Nexus 7 2013 was the first tablet to receive streams in 1080p HD, and version 3.0 of the Netflix app, released in October, vastly improved the fluidity of navigation on Android devices. In light of these recent positive steps, it’s only fitting that Netflix finally add a feature that’s been available on other platforms for the better half of a year: profile sign-in. 

The functionality is as straightforward as you’d expect: you can create and sign into different movie-watching profiles, as not to litter a family member or friend’s recommendations with asinine filmography. In addition, the updated app comes with semantic search – a query for an actor will bring up related movies, for example – and bug fixes in tow.

What’s New

  • Netflix profiles
  • Enhanced search with support for people and related titles
  • Bug fixes

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  • Errol

    No more sifting through historical documentaries, depressing dramas, or ridiculously over-the-top action films on my fiancé’s profile? Yay! Funny I didn’t know they even had profiles on Netflix until now… I do hope they adopt a next video option; I love that function on my Xbox 360. (One of the few things I like about that whole console, even.)

    • Snowbo13

      They did along time ago…or at least everyone could have different q’s

  • Dane York

    I wish they would update the Google TV app too. I tried to sideload this one and it doesn’t work.

  • thajack

    And still no way to manage a DVD queue.

    • TC Infantino

      What is this ‘DVD’ thing of which you speak?

  • jpfrasier

    was glad to see this update on Saturday. Had the new layout for a while on Roku 3, but the Roku HD in my son’s room may be stuck with the old ui forever.

  • Milind Shah

    Egalitarian….lol gotta use the dictionary more often now… Welcome to droid-life Kyle!

    • Kyle Wiggers

      Thank you!

  • Craig P

    speaking of intros, you guys might want to update those about sections of the writers.

  • Shane Redman

    KYLE?????? HI, KYLE!….mmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Kyle Wiggers


  • Finally no more kids shows from my son flooding my profile.

  • CaptM

    I’ve had this ability since August (when I bought my Chromecast and got the free 3 Months of Netflix).

  • JDub

    I have two questions. Who is Kyle and does he own an iPhone?

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      And is it purple

      • No iPhone, but can’t guarantee the non-purple. Will let him confirm. 😛

        • JoshGroff

          So will it be KB & KW on Q&A posts now?

    • droidify

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Kyle Wiggers

      New writer. No iPhone. Formal intro coming soon.

      • JDub

        Welcome to Droid-Life!

        • Kyle Wiggers

          Thank you!

      • Sirx

        Ashamed to say this was the only reason I clicked this article. Welcome, brethren!

        • Kyle Wiggers

          Thank you, kind sir!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Not so worried if he has an iPhone, but who is Kyle? And is he pro Moto X?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Haha, same here. As I was reading his post, I was thinking to myself, “This doesn’t sound like the words of Kellex, Tim or even Eric”, but then I read the comments and yep…new writer!

      Welcome to the greatest Android community in all the land, Kyle!

      • Kyle Wiggers


        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Looks like you have been stolen from Android Police. Welcome to the land of awesome.

          • Kyle Wiggers

            Thanks for the kind welcome.

  • FragDroid

    Who is Kyle?

    • Kyle Wiggers

      You’ll know soon enough… 😉

  • Doug

    Just picked up chromecast and can’t seem to get the Netflix app to cast from my Nexus 7 (2012). I continue to get an error… anyone know of a fix?

  • JoshGroff

    This is the update I’ve been waiting for! No more will I have to suffer my sister’s TV and movie recommendations.

  • Snowbo13

    didnt this come out last Friday?

    • JoshGroff

      Looks like Saturday, weekend non essential news usually gets posted Monday.

      • Snowbo13

        makes sense! glad to have profiles though. We had them on the ipad, tv, and iphone, but of course I had to let my little one watch curious george on my nexus tablet and phone so now whenever I look for a show I have to navigate through all the kids crap to find something good to watch. (just started the second season of lilyhammer)

        • Errol

          I can’t wait to start that!

          • Snowbo13

            Oh yeah great stuff…trying to keep her away from my phone is not easy. I give her the iPad when I can because I don’t care a about that at all.

  • hexodat64

    It’s nice the app is finally pretty good. I could never understand how they let such a horrible app represent them. Chromecast support is pretty good too

    • KingofPing

      “Chromecast support is pretty good too”

      Would love to see a “next” functionality built into ChromeCast so I don’t always have to go and manually select the next episode (web interface provides this functionality). Other than that, yeah; dang near perfect.

      • nabooska

        Netflix is notorious for lacking this feature, my roommate has an Apple TV and it doesnt have the “next” button either. Quite stupid if you ask me.

  • Chris Bloch

    I have a spare moto x $150 off code, if anyone wants one here it is H2DM-GOCU-MEO3-AZQF-RHT3. Just reply with a thanks if you use it 🙂

  • d-rock

    About time!