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Monday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?

With 2013 sadly coming to a close, it’s time we take a step back and see just how many of you are still tinkering and playing with your Android devices. As I have said countless times, the need for rooting Android phones has fallen dramatically, as Android grows to be quite the mobile operating system – offering both speed and looks that we didn’t imagine were possible back in the days of the “OG” DROID. While the custom ROM scene will never disappear completely, it’s quite easy to see that there are probably less folks buying devices and then immediately rooting them.

For example, we have asked this “rooted or non-rooted” question before, and the percentage of rooted users has been dipping. Not at too fast of a pace, given this is an Android enthusiast site, but as we mentioned, quad-core chips with 2GB of RAM have definitely kept many users from needing to overclock their CPUs.

If you continue to root your phones, tell us why. If you choose not to, we’d also love to know why.

Rooted or Non-rooted?

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  • Matt Scheaffer

    Totally non-rooted and never will. Don’t see a point. There is literally NOTHING that I personally want to do that I can’t so why risk it? I just still think of this as a device to call people and send messages. I use my laptop or tablet for actual computing. Most of the reasons people in the comments are giving for rooting, I don’t even understand what they are talking about. For instance touch wiz. I think that is installed on my Galaxy. I don’t really care. I don’t know what Jelly Bean looks like without it and could honestly care less what it looks like anyway. Does it make calls and texts? Great! I’m happy.

  • me

    Rooted because i want to block adds….

  • Martin

    Rooted, love getting ready of Verizons bloatware.

  • Harry Xu

    I’m in China. I rooted my phone because it can be more easilier to get access to the free internet. Root for break the Great Fire Wall!

  • HarvesterX

    Rooted. Would anyonehere buy a PC from Dell etc etc that would not let you log in as Adkinistrator for personal use? Not a single person here. So anybody saying “unroofed” is also saying they would be happy with a Windows PC without being able to run as Administrator.

    If it’s your device you deserve to have su. Case closed. If you are using someone else’s device. Then you have the right to log in as whatever they let you log in as. But as far as owning your own phone/computer (which is exactly what our phones are)…then there is no reason for anyone to settle and say unrooted.

    I’ll never own a device I can’t root. Sorry, I like to admin my own own devces. I like configuring iptables and managing my network. I like having from tasks scheduled that can execute tasks as sudo (su).

    The carriers don’t won’t you to have access to the root directory tree, because then you gain control you should have already owned (especially if your phone is paid off fully or bought full price). They don’tlike you being able to sidestep around the roadblocks they have in place. Also because idiots who screw something up (and probably easily fixable tthemselves if researched), would return their phones under warranty instead of paying the insurance copay and getting a replacement that way. It’s a dumb argument though and one I talked with reps about the other day.

    Verizon knows I root all my devices. It’s marked down that I do, and I never call them for customer support over something I screwed up. My warranty is still valid as well. Why? Because I keep in communication with them and they know if in and a phone for a warranty replacement that I flash everything back to stock condition. I’venever sent them a phone that I screwed up (never hardbricked a device and have fixed any issues I’ve created either through recovery or PC tools specific for that phone model).

    But peoplee take advantage of that but still makes no sense because most of the phones returned to stock and sent back can be refurbished…so in the end there isn’t a valid excuse to sell devices without admin or su rights for personal use. Android is at fault itselffor not including the su binary but they made a good decision because that opens a new can of worms. Su should be an option open to all (which is basically is but should be without exploits). Those who know about su and that without a custom recovery they can screw their phone up and be left having to use insurance to replace it should have the option.

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Since I now own Nexus devices, my need for rooting has significantly decreased. I now only root once the flagship falls in the shadows of its newer brethren.

  • BJTemp

    Wireless tether. Enough said.

  • Brayden Kulbacki

    galaxy s4 verizon πŸ™

  • speed4evr

    I prefer to root my phones. I’ve had many of the galaxy n htc phones on sprint which comes with bloatware. Granted I have a N5 now (also rooted), but I like the endless customization of the Android OS and changing ROMS.

  • OhYeah!

    Rooted because all the fun stuff requires it.

  • ThorAllman

    Purely so I can take off bloatware and update to the latest version of Android… Other than that I don’t care. AKA if Verizon had a nexus I wouldn’t bother rooting anymore.

  • romma

    Absolutely rooted. I took a big gamble on the Razr M. It had been out for a while when I bought it, with a wonderfully locked up tighter than a drum bootloader. I pretty much thought that my rooting days were over… Then the Rosenberg method was released a few weeks after I owned it. An amazingly small window of opportunity opened up and I jumped through while I could to unlock that bootloader. Before you knew it, Big Red Meanie Verizon patched the exploit. I am glad that I did!!!

  • bassmaster118

    Custom Roms, TiBu, AdAway.

  • Higher_Ground

    I continue to root so that I can have more/less up-to-date ROMs on my phone. Of course since it’s a galaxy nexus rooting wasn’t really a hassle to begin with. Originally I rooted my phone (Droid X) so that I could have access to apps like Root Explorer and Wi-fi tethering. Eventually I tried a few ROMs and but lately I’m not even sure any of the apps I use require root.

  • Trooper311

    Not rooted for the first time in years. Why? Moto X is why. I even have the Dev Edition lol. Will probably root when i get around to it, just been busy. Main reason would be to install and use AdAway.

    • needa

      i have the moto x also. but would root in a heartbeat to go back to 4.2.2. only problem is i would lose my $85 warranty. before the 4.4 update though…. i felt the same as you.

  • Teng Taing

    rooted to get rid of bloat, and to mod system to get free wifi tether using the built in android tethering. Stickin it to VZW

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I root to back up and restore my device and run Xposed. Also, Lightflow works a little better on some devices with root. Same with Nova Launcher.

  • Rooted, mostly to get rid of crapware.

  • Rob Black

    Rooted for Wifi tether and blocking ads.

  • I root mainly for WiFi tether, but I suppose I also just like knowing that I can do whatever I want to my device whenever I want to. With my Nexus 5 I definitely unlocked it immediately but didn’t root for a week or two.

  • chief

    Rooted. Because I can seamlessly transfer all my data between phones keeping all application settings. Droidwall and and titanium backup are a must.

  • Mike Sember

    Rooted for no other reason to remove Touchwiz. Honestly though, since 4.1, I really don’t feel there is any need to root/ROM a phone other than to get rid of the horrible OEM skins.

  • chowhoundb

    Root all devices, to be able to run greenify/Xposed. Even stock, this app helps a great deal.

  • Rob

    I don’t root anything anymore. I could care less and just have no time in my life anymore to tinker with smartphones.

  • spursrchamps2007

    Titanium backup thats it, oh and wifi tether

  • moe6

    Rooted because I can’t live without a custom kernel

  • S2556

    I need root for tibu ad block and other root apps. Haven’t ROMed my n5 yet though!

  • wolfxomg

    I’m running 4.4.2 SlimROM on my 2 years old Galaxy Nexus plus Xposed = unmatched UX.

  • I was rooted when I first started buying Android devices when I didn’t have much of a choice on device (US Cellular). I rooted back then because I had a lot of time in college and wanted to make the devices perfect. I havent rooted my HTC One or Moto X since I’ve had them and probably won’t do it. There are a few things I would like to add, but it’s just not worth those hours of backing up and restoring to get a few very minor tweaks anymore.

    I definitely see the reason to do so, however.

  • quintezmario

    Rooted LGG2 D801 running stock android kit kat the lg UI is ok but quite cheesy… And has alot of pointless animations in my opinion..

  • MrWicket

    rooted but thinking about unrooting and re-locking.. why? don’t really use it as a feature anymore and it’s not needed to get stock and updates and well.. Nexus.

  • James Hill

    Because I want full control of MY phone!

  • jer85008

    Usually don’t root or run any custom ROMs until the warranty is up. Then it’s a free-for-all ROM-fest keeping the year-old phone fun until the next upgrade on my family account rolls around.

  • wmsco1

    The last time I rooted was Verizon galaxy Nexus, since then I have no need. Slap Nova Launcher on good to go!

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’m not rooted right now because I’m not used to having to use Odin (coming from GNex) so I don’t want to mess anything up on my pretty Note 3.

  • CompCrash

    I am actually not rooted at the moment. Just got my Nexus 5 in and enjoying it as is. That is probably until CM11 is release (not just nightlys).

  • KaoriCamellia

    Rooted GS4 on TW (boo), GS3 running CM 10.2, and though not a phone, rooted, unlocked N7 with custom kernel (OC’d, undervolted, etc) and optimized VM libraries. Modding is a disease I want no cure for.

  • muzz

    Customize, customize!!

  • abhisshack

    I rooted my phone, and its not only about speed rather extreme customizations 3rd party ROM give us like PA, AOKP or even Resurrection Remix which combines all the Goodness of AOKP, PA & CM into One single ROM.

  • Tom Wellington

    I love CyanogenMod and the various other custom ROMs in the community. Mostly CM πŸ™‚

  • Eric James Salcido

    Tethering+Greenify+Custom ROM+Nandroid

  • I just root for AdAway. Haven’t found any other compelling reason yet.

  • Bill

    My droid razr maxx hd runs very slow and i purchased it a year ago. It’s unrooted. Would rooting it increase performance?

    • Eric James Salcido

      It very much could, you could remove bloat apps, Greenify certain applications, Run a custom ROM and overclock, and use a more light-weight feature-filled ROM.

  • Dan Perkins

    Rooted. Cause i’m a nerd.

  • Sergio Meraz

    Xposed and Tethering on Verizon

  • disqust3d

    Rooted because I can. Also to uninstall the latest maps and install maps 6.14.3 on my nexus 5…

  • mikeym0p

    I can’t believe this is still a perfect 50/50 I watched this poll periodically throughout the day, impressive.

  • Michael Pahl

    While most enthusiasts think custom ROMs are the thing….A Nexus device with stock ROM and modified Kernel, for example ElementalX, is really where its at.

    I’m rooted for AdAway. It offers a significantly better user experience.

  • SpeakethTheTruth

    Rooted…I hate Bloatware. And I’m a flashoholic since the days of windows mobile.

  • Chester

    Because greenify πŸ™‚

  • kfath1978

    No need to root a nexus5 IMO.

  • Keith0606

    Not rooted BC I dont feel I have reason anymore to make the effort. Haven’t rooted since the OG.

  • wh1te_mag1c

    I have my phone & tablet rooted, mainly for Greenify. But for my phone, I have an even better reason – I can have unlimited tethering on my unlimited data plan with T-Mobile.

  • Razma

    wow, 3,743 to 3,742, thats ridiculous

  • Kevin Gallagher

    Rooted yes.

    Need those game backups and the little manipulations with xposed framework are sweet.

  • Kenny

    PA 3.99 on N4, rooted of course. Mainly to use Titanium Backup, Greenify, Lux, Better Battery Stats, Cerberus, just to name a few.

  • beng8686

    Rooted because still on Verizon unlimited and can’t add tethering without losing it.

    • Dave Amburn

      Really? I added unlimited tethering recently and kept my unlimited data package

  • JohanV
  • Dave S.

    Non-rooted…because I honestly don’t care. (And now that I’ve got my Nexus 5, I especially don’t care.)

  • EgySisi

    Here are 3 MotoX codes, Expire in a couple hours. Couldn’t us them myself. Enjoy.




    Edit: Please reply when you have used these codes, and which one, so that I know which ones are used.

  • PaulMaddux

    Rooted stock. Because I can.

  • wtsamatta

    to get rid of sense!! better control of my phone.

  • kepley


  • Fiorta

    I root because Verizon sucks

  • SnkBitten

    Rooted…Titanium backup and freezing bloatware services. Just more freedom and choices when rooted.

  • pd240

    LG G2 running android 4.4.2 (CM11). Could not deal with the Verizon bloat or LGs custom skin.

  • MetroGnome711

    Took me awhile, but this HTC One is rooted. I’m on Verizon and I wanted Kitkat! Also, titanium backup for constant flashing.

  • JZ

    The closest poll ever! Who will win!?

  • chrismalone

    Motomaker Moto X that’s already customized from Motorola. No need to root.

  • Tom

    I rooted my Nexus 5 for a few reasons, the main one was backups of my apps from my old phone with data in tact through Titanium Backup. That was basically my only reason. I haven’t needed to do anything else with root, and I actually quite like the stock N5 experience. Everything else I wished to do I was able to do without root access, like switching to ART.

  • Ted Ellis

    Rooted. just so I could get rid of the bloatware from Sprint, and use Titanium Backup. Being able to use NovaLauncher is just icing on the cake.

  • Justin

    Root to remove Vzw bloat. That’s about it.

  • terrorist96

    Rooted. Why? Free tethering with unlimited data on Verizon

  • matt apodaca

    Rooted,rooted and rooted

  • Mexigreek

    Rooted – left Verizon for AT&T to get a true Nexus device (Nexus 5). Needed titanium backup to transfer my apps. Don’t know if I really need to be rooted anymore. Love my N5.

  • Will

    Root to restore data between flashes of the latest and greatest version of Android on my Gnex.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Should be an option for “Rooted but Stock”

  • I own the Nexus 5, and it’s my first smartphone that I haven’t rooted in about 4 years.

  • Adan H.

    Rooting helps to mitigate one of the most annoying things about Android. To this day, Android still doesn’t have a robust, consistent, and user-friendly way of backing up your app data. On iOS you can swap between phones for years and keep the same app preconfigured with the same data, which helps transitions. Android has none of that. Helium is annoying as hell with its reliance on the Play Store. Titanium Backup made switching from an SGS3 to an HTC One a mere 30 minute affair after I made sure the HTC One was fully bootloader unlocked & rooted.

  • Allan

    Rooted Nexus 5 to flash the greatest rom in history: CM-based DroidKang v11 (4.4.2).

    Also with Xposed modules and Greenify.

  • Carlos Corona

    Root Galaxy s4 T-Mobile to get the freedom of bloated phones and run pure android is fantastic.!

  • techie_1

    One reason. RootDim. Allows extremely low brightness levels for night use.

  • KMS_Alex

    Many reasons but probably the biggest one is the app Greenify if I if you haven’t used it you really need to check it out. It will save your battery life. Literally.
    Greenify *ROOT: Renew my Phone
    Also xposed for tons off tweaks.

  • Teresa Wagoner

    I’ll be rooting my moto x as soon as I get it, simply for tethering. Oh and almost forgot here’s a promo code in case anyone didn’t get one. H2DM-KNSC-FRVA-CEZR-Z5VE

  • Corey Smith

    Rooted on the OG Razr Maxx to run CM10.2 via Safestrap.

  • TC Infantino

    Wow, an even 50/50 currently. I decided there was no reason to root my Droid Maxx because the stock software provides a great user experience. I did however sideload the GEL, mainly because I liked the look of it, and it works flawlessly. No lag, no stutter, no sense of any app overworking the phone at all, so no need to fiddle with it. If Moto keeps putting out sweet phones like this from now on, I don’t think I will need to worry about rooting anymore.

  • Sean Bello

    I’ll also add that part of the fun of being rooted is the community, and AOKP has been extremely slow with development in the past year or so.

  • Sean Bello

    50/50 for me. my Moto X is non rooted and I never will root it because no rom developer can come close to matching active display and touchhless control. I’m rooted but stock on my N7 solely to use TWRP for backups because I don’t like that ADB backups are really difficult to extract.

  • DCX

    Last minute, I know…
    $150 Off MotoMaker Moto X – Use before Midnight EST.
    Whomever gets to use it first enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

  • Trevor

    Nexus 5 – definitely rooted and running CM11.

  • Jervis Dabreo

    I’m rooted because that where the fun lies, that and having an unlocked bootloader of course.

  • Alan Paone

    I switched my dev edition One to the GPE ROM, but I haven’t rooted it or my nexus 7. The only things I miss are long-pressing the volume rocker to skip tracks and having all the symbols on the phone keyboard, otherwise CM keeps adding garbage I don’t really want, let alone need.

  • djembeman

    I’m still using my Droid RAZR MAXX which is not going to be updated to Kit Kat, and I have never felt the need to root this phone. I rooted my Droid Bionic before this, but it somehow randomly bricked one day. I flashed stock Gingerbread or ICS (not sure which) to it at the time and let it stay stock and upgraded to Jelly Bean. My wife is using the Bionic now. Stock Jelly Bean works great. Free WiFi Tethering, ability to freeze unused apps and even remove some. I don’t care about over-clocking, it never made my phones work better, just had higher quadrant scores.

  • Justin W

    I’m amazed it’s that close…

  • MK17

    I wrote rooted even though I didn’t have my Gnex Rooted for the last couple months and My Moto X isn’t yet. I’m 95% certain I will be rooting the Moto X for one reason or another in the next few months.

    However, I did say I would never buy anything but Nexus. Moto changed that with the X. They provided features that I felt were such an addition to android that I bought the Moto X over the Nexus 5.

  • alexz

    Dead heat!

  • Nexus 5. Naturally unlocked bootloader and rooted right when I got it, but when it updated I think I lost root and haven’t even bothered to root again.

  • Daniel J. Peters

    VZW, Unlimited Data, Moto-X DE. That’s why.

  • gr227

    Rooted and S-Off HTC One on Verizon… Running stock Sense but rooted to remove all bloatware and to use wireless tether. I prefer Sense to stock android I had on my Galaxy Nexus and my wife’s Nexus 4. On the GNex I had to run Nova Prime and Icons to make it look decent.

  • FknTwizted

    wish i could click both…. since I have my Nexus 7 (2013) rooted and my N2 isn’t. If there was a way to have sixaxis controller app not need root there really isnt much of a reason for me to have a root anymore since its not needed for overclocking these beast, or root for wifi, etc etc…

  • Brandon Hinson

    Nexus 5 unrooted, locked. Why? because I don’t need to root to do everything I want.

  • Tom Z

    Rooted, I have found Greenify to be the best battery extender out there! There are other reason to root, but Greenify is my favorite.

  • ahhh yes


  • Jason Smith

    I would root my note 3 if it was sure to not trip Knox… a dip in rooting doesn’t necessarily mean that people don’t want to root anymore. Manufacturers and carriers are making it more painful to root. If I was able to get a N5 on verizon, I would have rotted that thing on day one. Also, even if I could root the note 3, the functionality built in that handles the huge size of the device likely wouldn’t exist on typical roms, so that’s a challenge as well.

    • Tim242

      You can root the Note 3 with Kingo. It does not trip Knox. You can run Jelly Beans ROM by Beanstown106. It is TW based, AOSP themed, with extra settings to tweak. That with Xposed = best of both worlds.

      • Jason Smith

        http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2516996 looks like Kingo has an iffy reputation.

        • Tim242

          That is FUD. XDA won’t allow it because it is closed source. They are keeping it closed to prevent carriers from patching it. They no longer collect your IMEI.

          • Jason Smith

            How do you know about the IMEI part?

          • Tim242

            They had an app update several weeks ago that removed that. All one click apps have always collected that. But because of the outcry, they stopped.

  • Indecision1991

    Non-Rooted. Why? Because Nexus 5

  • Damien Luna

    rooted so i can use sixaxis controller app i dont want to have a wired connected to my phone also to use titanium backup if games had a way to have your save files connected to your google

  • Richard Giordano

    @mahercs http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2442585 this link will show you how to root ur DROID Maxx in 3 easy and simple steps and yes this root method works with the kit kat update on both the moto x and DROID family.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Because of root my LG G2 is magically turned into a more powerful N5. There.

  • mcdonsco

    Speaking of root…when I’ve had the gsn2 and gsn3 I didn’t need root for free portable WiFi hotspot to work (unlimited on vzw) to get me free tethering…on my motorola phones though (previously maxx HD, now maxx and also moto x) the entitlement check stops it and I have to root to change that.

    Anyone know why the difference? Because this is thr only reason I ever root I would prefer to not have to root.

  • Ken VanPelt

    Rooted – so that apps can be frozen with Titanium Backup and also so that I can backup/restore my user apps & settings, again with Titanium Backup

  • F1apjacks

    My gnex was unlocked/rooted, but my new moto x isn’t (yet).

  • DeeBee33

    I’m on Verizon which means the next Android update may come whenever if ever. I rooted to install custom roms. It’s been fun.

  • kr8os71

    Rooted, although as android has matured and become much more streamlined, I’ve found myself less inclined to do so. No need to install a rom to get features I like, or mods to make it function better. I believe that Android has gotten to a point where it is best left alone and enjoy. The main reason I root nowadays is to be able to wifi tether, since I have unlimited data.

  • Bluewall

    Nexus 5, not rooted.
    Why ? Because firstly I don’t have any “needs” to root. I would do it just for fun.
    But when I start, I can’t stop. I HAVE to be on the latest nightly, I HAVE to test all ROMS and Kernels to be sure to run the greatest one. And after 4 years of Android hacking, I’m a bit tired of flashing every day and not trully enjoy my phones.
    I’ll always buy Nexus. No need to root for having latest update or vanilla. Also, no need in Switzerland to root for tethering.
    Why flashing stuff was fun, I figured out I went totaly crazy about it and just ruined my pleasure to use a fantastic piece of hardware with a top notch software.

  • Sherri Felix

    Phone is is rooted for AOKP ROM, as I need need led to light with screen on. Also to get rid of ads, and tether.

    Tablet is rooted to get rid of ads.

  • Vetal

    Sounds like many don’t understand what root does or what it’s for.

  • Vetal


    • joejoe5709

      Adaway is my new fave.

  • StargateNH

    Why? #1 – Verizon ruins phones by actively taking out things like WiFi Quick Toggles and adding unnecessary persistent Notifications. #2 – TouchWiz, Sence, etc. #3 – More powerful Root apps like Greenify, Helium backup, etc.

  • tabletuser

    Root = Your device, you own it, why would you not have administrative control over it? I have root control over all devices I’ve own and will ever own. Plus all the great things everyone has posted here. Imagine 1 year after buying your phone, your carrier isn’t providing updates anymore to the latest Android. With root you can extend the life of your Android for another year.

    Look at the LG Spectrum was released back in January 2012 for $200 with a 2 year contract running Gingerbread OS 2.3. October 2012 it received ICS OS 4.0.4 update. Now over a year later, its still on ICS 4.0.4 and Android OS has just release Jelly Bean OS 4.4.2. If you obtained root, you would be able to upgrade your LG Spectrum VS920 to CM 10.2 and enjoy Android 4.3 features and advancements. That makes your LG Spectrum a viable backup phone now that you are getting ready to upgrade to the LG G2 VS980 for about $50 next month. Drop the insurance after about 2 months and keep a decent case on it. LG Spectrum VS920 goes for about $50 on Ebay and thats a good insurance policy if you are not clumsy.

    tabletuser blogspot

  • Mike Fromson

    Rooted N5…cause why not?

  • JWells

    Don’t know what assumptions can be drawn from such a poll here. The vast majority of Android phone users are low-information users and don’t hang out on phone techy websites! :/

  • trixnkix637

    Currently I’m both. Non-rooted on my VZW Moto X (thanks Moto for the smoking deal & super fast shipping), and rooted on my OG GNex. I root because I love to tinker & customize & see what the latest and greatest is (because I’m too impatient to wait for official OTA’s). Thankfully with my new phone, that’s not much of a concern of mine. I agree the need to root is falling exponentially.

  • Wow, a 50/50 split!

  • John Lane

    Rooted on my gnex but once my note 3 gets hear I don’t want to lose my spen usefulness

    • Tim242

      Rooting doesn’t affect your stock ROM features. You can even install custom ROM’s, as long as they are TW based.

  • boybert

    Wow head-to-head 50% split. Moto X no root here. My tinkering days may be behind me as the stock ROM is pretty darned great.

  • Rodeojones000

    Rooted my Verizon G2 four hours after purchasing it. Wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on it had I not already been aware of the huge development following it has (second only to Nexus devices). With the exception of Nexus devices, I’d suggest the opposite of what Tim said. The need root and mod is greater than ever before, if for no other reason than to get rid of the OEM skin crap and bloat these phones are shipped with.

  • Prince Campbell III

    I used to root the hell out of my GS2, but there wasn’t one ROM that I was cool with so as I kept doing it my phone kept acting up until I had to put it back stock and get a replacement from Sprint. After that I said I was done with rooting, but with the way Verizon BSing with the 4.3 update for the Note 2 I have been thinking about doing it.

  • Edward Scott Sr.

    GNex rooted CM10.2,better performance and battery life. Also, no more support from Google or Verizon.

  • Daistaar

    Rooted for Xposed framework. Can’t believe that’s the only way to get fully working headset buttons on my Beats headset on the S4. That and fully working (NFC) Google Wallet.

  • Paul

    Wow at 50% that is impressive, it could be that some people are enjoying the Android experience.

  • stabone

    I’m rooted but no custom rom. I just wanted to install greenify and setcpu to make my batter last longer.

  • g_what

    I root for the custom ROMs. I haven’t needed to oc since the D1.

  • John Burke

    My Nexus 5 is ROOT’ed but pretty much stock – just running Xposed with some Modules & Franco kernel.

  • Hawke

    I did *not* expect to see it almost exactly 50/50.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    Droid Maxx user. No hiccups, reduced Motoskin that enhances stock IMO.

  • Rooted. Tethering limitations from TMO is the only reason left.

  • CHRIS42060

    I actually didn’t root my GS3, and it took me a few weeks to finally unlock and root the Nexus 5.

  • roguereversal

    Gnex, rooted, cm11

  • bboyairwreck

    Not rooted at the moment cuz been waiting for KitKat update on my Droid Maxx. Then i’ll root again

    • Mahercs

      Is there root for the Maxx on KK?

      • bboyairwreck

        No clue. But my guess is that they’ll probably at least have a ‘Keep Root’ method as they did similar with the last camera update. My faith is in the dev’s of the Moto X and Maxx

  • usaff22

    Found no reason to root my Nexus 5 yet… everything just works, and I don’t need custom ROMs because I get timely updates with a Nexus device (the main reason before the nexus for me was to flash CM)

  • Joe Fischer

    I haven’t rooted the kitkat update on my moto x, but probably will if the new method doesn’t require downgrading to the camera update. And if I root, it will only be to remove the vzw bloat.

  • Wolfpack93

    In order:
    1) Bloatware sucks
    2) Ads are annoying
    3) Stock Android is preferred, but that [insert hardware model here] sure has nice specs
    4) Tethering goes so nicely with an unlimited data plan

  • Mike Thompson

    My Verizon Galaxy S4 and Nexus 7 are both rooted. I’ve never owned an Android device for more than a day before rooting it. Stock Android just doesn’t do it for me, I guess. The Galaxy S4 gives me the most reasons to root. I got the device on launch day and rooted it immediately. I hate waiting for the manufacturers and carriers to decide when I can get an OS update. My OCD kicks in when I’m not running the most current version of the OS. I’m running a 4.4.2 ROM on my S4 and am loving it. I use root for tethering, ad blocking, app/file system cleanup, custom ROMs/kernels, app/recovery backups, running AOSP instead of TouchWiz, and changing the DPI of my ROMs. I’ve been changing the DPI since my first Android device and things just look comically large when running at the stock 480DPI on my S4. I change it to 320 and love the additional screen real estate it gives me. As silly as it sounds, the ability to change the DPI is one of the things I would miss the most if I was not able to root a device.

  • Daniel Pogue

    Damn, as I’m looking at it this moment it’s 50/50 That is very interesting. Personally I sometimes root and sometimes stock. I’m unrooted atm because I just don’t have anything that I need it for currently. Running a Nexus 5 on ART though so I don’t use xposed or need to custom rom really.

  • shecalledmejay

    I just got my Moto X today, does anybody know how to root it on the Mac?

  • Piotr G.

    Primarily for tethering. The other stuff are just extras. This might be the first phone I keep for a long time.

  • BobbyG

    LG G2 rooted. need to remove all the VZW and LG crap bloat they have

  • Junior Youngman

    ROOTED!!! Still so many more things you can do with a rooted phone then without.

  • RBI411

    I root and rom after my warranty expires. Get the most out of the whole deal.

    • Tim242

      Why wait for the warranty to expire? You can always relock. Then there’s the myth that rooting voids warranty. It does not.

      • RBI411

        Rooting? Yes. But I get the most out of flashing new stuff to make my phone faster after a while. Don’t see too many personal benefits in only root.

  • Jeff

    As soon as SlapMyMoto is out of beta and more reliable I’m rooting my Moto X. I don’t mind it not being rooted, but I want to get rid of that waste of space carrier text in the notification area as well as get myself a % battery indicator instead of the useless battery icon Android has. Beyond that I’d be fine not rooting.

  • Not rooted. Freaking moto x. . I want custom Dev not one or other

  • Dan Lopez

    Shocked that this is 50/50 right now.

  • AlexFirth91

    Not rooted, because I have warranty until Dec. 2014 on my Droid Maxx, and I don’t like messing with it.

  • ratnok

    My Nexus 5 is not rooted.
    My Transformer Prime IS ROOTED.

  • ItchyEyeball

    Always root

  • Michael Hammond

    Rooted. Google Wallet, and ROM’ing. I enjoy switching things up every so often and like to see how far I can take my device. But I haven’t had to OC since my OG Droid….I have the S4 now.

  • Sean Noel Smith

    I keep rioting everything I own because all the oem skins on android are awful. this way I can just but the hardware I like and make it work just the way I like. I just don’t understand how people tolerate the touchwiz garbage Samsung puts on their phones.
    My note 2 is sooooooo much better with liquid smooth on it.

    • Mike Hilal

      I rooted purely to freeze/delete. TW has so much extra crap built in that nobody will ever use.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Unfortunately Non-Rooted. Big mistake on my part. Should have rooted when I first got my Galaxy Note 3 a few months ago. Very dumb.

    And now unless there’s a way to root my phone without wiping, I don’t think I’ll be rooting any time soon as I have hundreds of apps, plus games with game progression(most don’t have Play Games Support; no cloud saves), etc, so I’d lose everything and would have to start completely fresh. Guess I’m just lazy and don’t want to go through all the hassel. At least not right now.

    • Mike Hilal

      Kingo Root, good sir.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Oh?! Kingo Root actually roots devices without first wiping data? Can it be? If so…YES!

        • Mike Hilal

          Yep, no wipe.

          • EvanTheGamer

            That is AWESOME! Now I wish I had looked into root methods with no wipe involved sooner. Damnit. lol

            Well, thanks for the tip man, gonna give Kingo a whirl tonight!

        • IncCo
          • Tim242

            That is FUD. The only issue is that they were collecting your IMEI. They have updated the apps to no longer do that

          • EvanTheGamer

            Thanks for posting that link about Kingo Root. I’ll wait until they actually know for sure if it really does what they’re saying.

            And thanks for the tip about Helium. Will check it out in a bit.

  • markgbe

    i no longer root, everything works so well these days. Nexus 5, nexus 7 are both sooooo good.

  • JasRedd

    Droid Bionic,,,Rooted…CyanogenMod 10.1. Runs Great (Compared to stock Moto). Any Questions? πŸ™‚

    • bboyairwreck

      Dang I havent touched my Bionic since CM10.1 was in hella beta. Like there would be updates every month and everyother one was stable so I quit. Did they get it 100% stable now?

  • Greg N Katie Carter

    I’m rooted on my note 3 but I can’t seem to get any support from from the community to help me Unroot for warranty purposes…

  • Trysta

    I used to root and rom my smartphone (mytouch 4g) because I wanted an up to date and stock software experience. But there were drawbacks to rooting and especially roming that I didn’t like. I had stability issues that I was never sure whether they were the result of mods I’d done or just the phone being junk. I also ran into a nasty situation when I wanted to factory reset my phone where I used the stock factory reset option (which wasn’t ok with clockwork mod recovery) and ended up corrupting my sd card.

    Now I buy Nexus devices and I only root and mod them if they are tablets. My phone is not a toy. It is absolutely critical that I have a 100% reliable way to be contacted by others. On my tablet if I screw something up or make a mistake I can take my time to figure out what I did but I no longer want those risks with my phone. And I haven’t missed modding my phone at all.

  • Clintro

    I would root…. but I can’t get my work emails if I do. So that is more important. Droid Maxx.

    The only reason I would root right now is to use the entitlement hack and change battery to percentage.

  • GotSka81

    Rooted…because why not? It gives me the ability to add nice features to my phone via kernel replacements and gives me a more thorough backup solution (Titanium).

  • Andromedo

    I’m going to have to root to re-enable App Ops on my Nexus 5 4.4.2. No reason half these apps need my location.

  • paul_cus

    Non-rooted life for me.

  • cgalyon

    I just got my Moto X (Verizon, non-DE version) and am trying to read up on the rooting process for my particular combination of software (came with 4.2.2, keeps prompting me to update). I haven’t rooted yet, but will as soon as I am confident I know the steps necessary. I like root. There are things you can do with it that are just nice (e.g., tether, back-up, etc). I agree with others that it is not as essential as it used to be, and I actually intend to keep it pretty much stock, but I’d like to be able to install some of the apps that request root permissions.

  • cgmartin33

    Always rooted my devices…but with my new G2 I haven’t found a need yet. I have disabled the bloat and it flies. After making comments to numerous people about not needing root, i went into settings, status, root status, and it says “rooted”. Now i know its not true root…but i was thinking about downloading SU and seeing what happens πŸ˜‰

    • onehtc

      First of al rooting is not something that can happen without you knowing. And second there is no root status or any similar option to tell you whether or not you are rooted in settings. Also status is contained after you click about phone so you missed a step. What are you even talking about?

      • cgmartin33

        Verizon added a spot in the settings menu that shows root status on the VZW G2. Plenty of people had concerns with the fact that if you root then unroot…status may still show device rooted. Baffled, i looked in my settings for root status and it says device rooted. I looked at my girlfriends G2 (bought at the same time) and it says not rooted. I have no idea what it looks for to verify…but for some reason the system thinks i am rooted…

      • cgmartin33

        Dont believe me?…

  • mmeiklejohn

    Was unlocked & rooted with verizon gs4, but then had to get a refurb through insurance and the loki method was no more. now using 4.4 experience launcher to make it suck less

  • housry23

    The reasons are getting less and less. I have a stock rooted Nexus 5. Only reason really is to get Xposed with Gravity box. Expanded desktop with Pie controls is important. Also, Battery percentage in status bar and Lux.

  • diehardbattery

    Being able to backup and restore fully… especially when you don’t have to hit install..done 100 times when restoring apps… also Ad Away…

  • Dave

    Rooted and ROM’d my GN2 with a few different ROMs, battery life and performance were not as good as out of the box, so back to stock with Nova premium. It does everything I want and need and lasts 1.5-2 days….I really can’t ask for more.

  • markswoods

    I root for several reasons:
    1. Titanium Backup
    2. Wifi Tethering
    3. Tasker
    4. Xposed Framework

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    Rooted & Unlocked Verizon GS4. The reason why, I love the hardware, but hate Touchwiz! I a running an AOSP 4.4.1 ROM and love it! OctOS:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2467131&highlight=dubbsy+twrp

  • Jared A. Fulgham

    Currently rooted, S4, OctoKat ROM. However, that will all change a week from Wednesday when I get my Moto X. I won’t worry about rooting it.

  • AndrewScottRox

    My GNex is rooted out of necessity however I don’t see a need to root my N7.

  • mustbepbs

    I’m honestly shocked seeing an even spread. Seems viewers of this site would be of the enthusiast crowd, and enthusiasts usually delve into modification.

  • Stock Android + Root + Xposed Framework. The ultimate Android experience.

  • Harold Goldner

    My phone and 10″ tablet are rooted and running custom ROMs. I use them regularly for mission critical work and I want and need them to work precisely as I want them to work, not as the sacred coven of provider-and-manufacturer want them to work to maximize their profits, or, as I’ve said before “it’s MY damn phone.” As to my Nexus 7 FHD, which works flawlessly out-of-the box, we’ll keep that bone stock, locked bootloader and unrooted. There’s just nothing to improve there.

  • EP_2012

    I’d root just for adblocking, but then add:

    – foldermount
    – SPen control (for my Note 2)
    – Greenify
    – Titanium backup
    – Xposed installer

    And you have a limitless device.

  • truth_cutz

    I was forced to root my LG optimus G Pro, because LG refuses to update the software (phone is only 8 months old) and I don’t want to be stuck on Android 4.1

  • Lorenzo Rey Camejo

    I was a flashaholic and using root apps and mods really took a lot of my time, so I decided to use my new phone (nexus 5) as it is and not root it, I was strong for 2 weeks, now I’m rooted again, I love having so much control of my device, and make it capable of a whole lot more… Trying not to get to addicted tho..

  • pball_inuyasha

    I’m rooted because I’m running Jellybeans on my S4 through Safestrap and I rooted my Nexus 7 to be able to use stick mount for usb otg, adblock, and just being able to use root only apps.

  • The_Omnix

    Not rooted because as of this minute I have a Droid Razr Maxx HD, and in about two hours I’ll have a Moto X. So no real reason to root….the only reason I rooted in the past was to change the look of my 2012 Nexus 7, but since I discovered custom launchers and icon packs I haven’t had the need to root anything.

  • SmartGeneral

    Root for safety reasons, adblock and co, find phone apps,…

  • Nicholas Smith

    wow, its 50/50 right now

  • I honestly feel i have no need to root my Moto X. And i like that feeling. running el natur-el first time in 4 years.

  • schoat333

    Rooted VZW S4 using CM11. Nothing beats being on a newest version of Android before everyone else with the same phone that’s not rooted.

  • Mike Cary

    Rooted. Nobody tells me what I can and can’t break in my phone.

  • roberthenderson

    Note 3 must… kill… Bloat

  • DJyoSNOW

    Not rooted only because my tech friend can’t seem to root my DNA I want Paranoid Android and or tablet mode

  • adam

    Rooted my Droid RAZR Maxx because it’s one slow phone and I needed LagFix. I use Foxfi to WiFi tether. I want a Moto X but I hear with Kitkat Foxfi doesn’t work and that it’s hard to root. Any of you guys root a regular 16 GB Moto X? How, and how do you tether WiFi?

  • Raven

    Currently 50-50. Closest poll ever.

  • Scott Miller

    Ever since I got my 2013 N7, I’ve been quite happy without it. Once I swapped my GNex for a Dev Edition MotoX, I haven’t yet felt the need. I do miss greenify. That’s the only thing I’d use root for anymore. Android is getting damn near perfect IMHO. Once the toggles/notification shade starts pissing me off some more, i’ll probably change my tune, though.

  • Jason Geiger

    Root and unlock to rom my Verizon note 2. I would root any phone though for root apps such as titanium, tasker etc. I would probably even rom a nexus to get a more robust rom such as pac or carbon.

  • kurichan

    Depends on the device. When I had the N4 and ’13 N7, they weren’t rooted. I knew updates would come up the pipeline fairly quick. I have an second-hand HTC one that’s already rooted so i had no choice in the matter, so may as well roll with the punches.
    The next device I get, I won’t bother with rooting it.

  • steveliv

    I have a Moto X Dev VZW (Unlocked). Anyone have links for instructions on how to root but keep stock recovery?

  • Pomacat

    Rooted my Galaxy s4 to have the add features that are available with custom roms. I am running a Google Play edition 4.4.2 that would not be on this T-Mobile phone otherwise. Xposed/Gravity Box/XuiMod gives you customization you would never be able to do on the stock rom.

  • GTIguy

    Rooted, because I have a GNex on Verizon.

  • uchusky88

    I run rooted solely for ARLiberator (allows full mirroring / touch control over bluetooth on my pioneer appradio2)… if you haven’t heard of it, it is a game changer

  • J. Gilbertson

    I use titanium backup and root explorer to hack apps on to my tablet when they’re mistakingly marked “incompatible” for my tablet on Google play. For example sonic 4 episode 1. I still need to port the ESPN app over from my phone

    • JoshGroff

      Same here, but using ROM Toolbox. It really is a compact all in one super root tool.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Nexus 5 not rooted. My HTC ONE and S4 we’re rooted either (before I sold them) . . . I just don’t have time to tinker anymore really. I just need my phone to work.

    Though I may need to root my Nexus 5 to get rid of the abomination that is the New Google Maps.

  • Jeremy Gross

    My droid RAZR HD is on 9.30.1 and cannot be rooted

  • Griff

    Rooted because I love to ROM my phone

  • LucasMonroe

    Not rooted. Just don’t have time to fool with it to be honest and with Nova on my G2 I’m set.

  • Sopapilla

    rooted for wifi tether and to put CARBON ROM on my LG G2.

  • mikeym0p

    You should do rooted, non rooted and rom’d.
    Many users use stock for stability and root because it enables the usage of certain tools/customizations.

    This will also expose the significance of roms to new users, and also the fact that rooting wont break your device, it’s just a permissions hierarchy (that happens to be obtained through exploitation but that’s worst case).

  • Rellz

    OG droid and galaxy nexus were rooted. Motox is not rooted however i would like to root to block ads and remove bloat. When they come out with a better way to root I will. Till then I will just deal with it.

    • ToddAwesome

      TWRP! Seriously though, exact same situation here, haven’t felt the need to root the X yet, although I’d like to have tethering up and running again.

  • B!

    I’m rooted for free tethering. I’m never installing a custom ROM ever again. CM made my RAZR Maxx buggier than Louisiana in the summer.

  • fjitb

    I read and re-read the instructions and it’s just to damn complicated. Let me download an app and push a couple of buttons and maybe I’ll void my warranty.
    Nexus 5 here.

    • Tim242

      What? Nexus phones are easy to root. Maybe you should try Kingo one click

  • gorkon

    I have no need to root. My Galaxy Nexus…even though it’s a version behind it’s GSM brethren (thanks Verizon.. :-P)…is still JUST as good as it ever was since the second or third rom update. I have no need to root. Not even for tethering as I don’t like violating my TOS. πŸ˜‰

    • SplashMTN

      I used the Cyanogenmod installer to root my VZW Gnex and I liked it so much more. To each his own though.

    • pookietookie

      JUST as good? Meaning horribly slow?

      • gorkon

        It’s a tiny bit slow…I wouldn’t say horribly slow…but it’s nothing like my Droid 2 was as it was nearing the end of it’s life! πŸ™‚

  • HowEasy

    Is this even a question?! ROOTED!!!

  • T S

    rooted nexus 5.

  • Joey Sandoval

    Rooted nexus 7, non rooted nexus5

  • Detonation

    Rooted for Titanium Backup and Greenify. But I could probably live without those if I had to.

  • Chris

    The only reason I root is for free tethering at this point…

  • ostensibly

    I rooted my Note 2 mainly to get rid of bloatware and to enable hotspot.

  • creed

    I root to install CyanogenMod which also has wifi tether enabled. I also run adfree android and Titanium Backup.

  • Rafael

    My Nexus 7 with stock kit kat was way too slow. Had to flash a kernel, hence rooted.

  • kraze2008

    I am on Edge so I don’t root or mess with the phone.. I make sure I like the skin/manufacture before I buy my devices.

    • kraze2008

      I have the Note 3 BTW

      • jmsbwmn

        I am always amazed when people actually enjoy TouchWiz. πŸ˜‰ No trolling intended; I am actually glad that some people like it!

  • Ethan

    My G-Nex is rooted, but I honestly haven’t felt the need to root my Moto X. It’s just… perfect.

    • Miles Prower

      I wouldn’t say it’s *perfect*, but it’s by far the best experience I’ve had with a phone. My Moto X, which is my primary phone, is NOT rooted. My Nexus 5 and 7 are rooted.

      • Ethan

        Perfect is, of course, an exaggeration. But you said it nicely – it is the best smartphone experience I’ve had.

    • George Fayad

      I was just about to post the same. Its crazy how little i care about root with this phone. the ONLY thing i want to root it for, is wifi tether. But i need that functionality so rarely these days it is hardly an issue anymore.

      Viva la Moto X!

  • George Davis

    My primary reason for rooting (first the OG Droid, then the Bionic) was to freeze VZW’s bloatware and free up precious resources. Now that we can disable apps natively in Android, that’s no longer necessary. Plus with 2GB of RAM on my Droid Maxx, resources are a lot more abundant. My secondary reason was to install leaks of new Android versions (especially on the Bionic), but with the new Moto pushing out updates so much faster, that’s become a moot point as well. So there’s been no real reason for me to root this time around.

  • Rand Paul 2016

    LG G2 + Root + Tether W/Unlimited + Xposed = Euphoria

    • Shawn Spring

      ^this – the G2 with root power and the Xposed module is a great, great device. I’m also using a Loki’d custom ROM and TWRP, but that’s besides the point – I need to be able to tweaks things the way I want them to be…hence, the root.

    • joejoe5709

      Amen brother. It’s far far better than I even thought it would be. Still some odd LG quirks, but it’s nearly the perfect combo.

  • arthuruscg

    Native tethering on an Unlimited Verizon plan.

  • Me

    Non rooted only because I don’t know how lol. Any noobproof ways to root a N4?

    • Miles Prower

      Nexus Root Toolkit by WugFresh.

    • joejoe5709

      search for WugFresh. I wouldn’t say it’s noobproof, but it’s the easiest method.

  • Brandon Golway

    I rooted my S4 because I want full control over the device that I own.

  • TuckandRoll84

    Both. Stock Moto X, rooted N7. Best of both worlds.

  • vs8

    I’m rooted because I have a GS2, I had to get rid of TouchWiz and now I’m running CyanogenMod, but I just ordered a Nexus 5, I don’t think I’ll root the device. But if I find a reason to so, I will.

  • joseph barrientos

    havent rooted since i got my N5, i just dont feel like i need it. πŸ™‚

  • Roger K.

    Rooted G2. No ads. Remove bloatware.

    • Dave

      Bloat ware looks ugly but has virtually no effect on modern high end device performance. I delete mine too.

  • starnovsky

    Nexus stock Android is just fine for me. So, no need to root.

  • subiedude85

    I’m non-rooted at the moment with my VZW Moto X mostly because achieving root isn’t as easy yet as I’d like to be. That said though, I have not been able to come up a major reason to root personally.

    • hoosiercub88

      I’d like titanium backup on mine, and a few other small things.. but more than root, I’d like a custom recovery for nandroid backups.

    • LoganLopez

      I would just like to back up everything and remove bloat. Here is hoping they come up with a simple way to root!

    • 1MPR0BUS

      I rooted my brother’s Moto X using Jcase’s Telnet exploit its not too bad if you are comfortable working through a terminal window.

  • Marcellus1

    Rooted to use Google Wallet on Verizon S3 and to disable all the Samsung and Verizon bloatware pre-loaded on the phone. Probably going with something like a Nexus or Moto X type phone next time and on a different carrier. Without the bloatware and with Google Wallet compatible out of the box, I won’t have much reason to root. WiFi tethering may still get me though πŸ™‚

  • Legenduniversity

    Rooted: I have the Droid Razr Maxx and I’m running Android 4.4.2, that’s why I keep mine rooted and will continue to root.

  • moelsen8

    rooted.. but anymore it’s mainly for titanium and cwm backups. wish google would jump in with some official support for app and data backups.

    • Adrynalyne

      ADB backup :p

      • moelsen8

        ok, an official one that doesn’t suck πŸ™‚ i tried that once and it bombed out halfway in the middle of restoring. F that.

        • joejoe5709

          Helium isn’t bad. You’ll at least get back your app data and it doesn’t require root. Root makes it much easier to use, though.

  • Lakerzz

    Stock rooted Nexus 5 with Xposed/ Gravitybox

  • Matt

    Rooted GNex (unlimited Verizon) running Shiny 4.4.2 KitKat as my daily.

  • Xposed framework!

  • Shadowstare

    I rooted my original Droid DNA. When I broke it, and I got my replacement, I left mine stock and just changed the launcher. I’ve been pretty happy ever since.

    But if HTC and Verizon didn’t push they 4.2 update I wouldn’t be as happy.

  • ROOTed without a doubt, until adaway ceases to exist.

  • p4

    Titanium Backup, fstrim, busybox&sqlite3 (for install), WiFi-tether-without-vzw-finger-to-bhole-combo, Xposed/XPrivacy, VZW-Debloat, TOR, NFC ReTag expert plug-in, … I can keep going but I think you get the point .. Stock doesn’t quite fit my needs

  • meijin3

    I’m genuinely surprised that’s it’s this close. I figured everyone here was rooted! I’ve always been rooted starting with my Droid X.

  • Sankyou

    Just rooted my Moto X on T-Mobile. I like the ability to customize and fortunately they took off the root check on Kit Kat. Won’t unlock the bootloader so I can maintain the warranty. The number of reasons to root certainly has dwindled but I like Xposed, Titatinium, the ability to write to the protected areas of the file system. It’s mainly small stuff now – which is really a testament to the job Google is doing.

  • LtData

    Not rooted, and not sure how much I want to be. Titanium Backup would be nice on my new S4, but the whole Knox flag business has me holding off on rooting or updating to 4.3. But if I did root, it would be for Titanium Backup and Ad-Away and the occasional tether use.

  • topherct

    Rooted Galaxy Nexus (toro). It’s unusable without a custom ROM (CM 10.2 Stable).

  • Jeff McLean

    Root is just foreplay….

    Either run 100% complete stock or ROM that biatch….

    • jmsbwmn

      Totally disagree. Root access allows awesome apps like Xposed and Titanium to do their thing. Many people want the stability of the factory ROM with some subtle tweaks.

      • Sankyou

        I’m with you. To me it depends on your phone. LG G2 needs a custom rom because LG has many ideas and they are often misguided. Same with Samsung. An S4 or a G2 can both be great phones but they need Roms to get them there. I’ll stick with stock-rooted on my X because I like the features and it does most of what I need.

        • Rodeojones000

          I can’t speak for the S4, but being a G2 owner I can tell you that it does NOT need a custom ROM. The stock ROM, when rooted with Xposed used to make some modifications, is not only great but is actually better than every custom ROM for the phone. I’m currently testing out a KitKat build of AOKP but I can’t wait to go back to my rooted stock ROM. Obviously this is just my opinion and you are surely entitled to yours. But if you just spent a short time browsing the G2 forums on XDA you’ll find the consensus is, right now, rooted stock is a better experience.

  • Jimas

    Rooted on stock N5.

    Titanium Backup & Xposed Framework (for GravityBox)

  • Mike

    used to be rooted on vz gnex.. just got the moto x. no plans on rooting.

  • InfojunkE

    I have a nexus 4, rooted, but running stock.

  • BHuber09

    Rooted.. Why? Touchwiz.

    • Brandon Golway

      This. Rooted my GS4 immediately to get rid of that abomination.

    • Mike Aurin

      Jesus you guys whine about Touchwiz a lot. I bet half the people who up voted that don’t own a Touchwiz phone. I love it on my S4. Useful features and god forbid I get bored of the look I’ll throw on Nova for a couple of weeks.

      • Jeffrey Laird

        Rooted s3 rocking touchwiz i actually prefer it to stock

      • BHuber09

        Well coming from a GNex on Verizon TW was a change.. Since Verizon won’t be getting another nexus any time soon, I went note3.. From the beauty of stock android to the color scheme of touchwiz is a change I didn’t like. Did some xposed changed and now I’m perfectly happy with TW.

        • MK17

          I went GNex to S3 and when I found out the bootloader wasn’t unlocked for the S3 I sold it the next day. I couldn’t handle touchwiz

          • michael arazan

            S3 from GNex here too, its bad, but not terrible. Hope it gets me to next spring and summer when the new Moto x comes out or some other stock android for verizon.

        • turdbogls

          hopefully google’e new guidelines for Kitkat mean TW will FINALLY get a full revamp. ditch all your terrible app icons and stick with stock icons. add all the functionality you want, just keep it as close to stock looking UI as possible and even I (a nexus loyalist) would buy one.

          • BHuber09

            I completely agree. When I heard the news about that I really hope they do a full revamp and then I will be completely fine with it. I can’t wait to see what they do.

      • jim

        its all in what you are used to, still getting used to TW, was running Bamf on the gnex

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I completely agree with you. If you don’t like the look of Touchwiz then throw another launcher on your device and call it a day. Despite its appearance Touchwiz has a ton of features that enhance Android and the user experience.


      That’s funny, cause you don’t need to ROOT in order to use a different launcher.

      • Mike

        It’s also funny how people always mention a launcher like it magically makes your phone run AOSP.

        • BHuber09

          Oh my gosh yes!!!!! Haha

        • Mike Aurin

          Not at all…I just prefer the look of stock Android. Under every skin, heavily modified or not, it’s usually the same core operating system so having a great phone with ADDED features and then a stock look is very ideal. Aesthetics…

    • Bobby Phoenix

      I love TW. I rooted just to run AdAway.

      • Rafy286

        Lone reason why I root

    • SpeakethTheTruth

      Greenify, TiBu and a few other apps

    • ArclightX

      One word.

      Control. http://youtu.be/czTkHe7-lXw

  • Dominick White

    I root because I like some of the great things that the dev add

  • Ben Murphy

    Raise the Root!

  • Steve

    Root is required for custom recoveries/ROMs, and I’m a bit of a control freak in that fasion. If I wanted a phone that “just worked” to use fully stock, I would get an iPhone. Most decent backup apps also require root.

    • joejoe5709

      Android backup does suck something major. iPhone gets bonus points for that.

    • Brandon Golway

      That’s technically incorrect, root isn’t required for custom recoveries and ROMs, an unlockable bootloader is required for them. Root (the APK and binary) is only used within Android.

      • Steve

        I stand corrected, that’s what happens when you assume, I guess! Generally the two are always listed together, for those of us unlucky enough to have phones without unlockable bootloaders so I inferred it was a requirement.

        • Brandon Golway

          It’s an easy misconception since the process of what we usually call “rooting” usually involves unlocking the bootloader. πŸ™‚

      • Big_EZ

        Sorry, but you are incorrect. You do not need an unlocked bootloader for roms or a recovery. I’ve had 3 phones with locked bootloaders with recovery and roms on them. You can have recovery on a phone with an unlocked bootloader and no root, but you can also have recovery without an unlocked bootloader and root access.

      • Rodeojones000

        An unlocked bootloader isn’t necessary for ROMs and custom recovery. My current device (LG G2) has a locked bootloader yet I’m rooted with TWRP and running AOKP.

  • jmsbwmn

    I sold my Verizon GS4 a couple weeks ago and was planning on getting a Moto X using the promo code. Instead, I ended up getting a GS3 off Craigslist, which is now rooted, unlocked, and running CM 10.2. I want the Moto X, and would not feel a need to root that device, but money saved is money saved.

    I cannot express how much I hate Touch Wiz. TW is the only reason I sold the GS4. Luckily, Verizon has not pushed out any root-breaking updates to the GS3 in a long time, and while the Samsung plastic is super cheap, it’s well-hidden behind a protective case. Also, the GS3 hardware is still plenty capable and shows no signs of aging just yet.

    • Jamen Tyler Lang

      Sad deal really. MJ7 was “officially” rooted last week and Safestrap is already “working” and will most likely be available by the end of the month.

      • jmsbwmn

        Rooting wasn’t enough for me. I had my GS4 rooted. Unlocking the bootloader has proven to be impossible, and each subsequent update further locks down the device. I want good hardware AND a stock Android experience. After trying numerous ROMs, I know that CyanogenMod is my favorite. Safestrap is a cool solution, but there are only a handful of ROMs that are compatible with it, and I wasn’t exactly pleased with any of them that were available.

        So you tell me how sad this deal is: I made over $100 between selling my old phone and buying the next, AND I have a device I’m totally happy with. Sounds pretty good to me. πŸ™‚

  • David Weber

    Rooted for free wifi tethering, to remove bloatware. Ended up improving battery life -> But I can’t take pictures with the flash on because the phone will restart. Can’t win them all.

    • Tim242

      Flash should never be used to take pictures.

      • David Weber

        There are appropriate times. For instance, when it is so dark you won’t see anything otherwise.

      • joejoe5709

        The G2’s flash is actually pretty useful. By far the best camera phone flash I’ve seen.

    • NorCalGuy

      Could be your kernel giving u the issue…I am on a gnex and had a similar problem running a super ram kernel, switched to a different one and no problems for some reason not all kernels play nice with the camera

  • Jeremy Shifflett

    I root because I like options, and hate touchwiz. Not to mention getting rid of the ongoing wifi notification is a must

  • ThatFool

    I was rooted on my DNA but I don’t see a reason to root my Moto x it is just a freakin good phone

  • Tim242

    I still root. My reasons for rooting is not as long of a list as it once was, but it is still required. I like the ability to uninstall unwanted apps (Titanium Backup FTW). Unfortunately, a lot of apps have the disable function disabled. I also like using my file manager to its full potential (Root Explorer FTW). I also like installing custom ROM’s (Beanstown FTW). I like the ability to tweak everything imaginable (Xposed Framework FTW). Too many little things still bug me to just leave them be.

  • aculbreth

    I mainly root as a quick and easy way to pick up where I left off at when switching phones. Grab a new phone, root it, then run TB to transfer all of my app data.

  • Gerry Ng

    Rooted my LG G2 (Xposed Framworks/Gravity Box) and stock on my Moto X

  • Daniel

    ROOTED Droid 4 so I can run Cyanogenmod, block ads, freezing and backing up apps in Titanium Backup, and have a much cleaner Android experience than I’d get from the Verizon/Moto rom

  • Evan

    I used to root when i was on Verizon, now i just keep it stock with my nexus 5.

  • Corey Foltman

    My GNex mp3 player is rooted. but my Nexus 5 is unrooted. Might root eventually, but for now I’m satisfied.

    • joejoe5709

      Lol. Gnex MP3 player. My Gnex is a fabulous Chromecast-only device now.

  • Sean Plantz

    Not rooted on droid maxx, have not seen the need. First phone I’ve had that I can say that.

  • Jeff C

    Just unlocked the bootloader, flashed TWRP and rooted my Moto X DE (GSM) last weekend. No intent to ROM since this phone runs so fast and smooth already. I did it because I could, and so that I can do some minor mods (pie controls, toggles, etc) via Xposed with Gravitybox.

    One question though…will I still get normal factory updates (i.e. if/when Moto pushes 4.4.2)?

    • jmsbwmn

      Yes, you will. It will be interesting to see if the OTA installs for you, though, since you flashed a custom recovery. The only reason to install a custom recovery is to flash ROMs, which you said you won’t be doing. I would just go back to the stock recovery and maintain root, if I were you. πŸ™‚

      • Jeff C

        I’m a total noob at this, I was under the impression that you had to flash TWRP in order to run Xposed etc.

        Can you help me out on how to go about going back to the stock recovery?

        • jmsbwmn

          First, a little backstory. Android is based on Linux, and this is where the term “root” comes from. Granting yourself root access simply means giving yourself access to files that can potentially really screw up your device. πŸ™‚

          Each device is different, but for your Moto X, you don’t need to flash anything to the device to root it because you have that awesome root app. Apps that require root access simply require that – root access. They also don’t need to flash any images to your device.

          As far as going back to stock, I would first try performing a factory reset within your settings. This will wipe ALL data on your phone, so make sure any photos, videos, and other files are safely backed up elsewhere. This process might reflash the stock recovery. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to get Googling. Chances are good that your answer lies somewhere on XDA. But I would start with the factory reset.

          I wish I could help you more. Good luck!

    • tuname1t

      No updates without the stock recovery unfortunately.

    • PrDawg

      Not with custom recovery.

    • joejoe5709

      My poor Nexus7 has a pending update, but because of the custom recovery it’s a pain the butt to update and I’ve been lazy.

  • chris kilps

    It really depends on the age and type of the phone I think. I have a moto x never plan to root it. Before had a droid 4 and droid 1, had to root those because of skins and old os. If the device had the latest os like the nexus devices or the moto x, and has no skin I see no reason to root other than for fun. Also If it is anything samsung, kill touchwiz!!!

  • joejoe5709

    I’ll wager it is far more necessary to root an LG G2 than it is a Nexus 5. I’ve gotten rid of all the bloat, cleaned up the software jankiness, flashed a custom recovery, and have much better Helium Backup capability. XPosed Framework and G2 XPosed has changed the way I use Android forever. I have zero need to flash a custom ROM ever again. Plus I loves me some Adaway ad blocker. These things combined make me have zero regrets about not picking up a Nexus 5.

    • Rodeojones000

      You and I are on the same page here.

  • J Davis

    Razr Maxx rooted, Note II not rooted..

  • Kyle

    Rooted DNA for Unlimited data tethering

  • Tyler Rynberg

    I’m stunned by how many people don’t root their phones! Rooting does not equal romming, tweaking, etc. Since Google stupidly refuses to allow backups of app data in Android, we have to use TiBkup with root access. I would want root for this if nothing else.


      I can’t say any of my apps need backed up. Any app that gas any sort of useful data is actually just pulling it from somwhwere else. I used to be a huge TiBackup user so I’m curious as to what you’re backing up that you feel is so important.

      Don’t get me wrong, I value a good backup. I use crashplan on my desktop for off site backups. But in a similar situation, I don’t backup my laptop. My laptop only has things I’m working with right at the moment and it’s either something online or something in one of a few cloud services I use. If I formatted my laptop right now, I wouldn’t miss a thing.

      • Big_EZ

        I backup Dolphin Browser, Rhapsody, Quickpic, games and anything else I update and don’t want to lose. With Dolphin all my bookmarks, speed dials, settings, and log in info is backed up. In Rhapsody my latest queue gets saved, I don’t have to log in at home to de-authorize my phone just to add it back. With Quickpic I don’t have to go through and set what I want it to read every time I change roms or phones. Also for any app I backup, if an update breaks the app I can just roll back to the last version.

        • ERIFNOMI

          I guess that explains it. I use Chrome, so all that’s already synced. Google Play All Access, again, syncs right off the bat. And I don’t play games on my phone, so that’s that one explained.
          When I used TiBackup I backed up every new version, but I don’t think I ever had to roll back from an update. But if I ever do have to, I’m sure I can find the apk online.

      • bonix

        Everyone likes to hate on cloud services but they really are convenient for situations like this. All I do is login here and there and I have everything I need just as it was.

      • NorCalGuy

        For the frequent flasher ti is worth it especially if they have a significant number of apps, the backup/restore process is significantly quicker than a new install from the play store.

        • ERIFNOMI

          When I first started using TiBackup, I would have agreed with you. However, I found that I ended up having loads of apps I idnt actually need anymore. So, part of my clean flash routine was starting fresh and only installing apps as needed rather than restoring all my apps only to find I didn’t actually use them. The only apps I can think of that I needed the data for are lightflow (which doesn’t work on the X by the way…) and sleepbot (though not really critical). Both of those apps have a built in backup and restore that works just fine.

          I’m all about keeping my phone clean, so if I don’t need an app, I don’t want it.

      • Higher_Ground

        I used to back up game data but even that became sort of a pain if it was stored in a different area. I recently unistalled TiBu because I haven’t used it in over a year and got tired of it updating all the time.

    • Matt Scheaffer

      But I don’t care about backing that up. Why root? There is literally no reason I would want to root. Everything listed in these comments I either don’t care about or it does not apply to me. Does it really stun you that people have different opinions than you?

  • Jaybeesliding

    I keep switching but I can’t stay on touchwiz so I’m constantly rooting my device

  • Richard Giordano

    Rooted my DROID Maxx the 2nd week I had it just because it was so simple for me to do.

    • Mahercs

      There are so many XDA threads and I don’t want to mess my MAXX up, so would you mind sharing which of jcases’s “simple” methods you used? I was also waiting until we got Kit Kat, which per the leaks will be sooner rather than later. I haven’t rooted yet mostly due to not wanting to go through it and lose it. And can we even root once KK is rolled out?

  • jimt

    No need to root T-Mobile gives me .5 gig free wifi tethering.

    • mswansonxi

      FYI – they updated their plans… they now give you either 2GB or 2.5GB (I can’t remember which). You need to request it, but it’s at no additional cost.

      • jimt

        Thanks I didn’t know that. How would you request it. From Tmo store or over the net?

        • mswansonxi

          You can go into your account and do it online, or you can call them.

  • SplashMTN

    My Gnex is rooted, but my G2 is not.

  • Raven65

    Rooted – for Titanium Backup, free tethering, and ad blocking.

    • Samvelavich

      What carrier are you on? T-Moible is free so there is another reason not to root if you are using their service.

      • Raven65

        Verizon, unfortunately. I WISH T-Mobile’s (or anyone else’s) network was anywhere near as good as VZW’s in my area, but it simply isn’t. Yet. I’m not currently under contract, so I can jump whenever I want – and I will as soon as there’s a viable option.

        • Samvelavich

          Yeah, I actually just made the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile and I couldnt be happier. I get faster speeds because of the less congested network and I dont pay as much as I used to. Seriously, the second T-Mobile is available in your area, DONT WAIT. You wont regret it.

  • A.Miller

    Not rooted and switched to ATT Prepaid for the Nexus5. I know that may sound odd to own a Nexus and not be rooted, but that’s exactly why I own a Nexus now.

    I wanted fast updates directly from Google, stock xp, and not having to tinker w/ things myself that I just don’t have the time for in my life anymore.

  • Nicolas Johnson

    Rooted, Nexus 5- I absolutely love Xposed Framework, Greenify, dSploit, BetterBatteryStats, SQL hack for tmobile tethering. I don’t think I’d ever use a device with which I couldn’t root and use these apps.

  • Rooted custom rom LG G2? Why? cuz i feel like it and i love CM. more than stock.

    • SplashMTN

      Did you lose Knock On? I’ve been considering rooting, but I don’t find the G2’s skin nearly as bad as I thought it would be and I do like the camera enhancements. Nearly stock is pretty tempting though.

      • nope knock on is still there luckily! i think its part of the kernel.

        i came from GNex running CM nightly so i felt back at home when i flashed CM… the LG skin really wasnt THAT bad… i have the stock CM camera and the stock LG camera APK installed too!

        • SplashMTN

          Nice! I rooted my Gnex and liked the phone so much more, but I’ve been hesitant to root the G2, Mostly because I’m pretty new to rooting and am worried about bricking my phone.

          • ah i feel you. the process couldn’t have been simpler for me. I think i downloaded a file and clicked root and it did it just like that lol

          • SplashMTN

            Oh nice, I’ll have to look into it. I finally have access to a computer with Windows on it which should make things a little easier.

          • awesome! can’t hurt, especially if you make a backup!

      • joejoe5709

        XPosed Framework my friend. If LG’s UI isn’t vomit inducing to you, then tweaking it with Gravity Box and G2 XPosed is probably better than dealing with Cyanogenmod’s endless nightlies.

        • SplashMTN

          Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  • mswansonxi

    Used to root everything I could get my hands on… Now I just don’t find it necessary on my Moto X with Tasker.

  • MichaelFranz

    Answered rooted…but right now I’m not. Waiting for moto maxx soak test. Went back to stock

  • NorCalGuy

    Rooted, still have my gnex so its necessary but even when I get my next phone g2 or leave Vz for the n5 it will also be rooted, mainly because there is no down side to rooting only advantages.

  • Shane Withers

    Rooted on a Nexus 5, AdAway and Titanium Backup are alone just worth making sure you root before using the device. That and Lightflow was messing up a bit before I granted it root.

  • Jordan

    If you are a regular to Droid-Life, I’d be highly surprised if you weren’t rooted.


      Prepare to be surprised. Since getting my Moto X, I haven’t bothered with anything. It just works great the way it is.

      • Michael G

        Same here. I rooted my OG Droid and my GNex. I got sick of always flashing the latest CM nightly. It finally got easy when the Updater came out but still. Granted, it was my own fault but after awhile I got sick of the bugginess. I’m loving my X.

    • Tony Byatt

      According to the current results you should be surprised…

    • palomosan

      I’m a regular, I have the Gnex rooted but for the N5 I haven’t found a reason to root yet…I’m just waiting for PA to drop an stable Rom then I’ll root the N5.

    • Fatty Bunter

      Well it’s 50-50, so I guess enjoy being surprised.

  • Curtis

    Daily driver is un-rooted (Moto X on VZW). I am very happy with the stock, unrooted experience.

    GNex and Droid DNA are both unlocked and rooted and ROM’d.

  • hellox

    Is there any real reason to root the Moto X? Everything just works

    • TheDave1022

      I wanted a few extra toggles, circle battery, etc. Small tweaks and I like having backups of my apps through TiB. Also exchange bypass…cause i dont want a pin or to carry a skip. Otherwise, yes everything is pretty nice on the moto x.

    • Sam

      Unlimited data users who want to tether.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Unite! This is why I rooted my One, but then i started to use custom roms. Love the choices.

      • gorkon

        AAAAND violate your TOS…


        • palomosan

          I’ve Tethering on my Gnex for two years with no issues, I have now the N5 and I’m planning to also keep do it, it’s my phone after all, I’ll do whatever I want with it.

    • Keith

      Xposed/GravityBox… plus wifi tether (native or otherwise) without subscription. Those are the reasons I rooted mine anyway.

      • joejoe5709

        Ooooo especially on Verizon. Wifi tether is a huge one.

        • Keith

          Yup, Verizon user with unlimited here. πŸ˜‰

        • J Davis

          Verizon unlimited user Foxfi has work fine for me..

          • Sam

            Foxfi doesn’t work on Moto X w/ KitKat. Root is needed.

          • J Davis

            Ohhh not aware of that. Note II works fine.

          • BigTimmay

            need root for foxfi?

        • Raven

          What are people using for rooted WiFi tether on 4.4 these days? I haven’t had a need to tether in quite some time, but I may have a need for a little while next month.

          • Greg

            Rooted Verizon Kit Kit…

            used the wifi_tether_v3_4-experimental1.apk from https://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/

            change device profile to galaxy nexus (cdma/lte)
            check box: wifi-driver reload
            check box: enabled routing fix

          • Raven


          • Duckie1217

            A custom ROM. LOL.

        • p0k3y

          Y not just use the standard tethering & portable hotspot app in settings of Android 4.1 and above? That’s what I use for my N5. But I am rooted, primarily for Titanium backup. Can’t believe Android still lacks a good full backup solution without root. That’s one thing iDevices have had over Android since day 1.

          • Levi Wilcox

            The verizon builds don’t include AOSP tethering. It’s tied to VzwEntitlementService.apk which checks the account for a tethering subscription before allowing access.

          • Michael Pahl

            are there still SQL Lite edit possibilities? like on my old Razr Maxx?

          • p0k3y

            Ah, forgot how VZW screws its customers. So glad I got rid of them and moved to N5. Another reason to never look back….

      • Fozzybare

        stock quick settings are stupid…why is long press toggle? i mean seriously…i have to change that so that a tap is toggle and long press is settings.

      • 1MPR0BUS

        I’m with Keith. Xposed, App Settings, GravityBox, native Tethering, Backups, ADB Sideloads, Complete File System Control.

        Moto X 4.4 Developer Edition Verizon – TWRP from Hashcode – Stock ROM with Edits

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          same boat, but with the Blue One.

        • Jeff C

          I flashed TWRP as well, how does this and being rooted affect installing future OTAs from Moto?

      • dazz1996

        That’s the same reason I rooted my moto X

      • gorkon

        Wifi Tethering without subscription is a violation of your TOS…GRANTED…it’s hard for them to figure out if you are doing it but still it’s not something I would root for at this point.

        • Keith

          You’re telling me something I and many others already know. πŸ˜‰

          Actually, I have to take a look. I doubt it was in there when I signed up in December of 2011 when 3G was all the rage.

          • gorkon

            If they charge a fee for tethering…then you ARE violating terms. I don’t even need to look that up. Anytime you take MONEY away from your carrier….you are violating your TOS unless it’s by not using their bloatware apps like VZW Maps.

            Like I said..it COULD be hard for them to catch you depending on how it looks on their side of things but yeah.

          • Keith

            Not learning anything new… not exactly a wet-behind-the-ears user here.

            Using logic similar to yours, my plan cannot be unlimited since they no longer offer it. But it is!

          • Jonathan Alstad

            So is this blockage something they did on just the Moto X or is it baked into the 4.4 OS?

          • Keith

            Not baked into 4.4 or any version of Android… just done for the Moto X and countless other devices.

          • Jonathan Alstad

            Thanks for the info…I was planning on buying an unlocked Moto X there but now I’m second guessing. Tethering is kind of a must-have for me, but I was also hoping to get the latest and greatest in terms of power and OS without needing to get back into the root game.

            And we can all stop pretending like anybody cares about Verizon’s TOS other than Verizon itself…

          • Keith

            Agreed… if you’re looking for reliable tethering without root, Nexus is pretty much the only way to go.

          • Jonathan Alstad

            WHICH I suppose means waiting another 23 years for the Nexus 5 to find its way onto Verizon…likely stripped of all LTE capabilities…? I honestly have no idea how Verizon retains customers who don’t have the grandfathered unlimited plans. Higher prices, terrible (unknown) update schedules and MIA flagship phones. Yet, fast unlimited 4G is enough to keep me from ever leaving… *sigh*

          • Keith

            I am with you 100% dude.

          • Guest

            Read this:

            “You can avoid the tethering fee by downloading a third party app from an application store. If you tether using Verizon’s service, you will still be charged the $20 a month to access Mobile Broadband Connect. So you need to be proactive and find an app that you can use.”

          • Blue Sun

            An application store, eh? Too hip for me…

          • Ej McCarty

            Alright who let the negative ginger in

          • abhisshack

            seems like you are a shill of some telecom or related company

        • Levi Wilcox

          NOT allowing tethering is a clear violation of their allowed use of their LTE network spectrum. The only reason they can still charge for it is the 3G network they keep alive. Technically you’re only violating their terms if you tether off the 3G CMDA network, and technically, they’re violating the terms of the LTE spectrum purchase by charging you for tethering off 4G LTE every time you use it. Check out more about the court ruling here: http://betanews.com/2012/07/31/say-goodbye-to-verizon-tethering-fees/

          • gorkon

            And considering your phone could drift back and forth from 4G to 3G…well there’s your TOS violation.

            Since NO Verizon phone is ONLY a LTE device they have lots of wiggle room legally in this. Unless you can completely restrict your device on your own from connecting to 3G (and I can’t on my Gnex) then you run the risk of violating tos when your phone switches to 3G on the fly.

            TFA did say this:

            Licensing terms demand that licensees “shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee’s C-block network”.

            Technically by not allowing tethering…they aren’t restricting the ability for your phone to use the network. They are denying your laptop or tablet the right to use the network. Big difference.

            Now they DO allow FoxFi. i have used it. However, if you are not unlimited and MANY aren’t now…then you WILL use your bandwidth up quite quickly and to be honest I have had wifi in Starbucks, local coffee shop, McDonalds, Taco Bell, The bowling alley, Meijer, Sams and more. It’s almost HARD to NOT find free wifi. The only time I find tethering completely necessary is if I am riding a bus or something and need a connection and even then I can wait until I get to work.

          • Jonathan Alstad

            I don’t have a hard time finding wifi either, but sometimes, the reliability of a wifi connection is questionable, whereas my 4G in Minneapolis/St. Paul is very reliable and often faster than even my supposedly 25 mb/s Comcast at home (figure that one out…)

            So, I dunno, I have FoxFi on an unrooted Galaxy S3 and it works alright, but with the 4.3 update nowhere in sight, nobody at Verizon acknowledging that it’s even close or not close to being released…I think this whole discussion may have pushed me back into Rootville USA.

          • Levi Wilcox

            If you have a strong 4G signal, your phone isn’t going to switch back and forth between networks. Beyond that, there was a court ruling that they MUST allow 3rd party tethering apps on their network so I don’t know why you’re still arguing. This is old news. http://mashable.com/2012/07/31/verizon-tethering/

          • gorkon

            Yes and they do…which really means you don’t need to root/rom to get free tethering either,

            That war is obviously NOT over yet as Verizon would have stopped charging to begin with for tethering and would have started allowing any LTE device that supports the frequencies they use and they don’t do that either.

            There’s a whole lot more things that TETHERING that could be covered by that Block C rule…like issuing SIMS for LTE Nexus 7’s which they still won’t do.

          • Levi Wilcox

            Actually every 4.4 wifi tether solution for the moto x requires root. So yes, it does really mean you need root. The facts are the facts, and the court rulings are the court rulings. They can do whatever they want until they’re brought to trial and fined by the FCC. And why would verizon EVER stop charging for tethering? The ruling doesn’t mean they EVER have to stop; the only thing they have to do, unless they want to get fined repeatedly, is allow tethering apps on their network. All of which currently require root on the moto x.

            And yes that block c rule does have a lot of other implications. Just have to wait for the lawsuits…

          • Duckie1217

            You can only restrict your device to only run 2G service. Your otherwise floating between whatever is available and mine has flipped to 3G many a time even when in a totally LTE area. Verizon are just relentless dicks.

          • Higher_Ground

            go to dialer – type *#*#4636#*#*
            go to phone info
            scroll down to where it says “Set preferred network type”
            select “LTE only”
            now you can sleep at night knowing you aren’t tethering on 3G.

        • Philip J. Fry

          ……and who cares? Verizon is one of the most evil companies out there, I take a jab at them whenever I can.

      • Jonathan Alstad

        Can you not use wifi tethering without rooting? I run a paid version of FoxFi on my unrooted S3 and that works just fine but I’ve been thinking of getting a MotoX and was wondering if I’d need to root it in order to do the same thing.

        • Keith

          FoxFi currently does not work on the Moto X running 4.4

      • not cheap but this method was just updated for Kit Kat on friday.


      • Samvelavich

        Can you explain to me what xposed/gravity box is? I havent rooted since I had my GNexus and am a bit confused.

        • Keith

          GravityBox is a module that provides all the neat features that CM or other 3rd-party ROMs offers without the need to install CM.
          Xposed Framework is necessary to install modules such as GravityBox.

          • fish1552

            Example for GravityBox. One option is to have a circle around your lock screen icon show you the battery charge and even change colors accordingly. Another module I was interested in for my old GNex was the FitBit tweak to allow syncing with my Flex. And the Advanced Power Menu like you see in CM with Power Off, Reboot, Reboot into Recovery, etc. Also lots of framework/build.prop teaks.

          • Samvelavich

            Thank you.

      • MrBigStuff

        So I have a question…

        Every now and then I use my Moto X as a Wifi hotspot and I’m not rooted. Was I charged for this and just didn’t notice somehow? I didn’t use Verizon’s tethering app obviously, I just went to Settings>More>Tethering & Portable Hotspot. It worked fine – I figured if Verizon was gonna charge me they’d have to warn me or something.

        • Higher_Ground

          I’ve always used that on my gnex, but to be honest I can’t remember if it worked on stock or if it was just a tweak in all the ROMs I’ve used.

    • Col_Angus

      I haven’t rooted mine, but if I did, it would be for AdAway and tethering.


      Same boat here. Such a great user experience that I didn’t want to change a thing so low-level that I’d need root.

    • JoshGroff

      Probably not, but do we really need a valid reason? I always root mine for cloud app backups and typically ROM when I get bored of the stock app suite and settings. When my Moto X comes in this week, it will be no exception.

    • blahblahblah

      According to the comments here, it’s not that the Moto X “just works.” It’s because the root method is more complicated than usual. Fanboys will be fanboys though I guess.

      • jealousmuch?

        Um… so everyone saying they are completely happy with the phone as it comes somehow translates in your mind to the root method is complicated… Got it…

      • Levi Wilcox

        Most moto x’s have unlocked bootloaders, and if you wanted one on Verizon, you could have got it. I was rooted within 10 minutes of opening the package. Verizon actually took longer to activate my sim than it took me to root.

    • Michael Quinlan

      I’m with you. I gave up rooting a while ago, but I see no reason to root my developer edition gsm Moto X.

    • Raven

      I rooted my VZW Moto X DE before I even activated it mainly so that I could restore a bunch of Titanium backups, but also so that I could run Autostarts and Greenify. Even on the great Moto X, there are over 50 apps that start automatically at boot out of the box and many that continue to run in the background unnecessarily. I only call a few of them bloatware and have disabled (like NFL), but most are things I only run occasionally (like Facebook & YouTube) that I have now used Autostarts to remove the After Startup intent for and Greenify to prevent them from being started by other methods. I have improved boot speed, average free memory, and launch speeds by doing so all on the stock ROM. Even if you are not rooted, try running something like ES Task Manager to see what is running in the background.

      • ratnok

        Verizon…. Ewww….

        • Raven

          Only decent service in my area and I still have unlimited data, so only real choice in my area. Some people get by with spotty AT&T, but there is no Sprint or other smaller GSM players.

    • BigTimmay

      Free WiFi Tether. That is all.

    • mcdonsco

      Still need to change “entitlement_check=1” to “=0” though

    • EvanTheGamer

      Two words: Titanium Backup

  • Andrew

    Not rooted, because the Moto X has been powerful while still sipping battery and is nearly stock. Also, since switching to AT&T I have tethering in my plan for free and that was my only reason for rooting a *erizon phone, besides a custom ROM.

    • NorCalGuy

      That was only if you had unlimited data which you don’t have at att thus no charge for the tethering same thing applies to Vz if you have tiered data you can tether for free. Just the people with unlimited have to pay

  • Shane Redman

    Not rooted…because Motorola is better as a Google Company

  • King Subtweet

    Having full control, changing my phone if i ferl like it, various little adjustments that the main phonemakers forgot to put or take too long to fix. Rooted baby.

  • TheDave1022

    rooted. Love Titanium Backup and for some tweaks with Xposed Framework (Moto X). Exchange bypass as well

  • sc0rch3d

    non-rooted, only b/c it’s a pain to do on the MotoX. There are a few apps that require root as to WHY I want it – Root Explorer, wifi hotspot, and some of the toggle apps require it. get rid of bloatware of course.

  • BenB

    No need to root nexus devices. Would root and flash other brands to get rid of bloatware.

    • turdbogls

      There are plenty of reasons to root/ROM a nexus device.
      while KK is REALLY nice, there are still things i want/need in the OS.
      volume rocker music controls, more toggles, quick toggle pull down just to name a few.

      • Relaxasaurus

        Agreed. Quick toggle customizations, Root Explorer, and a custom kernel to tweak the headphone output gain were totally worth it for me.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Rooted for tether but that’s the only reason. If I could get tethering reliably without it, I would be unrooted.

    • WAldenIV

      If you have limited data, tethering is included for free.

  • samosa king

    Sadly I’m not rooted. Why? My Nexus 4 broke and I have to use an iPhone 4 as a replacement. :'(

    • Tim242

      Oh no! I wish I had a phone to donate!

  • Quint

    I’m not rooted. Mostly out of laziness. Stock works fine for me. And the endless tinkering would just get on my nerves.

    • Matt Scheaffer

      Exactly, I am so past my “need to tinker with everything” phase. I just want stuff to work out of the box now. I used to love building computers. Now I hate it. I have just lost all tinkering interest when I hit 30 and never want to open the hood on anything again.