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Monday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?


With 2013 sadly coming to a close, it’s time we take a step back and see just how many of you are still tinkering and playing with your Android devices. As I have said countless times, the need for rooting Android phones has fallen dramatically, as Android grows to be quite the mobile operating system – offering both speed and looks that we didn’t imagine were possible back in the days of the “OG” DROID. While the custom ROM scene will never disappear completely, it’s quite easy to see that there are probably less folks buying devices and then immediately rooting them.

For example, we have asked this “rooted or non-rooted” question before, and the percentage of rooted users has been dipping. Not at too fast of a pace, given this is an Android enthusiast site, but as we mentioned, quad-core chips with 2GB of RAM have definitely kept many users from needing to overclock their CPUs.

If you continue to root your phones, tell us why. If you choose not to, we’d also love to know why.

Rooted or Non-rooted?

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  • Matt Scheaffer

    Totally non-rooted and never will. Don’t see a point. There is literally NOTHING that I personally want to do that I can’t so why risk it? I just still think of this as a device to call people and send messages. I use my laptop or tablet for actual computing. Most of the reasons people in the comments are giving for rooting, I don’t even understand what they are talking about. For instance touch wiz. I think that is installed on my Galaxy. I don’t really care. I don’t know what Jelly Bean looks like without it and could honestly care less what it looks like anyway. Does it make calls and texts? Great! I’m happy.

  • me

    Rooted because i want to block adds….

  • Martin

    Rooted, love getting ready of Verizons bloatware.

  • Harry Xu

    I’m in China. I rooted my phone because it can be more easilier to get access to the free internet. Root for break the Great Fire Wall!

  • HarvesterX

    Rooted. Would anyonehere buy a PC from Dell etc etc that would not let you log in as Adkinistrator for personal use? Not a single person here. So anybody saying “unroofed” is also saying they would be happy with a Windows PC without being able to run as Administrator.

    If it’s your device you deserve to have su. Case closed. If you are using someone else’s device. Then you have the right to log in as whatever they let you log in as. But as far as owning your own phone/computer (which is exactly what our phones are)…then there is no reason for anyone to settle and say unrooted.

    I’ll never own a device I can’t root. Sorry, I like to admin my own own devces. I like configuring iptables and managing my network. I like having from tasks scheduled that can execute tasks as sudo (su).

    The carriers don’t won’t you to have access to the root directory tree, because then you gain control you should have already owned (especially if your phone is paid off fully or bought full price). They don’tlike you being able to sidestep around the roadblocks they have in place. Also because idiots who screw something up (and probably easily fixable tthemselves if researched), would return their phones under warranty instead of paying the insurance copay and getting a replacement that way. It’s a dumb argument though and one I talked with reps about the other day.

    Verizon knows I root all my devices. It’s marked down that I do, and I never call them for customer support over something I screwed up. My warranty is still valid as well. Why? Because I keep in communication with them and they know if in and a phone for a warranty replacement that I flash everything back to stock condition. I’venever sent them a phone that I screwed up (never hardbricked a device and have fixed any issues I’ve created either through recovery or PC tools specific for that phone model).

    But peoplee take advantage of that but still makes no sense because most of the phones returned to stock and sent back can be refurbished…so in the end there isn’t a valid excuse to sell devices without admin or su rights for personal use. Android is at fault itselffor not including the su binary but they made a good decision because that opens a new can of worms. Su should be an option open to all (which is basically is but should be without exploits). Those who know about su and that without a custom recovery they can screw their phone up and be left having to use insurance to replace it should have the option.

  • Alexander Ruiz

    Since I now own Nexus devices, my need for rooting has significantly decreased. I now only root once the flagship falls in the shadows of its newer brethren.

  • BJTemp

    Wireless tether. Enough said.

  • Brayden Kulbacki

    galaxy s4 verizon 🙁

  • speed4evr

    I prefer to root my phones. I’ve had many of the galaxy n htc phones on sprint which comes with bloatware. Granted I have a N5 now (also rooted), but I like the endless customization of the Android OS and changing ROMS.

  • OhYeah!

    Rooted because all the fun stuff requires it.

  • ThorAllman

    Purely so I can take off bloatware and update to the latest version of Android… Other than that I don’t care. AKA if Verizon had a nexus I wouldn’t bother rooting anymore.

  • romma

    Absolutely rooted. I took a big gamble on the Razr M. It had been out for a while when I bought it, with a wonderfully locked up tighter than a drum bootloader. I pretty much thought that my rooting days were over… Then the Rosenberg method was released a few weeks after I owned it. An amazingly small window of opportunity opened up and I jumped through while I could to unlock that bootloader. Before you knew it, Big Red Meanie Verizon patched the exploit. I am glad that I did!!!

  • bassmaster118

    Custom Roms, TiBu, AdAway.

  • Higher_Ground

    I continue to root so that I can have more/less up-to-date ROMs on my phone. Of course since it’s a galaxy nexus rooting wasn’t really a hassle to begin with. Originally I rooted my phone (Droid X) so that I could have access to apps like Root Explorer and Wi-fi tethering. Eventually I tried a few ROMs and but lately I’m not even sure any of the apps I use require root.

  • Trooper311

    Not rooted for the first time in years. Why? Moto X is why. I even have the Dev Edition lol. Will probably root when i get around to it, just been busy. Main reason would be to install and use AdAway.

    • needa

      i have the moto x also. but would root in a heartbeat to go back to 4.2.2. only problem is i would lose my $85 warranty. before the 4.4 update though…. i felt the same as you.

  • Teng Taing

    rooted to get rid of bloat, and to mod system to get free wifi tether using the built in android tethering. Stickin it to VZW

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I root to back up and restore my device and run Xposed. Also, Lightflow works a little better on some devices with root. Same with Nova Launcher.

  • Rooted, mostly to get rid of crapware.

  • Rob Black

    Rooted for Wifi tether and blocking ads.

  • I root mainly for WiFi tether, but I suppose I also just like knowing that I can do whatever I want to my device whenever I want to. With my Nexus 5 I definitely unlocked it immediately but didn’t root for a week or two.

  • chief

    Rooted. Because I can seamlessly transfer all my data between phones keeping all application settings. Droidwall and and titanium backup are a must.

  • Mike Sember

    Rooted for no other reason to remove Touchwiz. Honestly though, since 4.1, I really don’t feel there is any need to root/ROM a phone other than to get rid of the horrible OEM skins.

  • chowhoundb

    Root all devices, to be able to run greenify/Xposed. Even stock, this app helps a great deal.

  • Rob

    I don’t root anything anymore. I could care less and just have no time in my life anymore to tinker with smartphones.

  • spursrchamps2007

    Titanium backup thats it, oh and wifi tether

  • moe6

    Rooted because I can’t live without a custom kernel

  • S2556

    I need root for tibu ad block and other root apps. Haven’t ROMed my n5 yet though!

  • wolfxomg

    I’m running 4.4.2 SlimROM on my 2 years old Galaxy Nexus plus Xposed = unmatched UX.

  • I was rooted when I first started buying Android devices when I didn’t have much of a choice on device (US Cellular). I rooted back then because I had a lot of time in college and wanted to make the devices perfect. I havent rooted my HTC One or Moto X since I’ve had them and probably won’t do it. There are a few things I would like to add, but it’s just not worth those hours of backing up and restoring to get a few very minor tweaks anymore.

    I definitely see the reason to do so, however.

  • quintezmario

    Rooted LGG2 D801 running stock android kit kat the lg UI is ok but quite cheesy… And has alot of pointless animations in my opinion..

  • MrWicket

    rooted but thinking about unrooting and re-locking.. why? don’t really use it as a feature anymore and it’s not needed to get stock and updates and well.. Nexus.

  • James Hill

    Because I want full control of MY phone!

  • jer85008

    Usually don’t root or run any custom ROMs until the warranty is up. Then it’s a free-for-all ROM-fest keeping the year-old phone fun until the next upgrade on my family account rolls around.

  • wmsco1

    The last time I rooted was Verizon galaxy Nexus, since then I have no need. Slap Nova Launcher on good to go!

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’m not rooted right now because I’m not used to having to use Odin (coming from GNex) so I don’t want to mess anything up on my pretty Note 3.

  • CompCrash

    I am actually not rooted at the moment. Just got my Nexus 5 in and enjoying it as is. That is probably until CM11 is release (not just nightlys).

  • KaoriCamellia

    Rooted GS4 on TW (boo), GS3 running CM 10.2, and though not a phone, rooted, unlocked N7 with custom kernel (OC’d, undervolted, etc) and optimized VM libraries. Modding is a disease I want no cure for.

  • muzz

    Customize, customize!!

  • abhisshack

    I rooted my phone, and its not only about speed rather extreme customizations 3rd party ROM give us like PA, AOKP or even Resurrection Remix which combines all the Goodness of AOKP, PA & CM into One single ROM.

  • Tom Wellington

    I love CyanogenMod and the various other custom ROMs in the community. Mostly CM 🙂

  • Eric James Salcido

    Tethering+Greenify+Custom ROM+Nandroid

  • I just root for AdAway. Haven’t found any other compelling reason yet.

  • Bill

    My droid razr maxx hd runs very slow and i purchased it a year ago. It’s unrooted. Would rooting it increase performance?

    • Eric James Salcido

      It very much could, you could remove bloat apps, Greenify certain applications, Run a custom ROM and overclock, and use a more light-weight feature-filled ROM.

  • Dan Perkins

    Rooted. Cause i’m a nerd.