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Floating IM App LilyPad Updated with Holo UI

The idea of so-called floating apps may have been popularized by Facebook’s Chat Heads and Samsung’s TouchWiz features, but many have been around for years. The fundamental problem was that most were unintuitive, buggy, or just plain ugly. Thankfully, in the face of competition, these types of apps have begun to improve. To that point, LilyPad, an Android IM client with support for Google Hangouts, Facebook, and others, has made massive strides of late, implementing stability-fixing improvements and a Holo UI overhaul in a recent update.

While the reworked app includes requisite features like an always-on-top mode, quick-hide mode, resizable windows, and tabs for chatting across multiple services, enhancements have been made across the board. Most are aesthetic (Roboto font FTW), but a full list of changes can be found below.

What’s New

  • Size of action bar has been cut in half. It makes it easier to tuck LilyPad away to the side so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Double tapping buddylist to hide it completely
  • Persistent icon in notification tray is now hidden
  • You can now exit the app completely from ANY screen
  • Hide profile images from buddylist (pro-feature)
  • Fixed multiple names & blank spots in buddylist
  • Vibration notification is disabled when device is set to silent-More reliable notification system

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  • mustbepbs

    I guess Kyle is the new workhorse. You’ve made almost all the articles today. Good show, old chap. Ron never does anything around here. Good replacement, indeed!

    • He’s not a replacement, let’s get that clear.

      Ron is absolutely very dear to the community.

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      Either way, good show indeed!

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  • Nexus5guy

    Just tried out this app on my Nexus 5 running 4.4.2. Didn’t seem to work too well. Took a while to load up the first time but when it did, the welcome/options floating menu couldn’t be dismissed until i restarted the app a 2nd time. Resizing was very laggy making it hard to get the perfect size you want. Very limited to what IM clients you can connect with unless you pay for the pro version. Hope they can fix these issues in the future because I’m always looking for a great all in one IM application.

    • Ronaldo Verta

      You didn’t read the instructions then cuz it clearly says to hit the menu button and select close to close the first screen. No need to restart the app. Just read the instructions.

      • nexus5guy

        yes gotcha thanks hehe. but resizing isnt fluid. ill drag the corner of the window and it will only resize after i let go. i guess it bothers me more than it should lol. have any experience with the paid version? do the other IM clients work well? currently using IM+ and just wondering if you could give me a comparison or review thanks!

        • You want a random blog commenter to give you a review of an app?

          High expectations, much!

          • mustbepbs


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