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Deal: Pebble Smartwatch at Amazon for $119, as Low as $89.99 at Best Buy With .edu Email

Not to say that Black Friday and Cyber Monday were busts, but the deals as we inch closer to X-mas seem to be getting better by the day. For example, the Pebble smartwatch dropped $20 on Black Friday with its arrival at Amazon, but can be had today for $30 off at a couple of retailers (both Best Buy and Amazon). Better yet, if you can currently claim student status with a .edu email address, you could save an extra $30 from the already discounted sale price at Best Buy, getting you into what most would consider to be the best smartwatch available, for $89.99. 

We reviewed Pebble some time ago, but to say that it has changed since then would be a gross understatement. Through update after update, Pebble now handles notifications better than ever, lets you manage multiple notifications, and has had enough UI tweaks and settings additions to keep it on top of the smartwatch game in our opinion. Even with its e-paper display instead of the fancy AMOLEDs that companies like Samsung are using, its the experience that would make us still lean to this day to Pebble.

Both Amazon and Best Buy have red and black versions of Pebble available. Best Buy’s deal includes free shipping, while Amazon’s is marked as Prime, so members can take advantage of those benefits.

Links:  Amazon ($119) | Best Buy ($119 + $30-off for .edu emails – info)

Via:  Slickdeals [2]
  • Could anyone out there spare a coupon for me? I’m outside US and I don’t have a .edu email address.

  • Norsedakotan

    No idea how people are getting this to work. Tried every way I can but it won’t accept the promotion code we got using my wife’s .edu account. Keeps saying it’s not valid and to check the rules of the promotion.

    • Geekdad

      Keep trying. I got the error about 4 times. I went to Incognito mode and it worked after the 2nd try.

      • Norsedakotan

        Yeah I’ve tried IE, Chrome, chrome incognito, cleared cookies and cache… checking out as guest, logged in as me, logged in as my wife with her .edu account…. The only time to apply the code is just before final check out right?

        • chad taylor

          Was having the same problem, used the live chat service & the agent confirmed to me that the code can’t be used in conjunction with the current sale 🙁

  • Jim

    Here’s a code for someone to use. I used checkout as a guest and the coupon applied. I didn’t complete it so the code is still good.


  • Joesred

    This worked for me…. I even used mt Best Buy Reward and took another $10 off. Pebble, extended warranty,and tax….for $107

  • Timothy

    Worked like a charm with my wifes .edu email. Got the code in less than 3 minutes, got it for 89.99 with in store pick up, and I had 20.00 in reward certificates I had forgotten about, so 69.99 plus tax. Booya… thanks for the heads up on the .edu thing, I was seconds away from paying amazon 120 for this thing before i stopped and googled it and found this info.

  • Dennis Gonatas

    Coupon only works on full price I tried online and at the store.

  • Frank S.

    I went to bestbuy.com in Incognito window and it went through for me I paid $92.85 after taxes

  • DanielMena9

    Just ordered a black Pebble. At first it didn’t work because I wanted ship to home but tried on the mobile website for ship to store and it worked. Hopefully I get my 5% CB with Discover and it doesn’t get canceled.

  • jRot99999999

    How long after signing up does it take for the code to come in?

  • Har.Mar

    Could not get the discount code to work on bestbuy.com until I tried in an incognito window. Then it worked like a charm. Picking up tonight! Thanks for the heads up on this!!

  • Mario Soriano
  • Abid

    I was contemplating buying the pebble and this deal convinced me in getting one. I paid $87 after the student discount and $10 dollars best buy reward certificate. 🙂

  • Geekdad

    I will take a code if someone is not going to use it.


    The code doesn’t work online with the already reduced price =(

    • Jeremy

      Just got it to work. Shipped to store, picking up tonight. $94.99 with tax

      • ohNOOOOOOOO

        How did you get it to work? Share us your secret!!!

        • Jeremy

          I honestly don’t know. Tek Wizard farther down said use incognito mode, and I was… Well I left it in my cart logged off and closed the browser and went about my day. Decided to try again. Logged back in incognito added promo code and blammo discount happened. So needless to say my wallet caught fire as I whipped out my CC to order, and so we will see if I actually get a notification that I can get it from the store.

          • Tek Wizard

            Told you incognito would work 🙂

            you probably still had cookies from your browser lingering around, the first time??? idk…

          • ohNOOOOOOOO

            I’ve been trying the incognito mode and it still hasn’t worked yet =(

  • sad

    Tried using coupon at brick and motor best buy but it wouldn’t work because it was already on sale for 30 off original

    • Joseph

      I just tried at BestBuy.com and same thing. The coupon states must be off of regular price.

    • BSweetness

      Yeah, the article should be updated. The coupon says “Markdowns taken from regular prices.” It’s definitely not working online, and in-store will be hit or miss (with more misses likely than hits given what the fine print says on the coupon).

      • Jeremy

        Worked for me 5 minutes ago. $94.99 shipped to store.

        • BSweetness

          Well, it’s not working for me and the vast majority of folks reporting in online. When putting the code in, it says “Your order does not qualify for the promotional code entered. Please review the rules of the promotion.” And yes, it’s the correct code from the Pebble student coupon (not from one of the other coupons).Your

    • Blue Sun

      Brick & motor?

    • SoCalPaul

      Wouldn’t work for me than I tried Incognito mode in Chrome and it worked.

  • Joey Funk

    went and played around with it in the store, Its really nice, and the screen works really well, i was expecting Kindle-esqe slowness, but it was quite snappy! With my discount i plan on getting one, but i just have to convince my S.O. to let me get it. It might end up being my xmas present. 😀 thanks!

  • Chad

    Remember, if you charged it, it’s possible you can call your credit card company and get it price matched up to 30-90 days after.

  • Dennis Gonatas

    How do I use the edu to get the extea discount?

  • Futbolrunner

    For anybody that doesn’t have a “.edu” e-mail address, here’s my $30 coupon code:


    Coupon valid till 2/1/14

  • Tek Wizard

    Just ordered one from Best Buy 🙂

    • Jeremy

      How did you order it?? It’s saying coupon invalid

      • Tek Wizard

        Did you get a coupon code from Bestbuy to your .edu email?

        Make sure you are using the coupon code for Pebble. Email will have multiple codes for other products as well. Pebble code is more towards the end of the document.

        • Jeremy

          Yeah I did!

          • Tek Wizard

            IDK… i would go to the store and present the coupon, i guess. Try using the incognito window. I noticed previously with BB, their checkout has glitches and sometimes clearing the cache on your browser works. So, just use incognito mode and order it.

          • Jeremy

            Yeah, BB must have closed a loop hole… I am in incognito mode. 🙁 Glad you got it to go! For $120 its still not a good enough deal for me to try. Maybe when the gen 2 devices hit I will look into it.

          • Tek Wizard

            it’s not a loop hole. It’s a valid sale. Sale price plus coupon for students. If you want the product i would go to a physical store and present them the coupon. They should honor it.

            i ordered mine via their website.

          • Jeremy

            Yeah except the coupon states “Markdowns taken from regular price” So yeah it was a loop hole. I may try brick and mortar.

          • Jeremy

            Well don’t know what I did or happened, but I tried again and it worked… 94.99 shipped to store. Faster than shipping to my home! Sweet deal. Pick up tonight.

  • Waiting for the coupon codes to arrive in my inbox…

  • Sequence of Sound…

    Damnnit! I have to learn to be more patient! Seems like “good things come to those who wait” is ringiing truer and truer.

  • Buckoman

    I’d buy if they had it in white.


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    How does this watch hold up? I mean build quality?

    • Futbolrunner

      I’ve had mine since June. It’s been holding up great and I’ve had no hiccups. The buttons are solid with no looseness. The screen has some scuffs but nothing major after I’ve bumped hard against the doorway. The band makes it look a little cheap, can be swapped out anyway, but it’s an even better value now.

  • WCM3

    Wow. Got one at $20 off straight from Pebble. Thought that was the best deal I would see. Damn..

  • dmagicp

    Sony’s smart watch 2 has this beat easy.

  • Joe Cross

    Just bought one last week. I don’t need another one, but I will be sending this to everyone that I know. This is an unbeatable deal.