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The Nexus 5 Snowflake, Thanks to LG

LG shared this on Google+ and we thought it was cool, that’s all.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

Via:  +LG USA
  • Aude

    I am wondering if I had to buy the Nexus 5 or wait until april for the Galaxy S5. Any thought ?

  • Kev

    It’s fundamentally flawed, snowflake must have 6 arms due to the structure of water molecule.

  • Bob G

    I prefer this snowflake.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Panda flake

  • mustbepbs

    The mobile site is a train wreck. There are 6 ads on this tiny article. You guys need to get a grip on this because it’s a hot mess.

    • 3 ads. The other “around the web” things are through disqus which I’ll look into removing.

      • mustbepbs

        I appreciate it, but I saw 6 (including the 3 from “Around the web” which I didn’t know was just a single advertisement). For a tiny article like this it’s a little absurd to have the entire page filled with giant advertisements.

    • 1) I only saw four ads, including “Around the Web” which Kellen removed

      2) How do you think the writers make a living? Two of the three ads are entirely out of the way, anyway. It’s really not that bad, and it probably gets really annoying for the writers to see a couple of comments like this every week. If you wanted to comment on the site redesign, you had your chance on the “Welcome to the new Droid Life” post. That place is not here, that’s all I’m saying

      • mustbepbs

        When I have to scroll through 5 ads through the article and to the comments section, it’s a problem. Although he removed “around the web”, it was there when I made my original posting. And I’m pretty that they’re accepting feedback from their “customers” about the site at any time considering it’s their income on the line if they chase people away from all the advertisements. We don’t have a problem going elsewhere, tough guy. It’s not like they have exclusive news articles and interviews like other websites do. I can get my fix elsewhere.

        You’re not a very good spokesman for the DL crew.

    • Mr ilheis

      Not trying to hate but install an ad blocker, cookies blocker and have a nice day!

  • Jonathan Reid


    • Jonathan Reid

      Just kidding! Let it snow!

  • S9779

    No thanks been shoveling snow all day long. Last thing I want to look at.

    • raazman

      Imagine Nexus 5s all over your driveway….

      • I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with that. haha

      • S9779

        My luck they would all be broken.

      • Maxim∑

        they would probably all overheat, throttle and melt the snow. Great alternative to salt