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Thursday App Sales: Dark Knight Rises, Tiny Thief, Monopoly, Sonic 4, and More

It’s almost the weekend, which means you are going to need a few new games and apps to keep you busy – don’t deny it. Today, lots of great games are on sale, including a few classics like The Dark Knight Rises (usually priced at $6.99), Tiny Thief, Draw Something 2, and even Monopoly. 

You won’t want to pass these deals up, because who knows the next time you find these titles on sale.

Thursday App Sales

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  • No free options?

    • michael arazan

      Free word of advice, don’t buy the dark night rises, filled with iaps. My game froze, wouldn’t open again, I had to uninstall and install again, lost iaps. Makes you buy health.

  • Daniel Richardson

    Why would sonic 4 not be compatible with my LG G pad 8.3??

    • hkklife

      it’s not compatible with my 2013 N7 either.

      • Daniel Richardson

        Well it let me install it on my LG G2.. so not sure what the problem is..

  • Spencer Walker

    Thanks DL got fist of awesome for .99 cent’s