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New Swiftkey Beta Introduces 500 Emoji, Optional Number Row

Swiftkey, a 3rd party keyboard that remains one of the favorites around this site, received a beta update to version 4.5 this morning that finally introduces emoji and an optional number row. Seems silly, right? That we’re talking about an update that introduces 500+ emoji. Oh, how the times have changed in this funny tech world. But hey, emoji. 

So Swiftkey is giving you 500+ emoji that are categorized (people, objects, nature, places and symbols), but more importantly, can be available as word matches should you decide that you need them on-demand. For example, if you type “Santa” you would then be giving a choice of a Santa emoji along with words. Swiftkey also suggests using words like “pizza,” “broken,” “cheers,” or “kiss” to get the full effect. And as always with Swiftkey, you’ll get contextual predictions of emoji as the keyboard learns from you.

To the non-emoji crowd (and those with massive phones), the other piece to this update is probably more important – an optional number row. In settings of Swiftkey, you’ll now have the option to choose to have a dedicated number row at all times. Note, One Max, and (random) Z Ultra owners, throw yourselves a party.

The beta is free for all to download – link found below.

Download Link

Via:  Swiftkey
  • Cloey

    Why all my emojis black? No colors? 🙁

  • J low

    I can’t see d emoji on my note 2 after downloading.. Help

    • Alameen

      Same I can’t see them

  • Chris

    I only use swift key. I got the whole family on swift key. With the recent Swift key cloud, and todays beta updates, swift key keeps getting better and better. Can’t see my self using anything else. Everything including Googles keyboard seems amateur

  • michael hill

    How do I get the keyboard to put the emojis to pop up in the prediction bar? It won’t work for the life of me. I have it checked in settings.

    • Dmw034

      yeah its not working for my gf either .. idk why

  • Intellectua1

    The moment I switch back to the Google keyboard because I could get the hangouts emojis anywhere they update this. Well back to swiftkey I go

  • Jaggari

    Why can’t they use the Play store beta program.That way we don’t need to have 2 separate installations on our devices.

  • Tobi De la Cuz

    Hoped this would help with getting emojis in InstaGram, guess not.

  • SamBoy

    Why do they keep raping emoji use the real icons and not that ugly mess!

  • AlpaXray

    The only thing i want them to do is take that damn smiley face button away from the bottom right. I still confusedly think the enter button is the send button so I tend to hit that, but now they switched it to the smiley face and I have to constantly delete it. Not to mention its the stupid face with a nose on it. Who the hell adds the nose to their smiley.

    • AlpaXray

      actually the beta fixed this!!!

  • Armus

    Is about time they listened and gave us a number row. Now I might actually use this product

  • 6stringslinger

    Pretty cool. Lovin’ the dedicated number keys row. But the faces……. not so much.

  • tlingitsoldier

    Great news! Now if they just add a solid handwriting recognition feature, I can permanently dump the Note 2 ‘s built in keyboard.

  • Robert

    Nokia will use forked android software mobile to sustain in the market. bit.ly/NokiaAnalysts

  • MistaButters

    Now they just need to add an option to change the symbol page so it mirrors the alternate characters on the letters page.

  • Jsilvermist

    And yet, still no Japanese support… worthless, Swype wins.

  • BlynkOfAnEye

    Anyone have an idea how will this work (or not work) when paired with a texting app that has an emoji plugin installed? (Textra in my case, but GoSMS or Handcent have them as well)

    • Ryan Cota

      It wont effect that, this will basically add in emoji support right from the keyboard. Meaning there is a dedicated button on the keyboard now. So you will still be able to go into the emoji module or plugin.

      Just know that whether you use the emoji on the keyboard or the module, it is still the same emoji, no matter how they are displayed on screen.

      • BlynkOfAnEye

        so in effect, the update makes emoji plugins unnecessary then? Awesome, one less app to have installed 🙂

  • Under the bridge downtown

    Just what I was waiting for… More silly faces to send to people who don’t give a damn.

    • 6stringslinger


      • Ej McCarty

        ( . ) ( . )

    • Chris

      don’t use it then

      • Under the bridge downtown

        I won’t because I am not a child. Thank you for the advice.

  • JabbaMac

    Nice update, but I still miss the .com button when entering web addresses.

    • MistaButters

      I hated that “.com” button lol. I never type something.com. I always did a google search so I would end with things like “Kit.comKat.com4.4.comNexus.com5.comupdate.com”

    • athom07

      I didn’t realize they finally got rid of the .com button!! Awesome, I will try it out again. I could not stand that stupid goddamn button…it was always in the way


  • jbdan

    I almost always come back to SwiftKey (been enjoying fleksy as of late) but I’m still looking for them to come out with some sharp classy minimal themes. That’s about the only thing it lacks imo. After using the light theme on fleksy it’s really spoiled me as far as its clean lines, minimalist look, and crisp contrast.

  • Daistaar

    Looks like Loco Roco icons. What I wouldn’t do for a Loco Roco game on Android… That and Patapon!

  • Edward Smith

    500!!!? How long would it take someone to go through those?

    • BigTimmay

      If you’re a teenager in this phone obsessed day and age, day or two max.

    • Chris

      its about the same as whats on the hangouts app

  • Two of the most requested features, this is why SwiftKey is awesome!

    • Calvin Williams

      I’ve been using Kii keyboard for the past year and haven’t touched Swiftkey or Swype since.. It has built in iOS emojis which is more important to me because people can actually see them. Not all Androids can see emojis. The keyboard is perfect too, and I actually like the way it works a little better.

      • And no other Android can see iOS emoji’s, so pick your poison.

        • Calvin Williams

          Maybe after more Android phones get emojis I’ll switch to that. Only 5% of Androids have emojis built in (4.3 4.2% 4.4 1.1%)

          The thing that needs to happen most is Hangouts needs to work like iMessage and be a data messaging app over sms. Once Google does that everyone will actually start using hangouts and use Android emojis.


        • SamBoy

          The note 3 can see them by default without any extra apps or anything and it has it builtin to the stock samsung keyboard.

      • Chris

        kii is tring too hard

  • Rechie

    About time we get number row back into the Note 2…

    • Josh Shaw

      and 3

      • JoshGroff

        You guys forgot 1!

      • MzA

        The Note 3 keyboard has a number row.

        • Josh Shaw

          I’m sure whatever phone you have has a keyboard too, why care about SwiftKey?

  • Ben Johnson

    Anyone know how to switch the emojis between black/white and color?

    • ceejw

      I’m pretty sure you have to be running 4.4 to get them in color.

      • Ben Johnson

        Hmmm interesting. Thanks.

      • Daniel Maginnis

        True. Its the font system.

        • Chris

          can that be changed in a feature update or is a system level thing?

    • Ryan Cota

      Black and White = 4.1 – 4.3, Color = 4.4. At least in this context.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Kii but I’ll probably check it out.