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ISIS Mobile Wallet Opens Support for Wells Fargo Credit Card Users

Isis Mobile Wallet users can now add Wells Fargo credit cards to the NFC-powered payment application, which has been growing steadily in support for various card providers. The last card to receive support was the American Express Serve card, which took place just last month. The service is still unavailable to Visa users and other banks, but with the addition of Wells Fargo, this is certainly a step in the right direction.

If you are an Isis user, and keep a Wells Fargo credit card in your wallet or purse, hit the via link below to see how you can easily add your card to the Isis application.

Do we have any real users of Isis here? If so, we would actually love to know where you use the app and what features you would like to see brought to the service.

Via: Isis | Wells Fargo
  • TaylorT.

    I tried activating my serve card three days ago and It still says that my account is being reviewed and to check my email for updates and still haven’t got any emails about it. Help me? It would be greatly appreciated

  • Alvaro

    My wells Fargo cards are not compatible with isis wallet. Why? Because they are Visa? Well… Wells Fargo doesn’t offer other cards than visa, so…

  • Lonetree

    My Isis gives me the option to add my Chase Sapphire and Freedom Visa cards. Does that not work?

  • Ponti

    I have been using ISIS. I agree it’s crappy that they managed to get Google Wallet itself blocked, but the ISIS app itself works just fine. The cash back when using the Serve account is a nice touch, and now that it works with Wells Fargo the picture is complete for me. I used ISIS at Radioshack the other day without saying anything, and the employee just about flipped out in amazement (“WAIT, did you just pay, how did you do that?!?!”)

  • Bean17

    Got my moto x yesterday and went to the store just to use Google wallet. Fantastic

  • ckeegan

    Only Wells Fargo credit cards, not even Visa debit cards. Still 100% useless to me.

    • tcope

      You can simply set up your Serve account to automatically load from that debit card and it works the same as using that debit card direct. Takes about 1 minute to set up.

      • The Dealer

        can do the same with Gwallet too..

  • John Kitchen

    I use it right now just for the cash back mostly. I have my Amex Serve account linked to my credit union so it’s not too bad. Plus, as long as you’re using ISIS regularly, it waives all of the Serve fees.

  • sundawg

    So Sprint can’t get this app?

  • Michael Martin

    it wont let me connect my chase card, it could be a issue on chases end but idk. And i add my amex only to have it vanish. wtf is the point in me not putting a 4.4 rom on my device to get my google wallet back?

    • glimmerman76

      chase is no longer a ISIS partner they drop them like a bad habit

      • tcope

        That was Capital One, not Chase.

        ISIS makes money my renting space on the Secure Element SIM to banks.

        • glimmerman76

          Secure element is a thing of the past with kit Kat. Google gave the carriers the middle finger. And yes you are right it was capital one. Still a big card partner tho. I want to see what Att and Verizon are going to do now that Google wallet can be used on any kit Kat phone. My wifes Att HTC one works great with wallet.

  • tcope

    Some people are going to hate ISIS just to hate. That is fine. People will be people. Setting aside the “blocking” issues, ISIS has done a lot to promote NFC payments. They have gotten a _lot_ of merchants to install NFC devices. Wallet is not set up to get merchants on board.

    • glimmerman76

      still cant use it on a rooted device or nexus device

      • You are 100% correct and that sucks, but try Voodoo Root Keeper. You have to “temp unroot” each time, but it is a easy solution.

    • Daistaar

      Wallet is set up to use Pay Pass and Blink tech which is everywhere. No additional hardware required. Merchants have everything they need to accept wallet.

      • tcope

        ISIS uses the same systems that Wallet uses. So everyplace Wallet can be used ISIS can be used. Difference is that ISIS ‘s program is set up to get merchants to accept NFC payments. Google _hopes_ merchants get NFC terminals.

        • Daistaar

          That doesn’t make sense. How are they using the same terminals that Google is using for wallet but trying to get merchants to adopt NFC? I guess my question is how are they pushing for adoption of NFC and Google isn’t if they’re using the same terminals? Honest question.

          • tcope

            The devices you see use several systems for payments… VISA, Mastercard, American Express, etc. So when you use those cards on either ISIS or Wallet, those specific systems process the transaction. There are no ISIS terminals or Wallet terminals.

            What I mention is that ISIS is soliciting merchants to sign up as ISIS merchants. In doing so, those merchants basically advertise via ISIS deals. ISIS may approach lets say Wendy’s and convince them to install NFC systems and, of course, sign up as an ISIS merchant. The benefit to being on the ISIS system is that those merchants can offer deals/discounts to consumers who pay with the ISIS app. So being an ISIS merchant can easily draw people into your store. Google has Offers but this is open to any form of payment and Google collect those funds up front. So Offers does not promote NFC payments like ISIS does.

  • cwillen

    Screw ISIS. I won’t use it on principle alone.

  • burkett375

    why would i downgrade???

  • 80am

    I really use Isis. Free Jamba juice, 1 dollar popcorn drink and Candie at the movies, 1 dollar burger meals from JCW. 15 off at toys r us, and lots more great deals. Plus when you activate an American express serve card right now they are giving you 50 bucks for free. No joke.

    • Ian

      But don’t you kind of feel like a whore? I mean…you’re only with Isis because he buys you things. That’s not a healthy relationship.

    • ilovetechnology

      I have mostly been ignoring Isis because Google Wallet works fine for me, but for $50 I’ll install any app 😀 Then I found out it doesn’t support the Nexus 5 or the Moto X. So…yea…

      • Ryan Jones

        It supports Verizon Moto X now, so I hear.

    • Really? I only got $10 when I signed up last week…

  • storm33x

    I dont really use ISIS anymore since its not supported on my galaxy note 3 officially

    • DC_Guy

      Yeah what’s up with that? What does the S4 have that the Note 3 is missing

  • Anthony

    I used to work for Verizon and the day Isis was officially available, it brought down the credit card terminals in the cafeteria and everyone was scrambling for cash. Stood in line for a good hour because of it.

    • WMP

      That happened here too!

  • Ivan92116

    I’ve been using it with my Serve card just to get the 20% cash back….not sure I’d continue using it after that deal expires. One major thing missing from the app is Transaction History…it doesn’t even send out an email of transactions.

    • tcope

      I agree 100%! I’ve been using ISIS since 10/2012. It started with this ability on the Chase card but was dropped in v2.0. ISIS’s text notification system has never worked either. I do like ISIS and while I like Google over-all, ISIS’s system is set up much better to promote NFC payments. ISIS gets merchants on board and since ISIS has started up, hundreds of merchants have added NFC terminals… with more being added every day!

      I understand some Google lovers will just hate ISIS to hate, that is fine. But truth is, ISIS works just as well.

      • Suralin

        Except for Visa users.

        • tcope

          I have no idea how you are applying that comment.

      • LiterofCola

        Plus one

  • TC Infantino

    Google Wallet is the only one I will use.

  • moelsen8

    so glad Google stepped up to the plate with wallet in 4.4

    • michael arazan

      Verizon would have been more than happy to allow Google wallet back in 2011, for a piece of the action that is.

  • Droid Ronin

    Google Wallet or GTFO

  • RaptorOO7

    If ISIS is never used then how will they know its successful? Seriously with the amount of time spent rolling this turd out, the limited cards you can use on it why the hell would you actually want to. Just use Google Wallet and get the Google Wallet Card.

    • burkett375

      Verizon, et al. will say “only 2% of our customers use it, so therefore it must not be something they want!” then charge people $2 just for using their NFC capable phone for “extra services”

    • tcope

      20% credit back up to $200 through 1/2014, instant $20 credit just for signing up, $1 meals at some places, 3 free cokes, $15 off $30 at Toys R Us, free smoothies etc.

  • r.™

    Dear Isis,
    I got this!

    Sincerely, Google Wallet

  • Boblank84

    it may just be me, but I have no interest in anything that has to do with isis wallet. Does anyone use this?

    • Tim Buchanan

      I just assume that every time one of the DL authors posts something about Isis, it’s to conjure up camaraderie in our collective hatred of it.

    • TheWenger

      It’s not that I don’t have interest. I actually have negative interest.

    • LiterofCola

      I use ISIS regularly at the grocery store and in any shopping mall. You can basically use it wherever you can use Google Wallet. Since GW isn’t available, ISIS has been a great replacement. I really don’t see why so many people “hate” this app when it works so well. And getting over the whole “Google Wallet should be king” ideology, at the end of the day, this is a very user friendly, nicely put together app.

      • Dane Carpenter

        I think I can speak for many hear when I say this. We hate ISIS, because certain wireless providers actively block Google Wallet to prevent users from downloading and using it. Then they push users into using ISIS, which was designed by the carriers.

        • glimmerman76

          the other thing that irks me is you can’t use ISIS if your rooted which is total BS

      • Radgatt

        Well if your phone has KitKat and NFC you can use Google Wallet no problem. I have a Verizon Moto X with KitKat and I am using Google Wallet no problem. I’ve used it at McDonalds, the gas station, and Macy’s to name a few places.

      • irtechneo

        You have missed the point. For me personally, its not that I want Google Wallet to be king. I would like to see active competition in the market and what the carriers did to google wallet so their ISIS app would not have any competition is not something I can support. I actively tell anyone that asks to stay away from ISIS for this reason–not because I want Google to be king–but because the carrier’s have essentially blocked everyone else out of the market. I would like to more options than just the carrier controlled ISIS.

      • michael arazan

        I use Google wallet now, everywhere. Gave My brother a GWallet card for access to my account when he needs a few bucks for gas or what not.