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Borderlands Developer Gearbox Releases “Loot the World” App for Android, Scan QR Codes for In-Game Loot

If you know me, then you know that I love the Borderlands series made by Gearbox Software. And if you love Borderlands, I know that you love loot as much as I do. A modern day dungeon crawler that replaces axes and swords for guns and more guns, Borderlands literally has millions of guns that can be created in the game. Looting becomes a lifestyle, and with this new Loot the World app, you can bring that looting mentality to the real world too. 

Once the app is linked to your Gearbox SHiFT account that you use in game, you can start scanning friend’s loot codes. Everyone’s code is a different piece of loot that can be then imported into the game and used to kill bad people. Gearbox says that the QR scanner works with any QR codes and barcodes, stating that there are chances of getting stamps out of any code that you can find out in the world. Early reviews seem to suggest it’s not working as well as intended, but that can be easily fixed.

Gearbox promises there are even more ways to loot the real world coming through this app, but this is already a great start. Any Borderlands fans excited to hear about this app?

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Via: Gearbox
  • Scott Carpenter

    Rather than scanning everything you find out and about, just go to http://bl2loot.com and find the item/stamp codes that other people have already found. There’s also a random code generator that you can scan and scan and scan (and scan…) 😉

  • sirenlegacy77

    Scanned over a hundred items and no stamps :/

  • Walter Cruz

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  • DB

    It can’t be installed on any of my devices (nexus / II gen and motorola RAZR)…

    • ddh819

      it says its compatible with my droid razr (non hd)

  • tumatos

    and once again non US gamers get to stick it.

    This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.

    • Keg Man


      • tumatos

        Obvious. But we shouldn’t have to, should we?

        • Keg Man

          i was actually asking the most poorly worded question. I wasn’t sure if sideload worked when the country block came up.

          • tumatos

            Oh sorry then. Yes, sideloading does effectively work. At least up untl the point of actually using the 3 stamps you get. Past that I can’t confirm since I haven’t used any of my stamps.

  • Chris

    Didn’t know short change hero was associated with this cartoon. Disappointed when i found out.

  • Frank

    Does this only work with the PC version? I have Xbox 360 version.

    • Tyler

      No, it should work on any system that you can login to the shift in the extra’s menu you should be fine.

      • Frank

        Thanks. Figured it out. QR code generator is fun to play with.

      • Raven

        I have only been playing for a little while via Steam and I did not even realize there was a Shift account to log in to as well, I will have to look into that this weekend.

  • BrothaDave

    Been messing with it for about an hour, pretty cool idea just too bad I don’t play games as much as I used to. Might have to jump back on BL2 just for kicks this weekend

  • Ryan Powell

    Big Borderlands fan/player here as well. Year out from its release and I still play this game every week. Hope the app gets some traction and makes it worth having on my phone. Do we have to share a link to our QR codes the app generates or does it turn any QR code in the world into loot? Wasn’t really clear when I installed it.

    • neptune432

      It will use ANY QR code, even bar codes can be used! It’s really cool!

  • I posted my QR code to my twitter if anyone wants to trade codes. @EricRees

  • Comeiro

    Great idea, but a little late…

  • David Parrella

    Sooo just Google images of QR codes and get everything. Like… all of it.

    • duraldo

      Or, do what I do, go to a QR code generator, and type in words to make your own QR. I got a decent shotgun when I put “I like tiny tina”, also “penis penis penis penis” gave me an “angry RPG” XD. Endless hours will be spent on this. Thanks gearbox.

      • Keg Man

        that is awesome. Wait till you find the rare for putting in “little boys get me excited”: :

  • Menger40

    I have more hours in Borderlands 2 than I’d care to admit. Awesome game. I am definitely grabbing this app.

    • Menger40

      Just got the app. My QR code gives a lvl 53 green rarity Hyperion shotgun. Lame item, but this is a pretty neat idea.

    • aye_winchell

      ya same here, the wife loves this game, she’ll be stoked to get some more loot.

      • John Sanatar

        My girlfriend and I play this game together, such a blast.

        • aye_winchell

          i agree, such a great game, and i avoided for a long time because i didn’t think id like it, man was i wrong, we have to take break every once in a while just because we put so many hours in, easily the longest i have played a game with her.

        • WAldenIV

          That’s wife material! Lock it up!

    • LiterofCola

      Yeah I’ve played this game for many hours, but I finally had to stop when I switch consoles.

  • John Clausen

    I didn’t realize Borderlands 2 was still relevant

    • Menger40

      New DLC just came out last month!

      • Respen

        New DLC is coming out next week!

        • neptune432

          You got to love being in the comments section with people that like the same stuff you do!