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The Droid Life Show: Episode 44

The Droid Life Show: Episode 44 kicks off tonight at its usual time of 6PM PST, 9PM EST. This is our second to last show of the 2013 year, and you know what, we are quite saddened by this. But don’t worry, we think 2014 has major things in store for the Android world, and we have our arms wide open for whatever it is. Tonight, the full DL crew will be in attendance, covering Google’s blitzkrieg of device releases yesterday (we should have ours in hand soon), and a vast variety of other subjects. You won’t want to miss it.

Tonight’s show kicks off around 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern). A live video broadcast will be embedded below closer to the start of the show. Until then, feel free to hang out in the Droid Life IRC room.

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  • Matthew Rebmann

    Did Ron really bring up Fission Rom from Angdroid? …mind blown. Those were the days, man.

  • Rich Robinson

    Kellen, I’m an avid DL reader. I completely understood the POV on GPE Phones but I don’t understand why there wasn’t more love shown to the first GPE tablet. There is no vanilla android tablet over 7″ in the marketplace (excluding Nexus 10 as it is outdated hardware) that I’m aware. If the G Pad 8.3 GPE had been instead announced as the Nexus 8, it would have been heralded on this site. If someone wants a tablet larger than 7″ with great hardware and vanilla android with timely updates what other option is there? IMO the G Pad 8.3 GPE is a great buy and fits a much needed consumer option.

  • sski66

    Kellen if u check out the comments in Plex it says there only gonna charge till they get totally up & running or something like that, they said only about a month then it’s free. O, & did u hear that Chromecast won Time Magazine best Gadget of the year. Excellent, I have one on every TV, even the new “smart” one. Brand new Sammy Smart TV, beautiful picture, but have u ever used a browser in one of these things, if u did then u know why people still get a Chromecast, I think there great.

  • sski66

    GET EM’, I get what your saying Eric, he’s never gonna be happy, even if it had the best camera & cost $5 bucks, & everyone knows why…

  • sski66

    O, one more thing, it’s not that big of a mystery, to me it’s just choice & $$$, that’s why they put phones on the Store without seemingly any rhyme or reason, don’t bust your bubble with why on that subject, & is it really that crazy to think that people WANt a clean beautiful no junked up OS, don’t you remember when EVERYONE was saying, man, only if it… come on everybody now, STOCK ANDROID,hahaha. Also I think that LG Pad they just put on the Store is a great move, I know some people that just loved that form, sweet spot, without that horrid OS on it, I think that’s gonna really sell, alright, later on…

  • Brady KEITH

    sweet show! (no debates.)

    • We debated about the relevance, importance, and branding strategy for GPE phones for like 20 minutes.

      • Brady KEITH

        I considered it to be a discussion (as compared to previous Tim v. Ron “debates”).

      • EdubE24

        You took the fan down…perfect!!

        And thank you!!

        • Someone else requested that I put it back. We’ll see what happens. I don’t care either way.

          • EdubE24

            Ron the show is coming up, your biggest fan is back to request no fan!!

  • sski66

    Slowly closing off bits of android ? I don’t get that, to the contrary, google/android, there even breaking down parts of the system in some instances & putting pieces on the Play Store in the form of Apps. I’ll just say my meaning of “open” might be different then yours Ron, for me, I can do more things, set things up the way I like them for the most part, download more what was “baked in things” that now are ripped out & put on the Store, not having to wait for updates, not totally satisfied but pretty cool. In simplest terms look @ Kellen, Tim, & the Vikings Home Screen/ Launcher, then look @ yours, their’s doesn’t look like a Tic Tac Toe Board like yours, just saying I couldn’t stand having all those little square boxes, & no freedom to change them, ahhh, to each is own.

    • I thought it would drive me crazy too, but it doesn’t.

      Open definitely has different definitions for different people. When Google releases those other items into the Play Store that’s great for users with Play Store access, but when they’re removed from AOSP (emphasis on the OS) that definitely seems like its not a move to be open as much as it is to be closed. Google doesn’t want the open source version of Android to have everything that a competitor needs to create a device that threatens Google’s approved versions of Android.

      • sski66

        Yes, I agree, in that specific instance it sure does seem closed, i think one example of what your talking about,[ correct me if I’m wrong], would be the Amazon Store, out of the box they have no core Google Apps, Play Store Gmail,etc. Is that because Google doesn’t allow them to have them, couldn’t they work out some kind of deal $$$ wise ? I gotta think even if Amazon had to pay for the rights to use them it would be sooo benefitial to them, I know it’s the biggest reason I didn’t purchase one of those new Hi- Rez Tablets the sell. Alright, good talk Ron, Later…

        • Yep, that’s a perfect example. My guess is that Amazon wants to control the whole package instead of relying on Google. Amazon could have Google apps for free, but then they would have to abide by the terms of the Open Handset Alliance.

  • George Colyer

    I’m out in Portland all day everyday and always on the MAX or TriMet. I just got a Note 3 and have seen a few people who have them. Been seeing quite a few people with Nexus 5’s lately. Even saw somebody who is still using the original Nexus with the trackball. But it seems like everybody either has an Iphone or a Samsung Galaxy device.

  • kdub

    Get rid of Ron !

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      While sometimes he comes off bad, he does have some valid points. I think it’s nice to have someone with a different opinion.

      • Brady KEITH

        Ron’s a passionate dude. Pointing out the shortcomings of Google’s play device choices in a respectful way isn’t easy on a Android-centric site.

  • Hey guys, due to some unexpected issues I have a Moto-X code that I am unable to use. EXPIRES TONIGHT!!!!!! Enjoy my bad fortune.

  • David Dudovitz

    Yay for the DNA update!

  • I wish I could come on a show.

    • Pfft. Pretty sure K would kick me off real quick if you wanted a spot!

    • MikeSaver