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Nova Launcher Updated to Version 2.3, Brings the Essential Kit Kat Look and Feel

An update hit Nova Launcher today, which brings it to version 2.3. Inside the update is a big changelog, full of Kit Kat goodies and features. For starters, the scroll indicator from Kit Kat has been added, as well as Kit Kat style folders. Keep in mind, if you had been a part of the beta test group, then you will have seen some of these features for a little while now. Regardless, if you are a fan of custom launchers and enjoy Android 4.4, you will want to grab this update. 

You can see the full changelog below, which labels all of the new additions and features that the developer has added in.

What’s New

  • KitKat scroll indicator (Desktop – Scroll Indicator)
  • KitKat folders styles (Folders – Folder Background, Light Background)
  • KitKat font (Look and Feel – Icon Font – Condensed, Android 4.1+)
  • KitKat app drawer icon
  • Google KitKat icon theme (Look and Feel – Icon Theme)
  • Small autohiding tabs in app drawer (Drawer – Small Tabs)
  • Transparent system bars on KitKat (Look and feel – Transparent Notification Bar. Requires KitKat)
  • Backup/Restore from external sdcard

Play Link

  • Bill Naterell

    What is the link ppl????

  • Joann

    Can you share this wallpaper?

  • Jake

    None of these launchers include google now on de home … would love to see that….

  • ccrsems5

    On my Galaxy Note 3 I have the transparent notification bar, and I am running stock 4.3 with this latest update.So, it works on some 4.3 as well as 4.4 I guess.

  • Awesome update! I do wish it had the swipe to Google Now functionality though…

  • landon
  • Godzilla
  • jbdan

    Great update I’ve been on the beta for a week it’s really nice/smooth. Just loaded 4.4.2 on my N5 as well. WoW!

  • gpzbc

    Anyone notice any difference in battery usage between Nova Launcher and the GEL Launcher?

    • LionStone

      No…tried it with both launchers…no difference.

  • Pookimonster

    i wish there was a way i could have both the on-screen navigation keys and still use the existing hardware keys on note 3 . #hateyou locked boot loader .

  • j

    #1 PROBLEM WITH KITKAT LAUCNHER: cannot define default “Home” screen. GOOGLE I DO NOT WANT my home screen being all the way to the left. Yes, I realize this mitigates the advantage of swipe left google now, but I don’t care. I want my home in the middle, and dammit, I’m gonna get it.

    • tsr

      The Google Now swipe is from the edge of the screen, like the notification bar, you can still swipe left and right to swap home pages.

  • gpzbc

    Is there a way to enable the “Ok Google” active listening on Nova?

  • BobButtons

    Does Nova have the ability to hide icon labels in the drawer yet? This one thing alone has kept me on Apex.

    • Brian Russell

      If you’re willing to fake it, you could put all of your apps in a folder & uncheck “label icons” in the folder settings. Not ideal, but you don’t see labels.

  • Sean

    Until Nova gets the swipe left to Google Now, I’ll stick to GEL.

  • Justin Watts

    So, I’m supposing there’s still no way to enable the left swipe to Google Now with this, right? That is such a damn deal breaker.

    • Pete Arado

      I was concerned with that too – what I did was set the swipe-up gesture to open Google Now. It’s pretty much just as fast!

      • Justin Watts

        I did that as well! Also, it isn’t hard to use the home button long press. I just love my left swipe. Urg, I have to stay stock for now.

      • gpzbc

        Just curious, how did you do that. I see the option to set the swipe-up to Voice Search and Google Search, neither of which are quite the Google Now screen.

        • Pete Arado

          If you have Nova set as your default launcher, set swipe-up to Google search. That’s Google Now, and you should be ready to rock!

          • gpzbc

            Thanks. That is what i will do, although Search is slightly different from Google Now. The biggest difference is that the auto-complete search queries on not showing on Google Now screen.

          • j

            this. swipe up on home always launches google now, even on kit kat laucncher.

      • gpzbc

        Just curious how you did that. I only see options to set the swipe-up gesture to Google Voice Search and Google Search, neither of which is quite the Google Now screen.

    • Gr8Ray

      I don’t understand what is so much better about the left swipe than swiping up from the bottom? What am I missing here?

  • when will apex get some of these…..

  • heldadavid

    Hey is that Timely widget …Timely???

    • Nathan Bunn

      Did you read any other comments before you posted? Yes it’s Timely

  • Shadowstare

    If I wasn’t currently infatuated with Sense 5, I would DEFINITELY install Nova for this update. Also, if I wasn’t currently using Dash Clock and Chronus, I would install Timley.

    That wallpaper is nice tho.

    • niuguy

      You are infatuated with Sense? Is that some kind of sick joke?

      • LionStone

        Sense 5 is very slick. Just the keyboard alone is better than the one on my N5. That’s just one plus.

    • B!

      Up voted for Dash Clock, definitely not for mentioning Sense 5.

  • Shane Redman

    So if we have the beta, we’re not seeing much new here, right?

    • kubukoz

      Right 😛

  • IDLE0095

    Got this Update and love it. Had it before DL had it posted.

  • dscott1027


    • Bluewall

      PLZ OP

      • bd1212

        I just linked to the wallpaper above.

    • raazman

      I NEEEED IT! And is that the stock clock widget??

      • picaso86

        Clock widget? what is it? I WANT IT NOW!!! 🙂

        • raazman

          Lol for some reason, whoever made that setup and shot…looks amazing. O.O

        • raazman

          ITS TIMELY!!!

          • Maxim∑

            downvoted for giving the correct answer….

        • dscott1027

          The clock widget is Timley

      • BigTimmay

        And the phone bezel, and the phone battery, and the SD card (ohwait), and ROM, and SuperTweaked Kernel?!?!?!?!!!

      • Dr_Buttballs

        That clock widget is called Timely.

      • bd1212

        Wallpaper is in one of my replies above.

    • turdbogls

      this should be a Rule around here….any time TIM posts a pic of this phone, he should link his wallpaper as the first line of the article.

      • dscott1027

        Why was that not already a damn rule.

      • bd1212

        Just posted the link to the wallpaper above.

    • droidrazredge
      • Kregstrong

        yea thats the one

    • Kregstrong

      looks like he made his own with that blur app, love that app

    • bd1212
      • dscott1027

        Is there a higher res version?

        • Maxim∑

          lol good one

        • bd1212

          Not that I know of. I got that link directly from Tim.

        • ChetRipley

          Just Google image search it, there are a bunch of resolutions

      • turdbogls

        why do these wallpapers all look soooo much better on his screen than they do on my screen? i have been looking for this wallpaper for a couple weeks now, and when i finally get it, I take it off as fast as i applied it….lol

        • Tiggerbiggo

          The nexus 5’s screen DPI is waaay above any other device around, about 420 DPI. To put it into perspective, Apple’s retina display is around 320 DPI. So yeah, Google 1, Apple 0 😛

    • Maxim∑
    • Alexander Ruiz
  • Bluewall

    But why the hell Nova isn’t updated to the KitKat CODE and not just only look and feel ?

    • Adrynalyne

      It is kinda douchey to go back to original open source for updates after you branch it and make a buck off it. Not sure if thats why, but…

    • tyguy829

      because the new kit kat GPE launcher is closed-source. the code in kit kat aosp is the same launcher from jelly bean

      • Bluewall

        As far as I know, it’s not the same code.

      • Adrynalyne

        JB has Launcher2, KK has Launcher3. They wouldn’t make a new project just for a name change.

  • Brandal Wagener

    I got all excited, and then I remembered I’m on the beta and already have this. Oh well

    • The_Omnix

      Yep, same here. Was like, “wait, don’t I already have all that?”

    • Josh Martin

      Haha..you sound like me 😛

  • Tim Austin

    What clock widget is that?

    • dscott1027


      • Maxim∑

        why was he downvoted?