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Reminder: Today is the Last Day to Grab the New Limited Edition DL Shirt

As a friendly reminder, if you planned to grab a limited edition Droid Life t-shirt or hoodie, today is the last day to do so. These feature our new Roboto-inspired logo and this will probably be the only time you will be able to find them for sale. 

The t-shirt is a 100% cotton American Apparel, with choices of either DL pink or Android green. We personally recommend the pink, but know that some of you aren’t quite comfortable enough in your own skin to go that route (shots fired!). The front features the new DROIDLIFE logo, but we’ve added a simple DL logo to the back “nape” area or just under the collar. The shirt comes in Asphalt Grey.

If you are looking for a hoodie, you’ll get a Tultex, Charcoal sweatshirt that is 80 percent ringspun cotton, 20 percent Poly, and printed with soft-hand ink. You can also go DL pink or Android green.

And seriously, they make awesome holiday gifts.

Links:  Droid Life T-Shirt ($17 + shipping) | Droid Life Hoodie ($26)

  • Austin Ochoa

    so.they ship today?(friday)

  • GillRigged

    Would’ve been nice to get an order confirmation email from DroidLife with a delivery estimate in addition to the PayPal confirmation. Oh well, looking forward to pimpin that pink.

  • James Vincent

    Will these be available internationally? I live in Britain

  • DranyamTrebor

    DROID-LIFE BAAAAAABY! I just ordered mine in pink

  • imnotmikal

    When will they ship?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      This Friday.

  • Craig C

    I really like Droid Life, but if there is one thing I without a doubt detest, it is paying to advertise for a company.

    • rthvk

      I don’t count it as advertisement – I see it as a way to show support and the fact that I love them

      Bias, much. 😉

      • Craig C

        I get it. I like to show support of companies I use as well. I just think there is a way to do it without blasting it in large font across the front of a T-shirt. If it is too loud for me, I take it as a company trying to use me as a billboard.

        • Brandon Shaw

          Then how about you just donate the $23 to their funds then!

    • Futbolrunner

      I suggest you stop wearing Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Polo, Izod, whatever you see with a logo.

      • Craig C

        Obviously you think you are a really smart guy to know that this isn’t entirely possible. I just don’t like paying $20 to be a billboard for companies. And yes, I do not wear T’s or hoodies that have big swooshes or UA’s on them. Same deal.

  • terry12s

    Just ordered my first ever Droid Life t-shirt – even ordered the pink!

  • Don Crist

    WTH no google checkout? Sorry don’t use paypal.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      You can checkout as a guest with PayPal.

  • aQuickBit

    Everyone make sure that you buy the OG Pink color…takes a REAL techie to wear it with pride 😛

  • Rodeojones000

    Ordered a hoodie with pink lettering when they went on sale the other day. Hoping the XXL is long enough for my monkey arms.

  • Arnoldo Lazaro Rivera


    • email me directly at timotato @ droid-life.com and we’ll get you squared away 🙂


      • Arnoldo Lazaro Rivera

        Dion Briggs got back to me and squared it all away. Thanks guys. Rocking the DL PINK all the way. Thanks again!

  • Brandon Shaw

    Picked mine up, figured I need to finally support my favorite android site out in public. Hopefully you guys get a little something from those and the cost just isnt for the shirt.

  • Ben Murphy

    Thanks for the reminder. Going to nab a hoodie. =)

  • Tim242

    Alright ordered mine. Small in pink. Hopefully it fits small. I usually get XS.

    • Silver Veloz

      XS? You must be small-framed. And I was trying to decide on Medium or Large (100% Cotton – shrinkage?)

      • Tim242

        Yeah, I’m 5’6, 114 haha. Small shirts sometimes fit, but sometimes a small is as long as a medium. I’ll shrink it if need be.

        • Ben Murphy

          I order small when I want to show off my muscles. But it’s winter so I went with the hoodie.

  • Junaid Ansari

    Shipping is a problem for me. i was gonna get the hoodie but its almost 40 bucks and Im in Canada 🙁

  • rthvk

    Dang couldn’t these have gone on sale closer to Christmas? Would’ve got someone to buy me that hoodie 🙂

    Although it’s still extremely tempting… *buys*


      Who are you??

      • rthvk

        I’m a commenting mod under Mr. Tato