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Moto X $150 off Promo Codes: Share ‘em if You got ‘em

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Now that Motorola’s $150-off promo for the Moto X is officially closed for the year, we are starting to see the codes flooding into our inbox from DL readers who grabbed them for no other reason than to share with the community (yes, people are that awesome). Last week, we ran a contest to give away codes, but this time around we are simply going to leave this post open for you to share amongst yourselves. Well, that’s not entirely true. We have a handful of codes to giveaway in this post that were already given to us, all of which will be left there for the next 15 minutes. We will assume after that amount of time that someone has claimed them and will then remove them.

For the rest of you, feel free to post codes in the comments, work out back alley deals with other readers, or come up with your own ways to share outside of selling them. If you post up your eBay listings or other modes of money making, they will be removed. We are a community for sharing, not one for you to try and make a quick shady buck off of a free promo.

UPDATE:  Codes claimed and removed.

Take to the comments!

Cheers Jacob, Ryan, Travis, and Victoria!
  • Sarah

    Droid Community,

    Is there anyone who has an unused code left? =(

  • HitokiriX

    Someone took the code that I was going to use… If anyone has one they aren’t going to use I’d really appreciate it. email: shinigamix00@yahoo.com

  • Meltdown07

    I really wanted to try a Moto X, but I decided to stick with my Nexus 5. Here’s my code I wont be using, it expires 12/16/13 11:59PM EST- H2DM-GIYB-QNE2-OZ5A-4KPC

    Someone out there PLEASE use and enjoy!

  • emmanuel hernandez

    does any one need a code.

    • VegasRooted

      Yes please!!! Thank you in advance! :-)

      • emmanuel hernandez

        gone use the one on top

      • jbegs

        In case you don’t have the list sorted by newest: H2DM-GIYB-QNE2-OZ5A-4KPC. It may have been claimed already.

      • emmanuel hernandez

        Hello do you still need it send me an email and i can forward it chefe575@gmail.com

    • Russ

      If you still have one I would appreciate it, its for my wife. russellburns@gmail.com

  • Eileen Hyde

    Here is an extra code that is expiring on 12/16 : H2DM-QWMT-SEEY-B5TR-DB4W

  • Sarah

    does anyone have an unused code left??

    • jbegs

      I have…

  • Moto X for the Holidays

    Anyone have a code that hasn’t been used? Would love to land this phone at the discounted rate and just missed out on the promo. Have been a motorola user for a long time.

    • jbegs

      I have another…

      • Opinionated_In_Bangor

        I would love to use it.. yankeefan42281@gmail.com id like to use it for my wife

        • jbegs

          I have two feelers out right now. One to the guy I replied to and another person. If they don’t respond by 1pm I’ll email you.

          • Opinionated_In_Bangor

            Awesome. I appreciate it. Wife’s iPhone is crapping the bed, & I’d like to switch her over

          • jbegs

            Even though I am a Mets fan (painful, I know)…do you still need the code?

          • Opinionated_In_Bangor

            Yes I would like it if you don’t mind. You guys did get Granderson! jealous

          • jbegs

            Email is coming.

          • Opinionated_In_Bangor

            thank you!!

  • Looking for a Moto X

    Anyone got a code that has gone unclaimed? I missed out on this promo.

  • Brandon Landfried

    Ended up not using it. H2DM-FOMS-UNO2-GSZF-WF93 expires 12/16

    • anthonymendez

      Just used it. Thank you! All the ones I saw and tried were used and your comment just popped up as I was about to give up. So, thank you!!!

  • Todd Bettenhausen

    Ending now… I just ordered a backup Moto X less than an hour ago. Any rumor that codes are no longer accepted (at least first-person codes) was false.

  • Nicko

    Here is another code!!! Hope someone can use it! Can be used within the next 9 mins!! Sorry for waiting so long to post!


  • Asa Thomas

    Extra code! Usability for the next 16 minutes! H2DW-IERT-UNVV-OTGU-3K3R

  • Happy Holidays

    Here are two codes that expire at midnight. Still can’t decide if I want to drop my S4 for the X so I figure give them to someone who can use ‘em. My friend also changed his mind so double the fun! Happy Holidays!



  • Sarah

    Does anyone have a code left expiring on 12/16??

    • Michael Graef

      Yes. Give me your email address and it’s yours.

  • Rick Perez

    H2DW-PZVF-2U7M-BCRF-OIVM Today the 11 only

  • Stew560

    Two Codes that Expire tonight at Midnight EST:

    Reply if taken!

  • Mezocy101

    Quick question, my motomaker x has shipped, expecting tomorrow. Does FedEx require a signature in order to deliver or will they leave at the door w/ a note? 1st timer w/phone shipment…

  • Rick Perez

    wow…. so many codes going un-used

  • Rick Perez

    I got one left!!! ends tonight. Please reply

  • Rob

    Paying it forward, someone helped me out with a code and now I have this one to give out. H2DM-FFUG-MOFF-P25Y-6SNU Expiration 12/16/13 11:59PM EST Stay awesome DL Community. KCCO. Please Reply back when used.

  • Michael Graef

    Anyone still need a code? I have an unused one that expires 12/16. Reply with your email address to claim it.

    • You rule
      • Michael Graef

        Done. Check your inbox. :)

      • You rule

        Got the code. Thank you!

  • awesomesauce

    H2DW-OE7R-MRY3-N3QB-329C expires 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

  • James

    Here is a code that expires tonight (12/11). Leave a comment if you used it.


  • Mezocy101

    Have a code that expires tonight at midnight. Couldn’t convince the wifey to switch from crapple. Enjoy!!!

  • Turd_Ferguson

    anyone still looking for a promo code?

  • steveindajeep

    My lose is your gain…need money to buy a car. Cant buy a new phone right now.


    Expires 12/11/13 11:59PM

    Merry Xmas Everyone !

  • EdgeDweller

    Expires 12/11 – enjoy!



  • rmp20

    2 codes that expire on 12/16. Please note if they get used.



    • JK

      Used both, thank you.

  • Andrew Anderson

    In case anyone is still interested… Expires today. Merry Christmas!


    • Todd

      It’s a Festivus Miracle! Thanks!!!

  • wwguy

    H2DW-NSNS-FVQK-NTGG-ETV3 expires today (12/11) at 11:59 PM EST

  • djh36

    I have a code to give away that expires at 11.59pm tonight. I was going to use it but decided against it. Let me know if you need it still.

  • Grizzy

    H2DM-ISNX-BRGE-ERCA-VLET expires on the 16th.

    • Nodrak

      Finally I found one that works! Thanks.

      • Grizzy

        No problem. Enjoy!

  • jthacker

    Ended up with 2 extra codes that expire tonight (family members decided against it):



  • Grant

    Do any codes that actually work for the developer edition exist? My code does not work with developer edition and I am on the fence about getting a non-DE phone versus just getting something that is very easy to root / boot-unlock.

    • Turd_Ferguson

      no DE only regular versions through motomaker.

    • Rick Perez

      The Tmobile version is technically developer ED

  • DaJack

    I have 1 code that expires today at midnight. Please reply to this with your email address if you would like it, as I’d like to not have it go to waste just sitting here. Thanks.

  • Lauren

    I have a code that someone can use. Was on the fence about getting this or the G2….bought the G2


    • Rick.M650

      Thanks, just used your code Q17G

  • SmokeNMirrors

    This expires today, hope it finds a good home:

    • Jesse

      Thanks. Got it.

      • SmokeNMirrors

        Enjoy your X!

  • Zachary Manville

    H2DW-ESTC-469A-EXBX-KL66 expires today

  • Rog

    These 3 codes expire today:




  • Rog


  • Rog


  • Rog


  • Moto X coupon code

    Here’s an extra code: EXPIRES 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

    • Frank R

      H2DW-PRER-FLHV-MQTX-YWTB – Expires 12/11/13 11:59PM EST

      • Paul

        Used! Thanks a lot sir!!

  • Joseph Doyle

    H2DW-KO3R-QVN7-CTQD-QRSD expires
    12/11/13 11:59PM EST

  • Long Phan

    Happy “X”mas!!! expires 12/11 midnight


  • jmasterj

    I have two codes that my wife and I decided not to use. They expire tomorrow at 23:59.

    Reply if you use one so someone else doesn’t try to.

  • B

    Enjoy. Exp 12/11. H2DW-CEUS-UZEC-EUXR-BSVE

    • Munkhmanlai Chuluunbaatar

      thanks man used it

  • GreatGambino

    H2DM-K5VW-M2O4-K2DG-2LBL Expires 12/16/13 Please reply when used. Happy Holidays!

    • Dreamchaser

      Taken. :-)

  • Dreamchaser

    Anymore codes left :-(……………

  • Rellz

    This code will expire tomorrow (12/11):


    If you use it leave a comment so I know it did not go to waste =)

    • Moto Fan

      Thanks so much! I thought all hope was lost haha. I’ll be sure to pay it forward somehow

      • Rellz

        Glad to know it helped someone!