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Contest: Win a Moto X Developer Edition (GSM) From Droid Life!

moto x developer edition

Thanks to Motorola’s Cyber Monday $150 deal for Moto X Developer Edition units, we were able to buy two to hand out to DL readers. After giving away the Verizon version last week, we still have the GSM version to give away today. From the time of this posting until tomorrow at noon Pacific, you will have the chance to enter to win this tinkerer-friendly phone. And don’t forget that it also comes in a semi-exclusive black-white colorway, along with “DEVELOPER EDITION” branding on the backside.

Again, this is the GSM model which means it should work perfectly on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks here in the U.S. It supports all of their LTE bands according to Motorola’s list of specs. Have you considered unlocked phones and prepaid services yet? We did a write up on the best prepaid plans for those new to the game.

Ready to win? 


Prize:  1 (one) Motorola Moto X Developer Edition (GSM).

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’ll choose our winner tomorrow at 12:00PM Pacific.

  • underorionsbelt

    Att because coverage.

  • Rorix

    30 dollar plan on Walmart for T-mobile plus the Moto x GSM dev = GG at a kick ass price.

  • bd1212

    T-Mobile because they’re the only carrier that actually cares about their customers.

  • rando

    t-mobile prepaid. nuff said

  • Brad Bowie

    t-mo. $30.

  • Luke Strobel

    T-Mobile, most affordable for me.

  • remvasmos

    I would sell this unit to buy one for Verizon,then have bushels O fun with that unlocked bootloader 🙂

  • Kevin

    At&t because they ate the only gsm carrier with service in my area.

  • Casey Artner

    No money

  • f0r71fy

    I’d use it on sprint of course!

  • NRPax

    I’d use it on T-Mobile because I’m no longer on Sprint and free to make a new choice.

  • Matthew Morgan

    I could leave Verizon… and go to tmobile!

  • Manhattan_Slacker

    Hello T-Mobile prepaid!

  • Richard Colon

    I will def use it on Straight Talk for sure!

  • Shantel

    I want a droid x!! I would use Verizon because its the best carrier in the land

    • Richard Colon

      …you cant because this is for the GSM moto…..

  • krazyace35

    I will use it on at&t network and love being able to customize my phone the way I want.

  • luisrb7

    time to leave big red

  • Adam Baumann

    I would need to find someone to trade with since I’m on Verizon.


    ATT carrier would be best to useuse this unlocked GSM Moto X on. Because of its coverage.

  • BigLa

    I’d use it on ATT, because it’d be the perfect opportunity to ditch Verizon.

  • Luyz

    Hope to win this!

  • Caleb R.

    T-Mobile. Best rates of any GSM carrier.

  • rob6842

    I would trade it for a Verizon because unfortunately I am stuck. But would love to get rid of the gs4 for the moto x

  • Naviblue

    Time for some MOTO X!!

  • Jeremy Gill

    I want to try AIO. I’ve used Straight Talk and I’m convinced that they’re a very low priority on AT&T’s network. Maybe AIO will be better. The 8 gbs doesn’t bother me.

  • Jordon Harrell

    Att! Because that’s my carrier and I like the service I get!

  • I would probably try the MotoX on T-mobile or Brightspot for their unlimited data plans

  • Guest

    I will be using it to test the apps I write and I will be using this smartphone on Mtel carrier here in Bulgaria because they offer nice quality for the money.:)

  • CarRamRod79

    I’d use Tmobile because there my current carrier and i got a low monthly plan

  • JeffLouis

    t-mobile-best price

  • aamzalag

    definitiely use this on TMOBile!

  • droidrazredge

    I would use this on T-mobile because their plans and options for unlimited data, 70$ a month, are similar to what I would have on Verizon. I think of T-mobile as the little brother of Verizon now. I would also be nice having unlocked because I can get updates from Motorola faster and I can use wireless tethering for free.

  • spaine_81

    I just started developing!! It would be perfect

  • jeanbaze

    I would use it on SFR France !! Why ? Because we don’t have Moto X here !!

  • Talha

    I already have a Nexus 5 and really want the Moto X for development purposes.

  • Greg T


  • Kevin

    Please. I want too go prepaid.

  • Mort

    Aio Wireless, for the $70/7GB plan.

  • Phil Stout

    Att .. Cause its the best

  • Arkadiy

    I would use Life:) (emotion is part of carrier name) – one of the best Ukrainian GSM provider

  • Marv

    I’m in.

  • Scott

    AT&T cause I have to.

  • Nathan Bunn

    I’d use it on AT&T, because that is who I’m currently with, and T-Mobile has no service where I live.

  • Dave John

    Any carrier for me I don’t mind, what ever is the best option at the time 🙂

  • chris keeler

    I would use T-Mobile. Been wanting to switch. This would be the perfect excuse.

  • FarmerTechno

    straight Talk, because screw contracts.

  • Kyle Fuhrmann

    T-Mobile seems to be emerging quite well, and I really love what they are doing with plans and pricing. Hopefully their service keeps expanding.

  • Daniel Rothman

    I just left vzw for tmo and this would be a nice middle finger on the way out the door

  • sc0rch3d

    got my moto x and sorely missing some unlocked love. gimme gimme gimme

  • Armin Bergen

    i would use it in prepaid carrier