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All Sorts of New Game Categories Coming to Google Play in February 2014

If you jump into the Play store today, tap on “Games” and then swipe over to “Categories,” you’ll see all of eight choices, two of which aren’t even games (live wallpapers and widgets). Come February 2014, that menu may look a whole lot different, according to a new Google Play support page. 

Starting today, December 9, developers can choose an additional category to have their game listed in, though the change won’t mean much until February 2014. But come February of next year, we’ll see the category count in “Games” jump from eight up to 17 or so, and will then use the category that a developer has chosen. In other words, there are going to be more specific options to find games in instead of the 6-8 we currently have.

The new categories are:  action, adventure, arcade, music, role playing. simulation, strategy, puzzle, card, casino, casual, board, family, trivia, word, racing, and sports.

This is clearly a move by Google to continue to take gaming more seriously, but to also step up the categorization of Google Play. What we don’t know is if there is some other meaning here, like will we see a new product with a gaming focus at some point out of Mountain View? Tough to tell, but I do welcome in better ways to discover apps.

Via:  Google Play Support
Cheers Dave!
  • Fetch

    This is great news and a welcome improvement to the Play Store. It’s about time! I wonder if they’ll ever take apps out of your game search, and vice versa. If you haven’t tried Fetch – Apps You’ll Love yet, though, you’ll find that it already has dedicated categories to search for *just* apps and *just* games, as well as categories for RPGs, Shooters, Casual Sims, Racing, Sports, and more. You can also customize your search with traits like 2D, 3D, Multiplayer, and hundreds more. The Play Store has some catching up to do, but you can get these search features now in Fetch!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Great news! Can’t wait to check out the new Google Play Games section next year!

  • creed

    I’ll be very interested in this when they add “children’s” to the categories. Anyone with children knows how time consuming it is to find appropriate content for their kids.

    • Arve Svendsen

      And how many fu**ing bad games there is! 😛

  • dNj

    More than anything, I want a dedicated tab/page for my purchased apps.

    • Big_EZ

      I’m not sure why Google removed this feature to begin with.

  • DJ SPY

    I hope they do this for the music section. Completely revamp the whole thing actually. I hate not being able to browse the catalogue of labels. Having everything lumped into dance/electronic doesn’t help either. I would like to see all genres separated accordingly. House, deep house, tech-house, trance, progressive house etc.

    • Adam75

      Yeah the music section could use some intelligent love. I really want Google to stop showing me Country. Stop showing me Drake. Stop showing me Kanye or Gaga. I will NEVER buy those albums, Google. Sure, give me the results if I search for that stuff but don’t shove it in my face. The screen real estate is lost on me. You and the artists would be MUCH better served by showing me content that I would actually buy.

  • nawa

    Man I hope they will remove games from Apps section.

    • michael arazan

      I hope they force developers to only use 1-2 section descriptions instead of every single one leading me to stuff that shouldn’t even be in what I’m looking for. Also when you are in a sub-catagory why are searches not done in that sub-cactagory but are instead generalized for the entire store. Google needs to revamp their search so bad in the play store. They need a Google search for just the play store.

  • Me

    I’d like to JRPG as a category which is very different from US games labeled as RPGs. It’d be nice to see games like the “Tales of” games as well. I find the newer FF games to not be that great (the last one I liked was FF9).

    I really want more story and character development based games on Android.

  • rthvk

    Good samaritan deed of the day:

    First DL reader to hop on it gets it!


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    • Milind Shah

      What is this 🙂 ?

      • Adam92Wilkins

        pretty sure it’s a moto x code

      • Guest

        Looks like a code to buy Glass. I went to the site and tried it and it worked (didn’t accept so the code should still work).

        • rthvk

          Well, I guess that’s an added bonus. Where’s the link for this? It was given to me by Moto as a $150 code for the Moto X

  • Johnskyki90

    cloud data really needs to be a requirement. Oh also, I’m scared the Play Store games are going the way of the iTunes ripoff joint.

  • Sqube

    1. I’m definitely looking forward to this.
    2. I’m still dreaming of a day when Google mandates cloud saves for game data.

    • or at very LEAST letting us back up saves. PvZ2 Iron Man 3 and a few other games wouldn’t let me restore saves. Are they expecting us to not ever get a new phone? (like i did) What happens if you spent money on in-game currency? did you just waste money because you cant transfer that data to a new phone?

    • Stone Cold

      I agree all games should have some type of backup.

  • What are some great games to play on Android? C’mon, talk to me Droid life family

    • NF

      Ingress and Dots come to mind right away.

      Edit: And Plague Inc.

      • I’m definitely gonna have to give those a try man. Thanks! All I’ve been playing hungry shark evolution & it’s super addictive lol

    • CrossMe is my longest standing game. The new Assassins Creed game is pretty fun, Thor too, Munzee or Ingress like NF said if you want to go outside, Iron Man 3 or other forever running game variants like Temple Run can be entertaining, Super Hexagon, Pixel Knight, Major Mayhem, i can go on for a while.

      • I’m definitely gonna have to give those a try man. Thanks! All I’ve been playing hungry shark evolution and it’s super addictive lol

        • Haven’t heard of that Ill check it out myself.
          Ridiculous Fishing is another one i would put on that list, except it kills battery like crazy.
          Its kind of hard to recommend games because some people aren’t willing to even pay $1 for a game. Then there’s the whole casual/puzzle games vs real 3d games like Dead Trigger.

        • jEsUsDaFiSh

          Shadowgun:deadzone. Sick graphics and gameplay.

        • E A butler

          Keep an eye on Humblebundle.com you can get some really good android games at times for a good price. And help out charity!!! WIN!!

    • YourFriend

      If you want to play great games on the go, just buy a 3DS or a Vita. Sure there are good time wasters and emulators on Android, but most games are crappy shovelware or are ruined by IAPs.

    • rthvk

      Candy Crush!

    • mechaphil

      Random Heroes, Fist of Awesome (which is on sale for .99), Star Command, oldies like Pew Pew.

    • DoctorJB

      The Bard’s Tale is the first android game that I played for hours at a time. The GTAs are also very good as well as Need for Speed or Real Racing.

    • Guest

      The Bard’s Tale is the first Android game I’ve played for hours at a time.

    • DoctorJB

      The Bard’s Tale.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    “like will we see a new product with a gaming focus at some point out of Mountain View?”

    Someone forgot about Ingress.

  • Justin Foster

    Great news

    • Twist, the Nexus TV is also a console!

      • NF

        I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, the Xbox One is like a Microsoft TV with a strong gaming focus.
        The current Google TVs play Android games because it runs apps. Having a dedicated gaming focus/hardware would be smart though.

    • anywherehome

      dont worry, it will be another half baked product like Chromecast
      dont expect much

      • Ian

        *buzzer sound* …oh that’s too bad. We would have accepted Nexus Q as an answer. The chromecast however, is far from half baked.

      • BK

        I’m not sure why this comment is getting downvoted. As a Chromecast owner from day 1, I like what it does but can also see it has the potential to be much more than it is. Plus it’s still buggy at times and things have been pretty quiet on the development front. Shutting out Koush and everyone else that isn’t a multi-million dollar company, shameful for a company committed to “openness”. I understand it’s a steal at the price. But if the capability for more is there, why not let it be used?

        Perhaps the speculation of good things on the horizon will come true (for example, see http://www.geek.com/android/your-chromecast-is-about-to-get-a-lot-more-useful-1579119). Until then I’ll be waiting.

      • Sirx

        Or the current iteration Google Play Games! All of maybe 1-2% of app developers use it. Google did not make it mandatory, so no one is using it, so it is quite the worthless hooplah they made about it earlier this year.