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Verizon Boosts 4G LTE Network Capacity, Expands to 40MHz in Major Cities

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Verizon customers in major cities across the U.S. should see a big time increase in 4G LTE performance this week. According to GigaOm, Big Red has quietly doubled, and even tripled 4G LTE capacity across its network, available in commercial corridors of cities such as San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and the list goes on. We’re talking “every major city east of the Mississippi and in several western markets.”

Expanding its network to 40MHz in many areas (by utilizing its semi-recently acquired AWS spectrum, and doubling its normal 20MHz), the amount of spectrum available for customers to access the high speed  network has greatly increased, which means more people can access the network with faster speeds (capable of hitting 80Mbps). This will hopefully end the bogged down feeling that many Verizon customers complain about (read: slow speeds). Verizon states that it has “already completed the upgrade on thousands of cell sites, and by year end it will have 5,000 AWS sites online with an additional 5,000 sites in various stages of completion.”

This is a major network upgrade that Verizon mostly snuck out without anyone noticing. They have been testing this rollout for a few months apparently, and are still waiting to publicize this improvement to the masses. Big Red will surely want to take back its “America’s most reliable” motto from AT&T, so we could be in for an interesting marketing campaign.

Verizon customers in major cities, have you noticed any difference yet?

Via: GigaOm
Cheers Rithvik!
  • doczenith1

    I think Lansing, MI must have been one of the test cities as these results (not mine) were from back in October. I ran a test last month with my Moto X and hit 50Mbps near that same tower.

  • lee lee

    speedtest recorded 73mb/sec down and 38mb/sec up in the Atlanta area on my S4. Very nice indeed.

  • Angry!!!!

    I live in NY and the only differenceI have is for the past month or so I can’t make calls without getting disconnected or all choppy AND text msgs only work half the time!! My service had been WORSE for a month or so!!!!!

  • Carlos Miranda

    Here in Chicago I ran speed tests on both my iPhone 5s and Droid Ultra. Got about 65-73 Mbps down and about 20 up. Pretty beastly.

  • Does the Moto X support the new bands?

  • mackjao

    note 2 does not have AWS … so you wouldn’t be getting a speed bump anyways

  • Bryce

    I wonder if they turned it on in the Eureka, California market? I highly doubt it but I just did a speed test using the speedtest.net app on my iPhone 5S and got 47.29 mbps download and 12.20 mbps upload. So its either Verizon has really good 4G LTE coverage and speed to start with here or they are actually turning on AWS 4G LTE in rural areas now. I just hope they turn AWS LTE on in the Santa Rosa – Petaluma California market soon. I travel there a lot and the coverage is good but the speeds I would be lucky to hit 10 mbps down and even in some parts of Petaluma I would be lucky to hit 3 mbps down. Now don’t get me wrong 10 mbps is nothing to complain about, but its also nothing to get excited about. As for the haters complaining about Verizon and how they are so happy they left Verizon. Let me tell you, I’m not a huge fan of Verizon either. I don’t like their high prices or not having unlimited data. But, I honestly do believe their network coverage and speed makes up for that. Where I live, T-Mobile is the worst when it comes to data because they still have 2G up here. Sprint has 3G but its so slow it should be considered 2G. AT&T has hspa+ up here but with mediocre coverage at best. Verizon has 4G LTE up here with the best voice and data coverage you can get. Lets face it T-Mobile is only good if you live in a major city, and even if you travel 10 miles outside a major city, your going back to 2G. For Sprint, they cover major cities and even some rural areas, but most of it is just 3G, which is painfully slow. My family and I has had AT&T before and they screwed us over so much it wasn’t even funny. So I think I speak for most people who live in rural areas or is on the outskirts of major cities, Verizon is really our only option if we want a decent network, and at least for me will be my (and many others) only option until other carriers can match Verizon’s speed and coverage.

  • master94

    In NYC 4G was down for a lot of people for the last few days but now it’s blazing. I wonder if it’s related to this.

  • Bradley Michael

    Has AWS been activated on the moto x yet?

  • stayflyer

    so nothing for san diego the 2nd biggest city in cali?

  • TimTheK

    ““every major city east of the Mississippi and in several western markets.”

    Oh, I didn’t realize that DC, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago were the only major cities on the East side. Don’t tell Philadelphia, Charlotte and Jacksonville…or any of the others that are larger than DC, Boston and Atlanta.

    Who is this quote from anyway? Its not from Verizon or GigaOM….

  • mcdonsco

    Is Portland Or a “major city”…Hmm, probably not 🙁

  • Mark Donnelson

    AWS is alive and well in several parts of the OKC metro. Seeing 50+mbps in areas that had dropped down to 1-2 until recently. VZW has had contractors crawling all over their sites installing AWS-capable antennas and RRUs.

  • Mark P

    Between this and upgrading from a gnex to a moto x (coming in a few days) I’m hoping this will mean I can get data service in my neighborhood. The past year I’ve gotten virtually NO data in my neighborhood. I’ve called verizon and they’ve told me my area isn’t covered. Oh, by the way, I live in Brooklyn, NY… One of the densest areas in the US and presumably a pretty easy one to cover. Oye. Fingers crossed….