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The New Droid Life Shirt With New Logo has Arrived, Get It Now for a Limited Time

Since we introduced a new Roboto-inspired logo with our latest site redesign, we personally wanted a way to show off the new style in our out-of-office lives. For us, that usually includes t-shirts or hoodies in our color scheme on incredibly soft cotton. So today, we’re happy to introduce you to the new Droid Life shirt (hoodie too). Once again, the shirts have been put together by our friends who created Andy Inside and various other popular Android shirts, so you know you are getting the goods. 

The t-shirt is a 100% cotton American Apparel, with choices of either DL pink or Android green. We personally recommend the pink, but know that some of you aren’t quite comfortable enough in your own skin to go that route (shots fired!). The front features the new DROIDLIFE logo, but we’ve added a simple DL logo to the back “nape” area or just under the collar. The shirt comes in Asphalt Grey.

If you are looking for a hoodie, you’ll get a Tultex, Charcoal sweatshirt that is 80 percent ringspun cotton, 20 percent Poly, and printed with soft-hand ink. You can also go DL pink or Android green.

These shirts are up for a limited time only. You have from now until the end of Monday, December 9 to get in your orders. Once the order period completes, everything will ship by Friday, December 13, just in time for X-mas.

Links:  Droid Life T-Shirt ($17 + shipping) | Droid Life Hoodie ($26)

dl back

(back mock-up)

  • sdaelr

    Shipping UPS, FEDEX, OR USPS?????

  • scubagirl310

    Kellen, I heart you!!! 😀

  • sski66

    Just picked a T up, I hope xl is a xl, other then that , how could anyone think about buying any other color then the PINK one, hahaha

  • Trevor

    Like it. Ordered. Hope it fits. DL4L

  • NexusMan

    That is actually very nice. Bravo.

  • Futbolrunner

    Thanks Droid-Life! I just bought a pink tee and a hoodie. I’ve been waiting a while for you guys to make some apparel again.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Like it. And great choice of tee color, too. Glad it’s not black, have way too many black tees as it is.

  • ctrlV


  • dazz1996

    no google checkout noooo i dont have pay pal…… 🙁

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      You can check out as a guest with PayPal.

  • Tim242

    Just ordered a small tshirt n pink. Hmmm…do I want a green one to go with it?

  • Ordered….have to rep my favorite website.

  • ToddAwesome

    This right here, the new hotness!

  • Underneath the logo, on the back, it should say, “Hypebeastin’ since 2009”

    • Droid

      $6 to ship, Really? We’re living in the Amazon Prime and Shop Runner world. Free ship is a must if you’re loooking to drive sales. Or at least some amount more reasonable than 1/3 of the item price.

  • Ordered, but man, instead of pink (this real man doesn’t wear pink, sorry) and “Android green” (which should actually be “Gingerbread green” considering how old it is), why aren’t you guys doing AOSP Blue? I’ve done a few shirts with my avatar on that same AA Asphalt Grey shirt and it looks great!

    • a real man doesn’t allow a color to dictate if he’s a “real man”, sorry.

    • Trevor

      But AOSP is now white…

  • bryoneill11

    Please change to the old name font… Who in his right mind made the decision to use this one over the old one??? Anyway l, love everything about this page and new design

  • Marco Mendoza

    is there another way to order besides paypal?

  • fartbubbler

    the back should read “This is Fackwors”

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    Damn you, Droid Life. I’m supposed to be SAVING my money not spending more. Sigh, ordered.

    • EvanTheGamer

      No kidding.

    • aQuickBit

      I said the exact same thing last year and look where I ended up… “I read Droid Life for the cool tshirts and I buy the cool tshirts because I read Droid Life. It’s a vicious cycle.” I’ll probably make the same ‘mistake’ for a third time next year :

  • I’m in.

  • Eric

    I didn’t know that was considered to be the new “logo”.

  • Batman

    What about a polo?

  • Berto

    Hopefully the colors are actually bright and not faded like the previous design…just saying

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      This. ^^

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Actually mine were fine they just faded after being washed.

  • Jim890

    Wow that’s all I have to say…

  • Ben Murphy

    I’m confused…is the sweatshirt itself green or the LIFE part of it?

    “Choose Droid Life Pink or Android Green.”

    • Eric

      For the life part. If you look at the tshirt it shows examples of both colors.

      • Ben Murphy

        Yeah just saw that…the sweatshirt didn’t show both examples. Thanks.

  • tharealoc

    Paypal only…crap

    • Mitchman

      Check out as a guest

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sorry, not as good as the Moto X deal.

  • Do a giveaway for one of these! 🙂

  • Shaunwin

    Done…..Wish there was long sleeve T’s. Droid Life down the sleeves.

  • sgm182

    Nice design! Clean and simple. Just ordered my t-shirt in green.

  • We are droid life! a Medium Pink ordered. 😀

    • Tim242

      You do look good in pink…just sayin.

  • John
    • 918273645ams

      They are selling merchandise.. They aren’t advertising for another company.

    • HarleyGuy72


  • sc0rch3d

    are there any shirts with just the logo on the front?


    I need a 3X size 🙁
    I’m not fat I’m big boned

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      They’re available, look at the bottom of the page to buy the shirts and you will see instructions for ordering larger sizes.

      • JRUIV

        Thanks! I could only look briefly earlier and didn’t see that.