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New Photos Of Moto X With Wood Backs Leaked by @evleaks

If you watched today’s interview with Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside, which was conducted by our buddy MKBHD, you might have heard that the release of the Moto X with wood backs was coming “very soon.” Soon is the worst word ever, given that it actually doesn’t mean anything in terms of when a release will actually happen. Soon could be within a month or even as long much as a few months. Thankfully, @evleaks has everyone’s backs and has took to his Twitter account to show off a couple of newly-leaked photos of these splendid looking devices. 

What is even more neat is that this is the first look at the devices with Verizon’s logo on the backside, and they actually don’t look all that bad. Let’s just be thankful they didn’t decide to slap a huge 4G LTE logo on there as well. Knock on wood.

Evan clearly knows we have been dying to see more of the wood back action, so we are more than excited for these to finally be launched by Moto.

Via: @evleaks
  • highfivebanana

    And I just ordered my Moto X yesterday. Damn it.

  • fauxshizzl

    I hope when they do finally launch them it is on a new phone at the same time. The X is great, but it was already a little long in the tooth hardware wise when it launched. Now it is just too late to get excited about regardless of a new back.

  • Chris Hughes

    Is it a leak if they’ve already shown images of these in a promo ad?

  • Rob Schoenfeld

    Is that wood in your pocket. Sure is my phone is made of wood.

  • Got no wood

    Evidently nobody got wood yet

  • trumpet444

    I just don’t understand why the hell Verizon slaps their logo all over every damn phone except the iphone. Surely Apple isn’t the only company with the balls (or clout) to say no

    • Matthew Dickinson

      Be nice with the Motomaker service if you could pay an extra $10 and have the carrier logo left off your phone, especially if you buy out right, you know, since the carrier isn’t subsidizing the phone and all.

      • Liderc

        I think it’s just such a joke that Apple can tell carriers to stuff it, but Samsung/LG/HTC can’t do anything about it. Samsung sold more phones than Apple last year, I don’t understand it.

    • Liderc

      Yeah, I honestly don’t know why Verizon does it on the front of the device anyways. People rarely see the front of the device that don’t own the phone. Not to mention, why does Verizon get to do this anyways, they didn’t make the phone, why do they get their logo on anything.

      Glad I decided to jump ship for the Nexus 5, having the front so super clean is just the best thing ever. After 2 years with the Galaxy nexus, I couldn’t have imagined going back to a phone with multiple logos on the front of my device.

  • Mohammed Abusbeih
  • Steve

    Can we pay extra to get the Verizon insignia removed… since we know it was pretty much built by Moto?

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I received my moto maker x on Saturday 11/23… The other night I dropped it on concrete (NOOOOO). The screen is fine. But it has some scuffs on the back. I know that wouldn’t be a major deal to most people, and I could always slap a clear case over it (which cc is the best by the way?)…. But can I have my x repaired? I don’t mind if I have to pay a little. Could I have gotten moto’s coverage plan? I read Verizon blocked that

  • Caveman

    All I can see is the wood paneling on the walls I grew up with in the 70’s. Must be an age thing.

    • Liderc

      It’s not an age thing, I’m in my late 20s and it looks like crap too.

    • Sporttster

      Yep, same. Ugly….never……ever ever…..

  • Tanuj Chokshi

    Can you send your moto x back to the factory for a wooden back to be installed?

    • NexusMan

      I like that idea. That would be dope.

      • Matthew Dickinson

        Would be a nice service for Moto to offer, being able to have you back swapped out after you know, 12 months if you want to change colors. Over night to the factory, replaced and overnightted back the same day they receive it, without a phone for what, two days. I could live with that.

  • Tyler

    Is the Verizon logo etched into the back or just printed on?

  • Detonation

    Hoping these drop by 12/30, which is the last possible date to get one with the $150 discount (12/9 coupon + week + 2 week exchange policy)

    • M3D1T8R

      Exactly what I’m hoping.

    • NexusMan

      I doubt that. They don’t want “tens of thousands” of custom Moto X’ returned. I’m sure, quite to the contrary, they will drop in early 2014, AFTER the last possible date to get one with the $150 discount exchange policy.

  • Chris VanAnden

    I’d love to get one of these and swap it onto the Moto X I already have…I’ve seen people do it with other backs already, so I have to assume it’ll be possible with the new wood ones =]

  • Lonnie Kerchief

    Because when I think durable, I think wood.

    • Eric Lamont

      Cant be any worse than the glass backs of the iPhone and Nexus 4….

  • Joey Funk

    they need to have some kind of option where you can send your moto x back in and get a different back. :/

    • Eric Lamont

      Orrrr…. just make it a removable back plate that you can swap out whenever you want. I know Google is trying to get away from this but really it seems like that shouldve been a logical and profitable option.

  • Jason B

    The wood backs are a good way to keep interest in the phone for those who haven’t bought one yet (sort of like a car’s mid-cycle refresh). I just couldn’t wait any longer, and I couldn’t be happier.

  • jbdan

    Not feeling it like I thought I might. The black and white front/sides look awkward to me, the white more so. Very much look forward to the X sequel

    • Jason B

      So white baseboards with wood floors in a house look weird too?

      (just messin’ with ya)

      • jbdan

        Funny you say that! It’s in my house. But a phone… Maybe these pictures don’t do it justice which is probably the case.

  • Ben Baker

    Waaaay too late. They should have had this out months ago. My window is between August and November. No Nexus on VZW and no wood backs on MotoX means no Android this contract.

    • WickedToby741

      Would you rather them release it before it’s ready and have it interfere with radio signal or not last through day to say use?

      • Ben Baker

        I don’t really care when they release it at this point. Motorola’s inability to bring this phone to market with premium materials is not going to keep me up at night. But, let’s be realistic. The phone is not going to be relevant by the time they get it to market and, until then, it just another plasticky Android phone. If they could have gotten it to market in a reasonable timeframe, it would have been no-brainer. But now they have missed the boat.

        • WickedToby741

          I don’t necessarily think so. It’s not like somebody beat them to this space. I’m sure somewhere in the world someone has offered a phone made partially of wood before (after all, Asus had laptops made with bamboo years ago), but for all intents and purposes this is the first mainstream wood phone on these shores. Even if it’s “late”, it’s still notable, it’s still a first, and I still think you’ll see a decent number of people jump on it.

        • NexusMan

          Moto X is CURRENTLY one of the best feeling devices on the market. Period.

      • NexusMan

        I would have rather them announce it when it’s ready.

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    Dennis woodside or woodback? The sides seem to be made out of plastic.

    • WickedToby741

      Probably has to be for assembly and/or radio signal.

  • Sinistar83

    Cosmo Kramer would love this phone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn0_QVXuXuk

  • papajorgio

    shopped…. j/k. but ‘dat logo though. I like my olive backed X. You can barely see the branding.

  • Justin

    wood grain Grippin… Who, Mike Jones! Who, Mike Jones!

    • trumpet444

      2004? I think?

      • charles rogers

        It was still hot in 2005 on spring break so probably.

        • Justin

          Boy am i old….

  • cgmartin33

    I actually have wood right now…

  • Dylan

    I wonder how manufacturing costs of wood stack up against aluminum.

    • zurginator

      Depends on if the aluminum is block machined or cast though, as cast would be cheaper than wood.

  • Waiting game

    I’m a fan of the look, but not the stupid logo. Also, I would bet that wood’s been ready to go from day 1, but more advantageous to release a quarter or two after the initial release…..just the way companies do business. Apple could have released a gold iPhone long time ago, but hey, if they can sell plenty of back and white ones then why bother.

    I think I’ll hold off for the Chia Moto X…..I just hope it comes with a watering reminder.

  • Hatyrei

    m still waiting for my LG G2 4.4 update….and now they have 4.4.1, so much for a flagship phone. lol. Can’t manufacturer’s make a handset that can get an update on time like the Nexus line? And any skin/ Theme will be just adaptable to any OS changes. So that they can make a unique experience without compromising new software updates on time. Like a future proof hardware.That can run future OS changes . lol 🙂

    • WickedToby741

      Well hopefully Kit Kat lays the foundation for that with the home switcher. If OEM’s start making their home apps as apps and not as part of the OS, then updating becomes simpler. Of course, not everyone is struggling with updates. It seems as though HTC and Motorola aren’t having too many issues.

  • mosbysjedi

    Well, I was excited to see them, but looks like the fake wooden panels of my grandparents old house the walls were lined with, thought it’d look better

    • WickedToby741

      It is just a press render…

  • NexusMan

    Tim, I had been holding out, like you, for the longest to get the wood back, but I must say, I’m not feeling those pics.

  • Rodeojones000

    Why the fuss over woods backs? Guess I don’t see the appeal.

    • MikeSaver

      Some people do, hence the fuss.


    • sc0rch3d

      same here. every picture i’ve seen looks like a cheap plastic case was glued to the back

    • j

      What’s not to love?
      Drop your phone on cement? Just sand it down with some 400 grit, and stain it over!
      Drop your phone in the water? No problem, sucker floats!

      yea.. honestly I think it’s the stupidest thing ever.

  • AndroidUser00110001
  • WickedToby741

    I hope they add more choices like aluminum soon too.

    • NexusMan

      Dennis Woodside said that in addition to wood, they would release other colors and MATERIALS later next year, as well as in “January to February.”

      • WickedToby741

        I know. That’s why I’m optimistic that at least some form of metal should be in the pipeline.

  • TooBigToFit

    Still doesn’t fix the vagueness of “very soon.”

    My gut feeling is “very soon” means “not soon enough to be within the 1 week expiration date of your $150 off coupon”

    • NexusMan

      He said it’s coming next year.

  • Ehhh. I know taste is a subjective thing and all, but I don’t like it. It reminds me way too much of an Atari 2600, or one of those fake wood paneled station wagons from the 70s. It’s just dated and gaudy looking to me.

    But some people also like that kind of look, and that’s cool. Maybe I’m not the best person to judge, since I also think white smartphones are super tacky and everyone seems to love them.

    • WickedToby741

      …in photos. Things often look a lot different in press renders than in person. I’d reserve judgement until actually seeing one in person.

    • NexusMan

      I don’t like white phones either. And I’ve been waiting for wood, but don’t like those pics.

      • Caveman

        They make pills for that…

    • Rodeojones000

      I agree. Not a fan of these.

    • M3D1T8R

      Agree with you on white phones, white headphones too.. Yuck. But I like these, maybe because I like the idea of more natural, organic materials being used, maybe also because I’m a carpenter so I love wood. (ha) And these will be real wood not fake paneling crap.

  • hyperbeatser

    “conducted by our buddy MKHBD” – MKBHD

    • EvanTheGamer

      It’s been a long week for Droid-Life.

  • Ben Murphy

    So is this actual wood or faux-wood?

    • JustinD2473

      Real Wood. Pretty cool concept…to bad it wasn’t available at launch.

      • laheelahee

        but still better than Samsung’s color releases

      • NexusMan

        Or at least for the holidays. Not available for Black Friday = FAIL. They should have never announced them at launch. They should have kept them under wraps until they were READY to release them.

        • WickedToby741

          And screw over customers who might otherwise have bought a plain Moto X? I think this was the best way to do it. They’re being honest with consumers. It’s better to have people disappointed about waiting than disappointed about being left in the dark about cooler future options.

          • NexusMan

            How is that screwing over customers? It’s common knowledge that whenever a product is released, a newer, better, or revised version will come out later. Screwing over your customers is announcing a product before launch and not releasing it at launch, but saying it’s “coming soon,” and making your customers wait to purchase a phone because the version they want is “coming soon,” and then approaching half a year later, you still haven’t released the product that you teased so long ago, and still are offering no further info other than it’s “coming soon.” It’s NOT better to disappoint your customers by making them wait. It’s not better to disappoint anyone.

            Moto also said from the beginning, and continue to say that they would offer wood and “other materials and colors” sometime after launch. They have yet to say what those “other materials and colors” are. So, with your logic, I guess that means they ARE in fact screwing you and their other customers over by not “being honest with consumers,” and telling us exactly what their 2014 lineup of each and every color and material is, as there are certain to be colors and materials that some people would have preferred to the ones that are currently announced and/or available.

  • anna willoughby

    With as quickly as phones get outdated, if they want this on this particular model it won’t be more than a couple months. I mean, people are ALREADY talking about the S5.

    • ddevito

      I disagree – the Wooded X will sell well. The X is a very popular phone, probably the first great mass appealed Android device.

      • Liderc

        Must have missed the original Droid. It was the first great mass appealed Android device. I agree though, the X is a great device, especially now that they’ve dropped the price. Too small for my tastes, N5 feels better, but for the masses I’m sure the smaller device is better.

        • ddevito

          I agree the OG was great, but the X is appealing to the mass market better. Happy both from the same company though.

          (I owned an OG, loved it)

        • Adrynalyne

          So you like it wide and long?

          Doesn’t surprise me.

      • Terry Price

        She didn’t say that it wouldn’t sell well. She said that Motorola would get it out soon because you have next years models (like the S5) right around the corner; and a late release of the wood version would run up against that .And the X is a good phone, but it isn’t the FIRST great mass appeal android device.

        • ddevito

          Moto X launched on August 1st, yet there was crazy demand for it this week to get it for $350. No other Android phone had this much attention.

          • Dylan

            I would love to see sales numbers by carrier. I wonder how many were off-contract Verizon purchases. I picked up an X not because I particularly like the it more than what else is available. I just like it more than my GNex (which isn’t hard) and the price was right. Had the S4, HTC One, or Maxx been around the same price point I would have just as easily considered them.

        • NexusMan

          It’s clear Motorola has long term goals for the Moto X and is pushing it and promoting it in a way that goes against traditional smartphone marketing. They are looking toward longevity with this device, and are staging it’s rollout accordingly. Instead of being on a Gingerbread device for the next 2-3 years, “average” consumers will now be on the Moto X. The people who will continue to buy the Moto X well into next year are the people who don’t care about “The Next Best Thing,” Motorola is going for the title of “The Best Thing Right Now.”

      • anna willoughby

        It’ll sell fantastically well. So did the S4 (which is almost splitting the market with iPhone right now from the numbers I read). I’m sure it’s a wonderful phone, but…Well Terry put it perfectly.

      • Maxim∑

        Im sure the Galaxy series was the first mass appealed android device (I dont like Samsung) but still.

  • ddevito

    Can I chop onions on it?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Why onions? Why not tomatoes? Or even bell peppers? Why the vegetable that makes you cry? lol

      • ddevito

        See: Verizon Logo on Back

        • EvanTheGamer

          *slaps self upside the head* Should have realized what you did there.

        • I didn’t even notice the logo. That ruins the back completely. The logo always does that but in this case it’s horrendous.

          • EvanTheGamer

            What they should have done was BURNED the logo into the case(or at least made it look that way with a special effect), like how they brand cows, sorta, etc. That would have probably made it more appealing, plus cooler.

          • That’s a good idea.

    • NexusMan

      No. The residue will irritate your eyes.

    • michael arazan

      Can’t wait for the wooden backs to first release……..on the Moto X 2

    • a) youth.in.asia

      Haha this reminds me of the joke, What is the difference between a prostitute and an onion? I cry when I cut up an onion

  • Kyle

    Reason why wood backs are taking so long? Verizon couldn’t figure out how to print their logos all over the back!

  • cgalyon

    If you could customize the color of the rest of the phone while having the wood back I would be more interested. If your options are basically white or black with a wood back, I’m not quite as enthused (though the wood itself does look very nice).

    • chris_johns

      looks like u can change accents…one has black other silver…just an assumption

  • Kane Stapler

    This has got to be a first..
    A leaked press shot of a product thats already been announced and had hands on.

  • hyperbeatser

    Dennis Woodside said they would be here “very soon”

    • czmadness

      When will Dennis Woodside release the wood side?

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Dennis Woodside will release the wood side when the wood side can be released

  • Bob G

    That Verizon logo makes it look terrible.

    • Michael

      comes off with a hair dryer

    • AbbyZFresh

      And you think T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T logos make it look any better?

      • grumpyfuzz

        just saying, T-Mobile moto x doesn’t have any carrier branding 😛

        • ddevito

          5 points for you Sir

          • Sambit Rayginale Willkonson

            le sir

        • trumpet444

          no Sprint logo to be found on my girlfriends Nexus 5 either (I know, we’re talking Moto X but still)

      • ddevito


      • JoshGroff

        Tmobile doesn’t slap a label on the X.

      • NexusMan

        I actually like the AT&T logo on the Moto X, as it’s just the globe, no wording, and lines up perfectly with and balances the camera.

      • wolfedude88

        I actually think AT&T’s does look better and Sprints isn’t that bad. Verizon’s wouldn’t be so bad if they left off the stupid huge checkmark

    • jimt

      A piece of sand paper and some shellac, problem solved. Wood cleans up nicely.