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Giveaway: Tell Us What Your Holiday Dream is, Win 1 of 16 $150 Moto X Coupon Codes

moto x motomaker

If you were hoping to snag a coupon code for $150 off on a Moto X, then it’s time to let the holiday spirit fill you up. Thanks to a few generous readers who received codes, but then decided against picking up a device, we have 16 coupon codes for an off-contract Moto X. You can use the codes through MotoMaker, which will allow you to buy a 16GB Moto X for just $350 or a 32GB model for $400. It’s quite a deal, and if you will recall, this deal brought down Motorola’s site on Cyber Monday when it went live. 

How to Enter

We will make this very easy. Down below in the comments section, tell us what your holiday dream is. Is it world peace? An end to global hunger? Something a little bit more humorous? Regardless of what your dream is, tell us down below and we will randomly select sixteen winners, and then personally email them with a coupon code.

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We will select our winners today (December 6) at 2PM PST. Good luck!

  • kash521

    Already got a DE on cyber monday. Was considering getting a motomaker but I’ve decided not to, so heres another code! Enjoy


  • dwboston

    Here is an unused code for someone who may need it. I can’t justify buying another phone right now – I’m going to stick with my GPE S4.



    • Ayyy

      THANK YOU! Really wanting to upgrade my razr hd since it just lags like crazy lately. Have a good holiday man.

  • Team7

    To get my house sold to I get out from under alot of stress due to my job transfer and the cost with it.

  • KC

    Hopefully someone can put this to good use, I am not going to need it.


    • MotoXWannaBe

      OMG thank you so much for your generosity!! I missed out and was hoping someone would share. You made my day and I will pay it forward!

      • KC

        No problem, glad I could be of help.

  • M3D1T8R

    My dream is for everyone to have safe travels for the holiday, and for my family to get along. And to get my new Panasonic plasma tv before they sell out.

    Edit: Too late to enter, Oh well! Hopefully I’ll get a coupon on Monday.

  • Trevor

    Missed the giveaway due to me being at work and forcing myself not to browse DL while there anymore since it keeps me off task far too long. Sad face. Hopefully I can get a code on Monday!!

  • ForrestTracey

    Stupid work meeting…. Made me miss this one 🙁 I would have wished for world peace or a new gun,…ether or 🙂 lol

  • Rodeojones000

    My dream is to get an official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-Shot Range Model Air Rifle.

    • Jim Kalista

      You’ll shoot ur eye out kid

  • HarvesterX

    This is an easy question, but is going to be very lengthy. It has to be to do explain my story. I will split this post into two. Tue second half will he a reply to this one. This is mainly for DL editors to read as it’s so long. If you skip to the second half in the reply you can get a lot of the gist of it. I apologize head or time for the length and any grammar errors as I’m typing this in a toys r us parking lot getting ready to find my son a Christmas gift, and even though it may seem I go onto other tangents, my son is the inspiration for this and also probably the reason I’m still alive. Please don’t comment on this until the second half is done. 🙂

    My son’s mother and I used to be heavily dependent on opiods. It started with me while I was undergoing hip surgery and the doctor in sawn seriously over prescribed me and I was naive at the time. I started out with 3 80mg oxycontins a day plus a bottle of 90 15mg instant release oxycodoje for breakthrough pain.

    This began back around 2004. After my surgery I eventually managed to wean myself off of the current medicine I was prescribed (3 of the old 40mg Methadone wafers a day). Then around 2006 I began back with the Methadone. One of my good friends who was in the band was prescribed 10mg methadone’s and I started buying some off him occasionally.

    This abuse soon turned intonfullnopiod dependence and I was able to easily get prescriptios for instant release 10mg oxymorphones (during childbirth, the usual dose is 1mg via IV). My tolerance had grown exponentially and before I knew it I was having to IV 30mgs of oxymorphone every 3 hours just to feel normal. This dose would kill anybody who is opiod naive and by God’d grace he spared me. I didn’t just jump to that point. For years leading up I was getting 10mg methadone’s prescribed monthly for the hip pain which was legitimate, but I didn’t need opiods to manage with it. This accumulated over time. I was at the point where diamorphine was to on weak to make me feel normal (heroin) and would have to IV a gram or more at once to just feel normal. Suffice to say, Heroin was not my drug of choice since I was getting something stronger from my doctor.

    I met my son’s mother during this time (well while I was still maintaining on the Methadone) and despite warning her about what it would do I didn’t stand up and tell her no and let her try it, and she also became just as bad as I was. On November 22, 2009 she gave birth to a beautiful boy, my son Brendan. We both knew we had hit bottom and eefided to go to the Methadone clinic for help. We both stayed there for about a years traveling 30miles every morning at 8am just to get our daily dose. This was only prolonging the inevitable and didn’t help us at all as we still used our opiods of choice via IV.

    She was admitted several tikes to the hospital for what I believe was clots thstbformed from not filtering out the pills we injected or her heroin (she liked heroin…I couldn’t stand knitting something of which I had no idea what was in it), and eventually we both agreed that she needed help first.

    She was sent off to a orofraknfalled Teen Challenge (the cutoff age was like 29 or something and I just kissed it and I’m glad I didn’t go). Her church sponsored her and in December of 2012 she left for a year. That was the end of our relationship. When she returned she was more delusional then before and I felt awful for her. Instead of treating the problem they simply replaced some strange sort if Christianity as her addiction. That seems harmless enough but if she ever was to stop having the church as the focal point in her life ibfeelnshe would slip again as she is also bipolar. That’s besides the point though

    When she left I also make a part to get clean. I really wanted it so deciding to donitbwasnt an issue. I had beentryijt subodone while at the methadone clinic but stopped that cold turkey after she left and stayed that way for almost 4 months.

    I don’t believe in conventional 12 step type rehab facilities because treating addiction is not a one size fits all deal. Every person is an individual and the person treating the patient nerds to become the patient’s best friend and know them inside out. I don’t be live in the saying once an addict always an addict either, hut I guess it is motivation for many to stay clean. I couldn’t have left for rehab anyways because then no one would be there for our son.

    Back story on Brendan right fast. Even though I abused opiods, I did so to maintain just feeling normal. I stopped getting a euphoria off them MANY moons ago, so I was perfectly functional and unless I was in withdrawal or near the end when I was shooting up massive amounts of oxymorphone every three hours you woulenjever have known I used. And then only because of the track marks on my arms. I was the main one who raised our son. I stayed up with him at night to feed him, changed most of the diaoers, etc. Don’t get me wrong my ex was a wonderful mother hut she hasn’t been around the block nearly as long as would always nod off. That’s something I don’t ever remember ever being able to do, but she was unable to give Brendan the right fare he needed all the time. Truthfully, neither was I but we managed and he was (and srillnie) a perfectly healthy happy edtemely intelligent child.

    Fast forward to when I had stopped cold turkey. After almost 4,months In wasn’t feeling any better. Luckily I stopped clean while in the subodone as those withdrawals are minor compared to pure agonist opiods like oxymorphone, its weaker cousin oxycodine, etc. I should have started feeling better between the 2 and the 2 and half month mark (takes longer with Subodone because if the longer half life). I made an appointment and went to see a psychiatrist. I had been taken sufhbkassige dosages for so long that my brain was having trouble starting to produce its own dopamine again after I stopped and I was one of the “lucky” ones who needed an opioid to allow my brain to produce the dopamine and so iIcoile live a normal life. He said if I didn’t start on a program it would take years before I was essentially out of withdrawals and possibly never be normal again.

    He suggested I go on long term Suboxone maintainance and could always sropbif it wasn’t helping. Subodone isnt a our agonist like the other opiods/opiates. It’s 60 times stronger than Methadone and has a very strong affinity to attaching to you opiate receptors in you brain (yes your brain makes its own opiods naturally). This means that it will kick out almost all other opiods attached to those receptors since it has a stronger bond with the receptor. The catch is though, buprenorphine is an agonist and antagonist opioid. Naloxone is an antagonist opioid and is what is administered to those who have overdosed on opiods. Once injected it kicks all the opiod molecules off the receptors and attaches itself instead, thereby reversing the overdose. This is the same as how Subodone works, except since it is also a partial agonist, it does have an effect on the opioid receptors and for naive people (medical term that describes somebody with no or little opioid tolerance and who isnt a chronic user…doesn’t mean ignorant) they can feel a strong opiod high from it. I’ve never experiejfee this though so only am going by medical knowledge and first hand experience. Though it’s one or the most potent opiods around (stronger then dimorphine aka Heroin), it hours strongly but has a weak effect on the my opiod receptor. This is the main receptortthat is after upon that produces the euphoria.

    Sorry for all the technical jumbo but it’s key to my life story. While at the methadone clinif, I wasn’t on Subodoxe long enough to know IR it would help before quitting file turkey. At this point I was sickof opiods aand never wanted to see one again unless I was being operated on, but In weighed my options and after understanding the chemistry behind it and weighing it against being in infinite withdrawal (if you’ve never expereienced it good, but its also hard to comprehend since you’ve never dealt with it…its not a mental issue…as explainee earlier the opiods produce mass amounts of the feel good dopamine and once you take opiods chronically, your brain says “hey, we don’t have to manufacture it yourself anymore$ and shuts down production. Other chemicals are at play as well. Withdrawl from opiods is a major imbalance of chemicals that although not normally dangerous at all will leave a person in complete agony…cramps, diarrhea constantly, horrible stomach aches, zero energy, etc etc.. It’d a real medical issue and MOST or the time after you quit taking the opiods your brain will begin generating these chemicals again. This wasn’t the case with me). The decision to begin therapy was a no brainer, as I had a child to raise and had to have some quality if life.

    I’ve been taking Subxone now daily for almost two years and my life was given bafknto me, as well as having a newfound integrity and character I didn’t possess before as fighting your way from the pits of hell and succeeding sheds a new light on life. I have been clean for all these two years except what prescribed (just my suboxone and adderall, which I’ve been taking since like 2004 (adult onset ADHD..verified by a brain scan). Ive never had issues with those and don’t see why anyone would take them if they didn’t have to but I can’t judge as the same could have been said to me while I was shooting up. I extremely blessed. I don’t attend meetings (man was forced through anough of those anyways st the clinic) and have been helping out those in my community in my spare time who use. In not the authorities so I am able to get close to my neighbors and they know my story and are open to me as they know I won’t go to the police. If I find somebody wanting to quit I stick with them and help anyway I can to get them clean, even if it involves trashing their heroin for example and setting an appointment up with the doctor I see and helping them stay normal but sage until the visit (overdoses on Suboxone don’t occur because there is a theshhold and taking any more past that point has no effect. This is in between the 16-32mg range). Use your imagination there as its not exactly legit but its better then that person shooting up a bad batch of dope and dying. I’ve manaaged to work closely with 4 “patients” so far (no in not a doctor and don’t give them medical advise). I do however also educated If somebody wants to stop but isnt ready, i educate them on the chemicals they are using and how they affect the body, any side effects or interactions that Kay arise, safe(r) dosing practices, and most importantly to never share needles and always use a clean needle or at leasth highly disinfected one, and then show them how to remove almost all the harmful leftover particles that can clot by providing them micron filters or worst case, showing them how to purify the substance as humanly possible without a micron filter and educate them on all Tue had things that fan happen (like particles of unfiltered binders used to hold a pill together gathering in your lungs over time or clotting up while traveling through your veins creating a life threatening clot).

    I do not endorse this activity at all and only describe it as it describes my story. I cannot stand to be near someone who is high or in the proximity of someone using. I am blessed however that I have lost my desire for opiods completely and could he locked In a room with my drug of choice with no consequences and never touch it. This allows me the unique ability in where I can he close to those I’m helping l, although I do tell them that if they decide to continue using I can no longer associate with them and the last they hear from me is my harm reduction speech and chemical education speech. I don’t judge them at all as I was them and haven’t come across anyone yet who was as bad off. I just got lucky or it’s a fluke in telling this story or Godhas a plan for me (not I didn’t find faith while i was down…my faith came to me while studying quantam pychics. My God is the same one that came to earth in the form of a carpenter. I have Gnostic (yes the heretical teachings Jesus gave to his closest disciplines, such as what Judas was taught(Judas betrayed Jesus because he was told to do so by Jesus so that Jesus could complete his work. Jesusnwas a mortal just like everybody else. He shared the divine plan to those closest to himz and let then known that we are ALL God’s children (or earthly incarnates) and we all have the same as abilities. Matching this with physics, (quantum mostly) this ties in and allows for the existence of intelligent beings in pure energy (although in unsure if you would remember anything of the earthly world *shrugs#

    Im off topic on a long story so letnke wrap things up. While my ex was in that brainwashing cult of a rehab place (she still blames me for her addiction.. She was no angel before me and was into cocaine heavy and I told her the hell I had been through previously while taking opiods and what it does. I do blame myself to a point because I didn’t hide my medicine from her or threaten to leave her if she used etc, so I do feel guilty…hut that’s me. I never once told her it was a good and fun idea to start using them. I thought in rehab one of the firsttthings you learn is to take responsibility for your own actions I learned that well before I even used. No I take that back. While using I blamed the world and everyone around me for most everythingn..medfept myself. It took a trip through hell to wisen up. I am so content with life even though things aren’t going well. I have the serenity or knowing that I’ve been absolved of the lies, and the lies that come with drugs are probably just as bad if not worse. Now I’m brutally honest always, though I do so with quite bit of tactful thinkingm

    I allowed her parents to see Brendan on the weekends while she was away egen though they hated me. I try not to hold grudges, gossips or get involvee in the trivial drama day to day. As far as I’m concerned I love her parents because they are my son’s grandparents and thqt makes us family and all personal differences I put aide and have always been polite to themm

    It was near thus time last year…maybe a week before Christmas and he was leaving for the weekend to go see them the info me back on Sunday. As usual I gave him a bath an hour before he left and pimped hie fashion out. My mother happened to be there that day and helpee give him a bath (actually she just got in the way..but she’s grandma 🙂 ). Brenda comes to pick Brendan up (I named Brendan after an old buddy who was dear to me while I lived in Houston who’s name was Brendan (along with being an ex IRA fighter and very wealthy landowner in Ireland..no clue why he those Houstojln over his properties unless he was wanted). Well, notice my ed’s name is Brenda. We both picked the same name but for different reasons..she named him after her mom (which is odd hut her dad’sjake is John and there is already a John Jr (her brother)

    I’m going to split this up as its already way too long, but it is the reason I could use an X…

    • HarvesterX

      The reason I stopper using was because of the miracle my crazy Ed and myself made. He is probably why im here writing this. Otherwise I’d most likely be locked up or more realistically dead with the amount or odymorphoje I was slamming. (Do not ruin your life and attempt this! The time release opanas are basically impossible to reasonably safely IV unless you are a chemist..I was using the instant release one and even still I used micron filters and was very careful but ANY pill (except maybe a sugar pill) is NEVER safe to IV and the only chemicals being IVed should he coming from legit vials and in a solution meant for such use..just don’t use opiods period unless you have to. Email me at [email protected] if you want help getting off…please. I knowkore about them then pharmacists and most doctors I know which isn’t something I’m proud of.

      Anyways back to the timeline. The following Sunday shortly before I expected Brednan home I get a fall from a truly ignorant lady (I say that as iin she is just clueless…I wouldn’t say she’s stupid.must ignorant of the logic). It turned out to be Brendan’s appointed guadian ad litem and in was suddenly being investigate end or abusing my pride and joy because ed’s mom saw a bruise on his chest (which neither or my mom saw an hour before he left during the bath…kids are kids and will get bruises and it may had been recent and only shown up later that evening ). My son has been in preschool since he was two and is very intelligent. And he has friendsnajd they play. Instead of Brenda falling me first askint if I knew about it like we normally would doz she took him to the ER (later iI saw piftures of the bruise and it didn’t gen warrant w doctors visit much less ER. Well Brenda suggested that sue thoututbibwas abusing him, and CPS was called and he was removed from my home. Rekemeber this was a week before my ex was scheduled home (and she left loving me and fake home hating me …we both were doing the sake thing and I was clean as well.mi don’t get her but she is bipolar so I don’t get angry). In the last while her and in were dating her mom always made delusional claims and even kept a list of things I was “doing”. My ed stayed with me majority if the time and one entry said that I was physically abusing her and forcing her I in the house against her will and not letting her leave. That’s one example or a hundred My ex found it one day and showed me to show me how nuts her mom was (oh yeah, during the time I held her hostage lol we were living with my parents because i couldn’t find work after retuning from Houston at JSC into a small town where techs aren’t needed and also having a drug problem. OK cool right even my ex knows her mom is delusional (I still love her even after all she’s put me through)..right? Wrong! Once she’s out that cult place she almost zombie like repeats the same phrases. Like if i mention her mom lying (as I’ve done many tikes in regards to my son being taken) she just emotionally tells me her mother isnt a liar and hasn’t ever lied. In have all this on FB messenger and hangouts …I’m not making this up.

      Well we show up in court for first first custody hearing and since the investigation was going on it was rescheduled. Next time at court Brendan’s guardian ad litem said that FPS found no evidence or abuse (really…while speaking with Brendanoon speaker phone one night I told him that daddy can’t see him cause people say that I’ve been hurting you$..he gets so cute and says “but daddy you never hit me”. I asked about this when cross examining in court as I knew someine heard him say it. They all said no m earlier in testimony ex’s mom.talked about my physical and mental abuse inlaid out on my ex and son. In asked every member of that family and my family under oath if they’ve ever seen me violent, seen evidence or violence, heard Brendan or my ex admit to violence etc etc..under oath everybody said no. But remember, according to my ex after the year long seclusion in the mountains in a facility which wouldn’t give her mail in sent or the telephone, her parents never lie (to be fair her dad just agrees with her mom to avoid arguments…I know he knew better).

      Well instead of him being taken away for that, how he wasn’t on stay with them because I was still using an opiodml. Does this mean anyone in pain management will have their kids taken away? Sounds like it because the meds they take for pain are pure agonists which are heavily abused. This small town court and attorneys had no clue about suboxone ans assumed it was just like methadone. I never should have even said I was on it as it doesn’t show in normal urine opiod screens. But I’ve grow to he honest

      This started a custody hearing which just finished two months ago. I only get to see my son if my parents supervise me and that happens to be for maybe 2 hours once a week because both of them are like 85/84 years old..and forget about it during footbal season. I’m lucky to get an hour

      So for a year now I’ve only seen him for around give or take 24-36hours.Inna year. Before that In was with him constantly. In was basically mom and dad and this year had been the worst year or my life. I finally made headway in court and am filing a petition next month (but it won’t get heard for another 6months at least). Until then this is all I see or my son. My ex and I get along alright, but by court order aren’t allowed to he together around him. The judge wanted a letter from my doctor stating I am capable of work (which I do) and taking fare of my son alone while on my medicine…he doesn’t get that in don’t get high off it. Smh… Well my doctor wrote the letter and I entered it into my records last week during a criminal hearing which was a final show cause cause on a protective order violation (of course filed by ex while we we are together cause I tried to keep her from taking my son over to her friends house and her friends young brother carries around firearms..I don’t want him there. The judge areeed with me on that and also read the letter and dismissed the charges (which didn’t make my ex happy mm it seems she’s trying to keep him from me for a long time since she had to go without seeing him for a year..I’m sorry but I wouldn’t have left for a one year getaway cult rehab center while having a 2 year old son wondering where mommy is. She could have went into a three month treatment center and then outpatient and then if sshe’ssstill slipping up sure…I just found the in had taste. I cleaned m act up. Granted k need to take meds to keep the balance right in my head so I don’tget ssick but I often forget to even take my meds for days on end it seeks nowadays. Good thing is the medication also blocks opiod use maijijt is have to take an insaneaamount to feel anything..quite frankly I’ve forgotten that feeling and curse the day 5heybejterer my life and thank my son for snapping me into reality and telling me “dad, grow the hell up and stop killing yourself”

      This is why an D wouodnhe perfect. In rarely get to see my son and if I had that I could let mom hold it until he’s a year or two older (although, he is a very nature 4 year old) andnwee be able to call each other and videochwt whenever we wanted to. His mom claims that hangouts freezes her phone when she tries (she has the last generation LG Optimus…kinda strange I ended buying the decendent of her phone lol).. But I’m both really sure because last I saw her she was using a feature phone.

      The icing would be the once he proves reposible to handle it on his own (I fan lock out whatever I don’t want him in.mat least til he learns like his ol man), then he will also have his first smartphone, a luxury neither mom or dad can provide for him at the moment. It might be outdated some by the time wed let him use it like that, which is perfect.

      The device is smaller and would be more comfortable for him. There is WiFi access at his apartment as well which is perfect so we can communicate without needing another plan. Anyone who’s ever been in this situation knows how helpless it makes you feel and useless because you can’t be there for his birthday for example..which was Nov 22 whifhbibwasnt allowed to attend. I know this wasn’t concise but I need a miracle as this year has drained everything i have. You’d he making a beautiful 4 year old boy then happiest kid on the block as he’s been wanting to do this but mom keeps interpreting with excuses about her phone. Its going to stay this way for at least 6 more months as well. Thanks for at least putting up with my long story. I’ve sat here over an hou better go in before they close.. And oh one more post Im going to make as a reply to this…shirt one I promise

      • HarvesterX

        This is a picture or my parents with my son opening gifts and enjoying the by ear of his life I’ve kissed due to ree tape and a spiteful son called Christian who I still have to move simply because Brendan loves here.


        This is how I get to see my son. An hour or two at a park and then lunch after raising him and always being there for him. He was so sick this raybhe tougher so hard from playing he vomited some. I had to talk him down but he gets so happy when he sees me. (Completely off topic, this is a picture taken by a LG G2 who le I was running chasing him and while he running thing to avoid me and the sun was glaring horribly…I think not focused pretty pretty for a point and snap shot when both of his were running…


        Images are linked so the forums won’t take ages loading as I’m unsure of file sise

        So for those who couldn’t make it to read all of my story, my Christmas wish is to he able to see and talk to my son whenever we want to and not on a 2 hour schedule once a week because dad has to watch football.(we have DVR…)

        Anybody without a child can’t comprehend how much your life is torn asunder when your child is taken from you. I never woulenhage thought this would happen as I did everything for the guy. Goes to show how quickly you can lose something without any justifiable reason. If I had beat my son black and blue or nodded off all day I wouldn’t be so …angry. But you know I’ve never once directed that anger at my ex. I know it’ll get straightened outside by the end next year. Thanks all and have a great Christmas!

        PS; Do we have an open forum section anywhere? I want to do a writeup on a stupidly addicting puzzle game (I HATE PUZZLE GAMES AS THEY ARE EITHER EASY OR BORING) I found today. Totally free to play but I donated $30,to the indie team..even talked to the regs as they hit me up on FB to thank me for the review in wrote there and asked IR I meant it. There are as few levels in the game that you need ronoay like $3.99 or so to access but that’s it..and only if want to play em. But this is a game done right there are no timers and its a bejeweled type puzzle game turn based RPG..Dr Who Legacy

        Since we can’t contribute articles I guess I’ll let y’all decide if its one yall like. I haven’t been able to stop playing it .(their FB page is key too as they post promo codes daily for limited stuff.like today Ilse got the code for the playable Ood character..ahz heres a screenie…this just is a image of an unlockahle player I took nlan image for for the wiki


  • JZ

    I’ve got a coupon to share that my family didn’t end up using. First e-mail address I see gets it.

  • proxism

    To get a much deserved new job and change of atmosphere.

  • B

    For the wonderful Moto X.

  • Chris bloch

    Dream is to give my wife a moto x for Christmas

  • GregSki86

    Could anyone spare a code so that I can get my wife a moto x? She just gave birth to our daughter and definitely deserves a new phone 🙂

  • lembowski

    I got 2 codes, one for me and the other for my wife. I bought mine Wednesday but she decided against the Moto X to take my Nexus 5. Mine is one of the 16 codes Tim is offering. Enjoy!

  • Morbid138

    If any one needs a code to buy Google Glass and enter the program let me know. I just got an email to purchase them but can’t drop $1500 right now

  • chris Bloch

    My dream is to finally be able to give my wife the Christmas
    present she really wants…… a Moto X

  • James

    lol. didn’t pay too much attention to the article. Here is the code if anyone is interested.

    Thought it was a contest for the actual phone.


    • GregSki86

      Thanks so much man, my wife is gonna love this!

  • Chase Chick

    Kate Upton and Adrian Lima at the same time. (this is the winner)

  • To not have to stress out aout family and just be able to relax.

  • gpzbc

    My dream is a new phone.

  • Brent Cooper

    To spend it with my family 🙂

  • Luke Lee

    My dream is to spend the holidays traveling Europe with my family and friends in a huge entourage.

  • ScottyByrd

    For my family to be happy with what they have and not worry about what they dont and maybe all the kids get along at least for that one day.

  • Scotty137

    I’m a youth group leader and I have a lot of kids that I work with. I would love to be able to buy them all something awesome for Christmas.

  • TJ Jones

    For some reason I can seem to leave a comment in the Rafflecopper. Tried a couple different browsers on Android then went and got a PC, but still couldn’t do it. It doesn’t even give a box to type in. Was I the only one that had this issue?

  • Leo Sanchez

    My wife has given me her upgrade every year and just taken my old used phone its finally time I can buy her a new phone she loves and we can afford

  • Eric

    A relaxing break in Mexico with my family after hectic finals and presentations are over.

  • Robert Gipe

    A good Holiday for me would to be able to buy my boys some toys and my wife wouldn’t get mad


    For my friend to find enough money to pay off this guy. I’m in the middle of the situation and it’s driving me crazy =(

  • 655321

    My dream is that Motorola releases the ceramic or wood backs for the Moto X and I get one on Verizon for the holiday. Is that selfish? I mean world peace. World peace is my holiday dream.

  • frosty_nerd

    I’d like to say a prayer and drink to world peace

  • Stuart

    hope everyone has a great holiday

  • Brandon Shaw

    My holiday dream is to build my moto x for my wife since her G4 got water damage! I got her a code on Wednesday and just tried to use it but it’s invalid! Really moto?!

  • jess

    To be covered in kittens

  • RiotingPanda

    I wouldn’t mind finding a job since I’ll graduate next Saturday.

  • Droid4Life

    To be alive

  • morgan boyle

    a white christmas!!

  • Zargon

    I just hope to have a happy and healthy family/

  • wolfedude88

    For my family to just get along one holiday without fighting.

    Is that too much to ask for?

  • evltwn

    To have an easy day working in the ER on Christmas Day.

  • Eliot Wilhelm

    My dream is Verizon to have T-Mobile policies and prices but the same coverage

  • TravisHannon

    I dream I will receive the DE MotoX I ordered!

  • Mark Schleupner

    That the surviving cast members of “The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo” would get together for a Christmas reunion special to reminisce and then have a marathon of all the episodes. :p

  • Nick V

    New streaming porn sites. But that’s just me

  • ManBearPig618

    For my car to quick breaking.

  • Tom Dwenger

    My holiday dream is to win the mega millions tonight

  • Mike168

    Dream is a big bonus to buy a moto x off contract on Verizon to keep my unlimited data!

  • Earl

    For my baby girl’s hand to be ok once she gets her cast taken off and her final check up with the doctor

  • Zane

    I dream that I will be home for christmas!