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Giveaway: Tell Us What Your Holiday Dream is, Win 1 of 16 $150 Moto X Coupon Codes

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If you were hoping to snag a coupon code for $150 off on a Moto X, then it’s time to let the holiday spirit fill you up. Thanks to a few generous readers who received codes, but then decided against picking up a device, we have 16 coupon codes for an off-contract Moto X. You can use the codes through MotoMaker, which will allow you to buy a 16GB Moto X for just $350 or a 32GB model for $400. It’s quite a deal, and if you will recall, this deal brought down Motorola’s site on Cyber Monday when it went live. 

How to Enter

We will make this very easy. Down below in the comments section, tell us what your holiday dream is. Is it world peace? An end to global hunger? Something a little bit more humorous? Regardless of what your dream is, tell us down below and we will randomly select sixteen winners, and then personally email them with a coupon code.

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We will select our winners today (December 6) at 2PM PST. Good luck!

  • Asia Davis

    my dream is to meet famous people and get moto x

  • noble

    Donate $40 to a charity that feeds children in Africa/India and receive a Moto X $150 code from me. Please PM me before donating to check that I still have the code.

  • Darnell

    My dream is to enjoy the holiday like I did when i was a kid

  • Stephen Lucas

    I’d love a code if anyone still has one not used. Thanks

  • Rellz

    Who still needs a code?

    • Ryan

      I am still looking for one!

      • Rellz

        ok you got a email that I can send it to?

  • Brian

    First to email me gets the code br282494@gmail.com code expires on 12.11.13 Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brian

      Already got an email Merry Christmas DL

  • Aaron

    If anyone is still looking, here is one with the 12/11 expiration:

    • Grant Davis

      Thanks so much!

      • GregSki86

        that code worked for you?

        • Grant Davis

          Yeah it did, why?

          • GregSki86

            I tried to use it multiple times an hour or 2 ago and it kept saying invalid code :- o well congrats

          • Grant Davis

            I just copied and pasted it in the promo code place and it loaded for a few seconds and then it accepted it. I typed it manually at first and it didn’t work.

  • jchristian6801

    My holiday dream would be to go back to work I’m a laid off coal miner in wv with a wife and three kids hard to support my family and buy Christmas on unemployment.. Dream would be to get back to work so I could support my family and buy Christmas. If I was to win this would be a gift to my 15 year old son. Thank you and god bless

  • Brakk

    Oooppps, I see it. Sorry for posting a used code.

  • Brakk

    I thought I already posted this yesterday but I don’t see here, H2DW-CFOW-2LOR-C4TE-SMGR

  • jtc276

    My holiday dream is to get a competitive scholarship for a school I really want to go to. If I don’t get it, I’m basically stuck. They said they’d be announcing those who would get it around Christmas break, so if I do get it, it would be a pretty great Christmas gift and basically make my future a lot easier.

  • Derek


    Going to keep the Nexus 5 for the foreseeable future.

    Hope someone gets good use out of it.

    • Trevor

      Thank you for your generosity!

  • nfn6789


    • nfn6789

      I used one and completely forgot which. Merry Christmas.

  • Nicholas Milligan

    I wish to have my family together again. Even if we fight.

  • Mike meek

    who needs a code?

    • bob2kim

      I really could use one if you still have it available? bob2kim@gmail.com

  • Brakk

    I was hoping the developer edition would be included but since it wasn’t, here’s my contribution:

    • Firethorn

      Thanks for the code.

  • DK


    Expires on 12/11/13

    • Rob

      OMG Thank You!!!

  • bitz

    Holiday dream is just to have time to connect with all my family. Work is tough, and everyone wants to get together on the same day.

  • Tony Hsieh

    My holiday dream? To get a full night’s sleep with a 2 year old and 3 month old in the house. Probably not going to happen.

  • michael arazan

    For Verizon to actually care about customers slightly more than profits. Technically for all corporations. And for corporations to pay their dam taxes and invest in the country that gives them Freedom and Protection.

    • GregSki86

      So I can get a nexus 5 on Verizon lol, nah man Verizon will never care about us