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Google+ Gets in the Holiday Spirit, Will Auto Awesome Your Pictures With Snow Flakes and Twinkling Lights

Google is hooking folks up with Auto Awesome gifts in the form of falling snow flakes and twinkling lights. Starting now on Google+, if you take a photo that features snow or a Christmas tree (or anything that sparkles), Google will automatically Auto Awesome the photo with shiny lights or falling snowflakes, turning them into pretty GIFs. 

They set up two examples which we have embedded, and from what we can tell, they actually look pretty nice. While the twinkling Christmas tree might seem corny, the falling snow actually looks somewhat real, and now we are wishing we had snow at our houses.

Since the introduction of Auto Awesome from Google, we have personally seen a few great examples of Google automatically enhancing our photos throughout our albums. While it seems weird that they do it automatically, we actually like it.

Plan on snapping a few tree shots and snow shots to check out these GIFs on your own?


Via: +Erik Murphy-Chutorian
  • So I uploaded my winter wonderland icture this morning but sadly it is not shining – 🙁 . How do you actually get it to work?

  • Raven

    Time to take a picture of my Griswold style house. Switched from old style bulbs to all LED bulbs a couple of years ago, and I think you can almost see my house from space now.

  • Randy Young

    I really wish Auto Awesome was built right into the Gallery app. I really don’t use Google+ at all, so while this feature is really cool, it’s kind of useless to most users (at least who don’t actively use Google+ which seems like quite a few in my experience.

  • 655321

    Um, how do I work this? I uploaded a picture from my Droid Incredible and no awesome happened. Do I have to upload it on a computer instead?

  • sirmeili

    Best Auto Awesome are the new videos! I was taking pictures and videos of my newborn and Google+ spit out a custom video using pictures and videos of him. You can adjust the music and the “effect” it applies to it. You can even select your own videos and pictures and it will make a video for you out of them. It is truly AWESOME!

    • Droidzilla

      I’ve made several of these and shared them with friends on Facebook (those who fail to see the light). They always complement me on my video editing skills, and I just keep pointing out that it’s all Google+.

    • longhairbilly

      I took a bunch of pictures and short videos of my family on Thanksgiving. Auto Awesome made a really nice video that everyone was amazed by.

  • Fabyloso

    I love Google Awesome. Is there a way to manually google awesome images? I would love to manually make gifs using google awesome. I’m not asking about creating videos; just images.

    • Flat_Stanley

      Nope, no way to manually do it, though i agree that it would be extremely useful. Sometimes it grabs an image too many, or sometimes too few.

  • Adam

    that is pretty awesome… not gonna lie

  • Chris

    i’m good. Glad I found a way to disable “auto awesome” even though its deep in to settings

    • Droidzilla

      You’re the type of person who takes the wheels off of roller skates so you can walk easier, aren’t you?