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The Droid Life Show: Episode 43

The Droid Life Show is back tonight at its usual time, 6PM Pacific, with the full DL staff in attendance. Tonight we will be covering all of the Moto X Cyber Monday craziness, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 spec rumors and if we think it will be an instant winner, chat up anything we bought during the holiday sales, and go over all of the newest apps we have been addicted to. With the full crew back in action, it should be a great show. 

Tonight’s show kicks off around 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern). A live video broadcast will be embedded below closer to the start of the show. Until then, feel free to hang out in the Droid Life IRC room.

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  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    I really mean no offense to Ron, but I don’t even know why I watch this show anymore. Im just over the Google hate. We all know what Google does and what they offer, but I watch to hear opinions from people who are actually invested in the Android Eco system not from someone who uses iOS daily with Android being secondary. I pretty much shut the show off at 25 minutes in kinda sad.

    • There’s an incredible difference between hating on Google and being critical of Google. I’m critical of Google because I want to see them do better. They do amazing stuff, but that doesn’t mean it is perfect. I don’t use iOS because it is perfect. It, too, has many flaws. You don’t necessarily have to be completely invested in something to have an educated, engaging opinion about something. That doesn’t mean you have to like what I say, but I hope you recognize that I’m not just hating. I love Google and I want to see them continue to do well in the marketplace.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        That is such a cop out. Maybe you just come off as patronizing when you speak about Android but it seems like all you have is negative things to say about Google or Android. Im sure you say some good things, but do you really think that is what people remember? Maybe it seems like at least to me, that you dont have the same passion or love for the OS that the other guys do. This is one of those situations like a person making fun of their sibling or a fan base speaking negative about their favorite sports team and its all good, but when someone perceived as an outsider says the same thing it isnt received the same. Im not saying you are a complete outsider but you definitely arent the same as Tim, Eric or Kellen. I can appreciate another opinion, but yours seem way more subjective than objective. Thats just my opinion and how I see you.

        • First, remember objectivity doesn’t exist. Everyone has biases and sometimes people are less aware of them than they should be. Second, I can’t control what people remember. Third, I think Tim, Eric, Kellen and I all have our own nuances in opinions and preferences. Fourth, I can’t really control if you see me as an outsider, whatever that means. Fifth, know that I do like Google and when I’m critical of them its because I want to see them continue to make great things and to improve what they’re doing. It’s possible to love something but still see all of its flaws.

  • Dave F

    I’m not completely sure, but I think my daughter has the other purple Razor…

  • Doug

    Clarification of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus support/time to upgrade on the Droid-Life show.

    As we are all too aware, Verizon changed when you can upgrade to 24 months. I bought the Galaxy Nexus the day it came out, which was around Dec. 15, 2011. We are still 10 days away from when I can upgrade and I purchased it literally the day it was released.

    My point is most people unfortunately are probably 6 months to a year away from upgrading.

    Tim was kind of suggesting that people are holding onto the Galaxy Nexus by choice. The reality is Verizon Galaxy Nexus owner’s contracts are not up yet.

  • Fozzybare

    i want to know how the hell you got your developer edition so fast…i ordered mine right when the price actually dropped and i have no information on shipping.

  • A. Norman

    Another great show guys! I again am with Ron on Google needing to support at least somewhat a device like the Galaxy Nexus. Here’s why I think the Apple comparison is actually an appropriate one: Apple has arguably set the bar for device support. There are issues with older devices to be sure, but it still seems as though Apple tries to give you support with those older devices. With the Galaxy Nexus, Google all of a sudden said 18 months is as long as we’ll help you out with a Nexus. I wonder if Google just doesn’t want to wash their hands of anything to do with Samsung, but I have no actual idea. What ever the reason, Google just said “we don’t care about our nexus device you bought 2 years ago.” What is Apple’s message about the 4S that came out at the same time? Google touts Android as superior to iOS and every other mobile OS, which I mostly agree with. When is comes to the devices, and I hate to use a fragmentation argument, there’s just not one phone that could be an “iPhone Killer” because Google seems content with letting the very best hardware specs and very best OS/apps integration float among different devices. The Moto X arguably seems like the first device to come close to being that great Android device, and yet still has its drawbacks. My point is this, I came over to Android from iOS and mostly love it. I watch Apple every year have a bunch of people get on stage and tell me “Here’s the newest iPhone and it is the best phone ever!” Google gives us a YouTube video. I’m waiting for Google to truly best Apple in every way possible, and I’m wondering if we’re ever go to see that at all.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Loved love LOVED this show. Call me insane, but I actually loved the debate and banter between Tim and Ron. Both have valid points and I totally get ’em both. But I side with Tim on this one. Move forward and let the old ones be. The GNex running JB is still a great phone that will still do everything you need it to. Cheers. 😉

    • Nikuliai

      I agree on the low end phones, but GNex is a still decent phone, it should be able to have KitKat (it’s more reasonable if you think it will run better than the way it runs now on JB), I still think it’s more likely that Huawei updates their devices to 4.4 than Google changing their mind but it kinda sucks if you consider that the Nexus are Google’s flagships… at least to me the support is getting better on Motorola, which may be valid considering they changed their whole process (watch MKBHD’s interview with Woodside) to make quick updates and best the performance, but at least to me Nexus isn’t now the way to go in Android, and that’s why I’m changing to Moto X in January :B

  • Matthew Morrison

    Did they say almost a 4th of phones out there running android are running Gingerbread??!!! Plz somebody help these people! How is this even possible?!

    • Nikuliai

      manufactors 🙁

      it’s 24.1% GB and 1.6% Froyo…
      at least almost everyone is 4.0+ (74.2%), to me the big jump “helping this people” will be given with Moto G, it’s a cheap phone to get and it has nice hardware and it will have latest Android in a couple months, at least in my opinion we will see GB go into oblivion the next year (the other companies will now be forced to copy motorola’s idea or they will lose the mid range phones, and considering that is the biggest share… I don’t think they want to)

  • arthuruscg

    Since KitKat requires less ram, why not updated the OG Droid to KitKat

    • Matthew Morrison

      Let it rest in peace brother

  • Tony Kuligowski

    I have to agree with Ron about Nexus updates. A year ago you could still buy the Galaxy Nexus brand new. if anything they should update 18 months after the product is not being sold. It doesnt seem right to buy a product and then only get 6 months of support if you didnt buy it when it was released.

    Also, I enjoyed Rons point about most people not having money to buy the latest and greatest everytime something new comes out. I think we understand that you guys review and have a business to have the latest and greatest, but most people don’t. So it is very frustrating when your stuck with something that you cant change and would still like to enjoy Android updates.

  • nexus fan boi

    droid life paid by moto x.

  • Yaniv

    Someone pls tell Ron to check his facts: No iOS7 for the iPhone 3gs.
    (Next time check first)


    • I misspoke, you’re right. I was thinking iPhone 4, but I was also thinking about how the 3GS had four years of updates and in between doing that and trying to say 3GS instead of GS3 the words got all mixed up on their way out. I probably could have corrected it specifically, but for the rest of the show we only referenced iOS 7 on the 4 and up.

      • Yaniv

        Fair enough.

      • Tim242

        iOS 7 on older devices is in name and ui only. They strip features and sacrifice experience in order to update them. Not worth it.

        • That’s plain wrong. On the iPhone 4 you don’t get 3D flyover or turn-by-turn navigation in Apple Maps, Panorama mode, AirPlay mirroring, Siri, Filters in the camera app, AirDrop, translucency effects, live wallpapers, or parallax. The first five of those were not included in iOS 6 either. The only new features from iOS 7 that the 4 is missing, then, are AirDrop, in camera filters, and the new home screen effects. On the iPhone 4S, it is only missing AirDrop and filters in the camera app.

          As I mentioned on the show, I don’t think Apple should have updated the iPhone 4 because its slower processor and lack of RAM really hinders performance. On the 4S there are some tradeoffs, but it is indeed usable. While I don’t see any reason why AirDrop or camera filters should not be included on the 4 or 4S, those missing features pale in comparison to the many improvements included on all iPhones in iOS 7.

          All of that to say, the older devices are most definitely not on iOS 7 in name and UI only. In fact, you could argue that the 4 isn’t even on iOS 7 in UI since it doesn’t have the translucency and other home screen effects present on other iOS devices. All phones that have iOS 7, however, get access to any apps that require iOS 7 only, background updating, Control Center, the new Notification Center, iTunes Radio, the new multitasking, etc.

      • Apostrafee

        iOS 7 may be on the iphone 4/4s but it runs like trash. It should have never been updated at all.

        • On the 4 it runs like garbage (which I specifically said on the show). It’s usable on the 4S, but you can feel the dip in speed because it should have twice the RAM to really perform well. It runs great on the 5, 5c, and 5s. I think the 4 should not have received the update, but the 4S is good enough.

          • Apostrafee

            Yes, I typed that comment before finishing the show.

  • Hey can I join next time?

  • George Colyer

    I thought it was a great episode. Ron and Tim were fine. Very entertaining with both sides having good points. I was wondering if next week maybe you guys could say anything about the LG G Flex if you have heard anything.

  • DCX

    Ron – you (during the Android Distribution Numbers segment) said the iPhone 3GS has iOS 7. For someone who does commentary on an Android site but bleeds hard for Apple products (also noticing your Apple earbuds), you’re not too astute on your facts. The iPhone 4 or later models are the only ones receiving iOS 7. The 3GS is limited to 6.X (6.1.3 at my last check). Eventually more devices will receive KitKat. As is with Apple, only products owned or manufactured by Google (the Nexus and the 2013 Moto Lines, will receive first dibs for KitKat. Other manufacturers have custom skins that need to be updated (HTC’s One Unlocked, Int’l & Dev Eds being the only exceptions as of late). Give it time.

    Mind you, I appreciate you playing Devil’s Advocate in your opinion pieces and during the broadcasts. We need an alternate viewpoint to show off. But don’t be so critical to Google about the “fragmentation issue” – they work with what they can.

    • I misspoke, you’re right. I was thinking iPhone 4, but I was also thinking about how the 3GS had four years of updates and in between doing that and trying to say 3GS instead of GS3 the words got all mixed up on their way out. I probably could have corrected it specifically, but for the rest of the show we only referenced iOS 7 on the 4 and up.

      Also, I don’t bleed hard for Apple products. I like some of their stuff, but I’m also very critical of a lot of their products. That side often isn’t seen from me because this is an Android website, not an iOS website.

      You could buy a brand new Galaxy Nexus straight from Google until the day the Nexus 4 was released. If someone bought a Galaxy Nexus anywhere near that timeframe they would not receive 18 months worth of updates. Even worse, if they bought the Galaxy Nexus on contract on the very first day it was released, they would be stuck with the phone for a full 24 months, leaving them without updates for six whole months. 18 months was a good stop gap when Google was making false promises with the Android Update Alliance, but times have changed. Android phones from Google should be receiving updates for longer periods of time.

  • Brady KEITH

    With RESPECT, Kellen…you need to break up Tim’s and Ron’s love spats. Get back to topic. Otherwise, great DLShow…as always.

    • Steve B

      This. Ron’s endless rambling gets old. Same argument every show.

    • Nikuliai

      Well I was entertained, they had valid points and the discussion got a little heated, what’s wrong with that?
      I loved -almost- the whole show (the apps part is good but basically irrelevant to me and I watched at 4a.m. so I fell sleep on that part :B)

  • Liderc

    I’d trust Ron’s opinion and buy the Moto X but then I remembered he doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about. Ron loves the Moto X and has never used one. Have you used the Nexus 5? It’s 10x the phone the Moto X is. Lol uses an iPhone, doesn’t have cable.

    • bd1212

      Screw off, he’s an awesome guy.

      • Guest

        it would be OK if he spoke about ios and left android alone, but he loves to bash on android though he doesn’t even use it regularly, nor had a decent android device EVER — that’s where people go off on him, when he starts telling everyone what android device they ought to buy or what google ought to be doing with android, etc. . .

  • ToddAwesome

    Oh Ron, you delicate genius.

    • “Delicate genius” would be a perfect Twitter bio.

  • Snapdragon Batteryguru on N5 gives me a LOT better battery life.

  • terry12s

    Can’t wait!

  • Godzilla

    Godzilla invasion possible.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Always possible, never probable.

  • Aaron

    I’m not going to watch it! You can’t make me. Oh…..who I’m kidding, I’m addicted to the droid life show lol

  • Get ready for #thereturn

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Looking forward to it.

    • EdubE24

      Can you ask Ron if he could take the fan down behind him? Not sure why it bothers me, but it’s all I see when he talks!!

      • I could move it if you would prefer to see the lamp behind it instead.

        • EdubE24

          Sounds good. Let’s do it next week and I will let you know which one I prefer staring at!

  • droidrazredge

    I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! for the Droid-life show tonight :).