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Reminder: Today is Day-1 of Motorola’s $150-off Moto X Deal, Don’t Forget to Register for a Code (Updated)

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 8.38.19 AM

Everyone ready for take two of Motorola’s Cyber Monday extravaganza bonanza? After a rocky go-of-things on Monday, Motorola is kickstarting their $150-off Moto X promo this morning at 9AM Pacific (12PM Eastern). Things are a bit different this time around though, as you can’t purchase a custom made MotoMaker Moto X until Motorola has given you a code. 

The new deal works like this – in order to get a code, Moto has setup a landing page for registration. Once you have registered, you wait for a special code to arrive. With code in hand, you have 1 week to use it during checkout on a Moto X through MotoMaker.com before it expires. The code will knock off $150 from the full retail price of the phone. By going with a code system, Motorola is hoping to alleviate some of the pressure that their site sustained on Monday when the entire tech world flooded in to try and by a Moto X at the steeply discounted $349 price.

Developer Editions are excluded this time around since you were actually able to buy them on Monday.

The rest of the details can be found here (and here).

As of me clicking “publish” on this post, it looks like we are 20 minutes away from kick off.

UPDATE:  ALL GONE. The next wave opens up next Monday, December 9.

Motorola Registration Link [TRY THIS TOO]

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UPDATE 2:  Motorola just sent out email confirmation of registration to confirm that you will soon be able to buy a discounted Moto X. This email does not include your promo code, but it promises that they are still coming.

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UPDATE 3:  Promo codes are being delivered!

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  • Josh Mueller

    DL: Community – here is another code for $150 off a Moto X H2DW-E6NB-QQHH-O4WX-GY76

  • bigceez2001

    who wants my code for moto x let me know now

  • bigceez2001

    ready for my free code guys not going to use it all ready had one

  • help!

    Geesh autocorrect

  • help!

    Help! Need a code

  • help!

    I could use a code..please!

  • Remi Quezada

    Was supposed to get my moto x today but FedEx has delivery exception :/

  • jdawg5779

    Anyone still have a code not in use?

  • Suman Gandham

    Does the “Save my design” feature actually work for anyone here? For me, it either hangs after I press Save, or it saves, but nothing actually shows up in the Saved Designs section of my account… fail =/

  • delrayser

    Holy crap, that was fast. Ordered yesterday at 6PM EST, got the “We’re Building It” email at 11PM. Just got an email at 10PM today that it shipped, due to be delivered here in DC tomorrow by 8PM. FIFTY HOURS.

    • delrayser

      And now it’s stuck in Indianapolis because of the winter storm, no estimate of when it’ll get delivered. SOBS.

  • No longer waiting

    Phone has not shipped yet, but looks like it’s being assembled: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gedidandroid/with/9728431045/
    Check out the entire photo stream…pretty cool.

    BTW, look closely at this picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gedidandroid/9728431045/in/photostream/ there are two very interesting phones in the middle.

  • https://www.facebook.com/aaron.williams.125 Champion1229

    I have my code and everything but I’m slightly hesitant to order because I still have an older Droid Razr with a micro-sim while the X has a Nano-Sim. Does the Moto X come with the new sim card or do I have to ask Verizon for one (would they give any grief for getting a new card?)

  • grumpyfuzz

    Anyone’s Moto X ship yet? I got an email at 2 A.M that they’re assembling it, but it hasn’t shipped yet for me.

  • NYS

    code up for grabs… reply.

    • Robill

      Here’s a reply for code – thanks!

      • NYS

        what’s your email?

        • Robill

          robill55 at gmail.com

  • iCoop

    Enjoy… H2DW-IVIF-B9YA-MLIA-7R45

    • Em

      Thank you so much! I waited 12 hours on Monday like everyone else here and designated my brother to get me a code yesterday because I had a work meeting during the promo time (ugh)…he did not take me seriously, though, when I told him to be on the site at 11, so naturally when he checked at 11:15 they were all gone. My expected delivery is Dec 10! Yay! Now I can keep my unlimited Verizon and finally get rid of my Droid X2 which can barely make a phone call anymore…

  • Iyvin Benjamin

    I would really love an extra code, if anyone is feeling generous send it to me at iyvin.benjamin@gmail.com

    • CC


  • Hothfox

    Just got my “we’re assembling it” email. So freaking excited for this phone. I can’t wait to use all the features that are specific to Moto’s line of devices. I’ll always love my GNex, but I’m ready to shelve it aside from development testing.

  • dobiewankanobie

    I dont understand how the codes can be transferred. The FAQs say that you must have the same email, name and contact number in the order as when you registered. I guess they were bluffing?

  • Toney

    anyone still need a code?

    • Larry Phillips

      I do!

      • Toney

        Sent! Let me know if you got it!

        • Larry Phillips

          Got it! Thanks man, very much appreciated !

    • Larry Phillips
  • Matthew Dickinson

    Got our two phones on order, looking forward to next Tuesday.

  • scuzzullbutt

    I got a code if someone would like it.

    • NneedofCode

      did you already give this code away? if not I will take it alloragunz@gmail.com

      • scuzzullbutt

        Just sent it

      • Guest


  • NexusMan

    The only “bad” thing about this sale is the delayed delivery times…ordered mine early Thursday morning and quoted a delivery of Tuesday…Now that’s fantastic in comparison to say a Google Play order, but I got spoiled by these 2 to 3 day deliveries previous Moto X buyers have received. What are the delivery times other’s have been quoted?

    • clobberedchina

      Gosh, I’ll bet they are busy in Ft. Worth this week. Maybe the assemblers will get some overtime and have some extra Christmas money.

      • NexusMan

        Exactly. Hopefully so.

  • dboots

    First to reply with an email address can have my extra code.

  • ryan savini

    i emailed my code out but the person never confirmed it… so here is my code someone can have, just don’t want to get any hopes up if it doenst work! H2DW-DVMF-QBHG-IXHX-YKC7 try it!!

  • JNo

    this is to put this comment thread over a thousand

  • willd

    one for the DL community.. my sister didnt like the moto x after all after going to best buy and look at the colors.. so here it is for my droidlife community :)


  • adamcorwin

    I’ve got an extra code if anyone still needs one.

  • Zach B.

    I”m thinking a “What Moto X did you make?” post is in order.

    • Larizard

      that’d be great!

  • bigceez2001

    i got a extra code i dont need who wants it

  • mcdonsco

    Ditto to the extra code request? PLEASE?

    • maelkoth

      I’ve got 1 extra, let me know how you’d like me to send it

      • mcdonsco

        Really? Awesome! mcdonsco123@yahoo.com

        • maelkoth

          sent, enjoy

      • mcdonsco

        mcdonsco123 at yahoo dot com

        THANK YOU!!!

        • mcdonsco


  • Taokip

    Does anyone have an extra code? Petty please with a cherry on top! I was 2 hours late today and I will not be available at all on the 9th. It would be greatly appreciated!

    • sfc2515

      I have one. How do I get it to you?

    • Taokip


    • sfca

      Not sure what your last statement means? sandwiched? If you still need a code let me know how to get to you.

    • sfca


  • Nee Austin

    If someone would like to donate a code to a worthy cause (my 64 y/o mom :) I’d be much appreciative. (She was disappointed today after I spent an hour talking her into getting one last night and missed it by a minute or two…boo Moto) zkosn (@t) zkosn.com Reward is one free photo with her new phone. :)

    • entertainmentopia

      I have an extra code I’m sending over to you! I got two because I was debating N5 and X, but chose the N5 so I got my wife an X and have an extra.

  • mrsastrocat

    I have a code if there is someone out there who missed out who wants to order a MotoMaker…

    • zk7841

      I would love to use it if you still have a free code!

      • mrsastrocat

        I do have it. What’s an email address I can send it to?

        • zk7841

          my username @ gmail.com

          • mrsastrocat


          • zk7841

            Wow, thank you so much!! I just placed my order for a royal blue + yellow accents Moto X! You are amazing, and I really appreciate the code!!

          • mrsastrocat

            You’re welcome! I was so freaked out that there would be a glitch after waiting 12 hours on Monday I signed up with two email addresses today. Hope you enjoy your Moto X! I ordered a Violet / Orange accent one. :-)

          • zk7841

            Haha well I’m glad things worked out well for both of us! That’s an awesome color combo! Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy yours too!