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Beats Music is Coming in January With Help From AT&T, Reserve Your Username Now

Well, Beats Music is in fact a real thing and it should be here in January 2014. According to Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers, the service has been in testing for quite some time thanks to the help of “people who know and love music,” along with a few of his personal heroes. Details on how the service will work are scarce, but rumors peg it as a Spotify competitor focusing on playlists. 

Rogers didn’t reveal any partnerships in his post about Beats Music, but the media has been told that AT&T will be a launch partner. It’s tough to tell if that will be for billing purposes or for preloading (bloatware) Beats Music apps on their phones. As you may know, AT&T is a big seller of other Beats products, so the partnership makes a lot of sense.

With January set as a launch, and CES happening during the first week of the month, don’t be surprised if we find out more in Vegas.

Here are the facts about the service as of today:

Beats Music is real.
We’re in an internal, private beta with people who know and love music (including a few of my personal heroes).
We’re providing a few artists and other influencers access to familiarize them with the service and get their early feedback.
We’re making improvements based on that feedback.
We can’t wait to share it with the world, and are set to launch in the US in January.

Before launch, Beats Music has opened up a sign-up page for users to be able to reserve their username. If the service sounds even a tad bit interesting, you may want to head over there immediately before all the good ones are gone.

Sign-up at Beats Music

Via:  Fistfulayen | Gigaom
  • notatechie

    I’m an almost-happy MOG user — they still refuse to support horizontal visual displays on my car-mounted HTC One, so I am used to having to look at things weirdly — because the actual sound quality is great and the selection is impressive. But they TRULY need (as they are taken over by Beats) to work on making the interface easy and beautiful. Or at least functional. Google’s Listen Now also sounds great but the interface is cluttered and confusing. I’m out of the Apple ecosystem, and Spotify is o.k.,….I actually look forward to Beats Radio’s attempts. It’ll be clear pretty soon where my $10/month should go.

  • Anthony Tyson

    No thanks

  • Rruready

    Kellen, off topic here but I have to tell you thanks for putting the titles back on top of the pictures. Now, I am thoroughly enjoying the new site. Thank you.

  • GentlemanScholar

    Beats acquired MOG in mid 2012. It’s kind of ironic because MOG is the highest fidelity standard streaming service of the more popular services (Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, etc.), but Beats headphones are not known for their high fidelity, quite the opposite actually. I’ve been using MOG for awhile and I hope that Beats doesn’t not mess up a good thing. Nonetheless, more competition is generally better for the consumer.

  • Stephen D

    Meh, I’ll stick with Spotify.

  • YourFriend

    It’s sad that there will be idiots who think this make their music sound “so amazing” on their terrible quality Apple ear phones or their obnoxious Beats headphones. I can’t stand those people, who go all “i’m such an audiophile xD” just because they own Beats.

  • Andrew Scott

    Too bad the competition “Beat” them to it. Eh?! Ehhhhhhh….I’m done.

  • zachos

    Well, if it is anything like their other products, it will be overpriced and underwhelming.

    • Adrynalyne

      But it will have lots of bass!

  • Valerie Rub

    when you say Testing service it is not done. When you are going to launch complete version. Most of testing services don’t give you complete data. testing service is process to understand your production activity .

  • Intellectua1

    Got a name just in case I change my mind but do we really need another music streaming service??

    • Anthony Tyson

      Nope. Just like we don’t need whatever this YouTube music service is going to be.

  • Kisuk3

    Beats anything is purely marketing over substance.

  • Tim242

    It seems like there would be copyright issues with the name. Beats Music is too close to Beats Audio.

    • laheelahee

      wait,,, so they’re not the same company?

      • Tim242

        They are. I didn’t realize that.

  • j

    This webpage is not available

    Guess it’s not Jan yet

    • dazz1996

      I got my name it worked well for me

  • Ben Landwehr

    Woo hoo! I hope the songs are all just bass. I don’t even want to hear the singers or other sounds going on in the songs. /s

    • th0r

      Ive got a singing trout that might be up your alley