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Google Glass Gets Official Google Play Music App, $85 Stereo Ear Buds

Google Glass Explorers can start rocking out to their own tunes now, as an official Play Music app has been released for the headset. The app allows users to stream their existing music library right from a device via the Bluetooth connection or can even start up a radio station or listen to playlists by stating, “Ok Glass, listen to…” and then say the name of an artist, song or genre. 

Given the bone-conducting speaker probably wouldn’t be too awesome for listening to music, Glass users will probably want to take advantage of the new mono bud Google launched last month or can even pick up a newly-launched stereo ear bud set for $85.

Show of hands, who here is rocking Google Glass? Kellen has a pair, but he basically refuses to use them, stating there is no true purpose? Do you agree? When finally released publicly, will people even care? Let’s hear it.


Via: Google Glass
Cheers Rithvik!
  • guest

    still looks absolutely dorky as hell.

  • Wyveryx

    The headphones are pricy and I wonder how long it will be before someone turns their heads and they get unplugged…

  • Chris Hughes

    Can anyone give me a small list of things Glass does that my phone doesn’t?

    I’m not trolling…I’m seriously asking. I love this sort of tech and want it to succeed but I just can’t see any purpose for it. I could see it if it was totally hidden into glasses, but as of right now it seems like the equivalent of having your phone out all the time with it pointing at everyone.

  • Edward Coles

    I own them, and I wear them. I have many discussions with people that have not seen them and let them use them. I also take pictures and get notifications during the day. It does not replace my smartphone, but it does work well with my smart phone. I dont have to take it out for pictures or videos, I get navigation and dont get distracted. I also can respond to text messages through voice actions. I think 85 for an ear bud is expensive but I still might buy …

  • Sirx

    “Kellen has a pair, but he basically refuses to use them…”

    Wow! After reading the “I bought the new Nike Fuelband to teach Nike a lesson by supporting them so I can complain about not supporting me!” article a few days ago, one would feel that Kellex might be starting to lose his touch. I’m sorry, but if you can not find something to do with Google Glass while cradling a newborn in both arms, then you simply are not trying hard enough :-/

    Also, does his disinterest mean no review/thoughts/etc. from Droid-Life about them? That would suck, you see.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many Wires dangling for those headphones. Would annoy me to death

  • Tristan

    As soon as they release an official Ingress App for them I’ll be rocking a pair non-stop 🙂

    • Ian

      So you can see a purpose and would want a pair? #bipolarcomments

  • Ian

    I feel like they could figure out a better way to make ear buds work without making them look ridiculous

  • Pak12345

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  • Vincent Rendon

    I just ordered mine last night too. Can’t wait to get mine in. Sure I thought about the “shine” factor diminishing over time, but if you’re a techie like I am this is a must have. You have to realize you’re actually part of the developmental process of a piece of technology that is going to push the limits to no end. Sure nay-sayers will say they have no purpose but to the people that DO have them and say they do serve a functional purpose in their lives? Then what?

  • Inquizitor

    Mine just shipped home today, can’t wait to get them after finals and start developing!

  • glassy

    do not want, can’t see any purpose

  • StockGS3er

    So Kellen has a newborn and Google Glass? He must be cutting off any beer drinking for a few years.

    • Ian

      How does Google Glass affect beer drinking?

      • StockGS3er

        Just another expense. Hopefully Kellen had those monies aside since Glass was unveiled.

        • Ian

          I’m sure DL bought the Glass and Kellen buys the beer. Although a newborn will cut into the entertainment fund.

    • imnotmikal

      With a newborn and Google Glass, I’m surprised he’s not eager to put them on. I could see countless home videos from daddy’s POV.

      • StockGS3er

        I totally agree with that statement. That’s what I’d want to do.

  • Colton

    every time i see these pics, i imagine that the nose piece leaves an imprint

  • zurginator

    Kellen refuses to wear his? I bid $100.

    • zurginator

      (And yes, I am completely serious about starting a bid at $100).

    • Ian

      I’ll see your $100 and raise you another $1100.

  • coolsilver

    I would rock them out. Might be the excuse to wear contacts more often. I do hope the “Listen to” command is worked a little better. Doesn’t always work for google now.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Glass as of now is geared towards a limited base of developers that will actually make some utilization of Glass instead of just leaving it to gather dust. That’s why the product and its accessories are so expensive. They’re not going to give it to just anybody.

    The fact Google hasn’t released a commercial version yet means that they don’t see Glass as a complete product to be released to the masses currently. This is strongly evidenced by the user with a pair above saying it has no true purpose yet.

  • Raj Bhatt

    I bought Glass yesterday and it was shipped today. I am excited!

  • Mark Duenas

    Glass is great. Handsfree for everything, always connected. I’m a real cyborg!

  • jmsbwmn

    A good friend of mine just got Google Glass 2.0. I tried them…. and I don’t see the point. It is CERTAINLY not worth $1,500, and while I know the public launch will be significantly cheaper, I still won’t buy something THAT ugly that serves NO true purpose.

    • Ugly?

      • Ian

        Just his opinion, sorry he forgot to state that.

  • Shaun Quartier

    Headphones.. $85… sorry I’ll pass.. how about the girl?!?

    • feztheforeigner

      She’s extra. Nice accessory if you can afford it though.

  • djab

    I just got mine. Still on the fence, I am loving them right now but I am not sure if that is just because they are my new toy. I will be interested to see how the google music app effects the battery life…

    • coolsilver

      Probably no worse than streaming to another bluetooth device for the phone/tablet. Glass itself not sure.

  • Larry Page

    I really need to price my products cheaper. Until then, I’m giving you the a-okay to purchase Apple Earpods.

  • BrandonWhite116

    I just received a pair, I really like them. I think they will become very useful once more apps are available. I am woking on an app of my own.

  • StuckOnVerizonForever

    $85? That’s like buying a beats audio headset.

    • sweenish

      Or a good pair of earbuds that cost $85.

      Without an actual review of the buds, it’s impossible to know if the price is inflated or not.