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Dead Trigger 2 Updated, Brings Additional Game Rebalancing and New African Environments

A new update for Dead Trigger 2 is live on Google Play, bringing quite the changelog for zombie slayers. If you happen to play Dead Trigger 2 quite a bit, you will know that the game can be somewhat tedious and boring after a while, and it looks like Madfinger has heard your cries. Included in this update are over 50 new gameplays, as well as brand new African environments. 

In addition, there are even more sniper and helicopter missions (heck yes), redesigned warfare rewards, rebalanced zombie difficulty, as well as “various tweaks” made across the entire game. It’s quite the update, so be sure to check the full changelog below.

What’s New

  • Over 50 new gameplays
  • More Helicopter & Sniper missions
  • New African Environments
  • Redesigned Warfare Rewards
  • Zombie difficulty has been rebalanced
  • Number of fast zombies decreased
  • Several missions have been rebalanced
  • Various tweaks across the whole game
  • Pink textures on Galaxy Grand

What has us super excited is that Madfinger posted up what is to come in version 3.0, and it looks like they are finally opening up the world a bit more. Included in the next update are Chinese environments, new story missions, new weapons, and more challenges. Finally!

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  • Brandon Golway

    Awesome. I played DT2 for about 2 weeks straight, dumping hours into it and about $30 of actual money but after that amount of time it did become quite boring since you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

  • joejoe5709

    Now if they’d just lower the cost of the guns a smidge (like 10-20%) and give us a way to earn gold other than downloading apps and watching videos, that would be great. If we were to get 50-100 gold each time we leveled up instead of so much money, the game would be a lot more enjoyable.

    • Brandon Golway

      Agreed. I’ve been suckered into spending about $30 of actual money in order to upgrade everything in a way that doesn’t take days or weeks of waiting and game play.

    • HarvesterX

      The game is worth at most like $25 so if you’ve spent $30 then all the timers should disappear and all the IAP stuff should disappear as well AMD the entire game should be open for you to play. That’s how a IAP method should work. Shouldn’t have to keep paying more then the game is worth.

      (Not complaining that you spent real money, just that after spending $30 or so then you shouldn’t have to pay a dime anymore and have a fully unlocked legit game..that way those who want to pay the cost for the entire game can and those who want to spend little or nothing can still play but in a limited style. They could pay as much as they feel they get for their money…)

  • XboxOne

    I uninstalled Dead Trigger 2 after just 10 minutes of gameplay. Got boring fast. Good move adding more content to the game Madfinger I’ll try it out again.

    • XboxOne

      yeah downvote me fanboys

    • blackjaguar25

      I think that you uninstalled it because you don’t like playing games on a device where Kinect isn’t always watching you.