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Zombie Killer Squad Released for Android – Like Temple Run, but With the Undead

Recently launched onto Google Play for Android, the Zombie Killer Squad is made up of two very-well-known YouTube personalities, Syndicate and SeaNanners. The game is an endless runner, taking the best parts of Temple Run and combining them with games such as Into the Dead. As you run through an environment made up of crudely-designed buildings and buses, you shoot zombies while riding horses and over-sized cats.

You can purchase upgrades via IAPs, and to play certain characters like SeaNanners, you have to pay or gather enough coins. It’s free to download on Google Play, so go check it out and start slaying more zombies.

Play Link

  • Kane Stapler

    Tim! I can’t believe they put you in the game!

    • That Seananners (Adam) character does remind me of myself! Good eye! 😛

  • JBartcaps

    Big fan of SeaNanners and Tom! Fun game!

  • Thomas

    To the DL staff, is it possible to remove the Facebook, Twitter, G+ stuff at the top of the screen? When trying to watch YouTube videos within articles in landscape view on a mobile device they are in the way. Please….pretty please 😉