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VSCO Cam for Android Launches Tomorrow on Google Play

Tomorrow on Google Play, VSCO Cam is finally launching for Android. After gathering quite the following the iOS, the developers are now turning their sights to the world’s most widely-used mobile OS, and the app will be free to download. The app is essentially photo editing software, kind of like Camera Awesome and Snapseed.

Once downloaded, there are 10 preset “filters” to use, and additional editing and sharing options can be purchased. The app will be available to Android users running Android 4.0+, so be on the lookout for when it drops.

Here is a trailer from the makers of VSCO Cam.

Via: VSCO Cam
Cheers Kyle!
  • Nicholas Hrycun

    This is way better than snapseed. Unless you like the HDR crap that snapseed does. This is all about a certain style of photography. I haven’t even opened snapseed since being part of the beta.

  • JoeN

    Yawn. Snapseed or Pixlr Express ftw. They took too long to come to Android

  • Crom Tuise

    I hope this app is as awesome as the trailer suggests it is!

  • xraytedjim

    That trailer looks like it belongs in the desert somewhere making meth.

  • I’m diggin’ the song! It’s:

    Kye Kye – Broke (Remix)

  • Sean Bello

    This isn’t a big deal. I would say iOS users don’t know what they’re missing with Snapseed. Nobody would use this over Snapseed.

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      Except for the fact that iOS users have SnapSeed too…


      • Sean Bello

        I looked for it and didn’t see it. my mistake.

    • justinmullet

      I haven’t touched Snapseed since being part of the Android Beta Program for VSCO

  • Chris

    AAHHH awesome!!! I have all of there presets for ligthroom. amazing effects!

  • interstellarmind

    Snapseed seems already pretty robust to me. Not sure I need another editing app.

    I do wish Snapseed was baked into Android, though.Or at the very least, integrate the Gallery, Photos, and Snapseed apps into one android media app. One stop shopping approach to managing/ editing your photos and videos. (I am assuming that’s where Google is headed to, anyway, with Photos)

    • Ken

      it’s not baked in, it’s part of the frosting.

  • Meh

  • FknTwizted

    I wonder if this is comparable to perfectly clear app….

  • Ray

    I’ll believe it when I see it. I’m not holding my breath though.

    • justinmullet

      it’s true!

  • That is quite possibly the worst trailer I have ever seen, that it actually makes me hate the product. Thanks for wasting my time and showing me nothing VSCO.

  • hifilove

    This app is not your run of the mill junk, the style and work that went into it is steps above the others. I don’t think there is a android phone worthy of the App, camera hardware wise…..

    • 213ninja


  • livin


  • I got nothing from that trailer. I can’t be THAT daft, could I?

  • bretjutras

    I’m always confused by the hype around these apps. How are they any different than what I already have? Snapseed is completely free. No in app purchases. What do these apps do that I’m missing here? I tried out Camera Awesome and then moved on. I love camera apps so I’m always open to try new ones, I just don’t see what any of these are doing that I don’t already have.

    • joseph barrientos

      the smoothness and basic user experience is really great (:

    • PhillipCun

      Have you used it yet? I have on iOS and VSCO cam is great for certain style of photography. I find their vast choices of filters really help my photos for the style i’m looking for.

      So if you haven’t used it, then you wouldn’t know how it is different. Try it out for yourself then.

    • morgan boyle

      VSCO is best known for film simulation. i use filters in lightroom to make photos look like it was shot with a specific type of fuji film or kodak film. never used the app though. i trust them. Snapsneed FTW though

  • TheRunner024

    VSCO Cam was the only reason I kept my iPhone, now I can get rid of it.

    • PhillipCun

      LOL +1. just got the moto x VZW DE from today’s sale to replace my temp iphone 5. Excited about this news 😀

  • joseph barrientos

    any news one if we can use filters purchased from iOS already? had it on a previous work phone and bought filters, can i have them back? lol

    • Dave S.

      Great question, I was wondering the same thing…I bought all/most of the filters on my iPod a while back…maybe they’ll be able to port them over if you login with your current user info? *fingers crossed*

      EDIT: According to their Twitter reply to this one person, you should be able to just log in and re-download the filters you’ve purchased!