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Question of the Day: What did You buy Over the Holiday Weekend?

Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the two days where Americans start throwing exuberant amounts of money into holiday gifts and items they themselves have been craving over. There are cheap TVs, $15 toasters, and Blu-Ray discs for $3. It’s a crazy time.

So we want to know, did you pick up anything special while the sales were available? We know many folks were hoping to pick up an off contract Moto X today through Motorola’s Cyber Monday deal, but they have apparently put that on hold for the time being thanks to their site not being able to handle so much traffic.

Let’s hear all of your new goodies in the comments below!

  • hcortes

    I have the disappearing phone bill. I haven’t had a bill over a year a
    go and I get unlimited talk text and data, even includes international
    texting. Here is where i got it nationwideunlimited.com

  • mizo

    Klipsch Image S4i-II headphones. 50%off. Finally!

  • Edward

    Mexican Food and coffee

  • Bruce Johnston

    A Verizon Ellipsis

  • ClarkDV

    I bought a Nintendo 3DS XL, Pokemon Y, Zelda a Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, and Zelda Wind Waker. No phone stuff this time around. I’m Nintendo’d out

  • Shaftway

    Legos. Lots of Legos. Duplo sets of Jake and the Neverland Pirates for my kids and friends’ kids, Lego airplane and carousel sets for my son. Lego ornaments for a couple people. And hopefully my wife got the Lego Super Star Destroyer for me (a man can dream).

  • Jon

    Sony SmartWatch 2, Xbox One, vaccum cleaner, pot set, clothes.

  • cknight91

    computer upgrade: i7 4770k processor, gtx 770 graphics card

  • Ken Bosse

    shots for a pretty girl at the bar.

  • Dylan

    MotoX DE, 240GB SSD, Disk Enclosure, Tredmill. It was a good day, even if I held back from a 21-23″ monitor with HDMI and an extra chromecast.

  • Nick V

    I bought an HP 14″ Chromebook for my son. Normally $299, on sale for $229.

  • Quint

    urBeats; hats

  • Matt

    Picked up a Nest!

  • Ethan Besbris

    My white 32gb Nexus 5, which should be here tomorrow! Picked up a G2 from Sprint for free for my girlfriend (Cyber Monday special) and ordering two Moto G’s for my brother/sister-in-law on Friday to replace their aging MyTouch 3G Slide/MyTouch 4G.

  • S.Ober


  • Derek Jones

    Nexus 5, which I won’t be able to use for two more weeks (without a penalty) while I wait for my Verizon contract to expire

  • Sporttster

    A new HP Touchsmart 15.6 laptop. Still trying to figure out Windows 8.1. Strange touching my laptop screen and having regular programs and apps together. Got it for $388 at Wally world. Am considering the most recent Galaxy Note 10″ tab to go with my new shiny Note 3 I got during the Verizon keep your unlimited frenzy.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I bought my first hdtv, 32″ 1080p, and a Chromecast. It’s gonna destroy my already low rate of productivity. ;D

  • cb

    I ended up going with the Droid Maxx and I’m very happy with it.

  • Jonathan Paul

    $200 worth of vape gear from West Shore Vapes

  • LjHe80

    64gb Sandisk Micro SDXC UHS-1 $34.99

  • heyheythere

    I think you mean exorbitant, friend. Not exuberant.

  • Joe

    Latest generation Nexus 7 at staples for $50 off

  • Michael C.

    is it sad that I bought 5 ipad airs??

  • Ry Sav

    Stuck to my roots. 12 pack of Bud Light is all I needed to buy

  • Comk4ver

    I got myself an LG G2 and a TPU case from ebay… XD Total damage: $80? Plus kept my unlimited data!
    Yay, me!

  • TC Infantino

    I bought my parents a Nexus 7 from Google Play Store. I figured it was time to get them addicted to Android and all you can do with a nice tablet. This should lead to them finally getting a HD tv for their living room. Once I showed them how I was able to rent/buy a movie on my phone through Google Play, and then play it right away on my TV through ChromeCast, they were amazed and have kept expressing interest in getting an Android device soon.

  • anoninja118

    a shiny new 2013 Nexus 7, very happy with it!

  • Nothing, I am poor and looking for a new job. My MOTO X I got in November was my gift to myself.

  • TankerTuff

    I already bought a note 3 so I just bought me some cologne.

  • Nathan Massouda

    I got me my Moto X Dev on Verizon! 😀
    My cracked Gnex with 5 batteries will move on to a life of being a robot controller now

    • EC8CH

      geek power up!

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    A Chromecast, iTunes gift card for my defected brother, band tees for my kid sister and a whole new wardrobe for myself (Clothes were the thing to buy this year…)

  • terry12s

    Nothing at all

  • WAldenIV

    Bow ties.

    • Nick

      bow ties are cool, now you need a fez to go with it

  • BAM1789

    Nothing!! Bahumbug!!

  • jamaall

    Though it’s not great, I did get a galaxy tab 3 7.0. But what I consider great and what a normal person does is much different. Got it for only 109.99 new at staples with their $50 coupon before black Friday. It’s definitely worth that price.

  • Chris M

    I got a VZW Developers Edition the first time it went live, I feel sorry for those people still waiting for the moto maker website.

  • Ralph Bretz

    Bought 2 Verizon Moto X Developer Phones

  • Eriksky

    Nexus 7 32GB from Staples (only cuz 16GB was sold out when I made up my mind at like 11:50pm EST)

  • MadnessRedefined

    Even though I don’t live in the USA (no black Friday for me) I finally got myself the nexus 7! I’m loving it, too bad we don’t have case in any store… I don’t suppose you could send me one of those you showed? I’d be very grateful 😉

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    Nexus 7 on Wednesday for 150 at staples.

  • drewbie_al

    I picked up a VZW Moto X DE and a homebrew starter kit. Phone for me, beer for my brother in law.

  • T_Dizzle

    New battery for my ailing Gnex and a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Aaron Sibold

    Booze…. No lie.