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Misfit Shine Activity Tracker Finally Readies Android App, is on Sale at Best Buy for $99 (Updated)

Back in March, we gave you a not-so-pleasant update on a funded IndieGogo campaign called Misfit Shine, a wearable activity tracker (like a Fitbit) that is easily one of the most elegant designs you’ll see in the industry. Their team announced at the time that they had dropped Android support, even though they had initially said it would be a part of the product’s launch. As a well-funded project at over $800,000 with thousands of backers, this wasn’t exactly the start that a potential Android userbase was looking for.

As months have gone by with iOS-only apps available, we had almost forgotten about the Misfit Shine altogether. And then out of no where this past week, they announced that Shine for Android was “coming soon.” They haven’t exactly given a firm date, but we do know that it’ll support Android 4.3 devices with Bluetooth 4.0. 

For those new to the Misfit Shine, and in the market for an activity tracker, I highly recommend checking out the product introduction video below. This might be one of the most beautifully designed products to enter the market this year. It’s an activity tracker, so it’ll keep track of your steps throughout the day, calories burned, and sleep cycles. The battery lasts up to 4 months, but then requires you to change it out. It’s waterproof, is all about connectivity with an app instead of a computer, and certainly gives off a different vibe than a rubber band around your wrist.

So with news of an Android app on the horizon, that means it’s time to talk about price and availability. Normally, the Misfit Shine can be had through the Shine store for $119, along with separately sold accessories like a sport band, necklace, or leather band. But as of this weekend, they are selling it as a package deal through Best Buy with the sport band for $99. So you are saving $20 in total. It comes in four colors:  Topaz, Grey, Champagne, and Jet Black.

Best Buy Link

Update:  The app is now live on Android for select devices. All of my Nexus devices seem to be supported, however, the Moto X is not currently on the list. [Play Link]

Via:  Misfit Wearables | @MisfitWearables [2]
  • Michael C.

    I have a shine and the tracker is sleek and small!! Been using my sister’s ipod to sync and now I can use my own android device 😀 for those that want to get one, go to store.misfitwearables.com and get one there. I have some $50 off coupon codes below that will take the price down to $69.


  • Bill

    play.google.com says this is not compatible with my GS4 & won’t allow me to download…what gives? Can someone upload the APK? Thanks.

  • Frettfreak

    any product that pulls crap like that is OFF my list forever. “Yes we will support android, go pledge money” then backs out. YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. Go suck some apple balls.

  • TuckandRoll84

    The biggest thing for me is that it is waterproof and works in the pool. Might have to pick this up.

    • the new Amiigo is also waterproof and tracks more things. not out yet though… but im waiting for my shippment!

  • Sergio Meraz


  • dan0matic

    FYI the adds on the new site design are AWEFUL!

    • Milind Shah

      why? i can’t see any problems

      • dan0matic

        Just so many of them, and so pointless. Selena Gomez adds? No good.

        • Jordan Harvey

          I believe they have targeted ads. Are you sure you weren’t previously searching for Selena Gomez?

          • dan0matic

            I have a 12 year old girl in my house that is signed in on my account on her device, so that probably explains the seemingly random adds. I had not considered that as a factor.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I count 3 ads and they aren’t in the way at all… And if you’re getting ads about Selena you were searching for Selena

  • Rob

    Pass. What they did was deceptive and I will never support them. Android users got shafted when they said one thing and did another.

  • Thomas

    Kellen, somebody is up late. Isn’t being a new parent great 😉

    • Up late, back up early. Glorious. 😛

      • Milind Shah

        what is his/her name? 🙂

    • evltwn

      It’s the new Droid-Life After Dark.