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Series 04 Android Collectibles Now Available From Dead Zebra!

The Series 04 Android collectibles set from Dead Zebra is now available in both box sets and as individual mystery packs! Go get ’em before they sell out! 

If you buy an entire case, you’ll get the 13 different featured designs plus one secret rare collectible. I believe there are two rare collectibles in total. Cases contain 16 collectibles, so yes, you likely will end up with a couple of doubles.

Also, if you want the Android Foundry socks that were highlighted last week by us, we’ve got links to those below as well. All are available, for now. The site does seem to be getting hammered at the moment, so be patient or at least give it all a shot.

LinksSeries 04 Link | Foundry Grid Socks | Green Bot Socks

  • James

    What does the shipping cost? (Sorry if I already posted this, its glitching out and I can’t tell if it went through before

  • James

    What is shipping price?

  • Michael Thompson

    I only want Androids that do stuff.
    Andru charger comes to mind.

  • Patrick Maher

    Got my case. There are 3 chase (rare) designs. If you buy a case you will get 12 standard + 3 duplicates and 1 chase (rare).

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’m not going to go crazy this time as I did with Series 03, so I’ll just buy one. Thanks for the heads up(had forgotten all about Series 04 being available today).

  • Jimmy

    I got three blind boxes, I’m very excited!

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  • Pmagent2013

    Got 3!