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Pebble Smartwatch Finally Arrives on Amazon, Drops $20 in Price for Black Friday

Pebble, what can only be described as the most successful smartwatch to date, is now available through Amazon. Up until this week, Pebble was only available directly through Pebble’s site or through select retailers like Best Buy. This move, as you can imagine, is huge for the wearable startup. At $149.99 through the online retail giant, though, you aren’t seeing a deal – that’s the exact same price that Pebble is listed at everywhere else. 

With that said, today is Black Friday, so you can find the Pebble with a $20 1-day-only discount directly through their own store. Instead of paying $150 to join the clan of wearables, you can start receiving notifications on your wrist for $130.

They currently have Jet Black, Cherry Red, Orange, and Arctic White in stock.

We reviewed Pebble back in February, finding it to be a useful accessory to your daily notification-filled life. At the time, we had a couple of issues with the amount of information it could display, all of which has been fixed in recent software updates.

Links:  Pebble Store (save $20) | Amazon

  • $ 20 for Black Friday, which could be considered a rational.

  • CapnShiner

    I just bought one directly from getpebble.com for $130 in black. Amazon only has the red one for $147 with a $20 gift card. Best Buy has it for $149.99 with a $20 gift card. Personally, I think it’s better to take the $20 off up front, rather than being locked into a future purchase at the same retailer. I also was not charged sales tax from Pebble. That seems like the best deal to me.

  • Jon

    Amazon also dropped the price of the Sony smart watch 2 down from $199 to is current price of $160.

    I picked one up and think it probably is a better buy than the Pebble.

    Anyone here ever tried both? Comparison?

    • Jon

      OK well I just got my SmartWatch 2 yesterday. I’ve never owned a Pebble, but I did spend a few days with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. I ended up returning the Gear as it irritated my wrist, wasn’t water proof (a must for me as I work in hospital and performing hand washing all day where watch gets splashed on constantly), I didn’t find the camera necessary and just felt it was overpriced for what I needed it to be.

      My Sony SmartWatch 2 has solved a few of the problems that I had with the gear. I think the SW2 looks very classy and unassuming, not an attention getting design which I thought the Gear was and I just don’t like that. I don’t have to do the wrist flick thing that the GG had that didn’t work reliably enough. The SmartWatch 2 shows the time all the time. I installed an app called “WatchIt!” and with that app I’m able to get any and all notification from my phone to my watch. I set the default to turn off all app notifications, and then went through the software and just turned on the few apps that I want notifying me on my watch.

      I leave my phone on vibrate, and the damn thing just works. The band is made of matte plasticy rubber and is comfortable.

      So I can’t speak for the Pebble, but I do think the SmartWatch 2 is a better value than the Galaxy Gear. I got it for $159 from Amazon, half of what the Gear cost.

  • Jerry13

    A friend got a white Pebble off eBay for $100. I have a black Kickstarter edition. They have improved the bands since mine.

  • Can anyone who has used one of these for a few months chime in with thoughts / impressions? I read (and appreciated) the droid-life “after 5 days of use” review, but as your average Joe consumer, I’d want to use mine for the long-term. Is this something that you’re happy using indefinitely?

    • Muddy B00ts

      I’ve had mine since March (I think) and I’ve worn it every day. It’s nice leaving my phone on silent all the time and never ever missing a phone call. I recommended one to my dad who is hard of hearing, and he said it has changed his life. He loves it.

    • Jordan

      I love mine solely for the notification vibration.


      I have only been wearing mine for 24 hours, but love the vibrate notification! get a quick look at texts, calls, etc with a glance at the watch. lots of watchfaces, apps and other stuff i probably havent discovered yet. as an avid tech geek, but only 24 hrs on my wrist, i definitely recommend this! best buy has a $20 gift card when purchasing it. i can text simple responses to people, initiate calls, ignore calls…amazing!

  • refthemc

    For some reason I read, “drops to $20.”

    • laheelahee

      lol. me too… seeing what i want to see

      • Mike Waldon

        I would have bought 4 for christmas gifts if they were $20.

  • Erstam

    Yes, but only the black and red 150. White, for example, states 300 bucks.