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Kit Kat Update Rolling Out to HTC One Developer and Unlocked U.S. Units

htc one3

HTC originally told us to expect the update to Android 4.4 “Kit Kat” to arrive on the One some time in January. And then this morning happened. Through the official HTC USA Twitter account, HTC has announced that the Kit Kat update is now rolling out to the unlocked U.S. and developer units. Yes, “now” as in today. 

Our unit has not received the update yet, but we’ll be checking often. Should your unit receive it, be sure to let us know! Also, don’t forget to post up screenshots and other details in the comments.

Kit Kat introduced all sorts of new goodies on the user side of things, many of which we have highlighted here. We’ll see how much of it HTC includes, though we’re hoping for most.

The update to Kit Kat also brings Sense 5.5, a version of HTC’s skin that recently launched on the HTC One Max.

  • lance

    I have s HTC one it’s unlock I got it the update yesterday I dig it seems to be a lot faster

  • Daniel Walsh

    Got it yesterday and I love it. HTC is awesome.

  • ZmaC

    My HTC ONE got the update and it ok , not that much changed . Still it’s the best smartphone 🙂 but still I think they should update more characters for messages

  • Anup Mathai

    Just got it and is awesome

  • Mel C.

    Just received the update this morning…Sweet!

  • kim kiri

    Good news, HTC One owners in the USA, the handset is ready to receive its Android 4.4 KitKat update, although only certain versions of the phone will get it right away. Android 4.4 for the HTC One Developer Edition and Unlocked variants of the phone has been released, keeping HTC’s promise of releasing the update for the phone less than one month after the official unveiling of KitKat. The KitKat update should deliver most of the standard Android 4.4 features which are now available on Nexus and Google

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  • PhoenixPath

    Carrier versions in Jan. Dev was always 30 days-GPe was 15.

    Sheesh people… this was widely reported.


  • aQuickBit

    Someone really needs to up that bounty to unlock our stock HTC Ones….

  • EC8CH

    Titles above the images… Woot Woot!

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Just Picked an HTC One on Verizon today actually. Other than the navigation buttons I’m really impressed with this phone. Cyanogenmod is going on it ASAP though, I pretty much have to have the stock experience and I wasn’t satisfied with the Moto X.

    • Matt

      What about the X did you not like? I’m trying to decide between the G2and the X

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        I liked the Moto X a lot, it felt very similar to my Galaxy Nexus, but it came down to what was more important to me. I’m not a huge fan of HTC’s navigation button setup but I love the fact that it has two amazing front facing speakers, being able to unlock the bootloader was part of it too. It also helped that I was able to upgrade for $30 and keep unlimited data. A Moto X through Moto Maker would have run me $100-150.

        • matt


    • PhoenixPath

      Convert it to GPe. No need for buggy ROMs on this thing. (Though if you use the sense quick settings at all, you’ll start to hate the AOSP one’s).

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        To my knowledge the GPE ROM for the Verizon HTC One is still a work in progress, I could be wrong though. Sense was on the phone for all of a few hours before i put CM on it, no issues at all thus far. CM has a few tweaks to quick settings that I like over AOSP.

  • Mon

    I give a lot of credit to HTC for havibg it out so fast. It uausally take 3-12 years for an update 🙂

  • samosa king

    Well. That was fast.

  • Daniel Walsh

    Awesome. I can’t wait to get it. HTC and Motorola have really stepped up their game in delivering fast Android updates.

    • Justin W

      Yup! Now where’s Samsung in this whole thing?

      • AndroidUser00110001

        Hanging with LG somewhere in South Korea…

        • Justin W

          Lol. Update to be announced late December, released in March!

  • EvanTheGamer

    And…still waiting for Kit Kat to hit the GN3. But I imagine this will be a pretty lengthy wait. Oh well. Sure it’ll be worth it though.

    • Adrynalyne

      Waiting for Samsung to jankify an update is never worth it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Great Job HTC! . . . I kinda miss my One (Sold on Swappa went to Nexus 5)… though that was mostly to dump verizon and go prepaid. Looking forward to the M8, always supported HTC.

    • Eric R.

      Good job? The DNA is still on 4.1

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        You’re not seriously Blaming HTC for that right?….

        • needa

          whatever the issues with it are… it is still up to htc to get it through approval.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            The issue is verizon. That isn’t exactly a secret. Verizon has to approve it on their own…and everyone knows they are the worst offender. It’s 100% up to Verizon to push the update.

          • needa

            and i think that once verizon says it doesnt pass approval, htc should fix the problem.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Pass approval?… You’re a bit confused about this process honestly.

          • needa

            no, im not confused. you just dont want to admit that htc is ultimately at fault. <—not confused about that either. enjoy your day.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            You must be new here. HTC gives the update to Verizon and other carriers…… It’s Verizons drawn out testing (which is very well known if you frequent tech blogs) that’s always been the problem. That’ and they prioritize newer devices. Maybe you should hang around here some more. You’re welcome .

          • needa

            not new. just dont own a dna. but i get it now. case solved. dna is supposed to get 4.2 in december. it took htc a year to get the 4.2 update to verizon. its been so long since 4.2 was released… i assumed that verizon did not push the update. fyi… this still lays the blame on htc. its been over a year. verizon doesnt take that long to test.

          • Joel

            I have the Droid DNA and this has been slowest update process I have seen. Purchased this in May. Not one android version update and it has been one year since it was released. It’s a great phone that is still very fast even with sense 4 and has a nice1080p screen.

          • Mitchman

            Don’t worry you’ll get your update 23 out of the 24 months into your contract. It’ll be just like the Thunderbolt all over again. I’m kidding – I certainly hope it doesn’t take that long, but HTC phones never have a good track record on Verizon.

          • LionStone

            Except of course when it comes to the One.

          • Mitchman

            That has yet to be determined. For everyone’s sake I hope you are right.

          • Mitchman

            Once Verizon rejects the update, its given back to HTC to make changes and they must start the process Verizon’s testing process over again. I’m sure Verizon takes a bit longer with HTC products, especially after the horrible boot looping updates on the Thunderbolt.

          • Eric R.

            Its HTC, all they care about is the “One”

          • Luciano Carvalho

            He’s correct on the process. They have to provide the software to Verizon

          • Adrynalyne

            I’ve seen the pre-req sheets. Needa is correct on the process. If it was just Verizon, then you would see build dates of months in the past. Instead, the actual build dates end up being weeks old for the final pushed build.

          • Weston


          • Adrynalyne

            Prove it, monkey nuts.

          • Weston

            Already have moron

          • Adrynalyne

            You showing your ignorance only proves you to be clueless.

          • Weston

            You don’t understand the process. HTC gives the update to Verizon. Verizon does a long testing process and doesn’t tell HTC anything until they decide to approve the update. Learn about the process you idiot.

          • needa

            noshit sherlock. htc did not give the update to verizon until the first or second week of october. cause that is when it was announced that the dna would be updated in december. why… because that gives verizon the two months they need to test the software.

            all of you chumps cant fathom that someone else just might understand things a bit more than others.

            as i said before… it only took htc A YEAR to get the update to verizon.

          • Weston

            You are a daft fool

          • Eric R.

            Verizon has changed, the S4 and Moto X were the first to get updated on Verizon, beat ATT, T-Mobile and Sprint

          • CHRIS42060

            As much as I hope they have changed for Verizon subscriber’s sake I don’t think we can call it a complete 180 of their update policy for only 2 devices.

          • PhoenixPath

            Hmmm…. all three are flagship products VZW is pushing wildly….

            Again I say….. Hmmmm….

          • NemaCystX

            Keep drinking that Kool-aid

          • Weston

            Is that why the HTC One on Verizon is still waiting for 4.3 while every other model has 4.3? You are dumb.

          • HarvesterX

            Unless you own Motorola’s/Google bastard child and get 4.4 within a week….

          • Adrynalyne

            Verizon and OEM. I am sorry but it is not just Verizon. Verizon has not kept the DNA at 4.1. HTC slacked, and then Verizon’s long testing process exacerbated the issue.

          • LionStone

            Absolutely agree, it’s both of them not getting it done!

          • Weston

            Wrong. Verizon has the update. They just won’t push it out.

          • Adrynalyne

            Think about this for a minute.

            Do you really think that Verizon has kept the DNA from being upgraded to 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.3, 4.3.1, and 4.4?

            Verizon doesn’t code or build the patches.

          • Weston

            Yes because HTC gave Verizon the update. Verizon has said they are continuing to test the update to see if it meets their network standards. Are you really this moronic?

          • Adrynalyne

            Listen here genius, I said they are both at fault.

            HTC for taking so long issuing it.

            Verizon for taking so long testing it.

            We are also talking about the DNA, 4.1 to now. HTC made the decision not to upgrade it before, not Verizon.

            Get a clue, please.

          • Weston

            Wrong again twat

          • Weston

            Wrong again bob. It is all Verizon.

          • Adrynalyne

            Yeah ok, LOL. So many uninformed people out there.

            I’m sure you will understand some day.

          • Weston

            Yeah and you are one of them. I cannot believe how damn daft you are.

          • Adrynalyne

            Big vocabulary for a brain so small. Get a clue and look at the bigger picture instead of your own small little view.

        • Kevin

          Moto X?

    • George264

      I sold my One a month ago too to dump verizon. the m8 is my next. Picking up the X on cyber Monday for tmo to hold me through. No LTE on n4 is a deal breaking

    • epps720

      I’m about to sell my Unlocked One on Swappa (posting it tonight), stock KitKat should make it all the more enticing. Love the phone just got in on the Amazon screw up and got a new G2. I really do miss Boom sound and Blinkfeed.