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Black Friday Deal: Nexus 5 32GB in Black or White From eBay for $394 With Free Shipping

We don’t know how long the deal will last, but a Daily Steal over at eBay has popped up for the Nexus 5 with 32GB of storage. The deal includes a $5 price drop to $394 (from Google’s $399 price) and free shipping. You can pick either the black or white “panda” versions as well, with estimated delivery between December 4 and December 10. If you take a look at the Google Play listing for each 32GB Nexus 5, estimating shipping dates are as far out as December 11.

If the Nexus 5 was on your list, this is the best deal in town.

eBay Link

Cheers Alex!
  • Elia

    Can you recommand a wireless charger for the Nexus 5? I heard that the
    ravpower one with built-in battery can function well with the qi
    compatible devices. Need advice on that. Thanks.

  • livin

    Have anyones orders shipped yet?

    • Steve

      Got an email that it shipped today (from Edison, NJ) with a tracking number. Expected delivery is tomorrow (I’m in West Chester, PA). So far, so good!

      • livin

        Right on, I received mine this morning as well. UPS.

  • Relisted for $599, wow

  • Tyson Stone

    Too bad I didn’t see this deal yesterday. I would have snatched it right up. Guess I am stuck on the Play store…

  • Chris Hannan

    I’ve really been wanting a Nexus 5 but it’s just been too expensive. Now I can finally afford it! Thanks Kellen!

  • A little promotion, the logical choice for this product line.

  • Eric Cappa

    Listing has ended!!!!!!

  • Vetal

    when i ordered my 32gb on oct 31st i paid $448.00 . jumped on this deal for my wife $394 is a good deal in my book. I was going to buy the moto x 32gb monday but saw this deal and went for it. I hate paying tax!

    • Alex

      Me too! But since the phone is made just down the road from me I’d be hit with the taxes.

  • Steve

    Nice deal. + 6 months to pay it off through Bill Me Later. Just ordered mine. Contract with Verizon ends December 15th…see ya! 🙂

    • Dave S.

      My Verizon contract ends the same day…first thing I’m doing on the 16th is hitting up the T-Mobile store right around the corner from my work! Can’t wait!

  • Doug

    $5 off…really?

    why even do it?

    • Alex LeBeau


      • Doug

        yes, live in DE…tax doesn’t even come o mind when I am buying…sorry

        • Alex

          No worries. I didn’t realize I was going to be charged tax until I was about ready to place my order on the play store.

      • Sangu Inamdar

        @alex What would be the final price after Tax and shipping for nexus 5 16gb model in play store ……………Thank you

    • Alex Boro

      Because it is sold out in the play store

      • Voice of Reason

        $5 discount, plus Google charges what, $14 for shipping? And if you get eBay Bucks, another 2% back.

      • Dave S.

        It’s not really “sold out”…I just ordered my Black 32GB from the Play Store this past Wednesday night/Thursday morning (it was like 12:30am) and I just got my email this morning that it has already shipped. The Play Store said it would “Leave the warehouse by December 11.”

    • Tyson Stone

      No tax and you can get it now compared to whenever Google can ship it out.

  • hoodieNation

    Serious question… if you had to pick one which would it be Nexus 5 or the Moto X?

    • Liderc

      Nexus 5. Moto X feels SO tiny. If you want a smaller device the Moto X is great, but its screen is visibly worse than the Nexus 5’s. Plus the colored backplates feel very cheap, the only one that feels good is the black or white stock ones.

      • George264

        I understand that’s your opinion, but that’s ludicrous to say the back of the Moto X feels cheap compared to a Nexus 5 which makes creaking noises when squeezed a bit tight. The screen is not visibly worse, it depends on what you like, some prefer the saturated colors over brighter whites. I like IPS but I know people that are swear by AMOLED screens. The Moto X feels sturdy as have all their phones and the buttons are nice and tactile. It’s subjective, I like the smaller phone so I returned the 5 but you make the Moto X sound like junk. They are equally good phones, they get updates quick and there are software improvements(touchless, activedisplay, assist) that I can’t live without and the battery is much much better.

        • Liderc

          Where did I say the Moto X was junk, I said “If you want a smaller device, the Moto X is great.”

          Its screen IS visibly worse than the Nexus 5’s 1080P display and the colored back plates are extremely cheap feeling. I just held them this weekend, I’m not just making it up. I’m talking about the material, as my Nexus 5 back doesn’t creak…sounds like a broken device.

          • George264

            I didn’t say you said that, but you meant it saying the screen is visibily worse and the back feels cheap. The back has a matte soft touch rubbery feeling, all the models have the same finish as far as I can tell. The N5 also has a matte finish, just not as rubbery. I like the X better for gripping it, the display on the N5 look washed out compared to the X’s. I’m not going to argue, you can settle with your opinion, and I will with mine, but it just boggles my mind how you could think the X is so much worse than the N5.

    • michael arazan

      Nexus 5 has a better camera & better screen, Moto X has a better battery and touchless controls. Out of all phones released this year most sites are saying the Moto X is the Best one to Buy right now and recommend it over all others.

  • Maxim∑

    I just bought a N7 for 199$ trying not to spend more money

  • laheelahee

    stupid Verizon

    • Liderc

      Honestly I’ve been with Verizon for 10 years, the Nexus 5 is worth leaving them. StraightTalk with AT&T gives me higher speeds than I had with Verizon, I don’t leave my city/state that often but I’ve had zero problems with coverage. I was deathly afraid to leave Verizon’s coverage but I can’t believe how fast AT&T’s LTE is in my area. It’s faster than Verizon’s by a good 7-10gb up and down.

      Edit: Just a side note, this ebay seller does have quite a bit of negative reviews concerning selling items that they later say they’re out of stock (like the Nexus 5) and then making you file a complaint to get your money back. I’d steer clear of it honestly, check your local stores, best buy had a couple in stock when I got mine.

      • laheelahee

        cant leave Verizon b/c of my unlimited data 😉

        • Anthony Bottari

          So far I’m leaving VZW for Sprint..my friends that have it are happy with their coverage and they offer unlimited data and for a cheaper price than VZW…I love my Verizon coverage but not the cost and the fact that I can’t upgrade my phone without paying full retail..Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

          • laheelahee

            you should give me your unlimited data! my brother is on 2GB

        • Chris Hilbert

          I left for T-Mobile. My unlimited data plan (in contract) sold for over $200 on eBay. I have unlimited with T-Mobile now too.

        • Liderc

          Unlimited data shouldn’t be a problem anymore unless you’re never near wifi. Work, home, should both have wifi, the only time you should need to use a service’s data is when driving. So unless you’re a truck driver, ditch the company that refuses to get the best phones and charges the most money for their service (although their coverage is the shiz).

          • laheelahee

            lol. im not a truck driver.. but im satisfied w/ my Nexus 7

    • Just get the G2, better specs anyways and has CM10.2 and CM11 out.

  • aNYthing6

    Just picked it up. Thanks.

  • Inquizitor

    What a steal!